R The "girl' next door. story complete.
A young sissy is discovered by his pretty neighbour!
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Sarah rarely took time off, normally at this time she would be at the office, but she had been coming down with a cold and so she'd decided to stay at home today. The cold medicine was doing it's job and Sarah was feeling much better, the morning snooze also helped perk her up and that was why she found herself with her laptop at the kitchen table checking up on work.
   Sarah worked as an editor for a small publishing house and was trying to come up with an idea for a novel of her own. She was a pretty twenty three year old, tall and athletic, she loved ballet and was part of a troop of amateur dancers who performed locally. Though she was between boyfriends, Sarah was in no hurry to get another one, she was on a "boy break" as she called it.
   She lived in a nice one bedroom apartment over a family owned clothing store that specialized in Lolita, Fairy Kei and other Asian women's and girl's fashions as well as Asian men's and boy's fashions.
   There were only two apartments on the top of the store and they overlooked a common courtyard with a terrace garden surrounding a birdbath. It was very nice and Sarah was lucky to get it. 
  The other apartment was occupied by a super cute young man named Kelly, son of the buildings owner. Sarah had only met him a few times, she had been very busy with a book launch and had only been in the building two weeks. She hoped for a chance to get to know Kelly, he was shy and seemed nice, he worked in the men's section of the store below. 
   Movement caught her eye and she looked over across the courtyard to see a young girl in a little poofy dress and thigh high stockings emerge from Kelly's place. It took Sarah a few seconds to realize the "girl" was really her cute neighbor Kelly!
      "OMG!" she mouthed silently as she watched Kelly skip around the courtyard with a look of total glee on his pretty face! The young man stopped and twirled, the skirt of his little dress floated up to reveal pink panties festooned with white lace and their thickness left no doubt Kelly had a diaper on under all that fluffy lace!
   "Oh! You little doll!" Sarah had heard of adult babies and sissies, and she was intrigued at the notion and the thought of being the dominate one in a relationship was attractive to her. She watched enraptured as Kelly skipped and twirled around the courtyard, he did not she her at her window, the sun being as it was Sarah was invisible to him. Kelly's hair was long and had a beautiful bow on the right side of his head that matched his sweet dress, pink Mary Jane shoes with bows on the toes graced his dainty feet. "I think I'm in love." Sarah was feeling very happy watching Kelly and seeing how happy he was, his face was radiant and it made her heart glow.
   After about twenty minutes Kelly skipped into his apartment and Sarah felt keen disappointment. "Come back baby doll!" she said aloud as she watched his door for a few moments, when he did not emerge she took a drink of her now cold coffee, grimaced and dumped it in the sink looking over her shoulder to see if Kelly was coming back out. He did emerge again after about half an hour, but to her disappointment he was dressed for work in smart black pants and a white shirt, his long hair was pulled back into a pony tail and she could tell he wasn't in a diaper anymore, he still looked hot, but Sarah could not get the image of Kelly in that little pink dress out of her mind.
   She watched him go to the side door that lead to the stairs to the store below, "Afternoon shift, so you will be working late my little doll.......hhhmmmm." Sarah closed her eyes and began to plan how to make little Kelly her very own. "I am over my boy phase," she murmered over her fresh coffee, "now on to my girly boy phase." She pondered for sometime, then ran a bubble bath and soaked for an hour adding hot water and bubbles as needed, she was feeling much better and dried off and went to her room to get dressed.
   When she emerged from her bedroom she was a new girl, her long red hair was brushed and held into a loose pony tail with a white ribbon, she was wearing a short pleated skirt with a white silk blouse cut just low enough to be provocative without being trashy, her skirt came halfway down her thighs and her sheer tights matched her maroon skirt to a tee. she put on her black Mary Jane's with one inch heels making her a five foot ten redheaded knockout! She looked at her reflection in her bedroom mirror, "time to go shopping!" she picked up her handbag and walked out, blowing herself a kiss as she walked past the mirror.
   Sarah went to several stores and her Chevy Cruze was overflowing with bags when she got back late that afternoon. She carried all the bags up to her apartment and took some time arranging everything just as she thought it should be, then she freshened up and ate a Caesar Salad while watching the clock, when she'd finished she cleaned her teeth, refreshed with mouthwash she moved outside and looked over the garden terrace down into the parking lot below, it was almost empty, the store was popular but at this time of day things tended to quiet down and this was the time she'd been waiting for. She was feeling nervous suddenly, a feeling of uncertainty she was unaccustomed to. She shrugged it off and walked to the stairway door and went below.
