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Title: House of Girls


Thomas Starling, 18yo unemployed : Played by: Elledan Kenet

All other characters played by: Miki Yamuri

Deanna Pet

Head Mistress Dominique

Scene: Walking down a lonely sidewalk one summer

Thomas had a full life ahead of him and nothing to fill it with. The recent high school graduate had missed the deadline to enroll in college, and none of the local businesses were hiring. That left the thin, black haired boy with little to do until his situation improved. All alone with an idle mind ¦ a truly devilish working.

Instead of staying alone at his apartment, he decided to take a walk, probably find some kind of mischief to get into along the way. So, here he was, this fine summer day, strolling along the side walk, when he approaches a driveway.

Thomas thought to himself this must be the construction project they were working on a few years ago. He hadn't been this way in a while, and what was once a pretty forest-side pasture was now the gated grounds of a very large estate. It looked to be some kind of spa ... or a palace. He approaches the gate so he can peer in and get a better view, unaware of the cameras tracking his every movement.

"Hmmm." Thomas mumbled s he eyed the very large and opulent mansion.

There is a clicking sound and a giggly voice says, "Hi there. Are you looking for someone? Would you like to come in and .... play with us?"

Thomas's eyes get large in surprise as he jumped back startled. He hears the gate rattle as it slowly swings open. Thomas stood unsure of what his next move was going to be.

He again heard the cute female voice as it said, "We won't bite ... at least ... not hard ... promise." Then there was a sweet giggle.

They must've been able to see him through a camera or something. Not sure, he approaches the inner comm and pushes the button. "Um... sorry. I was just looking. I'm not even sure what this place is."

The voice replied in a sexy coo, "We are a place boys and girls with nothing else to do get together and play. We have lots of fun games and pretty clothes. There's a large swimming pool, a playroom, a very large entertainment area with lots of games n things. Come up the drive ... unless you want someone to come n get you maybe?"

The boy hesitates. He was still unsure of what to do. The girl certainly sounded inviting. But as he hesitated, they would think he was being reluctant or needing an escort. Not much longer after that, he could see someone exit the manor and approach the gate.

He watched as someone got into a cart and began driving down to the gate. When it arrived, there was a very pretty little blond girl dressed in a pink crop top and almost transparent harem pants that showed off her string bikini panties of the same material behind the wheel. She had a long pony tail braided up in back with some kind of small golden crown on her head.

She said softly, "Mmk, no bea fraiddy cat. Come n play with us." She beckons to the empty seat beside her.

Thomas hesitates again. He checks to see if anyone was watching him, before he swallows and climbs into the cart with her.

"Er... hi. I'm Thomas. You are?"

The girl giggles adorably as she replies, My name's Deanna Pet. I'm training to be a Love Pet. It's lotsa fun."

Thomas frowns as he wonders what a pet is. He asks, "Umm ... what's a ... Pet? If I'm not being too nosy."

The girl giggles again and replies, "A pet is someone who is another's companion. I live to please and love them very much."

They arrive at the long stairway up to the front of the huge mansion. The young woman gets out of the cart and starts to walk up the stairs. Thomas can see right through the simi -transparent fabric of the girl's outfit. It leaves nothing to his imagination.

The boy can't help but blush as he timidly follows her up the stairs. There were a few cars outside, but the mansion looked easily big enough to house a few thousand people, if not a few hundred thousand. It was even bigger than the brand new hospital in the city.

Thomas follows her through the front door. When he walked in, there were women everywhere ... in many kinds of outfits ... and some in hardly any clothes at all. The loud hubbub of voices came to an abrupt stop as all eyes turned and looked at Thomas.

One young brunet dressed in a cute Milk Maid outfit gasps softly as she said, "Is ... is ... he a virgin?"

All the girls began to twitter among themselves as another dressed as a nurse asks, "Is ... he here to learn?"

Suddenly all the girls gathered around Thomas ... all asking questions and talking at the same time. Thomas couldn't understand what any were saying they chattered so fast and asked so many questions. The boy was quite literally overwhelmed by all the attention. Seeing an opening, he pushes through ... following the Love Pet girl into the main office. There a receptionist was waiting for them, and behind her desk, a door with a plague that said 'Headmistress.'

