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I finally got my fake breasts I'm a 42 jj cup. I went and got all my hair waxed and bought 8 wigs and a bunch of toys and a chastity cage and makeup from mac. I rented a nice hotel room for the weekend and i called a expensive hooker and tranny. When they came to my room i asked them to do my makeup then i got dressed in a pink panty and bra with matching garters and stockings and a pink and black under bust corset with a full slip. Then i put on a black silk dress with pink polka dots and pink and black heels and a black short wig with my sissy clit locked up and abuttplug.i then asked the ladies let's go get our nails done and go shopping. It is a great weekend so far.  cont. 
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Baby Butch
Your story and weekend are off to a great start. : )
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