    As she entered the store Sarah was blown away by how pretty and bright the place was, rack after rack of pretty dresses were over in the Lolita section. she saw skirts and poofy petticoats, lace socks, lace undies, teddy bears, bows ribbons and dolls even racks of super girly shoes! The men and boys section seemed dull in comparison and Kelly seemed so much less animated over there than he had been this morning. Sarah saw there were no customers in the store and she knew it was almost closing time. The only other person in the store was a cute sales girl dressed in a Sweet Lolita dress, she smiled at Sarah and walked over to her.
   "HI, I love your outfit! My name is Usagi, may I help you find something or do you wish to browse?" 

   "Hi Usagi I'm Sarah I live upstairs, I was just um popping in to look around and see Kelly, I know you are closing soon and I don't wanna hold you up......cute dress...it's Lolita right?"
   "Sweet Lolita, we have lots of different types, please come back and i will help you pick one if you wish."
   "I may just do that, nice meeting you Usagi."
   "Nice to meet you too," Usagi said cheerfully and breezed back to her world of frills and lace.
    "Well now I know where Kelly got that little dress." she said to herself as she walked over to her surprised neighbor, "God he looks so much like a girl", she thought again as she spoke aloud.
   "Hello it's Kelly right? I know we only met a few times in passing and I've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to properly get to know you, we should hang out some we are neighbors after all."
   Kelly was at a loss, he though Sarah was stunning, more than that he was a little in love with her, he had been hoping for a chance to talk, she was always in a hurry, just a smile as she passed by, now here she was........gulp.......!
   "I....ah.....yes" Kelly actually blushed, he was not very smooth with girls, the fact that he wanted to be a little girl and in a diaper at that made it hard for him to meet anyone. "I w-would like that."
   "Okay cousin I am off, I leave you in good company," Usagi said with a bright smile as she headed for the door, her Hello Kitty handbag matched her dress perfectly "don't worry I'll lock up, nice meeting you Sarah good night!" She waved and drew the blinds locking the door behind her.
   "Alone at last" Sarah thought happily.
   "I like your cousin, she's cute."
   "Thanks, she is." Kelly agreed, he liked his cousin very much and wished he had the courage to tell her the truth about himself, but he did not have the nerve, he could not bear the thought of her rejection.
   Sarah noticed his wistful expression and guessed the reason, she smiled at him.
   "Kelly I wonder if you could do me a massive favor?"
   "Um sure what?" Kelly was eager to please her, he looked up into her green eyes and thought ,"I'm yours!"
   "Well my brother is exactly your size and I was wondering if I could do some after hours shopping and if yes then would you model an outfit or two for me?"
   "Oh sure thing! I was only gonna go up and play some video games anyway." he started to walk over to the men's section and she tapped his shoulder.
   "No no sweetie this way," Sarah took Kelly by the hand and led him over to the Sweet Lolita section. Kelly felt his legs go numb.
   "I uh I can't wear a dress......." Kelly did not want Sarah to know.....or did he?
    "My brother does and he's your size." Sarah was lying of course, her brother was not a sissy, far from it, but he would not know so it couldn't hurt.
   "He does?" Kelly knew about other sissies and had many sissy internet friends, but the idea that her brother was. maybe.......
   "Yes he does, and with diapers too if you can believe that!" Sarah was all smiles, "I call him my baby sister, I love to baby him and I want to buy him a new dress or two, so can you help me out?"
   Kelly was feeling light headed and he was getting turned on, he moved so a shelf would hide his excitement from her, Sarah knew what he was doing and she stifled a laugh. She moved over to a nearby shelf and picked up a pair of frilly pink panties and held them up, Kelly nearly fainted when she said. "You know I like to put panties like these over his diapers, but I am not sure of the size.........say would you mind wearing a diaper as well as a dress for me? Please neighbor? It would make things so much easier." Sarah flashed a bright smile at him.
   Kelly was seeing spots before his eyes and he could not swallow his mouth was so dry......."I...um
   "Great thanks Kelly! Stay right there and I will be right back okay?"
   Kelly dumbly nodded and Sarah twirled, her short skirt riding up showing her hose clad thighs to a very dizzy young sissy. In almost no time flat she was back with a fully packed diaper bag, she lay a changing mat on the floor and patted it with her hand as she put the pink bag next to it.