The woman sitting behind the counter was a much older woman. She was dressed in a black outfit that reminded Thomas of a Nana he once saw. She had her hair done up in a bun held tightly with a net and a large pin with an extremely large and expensive jewel on the end holding it all together.

She looks up over her half spectacles and says softly, "Hello, Who is this Pet? Have you brought someone to play with?"

Deanna blushes softly pink as she looks down and replies softly, "I ... just wanna has him as my ... sister."

The woman smiles as she looks at Thomas and asks, "And who might you be ... and are you interested in free training for a well paying life long job?" She looks at him over the top of her spectacles in askance.

He blinks at Deanna, then turns to the woman. "I don't know about a sister or anything. I just came here because I was bored and a little bit curious. What exactly is this place? It's huge!"

As the woman looked at him, she'd began to have an idea of what to do with him. He was young and cute, clearly a boy, but perhaps.... maybe he could be a sissy girl? He would make a wonderful Living Babydoll Companion for some lost and lonely rich man.

The woman smiles softly as she replies, "This is a school for girls and boys that prepares them for very responsible positions. Take Deanna Pet here, she will belong to a very wealthy tycoon and take care of him for the rest of his life. When he passes, she will become a very wealthy Pet. We train young men to hold positions of extreme trust and train them to perform their ¦ duties ... flawlessly ... and it's all for free. Are you ... interested? You said you were board. This can be a lot of fun. We have lots of activities for young people to play at too." She looks at him expectantly.

She had a point. And he did have nothing to do for at least the next 5 months. What could it hurt. "Well, I suppose I could try it out. What does it all involve?" He asks, sitting in a chair across from her.

She gathers a large clipboard of forms and hands it to Thomas. She says softly, "I need you to fill out those papers and sign each one in the places marked in yellow. Deanna ... I need you to go and bring me .. the kit."

Deanna gasps as she puts her hands to her face. She squeals joyously as she rushes out of the office.

Kit? What kind of kit was she talking about? Little did he know, Thomas was in for a treat. First step in his training would be a trip to the changing room and the 'Massage Room.' He'd spend about an hour there, before going to the Spa and Salon. Of course, Thomas didn't know this yet. Instead, he sat in his chair, wondering about his fate as he signed the paperwork without actually reading it and turned it over to the secretary. "There you go."

The woman looks the papers over one by one and insures he has signed away not only his life to the school for the next undefined years, but his gender definition and what ever else they decided to do with him.

The woman presses a button on her desk. A very sexy voice replied "Yes?"

The woman said, "We have another trainee you need to see."

The voice coos enticingly, "Oh, send the lovely dear in. What courses will they be taking?"

The woman smiles as she looks at Thomas, "I think he's a perfect candidate for the school is form and grace."

The voice said, "Wait ¦ I'll be right out."

Form and grace? Sounded almost like some kind of refinement school. Raising an eyebrow, Thomas fidgets slightly in his seat. "So.... what now, Miss?"

The door to the Head Mistress office opens. Thomas's mouth falls open as his eyes get wide in surprise. An extremely voluptuous woman dressed in a black, low cut leather teddy, black fishnet stockings, and very shiny black spike heeled knee boots came from the office.

She smiled at Thomas as she held out one hand gracefully, "Hello. I'm the Head Mistress. My name is Dominique. My, what a pretty young person you are."
[10 AM] elladankenet:

He blushes. Very shy, Thomas shakes the offered hand, suddenly feeling young and small compared to her. "Hello, Miss Dominique. My name's Thomas."

The woman smiles softly as she takes Thomas's hand and begins to lead him from the office. Dominique says in a soft coo, "Welcome to our finishing school. I will give you a new name that better suits you in a little while. Right now, I think you need to go to the changing room and change."

She leads Thomas down many winding hallways and down many long flights of stairs. Finally, she opens a door labeled 'Changing Room'. The Mistress indicates for Thomas to enter with another graceful wave of her arm.

The Mistress says softly, "After you have finished, follow the Pet that comes to get you. She will escort you to the next place ... for a wonderful life altering massage. Toodles love ... have fun."

The Mistress left Thomas alone in the empty hallway. The only sound, is the receding taps of the Mistress's spike heels.

"What about my name though?" he asks, perplexed as he entered and was locked in the room. Thomas was terribly confused now. What was expected of him. The room was pretty bare, save for a stool and a bench. It looked like a room at a doctor's office. Was he about to get a check-up?

The door opens and a very pretty woman dressed as a nurse walks in. She says in a cute voice, "Now, if you will take off your clothes," she begins to undo his belt and pants, "we can get started."

Thomas's mouth falls open as the young woman starts to undo his clothes without even asking. He fusses a bit as the nurse removes his belt and begins lowering his pants.

"H-hey! What're you doing?!"

Soon she was raising his arms and tugging his shirt off too, as if he were far too young to remove it on his own.

The nurse answers in a voice like she's talking to a very young child, "I'm taking off your clothes silly. What does it look like? Now be a good person and lie on this table."

She pulls at the edge of a counter. A table extends from under it. She helps The astounded Thomas onto the table and has him lie on his stomach.

Thomas starts to ask, "Are you going ¦??!!" His eyes get big as he lets out a startled gasping grunt. He feels the nurse push 3 very large, slippery suppositories deep into his bottom before he can protest or react. As he rolls over, she tosses a very cute little girl's gown at him, takes all of his other clothes, and leaves .... locking the door once again.

What had she just done to him?! The boy feels the suppositories melt, quite helpless as this happens. Abashed, and not liking being naked, he quickly pulls on the gown, noting that it was pink and silk, with a white ruffle collar around the neck. No sooner did he have it on though, than the door on the other side of the room, leading to the Massage Room, opened.

In walked another very beautiful girl. This one was dressed like a very little girl. She had on a very short maroon babydoll dress with puffy sleeves, matching socks, and black shiny MaryJanes. Thomas could see the girl's lacy white panties peeking from beneath the hem of the short dress. She had her almost white blonde hair done in very long, curly ponytails.

She giggles adorably as she says, "Hi. Imma Babydoll Pet. Ur supposesa comes wif me n getsa massage."

She holds out one of her hands as she sucks the thumb of her other hand.

Taking her hand, the boy blushes and nods, keenly aware he was naked save for the gown as she leads him into a very nicely decorated massage room. In the center of the room, was a very unique looking, very plush, lounge chair. Thomas could see Deanna Pet as she attached something to the chair.

She stands up and bounces on her toes as she says excitedly, "This will feel so wonderful. It's a life altering thingy too. I know ... did it ta me. That kit isa delux one sos u get only tha best."

She then runs out of the room. The Babydoll helps Thomas into the chair. She didn't say anything to his many questions except to say, "Jus relax and let it happen. You have no choice."

Thomas realizes suddenly, something had wrapped around his waist, wrists, middle. ankles, and his neck, holding him firmly, but gently into the chair. He could feel his bottom as it became moist and watery with the lubricating effects of the melting suppositories. The Babydoll walked over to a control panel and pushed a leaver.

She smiles and says in an adorable giggly voice, "Enjoy yourself sweetie. It won't hurt ... but can be kinna scary." Then she leaves Thomas alone in the room, strapped to the chair.

Fleshy straps of some kind wrap around Thomas. The boy flushes and squirms as the chair molds to his shape and extends. He feels his bottom become tingly and he can't help but blush and squirm more.

Thomas screeched helplessly, "What's going on??!!"

Thomas sees from the side, several things that look like tentacles extend from the chair. He began to feel an extremely intense and wonderful massaging sensation start all over his body. He can't help himself as he gasps and becomes sensually aroused. He can feel his thing as it gets hard and another tentacle swallows it and begins to apply gentle, wet suction. A slot opens beneath his bottom. He can feel the wiggly tickling of another tentacle as it began to penetrate his bottom. His eyes get big as it suddenly plunges deeply into his very moist and slippery hinny.

He opens his mouth to scream, another tentacle enters his mouth and wiggles its way down his throat. He can feel it squirting something as it goes. It tastes ... sweet, salty ... musky ... really different. The boy is overwhelmed by what's happening to him. One slimy thing penetrating into his rear like sex he'd never experienced before, another latched onto his member and gently slurping on it, and then one in his mouth. He squirms more as it secretes fluid into his mouth. This was purely the pleasure portion of his massage ¦ it was absolutely divine. The sensations began to intensify.