   In a trance Kelly walked over and Sarah helped him to undress, "it's okay baby," Sarah kissed Kelly and he moaned with passion and longing as she unfastened his pants and caressed his penis, Kelly was so pent up with sexual energy that he came almost at once and Sarah only smiled and cleaned her hand with a diaper wipe.
   "Such an excited baby!" She tickled him and he giggled as she finished stripping him and made him lie naked on the pink changing mat. She smoothed baby powder on his genitals, raised his legs and powdered his bottom. Then she pulled out a thick disposable diaper and bade Kelly to lift his bottom as she slid it under him and taped it up snug. Next she slid the pink panties up his legs and over his diaper, Kelly was getting aroused again and Sarah smiled as she smoothed the lace ruffles on Kelly's bottom and helped him to stand up. "Good girl!" Sarah kissed him and gave him a hug. Kelly was in Heaven and putty in her hands.
      Sarah was having a ball and getting quite turned on herself, she had a whole night planned with this sweet sissy baby!  She turned on her ipod to Lady Ga Ga as she picked out a full outfit for Kelly, knee high white stockings, pink Mary Jane shoes, a sweet hair bow, and of course the shortest cutest dress in the store!

  It was a red and black check suspender skirt over a pink  poofy crinoline with a long sleeved white lace blouse. Kelly swooned and Sarah made him twirl and twirl and she clapped her hands in glee at the adorable girly boy.
    "Whose baby are you?" Sarah asked him playfully
    "Yours!" Kelly said with glee as he skipped up to her and kissed her. "May I make a confession?" He asked sweetly looking up at her.
    "Of course Kelly." Sarah said knowing what he was going to say.
   "I love being a little girl and I love wearing diapers!" Kelly exclaimed.
      "I know baby, I watched you at play this morning, now what do you say to Mommy paying for you new little outfit and taking you upstairs for some quality time?" Sarah kissed him and nibbled his ear, she ran her hand up his skirt and over his ruffled panties, Kelly swooned and his knees buckled, and Sarah carried him over to the register and swiped her card to pay for Kelly's newest outfit. She took him by the hand picked up the diaper bag and led her sissy upstairs. 
   She led him past his own place straight to her own front door and led him inside placing the diaper bag on the table. She turned and pulled Kelly into a loving embrace kissing him passionately for several minutes, Kelly returned her lust in equal measure and as she picked him up to carry him into her bedroom he actually squealed with glee as if he really were a little girl.
   "Oh my little doll," Sarah breathed heavily, excited and ready to take him all the way and then some. She looked at the full length mirror at the image she and Kelly made, his arms and legs were wrapped around her, the skirt of his dress was hiked up and his panties bulging with his diaper were on full display, he had his head on her shoulder and her hands were on his fluffy bottom holding him easily. She gently lay Kelly on the bed and though she was eager she did not hurry as she carefully undressed him, putting his dress and blouse on hangars in the closet along with his poofy crinoline and socks and shoes, she smiled as she slid his panties down his legs kissing him on the thighs as she did so, Kelly groaned with anticipation now only in his diaper and hair bow.
   Now Sarah slowly undressed in front of him, removing first her blouse and skirt, and super slowly she took off her white lace bra and leaned down to kiss Kelly as she caressed his diaper.
   "Oh my God I can't believe this is happening!" Kelly exclaimed delirious with happiness, her attention to his diaper almost led to his climaxing again and he flushed as she pulled away just before he could not longer endure the ecstasy.
   Sarah rolled her pantyhose down her legs and then fluffed them out and slowly dragged them playfully up Kelly's bare legs and over his diaper and on over his chest, she left them there as she pulled off her panties standing naked before him.
   "Time for that diaper to come off I think......." 
   Kelly was enraptured by Sarah, her long red hair framed her perfect breasts, her hairless vagina only enhanced her otherworldly appearance, she was a goddess! Kelly, a virgin was totally under her spell as she moved over him and quickly opened his diaper and tossed it on the floor, she left the bow in Kelly's hair and she straddled him, guiding him into her.
   "Oh oh baby! Oh you feel so good inside of me!"
   "Oh oh God!" Kelly cried out as he climaxed, "Oh I I'm sorry."
    "Shh, it's okay Baby," she pulled him into a hug, "we have all night."
   "I'm sorry to disappoint you, it's my first time..."
    Sarah gently cupped his chin and raised his eyes to her, "I know Honey and I am not disappointed you are exactly as I hoped you'd be, my sweet baby darling!"