A voice said softly, "Introducing female hormones to begin sissification and Babydoll transformation. Process complete in 60 minutes."

Thomas is unable to do anything as a large tentacle removes the gown he was wearing. He feels it as some kind of painful injection is given to both of his nipples. He can see a large cylinder of some sort of fluid as it is injected into his chest. The fluid causes mounds to rise, giving the appearance he had female breasts. He also feels the hot wetness in his bottom and stomach as major amounts of sissification hormones were injected.

The suction on his thing had reached the point he knew he was going to orgasm. He couldn't help it as everything worked to make him do that. As he orgasmed and moaned, his body began to alter. The hormones were readjusting his mass and rearranging bones and muscle. His hips and chest became more pronounced as his waist slimmed. His skin became much smoother as body and groin hair was being dissolved away by tentacle fluids. His hair texture was also changing, becoming finer with more volume and slowly lengthening. And of course, his manhood, though it did not invert into a vagina as happened with the transgendered supplicants, instead merely shrunk to an extremely smaller size, one simply hidden with a tuck ... or even left alone it would be easily mistaken for a large clitoris. His place did have an opening that could be used just like a vagina. Thomas was to be an extremely pretty Sissy Boy / Girl. In a few short hours, no one would even believe Thomas was a male unless they had a chance to examine him very sensually close. Even then ¦ it would be extremely hard to tell the difference. As far as anyone was concerned ¦ he was now female.

The sensuality didn't end there. Thomas felt it when the tentacle in his bottom throbbed each time. It had somehow managed to caress his prostate in such a way to make him feel intense orgasmic pleasure, without making him ejaculate. Chills rose up on his flesh as the tentacle would throb deep within his body and make him warm and drippy wet in his hinny. The pleasure continued. As strange and embarrassing as it was, Thomas was enjoying himself. After a few minutes, his fussing ceased and he let the tentacles have their way with him. The only sounds escaping him ¦ cute gasping very effeminate squeaks.

After an hour of the ever increasing intensity, the tentacles withdrew from his body. Thomas felt truly strange at this point. The chair changed shape and became a normal recliner once again. Thomas could feel the tingling in his hinny and still taste the musky sweetness in his mouth. A door opened and a really cute girl bounced in. She was wearing a baby outfit and a hugely thick diaper.

She giggles softly and says, "Baby supposesa takes you to tha spa. There, they forms ur body inta more what ur chosena b."

The girl takes Thomas by his hand, and leads him out the door in a waddle. Thomas was totally nude and tingling all over from his orgasmic experience. His hinny and a new place between his legs dripped warm, wet, and wonderfully. Naked and shy, Thomas merely holds her hand as she leads him to the next room. He was still quite overwhelmed by what had happened. Never in his life had he experienced something so.... intense.

The baby leaves him standing there. He can see many types of baths, treatments, pools, and machines of different types. A young woman dressed as a French Maid in a very short outfit, black rumba panties, a black garter belt, black fishnet stockings, and shiny black 6 inch stiletto heels walked over to him.

She says softly, "Hello, My names Tammie, what's yours?"

He starts to answer, but instead all he gets out is a slight moan. All of the people who had a turn with the tentacle chair were like this for a few minutes. Usually it was up to the girls in the spa to assign new names to the new recruits. The girl giggles as she curtsies in a cute and sexy way.

She said, "From now on, everyone is going to call you Tiffany. It's a cute name for a cute little sissy girl like you." Tammie takes The new Tiffany by her hand and leads her to a spa type chair. Thomas gingerly sits. His hinny still tingles wonderfully from the massive penetrations and gushings he had over the last hour. Thomas, or rather, Tiffany sits in the chair as Tammie helps him onto it. It was just a normal spa chair, no tentacles at all. He simpers, still getting used to the mild pain and discomfort his body experienced, now that his hormones and adrenaline were starting to normalize.

Tammie takes one of his hands and looks it over closely. She said in a cute voice, "I'll send in tha manicurist. They do a good job on a girl making them look cute after the massage room."