   She began to tickle and kiss him and she felt him grow inside of her she began to move slowly urging him on and this time Kelly was able to meet her and as she increased the rhythm their passion grew and grew until it overwhelmed them both in wave after wave of bliss.
   She was able to coax him back several times until they were both spent, they lay together for a time, a tangle of arms and legs, until finally Sarah bade him to get up so they could get a shower and get ready for bed.
   "We both have work tomorrow, so lets get cleaned up, help me strip the bed and we'll take a shower."
   Sarah and Kelly were both tired, but still very playful and the shower used all the hot water before they finally shut it off. They helped dry each other off and brushed their hair, giggling like school girls. Naked they both remade the bed and Sarah donned her white silk PJ's and taking Kelly by the hand she led him into her walk in closet where she had set up a changing station for him. She lay him down, powdered him and lovingly put a thick disposable diaper on him followed by a pair of yellow panties with row after row of lace on the bottom and lace around the leg holes.
   "Sit up sweetie, raise your arms for Mommy."
   Kelly did as he was bid and Sarah put a little yellow baby doll top on him that left his panties fully exposed, she put a pretty yellow bow on his head and yellow booties on his feet. She picked him up and carried him to the bed and lay him down gently.
   "Would you like a bottle before bed Honey?" 
   "Yes please Mommy!" Kelly was in heaven, things just kept getting better and better!
    Sarah soon returned with a warm baby bottle full of sugared milk, she pulled back the covers and Kelly slipped between them she followed and pulled the blankets over them. She cradled Kelly against her chest and teased the nipple into his mouth.
    "There baby doll, drink up all your milk like a good girl." She began to hum a lullaby while Kelly drank the delicious milk unable to believe his good fortune. Sarah smiled as she looked down at him and kissed his forehead, "My baby girl. 
   The next morning Kelly woke first cradled in Sarah's arms, he had to pee, but did not want to move and wake her. Though Kelly loved diapers he did not soil them, he simply enjoyed wearing them, now he considered actually using his diaper for it's intended purpose. Kelly closed his eyes and let go, he felt the warm pee soak into his diaper and he sighed it felt weird, but oddly comforting too. Sarah opened her eyes and smiled at him kissing his nose.
    "Good morning Baby." she said sleepily as she reached down to check on Kelly's diaper, when she discovered it was wet she exclaimed "Good girl, you wet without Mommy having to tell you!"
   'I didn't want to wake you, and good morning back Mommy!" Kelly said sweetly, feeling kind of sad that soon he would have to go back to being a boy for the workday. 
   "My sweet little angel, you are so kind and cute too!" Sarah hugged him tight and kissed him tenderly on the mouth.
   "Now sweetling we both have to be at work soon so," another kiss, "we need to start getting ready okay doll?"
   "Okay Mommy, it's gonna be hard being a boy again." Kelly was not looking forward to taking off his girly attire.
   Sarah pretended to think for a minute her head at an angle as she played with his hair, knowing what she wanted him to do she'd planned it yesterday, but she wanted him to think it was a fresh idea.
   "Well........you could wear the dress I bought for you to work today."
   "Ah.......Oh!" Kelly was both excited and appalled at the notion of being out in public dressed as a little girl. "Um I don't know Sarah........"
   She picked up on his use of her name instead of Mommy and she took the plunge. "Honey guys go out dressed as girls all the time, this is a big town nobody is gonna care, don't you get girly boys in your store?"
   "Well yes, but....."
   "But?" Sarah was still gently playing with his hair and looking at him tenderly, "What?"
   "Well, my family is pretty traditional, Usagi may not understand and I don't know."
   "Kelly I am a great judge of character and I don't think Usagi is going to judge you, in fact I think you too will have a ball down there today. Do you think she will tell your family?'
   "I'm not sure, but anyone could walk in....."
   Kelly was still unsure and his diaper was getting uncomfortable, Sarah noticed him squirming and she decided to simply put him in the dress and escort him to work. She undressed him and took off his soggy diaper and disposed of it in the trash, after a quick shower they both went into the kitchen wearing pink shower caps and bathrobes with matching fuzzy pink slippers. They sat at the kitchen table and munched some cereal, toast and jam with coffee. Sarah smiled at him as he daintily munched his toast.
   "You eat like a girl." She said playfully, winking at him.
   Kelly blushed happily, still flushed from last nights loveplay, "Well in my heart I am a girl." He looked at her and smiled.
    "Yes, and you drive me crazy my girly boy." Sarah leaned across the table and kissed him. After they finished up and brushed their teeth they went into the bedroom and groomed each other's hair Sarah applied some light make up and then sat Kelly down and did the same for him, he did not protest and she smiled at him, knowing he would do as she wished.
   Sarah dressed quickly, looking smart in a just above the knee length black pleated skirt, white silk blouse, black pantyhose with one inch pumps. She let Kelly put her hair into a pony tail with a long black ribbon, her perfume was intoxicating to him, he was enraptured and could refuse her nothing.
   Now Sarah turned her attention to Kelly, she took off his robe and lay him on the changing mat on her bed. She carefully powdered him and slipped another thick disposable under him and tapped him snugly into it. She put the outfit he'd worn last night back on him, it was still fresh he'd not had it on long. She first put the frilly pink panties up over his diaper, then she put on his white knee socks and pink Mary Jane shoes, she bade him to stand as she slipped the poofy pink crinoline over his head, then she put his blouse on, cooing as she buttoned it up. Kelly was dizzy as Sarah put his dress on and finally his hair bow and for the finishing touch a little dab of her perfume.
    "There Baby Doll, all ready for work."
    Kelly was having second thoughts suddenly very nervous about being seen in a dress, 'I don't know sarah...."
   "Well I do Honey," She took him by the hand, grabbed her purse and they went out, Kelly grabbed the store keys from the table as they left.
     They went down the stairs and entered the store.
   "Now Kelly I must get to work, but I would like for you to promise me that you will stay in your dress all day, can you do that for me?"
   "Yes I can," Kelly swallowed hard, "I will."
   Sarah kissed him, "I am very proud of you, this is having the courage to be yourself, don't be afraid." She hugged him tightly and fussed with his dress, "Now I have to get to work Baby, see you afterwards I'll come straight here." Sarah gave him a bright smile as she left, leaving a very nervous Kelly in the store.
   Kelly was very conscious of the shortness of his skirt and the crinkling of his diaper as he moved over to the door. His heart was beating like a jackhammer as he raised the window blinds and unlocked the door.
   He turned and swished back to the cash register and he noticed that Sarah had left two disposable diapers some powder and baby wipes under the counter for him, "She must have done this last night," he thought to himself. He nervously looked at the clock, Usagi would be along in about another hour. He turned as the door chimed and two young Sweet Lolita's walked in, he did not recognize them and he breathed a sigh of relief. He smiled at them as he greeted them, they were friendly and looking to buy new outfits They tried on several dresses and finally came up to the register, they had been whispering and looking at Kelly as they browsed and as he was ringing in the purchase the taller of the two said, "My friend wants to know if you have a girlfriend."
   The girl behind her blushed and hit her friend on the arm, "You weren't supposed to tell him!"  
   Kelly blushed and the tall girl said, "We love Brolitas, you are hands down the cutest we've seen, with a padded bra you could totally pass as a girl."
   "Totally!" The smaller girl said eyeing him wistfully.
   "So do you?" The tall girl asked him smiling.
   "Have a padded bra?" Kelly asked blushing.
   "Oh he blushes!" The smaller girl cried.
   "No a girlfriend silly!" The taller girl laughed breezily.
   Kelly felt at ease with these two, they were both very pretty, probably from the city collage. "Um yes I do, her name is Sarah, you just missed her."
    "Curses!" The smaller young woman stamped her foot and pouted playfully at him, she looked adorable in a bright yellow flowered dress and lace knee socks, her friend's dress was a dark pink also with a floral pattern.
     Kelly smiled at her, he was not accustomed to this kind of female attention and he liked it.
   "Well we had to ask, too bad Baby Doll you could have had us both." They blew playful kisses at him and picked up their bags, "We'll see you around." The taller girl said with a smile. 
   "Bye dreamboat." the smaller woman pulled a card from her purse and dropped it on the counter, winking at him.
    Kelly watched them go, feeling as if he had just let a golden opportunity slip by, but he thought of Sarah and the moment passed. Feeling guilty he slipped the card into the till without looking at it. He went over to the racks of dresses and fussed with them putting things just so, he paused several times in front of one of the full length mirrors and twirled to and fro, he was really enjoying the freedom of being at work in a dress. As he finished twirling he stopped to see Usagi standing by the register looking at him with a huge grin on her pretty face, she had come in the back door and he had not noticed her arrival.