Tammie twirls around gracefully on her toes and is gone like a flash. Shortly, A girl shows up dressed as a manicurist and sits next to Thomas. She has him dip one hand in a bowl of liquid as she begins to file and shape the nails on the other hand.

The girl said cheerily, "Hi, my name's Julie. I know you're Tiffany. It will take a few more minutes before your vocal chords tighten properly and gives you the right tone to your new voice. Now, what kind of hair do you want? Curly, long shaggy? Pony tails? What kind of girl are you going to be you think?"

Julie looks at him with bright sparkly eyes as she began to brush some kind of sweet smelling blush powder on his cheeks. As Julie began her work, the order for Tiffany was processed. All the workers, including her, were sent a text, displaying his order. Name: Tiffany. Age: 18. Gender: Female Babydoll Companion. Outfit: Cutesy Babydoll, pending re-specialization. It was all quite organized, and all of the workers helping him over the next several minutes would know what to do with him. As far as how he looked, that was up to the Salon Manager on duty. It was her job to choose how all new candidates looked.

Julie finished shaping Thomas's nails and painted them a nice shade of pink. Julie took a mascara brush and did his lashes. They curled and became full, lush, and the envy of any female. Julie stood as she chattered about girl talk, and began to brush Thomas's hair. he was surprised to find it was longer now than when he came in. Julie was an expert at style. When she was done, Thomas's hair was full, and had very cute long curls tied in two large pony tails.

Julie held a large mirror in front of Thomas for him to see. She said with a giggle, "You are just the most adorable girl to come thorough here in the last month."

The reflection Thomas saw looking back at him ... wasn't him. It was some very pretty female with big surprised eyes and her mouth open.

Thomas gasps, or rather, Tiffany ... Was that him?! He barely recognized himself! His dark hair was blonde now, much curlier, and longer. His body appeared much more feminine than he remembered... he couldn't feel his dongle bits ... only something that felt like an over large clit and a very sensitive slit where his gonads used to be.

"My body!", he gaspe in his new female voice.

Julie asks with concern, "Something ... wrong sweet heart? I think you are absolutely beautiful. No one would every know you were a guy ¦ even with a very intimate inspection. A man could make love to you and not know the diffrence."

He blushes and squirms more as she holds up the mirror. "Why do I look like this? What happened!" he asks, not realizing the tentacle chair had altered his body.

Julie says reassuringly, "Why, sugar ... you are becoming a very pretty little girl. In a little bit, we are going to have you put on your outfit that will define you for the rest of your life. After Training, you will have a prestigious job at the famous Babydoll Castle as the general managing Love Pet babydoll."

Julie looked at Tiffany as if she were loosing her mind. He squirmed a bit more. "But I don't want any of that! Why can't I be my normal self instead?"

Julie puts her hands on her hips and snorts, "This is your normal self silly girl. Now be good ... or I'll have the Mistress come down and take you in hand."

Tiffany continues fussing. Most of the new recruits were like this. Julie would have to call the Salon Manager now to see what the problem was and have it corrected. Julie walks off in a huff, only to return a few minutes later with a very large, muscled woman. Tiffany looks up at the mountain of flesh as she towered over him.

The woman said in a base, but still female voice, "And just .... what is the problem with you, young lady? You aren't big enough or old enough to start trouble and not get a spanking you know." The woman looks menacingly at Tiffany with her hands on her hips.

Surprised, he blinks a bit at the woman. This had to be Julies boss. "Oh, um... I was... complaining about how I look. I'm a boy, not a girl!"

The large woman snorts derisively, "Either do as you are instructed ... or get your cute little hinny paddled. Choose."

The woman unhooks a thick leather strap from her belt and swats it once over her hand. Seeing the threatening paddle, the boy's eyes widen. He fidgets, before nodding shyly. "I'll behave.."

The woman looks at the girl dressed as the manicurist and says, "Take him to wardrobe. I want him in that really cute little girl Babydoll outfit with the lacy silk panties."

The girls says, "She ... she'll wet her panties if she's not in a diaper."

The woman smiles, "That's the whole point. It's high time she realizes she's ours and a very young Babydoll now. Our choices ... not his. He signed all the documents and we are going to train him for his life job." The woman leaves.