   "Soo Cousin, what's new?"
   Kelly stared at her, frozen with a look of surprise. Usagi put her Hello Kitty bag under the counter, she noticed the diapers and powder and her grin grew wider, she'd seen Kelly's panties while he'd been twirling, panties bulging with a diaper under them, so cute! She walked over to him and gave him a hug, rubbing his back as she did so, she could tell he was nervous and she wanted to comfort him. "You look adorable Kelly," she said as she held him out at arms length, "I'll bet you've been wanting to do this for a long time, why ever didn't you tell me?"
   "I.....well I didn't know how you'd take it, you know me wanting to dress like a girl." Kelly blushed and Usagi kissed him on the cheek in a sisterly way.
   "Honey it's the twenty first century, a guy in a dress is not a big deal, besides it gonna be so much more fun you and I working together!"
   Kelly brightened at that, then turned red faced as Usagi gently lifted the back of his skirt and patted him on his ruffled bottom.
    "Usagi!" He protested, embarrassed as he smoothed down the skirt of his dress. 
    "Oh hush!" Usagi said with a playful laugh, "this little dress shows off those panties every time you twirl, the diaper just makes you cuter! You knew I was coming in here so don't protest if I treat you like the little princess your dressed up as."
   She kissed his nose and patted his bottom again, Kelly blushed and she giggled, "You're a little pet Kell, were the diapers and dress Sarah's idea?"
   "Yes." Kelly lied, then recanted, "well it was her idea that I dress up today, but well I have a few dresses of my own and she saw me and...."
    "Well I must thank her, now I know why you get so moody sometimes, this is awesome! Hey we should........."
   She was interrupted by the door chime as several girls came into the store, she winked at Kelly and said, "we'll continue this conversation later sweetie."

    Kelly watched her gracefully welcome and guide the girls about the store, he stayed behind the counter, happy that Usagi was so pleased with him coming out about being a little girl. He was still very nervous about what his Mother and the rest of his family were going to have to say about it, he was going to ask Usagi to keep quiet about the diapers.
    One girl walked up to the counter, eyeing Kelly with a knowing smile, he recognized her at once and his heart sank, it was Sharon, the younger sister of one of his gaming buddies, he'd not seen her as she was behind the other girls when she came in. 
   "Damn Kelly, I gotta say I love the new look! Does Darren know, do the other guys know?" Sharon's dark eyes flashed mischief as she moved her head at an angle and smiled at him. "Mommy like! You look good enough to eat! You have got to let me get as picture of you!"
    "Oh ah Sharon I don't......." Kelly started to protest, but in vain, Sharon took a selfie with him just behind her, then she took a few of him. "Come on Kelly smile, please!" Kelly managed a little smile, but his belly was like ice, his secret was out now, Sharon was a nice girl, but she lived to gossip, all of his friends would see him before the day was done!
   "Oh yeah, come on baby work it!" Sharon took several more shots until Usagi called him over to help, as he started to swish away Sharon playfully lifted his skirt to peek under his dress! "Oh such pretty panties," she said it so no one else could hear, "you really are a sissy huh Kelly," Sharon could tell he was in a diaper and she whispered, "I'll keep quiet about the diapers but you might wanna hide those," She pointed to the diapers under the counter and Kelly red faced hid them and the powder then quickly hurried over to help the other girls.
    Kelly noticed he was getting a lot of attention from the girls in the store, he wished his dress was a bit longer and he took care not to expose his lace panties, though his diaper did crinkle some as he walked, he hoped they didn't notice. He was grateful when Usagi put some classical music on the speaker for back ground ambiance.
   Sharon was on her phone and Kelly knew that the jig was up, what am i gonna say to my friends! He was distracted from worry by the customers in the store, it got and stayed busy for several hours. Several young men entered the store and Kelly was very self conscious as he helped them with their various needs, they all seemed to take it in stride, he got several winks, and one guy left him his phone number, all in all it was a positive experience for him, he did not feel at all judged by anyone.
   Kelly did not notice when Sharon left, and when they finally got a lull, he and Usagi had a light lunch in the little kitchenette in the back. He went into the rest room with a spare diaper, soaked the one he was in and as he was stripping the wet diaper off he heard a knock on the door.
   "Need a hand in there sweetie?" Usagi asked poking her head in the door.
   "Usagi!" Kelly cried aghast, he had just put the wet diaper in the trash and she just smiled at him.
   "Peanut if you're gonna wear a diaper you have to expect to be treated like a baby." She entered the room and patted the counter top, Kelly lay down feeling confused and embarrassed, this was not like Sarah, Usagi was family, he did not get aroused when she carefully cleaned and powdered him, she slid the diaper under his bottom and expertly taped him up tightly, as she pulled Kelly's panties up his legs she said. "I like this, I like having a baby cousin to work with!" She kissed his nose," these diapers will be our little secret, I won't tell your Mom or mine kay?"
   "Kay," Kelly said meekly, Usagi helped him down and kissed him tenderly, hugging him, he hugged her back tears of joy in his eyes. Usagi patted his bottom playfully and they both went out to the sound of the doorbell as more customers came in.
    Later that day, when Sarah came back she found Usagi and Kelly in good spirits, smiling at her by the register, Kelly looked really happy, and soo hot!
   "Hi girls! How was your day!" She asked as she Kissed Kelly and smiled at Usagi.
   "It was great!" Kelly gushed, "I should have done this a long time ago."
   "Thank you Sarah for enticing Kelly to do this, we had soo much fun!"
   Sarah laughed gaily, they looked so cute together in their frilly little dresses, "if I get my way Usagi Kelly will never wear pants again!"
   "Sounds good to me, we could give all his boy clothes to the Salvation Army!" Usagi was suddenly very enthusiastic, "and help Kelly expand her wardrobe!"
   Kelly noticed the use of the word "her", he was not certain about giving up all his boy's clothes, what would he wear to the D&D game night? What would he wear when he visited his Mother........gulp!
   "I don't know ......." Kelly began and Sarah hushed him gently.
    "Shh Baby, the grown ups are talking." Sarah said with a finger to Kelly's lips, Usagi giggled and Sarah winked at her.
    "But I am not sure.........." Kelly tried again and Sarah gently shut him down.
    'It is so adorable that you think you have a choice." She cupped his face and kissed him, "Mommy knows best Baby."
   Usagi was all smiles and her smile grew wider at Sarah's use of the word "Mommy", Sarah seemed to have Kelly eating out of her hand.
   "Usagi," Sarah began, "that is a good idea, the Salvation Army is a great charity, you guys close soon right?"
    "Yes, in about a half hour...." the door chimed as three teen girls walked in, Usagi said, "Be a pet Kell and see to them, I want to chat with Sarah, okay?"
   "Um okay," Kelly walked over to the girls and smiled, no longer self conscious about his dress, the girls were friendly and openly admired Kelly's outfit as he attended to their needs.
    Kelly noticed Sarah and Usagi looking at him as they talked and giggled like school girls from time to time, they were planning something.........
   The girls all bought socks and hair accessories, and like many other customers that day they took some shots of Kelly with their phones, unlike Sharon they politely asked him first and were very complimentary, Kelly blushed several times at their flowery compliments.
   "I gotta get me a girly boy," one of them said as they left the store with their packages. Kelly locked up after they left and closed the window blinds.
   As he swished back Sarah hugged him and patted him on his diapered bottom and easily picked him up in her arms, he blushed at Usagi seeing him be treated as a baby, even-though she did change his diaper twice today.....
   "Baby, Usagi and I have decided on a few things while you were working." Sarah gently sat him on the counter top and kissed his nose.
   "Firstly you are going to be dressed as a little girl and in diapers twenty four seven," Kelly made to speak but she hushed him with a finger to his lips and a tap on his thigh. "Second you must never interrupt me I am Mommy now, understand?"
   "Yes Mommy." Kelly decided there was no point in arguing, he could not resist Sarah....
   "Third, you are moving in with me and Usagi will be getting your place, your old clothes are going to charity, you won't need any furniture I have all we need so Usagi can have yours and we are moving you in tonight!"
   Kelly took all of this in with mixed feelings, on the one hand he was getting his dream girl, but losing his independence, but he would get to live his dream! He nodded at her and she pulled a pink soother from her purse and teased it into his mouth. "That's my good girl!" She kissed him on the forehead helped him down, now lets get my Baby a new dress to wear to work tomorrow.
     Sarah picked out a pretty blue dress, trimmed with white and black lace, Kelly swooned and clasped his hands kicking out his foot and smiling, Usagi took a picture of him and posted it to her Mom who sent it to Kelly's Mother who was vacationing in England. The messages Usagi got back were very positive from both her mom and Kelly's, they all knew he had been unhappy and now they knew why.