The boy whimpers, but can do little. Once the woman leaves, he lets Julie lead him into the next room so he could be dressed properly for his new role. No sooner than the girl leaves Tiffany alone, another woman enters the room. She is dressed simply in a white cotton romper and tennis shoes. She takes Tiffany by the hand and escorts her through the room. There, there are outfits of every kind a girl or a sissy boy could ever dream of in their wildest fantasies.

Thomas, or rather Tiffany now, is taken to the center of the room. She helps him onto a pedestal as the girl goes to fetch his new outfit. When the woman returned, she had a very beautiful powder blue little princess babydoll dress with lace and puffy sleeves. In her other hand, she held a very cute pair of matching silk rumba panties with white ruffles and lace.

She hung the dress on a hook near the pedestal and held out the panties,"Step in like a good little girl."

Tiffany fusses but obeys. Very shyly he steps into the panties as the girl pulls them up over his hinny and give it a loving pat.

The woman smiles as she coos, "That's a good little girl."

She takes the dress from the hangar and unbuttons it in back. She threads Tiffany's head and arms through the openings, then pulls it down around him. Tiffany shivers slightly at the tingle the cool silk causes as it brushes his skin. The woman buttons it up in back.

In no time, Tiffany is dressed in the outfit and is led to a nearby vanity to have his hair dealt with. The woman pulled a huge mirror on wheels over so Tiffany could get a good look at herself while The woman tweaked his hair one last time.

The woman says in a soft coo, "In just a minute, you will be introduced to your first instructor. She will take you and the other cuties to the mall to show you off."

The new Babydoll blushes. He looked and felt so different now. Small and cute. The place where his new panties were between his legs felt so strange too. He knew his thingy wasn't where it was supposed to be any more. The changed had been so drastic ¦ he could easily pass for a child, dressed as he was. He looked so feminine too! Definitely just like one of those baby dolls he saw in Toys for us. He simpers a bit as she begins to style his hair, curling it into ringlets.

Tiffany says in her new female voice, "I feel so weird..."

The woman giggles softly as she says, "It's normal. Soon, you will feel just like all the other girls once you learn what is expected of you and how to please your new mistress. I hear she's very pretty and very rich."

The woman helps Tiffany from the pedestal and leads her by the had towards one last door. The final door was processing. Now that he was properly feminized and dressed, he could be processed and claimed. It was a simple room with a desk. A woman has paperwork already for him. Smiling, she has him write his new girl name and thumb print it, officially making him Tiffany, and the new property of the House of Girls, and his future mistress. All of his assets were turned over, and he had a whole new life waiting on him. She then knelt down and attached a simple bracelet around his ankle, to mark him as claimed.

"There you go Tiffany, enjoy your new life!"

The boy's mind was a blur, knowing that he was now and forever a female Babydoll, as Deanna Pet lead him from the room. As they cross the hall, he sees another boy being escorted into the first room, another boy like him to be turned into a girl or sissy. What fate had in store for him, Tiffany could only guess as he was led away towards the room to teach him how to make love like a girl.

As Tiffany approached his own door, he felt the warmest trickle begin between his legs as he helplessly had his very first of many cute little girl accidents.

~~   End   ~~
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Yet another new roleplaying story from Miki and Elledan!

I liked it....but I note that a tag line - "Just relax and let it happen; you have no choice" - is both a turn-on and a terrible reminder of what some men have said before raping a woman (remember the quote about "rain and rape" by Texas-Governor contender Clayton Williams years ago, anyone? or, from my own experience with the Texas courts...a statement that appears all too often in the victim's testimony). Be careful with those words.

I enjoyed the story....but I challenge both of you to add some new twists to future fantasies like this: perhaps Thomas/Tiffany becomes a she-male instead of a girl? Perhaps the Headmistress is into his humiliation as a "rite of passage"? Or we throw in some diaper training? etc, etc.

It was very fun to see the return of the "comfy chair" from your earlier story "Tentacle", though! I cannot get enough of that hormone-pumping and body cavity-thrusting chair!
I wuv ur stowys pwease wite mwore soon me wuvs ur stowys
a perfect story i look forward to more
lots of love
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