   "Mom say's it's okay for me to move into your place kell." Usagi called out to them as Sarah was picking out more dresses for Kelly, "And your Mother sends her love!"
   Kelly teared up at that, it seemed everything was going to be okay after all.
   "Hey why the tears?" Sarah asked cupping his face in her hands.
   "I'm just happy," he said "I get to be myself and I get the girl next door."
   Sarah laughed at that and kissed him passionately, holding him tightly she said  "you're the girl next door Kelly, and I'm the one getting you!"

           The End. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it :)
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Baby Butch
I like the story and Kelly must want to be a diapered little girl like many of us. The image is nice, I like seeing those in stories. Story approved, I hope to see more! 
Thanks BB! I start my work days today, only three days, then I shall get back to  writing working on the story :) 
dear KS,,,, I read your story and I like your story  and like baby butch said I hope there more to the story 
HI,,,, I am shamrock & I am a male ,,,,  I wear diapers and i love to be bandaged up from head to toe by female nurses and diaper up like a baby girl by them too,,,,,,,,, THANK YOU ALL    
@ shamrock
  Dear Shamrock, thank you :) I do plan to add to this story, in the middle of my work week, but more will come stay tuned :)
Love the story KS enjoy seeing Kelly enjoy his diapers and pretty dresses and is very lucky to have such a wonderful neighbor like Sarah. 
@ sissydina218
  Thank you Sissydina, so glad you like it :)
Beautiful story. I wish there was a store in my area not too far from where I live, specializing in Lolita fashions. Hot Topic is not bad, though. But its more like a year-round Halloween store than Lolita.

Keep on writing!

SissySweetness and Luv,

@ Prissie
  Thank you Prissie! Means a lot to me to get positive feedback :) I love Lolita fashion, I have to do my shopping online, but like you I wish there was a store like that here. Glad you like my story I plan to add more to it soon, Sarah is going to take Kelly out and show him off :)
dear,,,,i read your and I like your story ,,, BUT,,, I got lost in the mid of your story and I have to read it one more time  I DO LIKE YOUR STORY
HI,,,, I am shamrock & I am a male ,,,,  I wear diapers and i love to be bandaged up from head to toe by female nurses and diaper up like a baby girl by them too,,,,,,,,, THANK YOU ALL    
@ shamrock
  Thank you Shamrock, I plan to finish the story in a few days and I hope it makes more sense then, I appreciate your feedback :)
Baby Butch
Sarah was very tricky the way she got Kelly in a diaper and a dress. Her brother is not even a sissy but she fooled Kelly. Kelly got what he wanted and Sarah is happy too. Nice update to your story. 
@ Baby Butch
  Thanks BB! So glad you like it :)
Love the story.  Please keep it coming. 
@ Mellsissy
  Thank you and yes I will, so happy you like it :)
Great story so far, Kelly really is a lucky little girl. I can't wait to read more. 
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@ Baby-Bethany
  Thank you :)
Baby Butch
Wow, it suddenly seems hot in here today! Nice sexy update for sissybaby Kelly and his girl Sarah. I like how she can pick him up and carry him/her. Nice update! 
@ Baby Butch
  Thanks BB, had long work day, added some more, now must sleep :)

I like this story

@ diaprbayb
  Thank you :)
Just a short story, seemed a good place to stop, hope you enjoyed it. Hugs! :) 
dear ks,,, I like your story and  pretty girl in the photos real pretty 
HI,,,, I am shamrock & I am a male ,,,,  I wear diapers and i love to be bandaged up from head to toe by female nurses and diaper up like a baby girl by them too,,,,,,,,, THANK YOU ALL    
@ shamrock
  Dear Shamrock. Thank you, I am glad you liked it :)
i love this story i am so jealous of kelly i wish i could be her 
lots of love
@ annabellacheff
  Thank you Annabella, I am jealous of Kelly too, so glad you enjoyed the story ;)
Rose Marie
I'm still kinda new to all this and looking for friends. That being said, I LOOOVE this story and hope there's more to come. I must admit, there's been times when I WISH I could have that life.  
@ Rose Marie
  Thank you Rose Marie! I am glad you enjoyed the story, you can add me as a friend if you like. I just sit and write as the stories come into my head, I wish i could slip into it and be Kelly :)
Great story ,just wish it could have been me  
Ecchi Nemi
Nice story :3
@ Ecchi Nemi

 Thank you :)
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