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Not wanting to miss a single moment in a video game tourmonent
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Gary was more than your advid gamer he was extrem his latest game blood sword he had gotten so good at it he had been invited to play in a world wide death match.

Now he knew he could not leave his computer during the game he had his mini fridge he had his microwave and drinks.

he had to find a way not to go to bathroom.

the tv was on and advetiseing diapers and that gave him a idea.

he went to a adult site for diaper lovers and found the pounder diaper gureenteed not to leak drip and would only come off at the weight limt the diper had.

Perfect he ordered the diapers he got the sampler pack it had twenty diapers in the pack.

the diapers arrived just hours before the game was to start.

Gary oppened the diaper got one that said five pounder on it perfect he thought.

Gary got his pants off and underware then put on the diaper he then put his pants back on and sat at the computer.

Gary was now good and into the game it had been hours and now gary had to pee he ignored it knowing he had the diaper on soon his bladder could hold no more and a warm river emptyed out into his diaper.

the game had went on and some pizza had messed his stomic up but good he went again in his diaper soon his pants had gotten tight so when his next break came he took off his jeans and put on some sweat pants.

it now had been nearly eighteen hours into the match and his diaper had swollen a bit the diaper had rounded itself from absorbing all the poo and pee he had done.

then the unthinkable happened gary was killed in the game and that was the end of his gameing he left it up to see if he would place he looked at the clock he had been on nearly thirty hours.
decideing he was to tired or to lazy take your pick gary left the diaper on and went to bed.

Gary got up the next day to the phone ringing.


"Gary you still playing ?"

No Tish Im not and the game is still going wow how long did you last?"

"twenty nine hours thats when i came across a gatorbear and a mage they killed me buut good."

"Why whats up?"

"no reason I guess your gonna sleep all day."

yeah after I clean up a bit amd take a shower."

"Well I will see you tommorw or monday which ever comes first."

"Bye Tish ."

Gary looked down and saw how rounded he was on his bottom .

I guess I dont need this anymore gary thought to himself.

he then tried to remove the diaper but it would not come off.

garry got the package and read what was going on. this diaper will not come off until five pounds of pee or poo fills the diaper you can tell by the color of the diaper when its pink its time to remove it water will not cause it to way any more.
well im feeling a bit ill so im gonna stop here and pick this up later.

HUggs and kiss's

Damn gary thought to himself now how am I sopose to fill this diaper with five pounds of crap and piss?

Gary lookd down in the box and saw a smaple of a candy bar called diaper filler.

Gary looked at the color chart and it was at two and a half pounds.

Half way there he thought.

Gary read the back of the bar and it instructed that a single pice of the bar would fill the diaper.

while gary was reading the package he once again felt a warm stream of pee fill his diaper and saw it puff out a little his diaper was getting close to the point where he would have to waddle to get any where.

he opend the package and ate a small pice of the bar trhen put it away.

no sooner had he done so the door bell rung.

now who could that be.

Gary opend the door to find tish standing there.

"HI uh why do you look like your wearing a diaper?"

Gary turned three shades of red as she walked in and she was laughing uncontrolable.

"you look like a over grown baby .!!"

tish was laughing so hard she lost her breath then she finly stopped laughing with a huge smile on her face still giggling about gary's plight.

Gary told tish how he had prepared for the game and that he did not think that it would require a certin weight for it to come off.

"Well you look so cute like this."

no sooner had she said that a loud poot was heard and then a smelly load filled his diaper which swolled a little more makeing the diaper more round as ever.

"well look I came by to see if you wanted to see that new movie you wanted to see but I think your too young for a movie like that baby."

she then laughed again.

"All you need is a binky and a bottle and it would compleat the look ."

"I got to have a pic of this ."

she then held up her phone and took the pic.

"on you tube and face book it gose."

she then walked out the door still laughing on her way to the car.

Gary was compleatly embarassed but had other issues to deal with.

his bladder let lose again and as it did his legs seperated a little more than he realized.
in which he started to waddle like a baby and the sweets had gotten uncomfortable so he took them off exsposeing a very rounded diper front and back.

after almost four hours gary noticed that his legs raised a little off the ground .

when he tried to get up he fell to the floor the diper had swollen so much his diaper had gotten his legs so far apart he could only crawl.

six hours after that the diaper turned pink and he heard the diaper tape give.

FInaly he thought to himself.

he finished ermoveing the diaper and when the cold air hit his littl wee wee a great squart came from him hitting the tube.

he got a bath and had cleaned him self good.

As he got dressed for bed he had a sudden urge and then a warm feeling filled his PJ's before he could get to the bath room he heard a flarb come from his but and then a warm squeeshy feeling was in his underware.

after cleaning his self up he went back to the bar and read a bit more on the label.

Note the effects of this bar last for twenty eight hours be prepared to wear lots of diapers.

great I got eighteen more hours he said out loud as if some one was listening to him.

"well lets look in here and see if there is something other than a pounder diaper."

there was it was about five of them they were called fluffy puffy diapers.

gary went got the baby powder and then taped the diaper on like before, after gary had the diaper on he saw a notice on the package .

Note: diaper can only be removed with diper remover soulation not included.

for order information call 1-877-cute-diper.

Garry called and the operator started to take his order then stopped in the middle.

sir are you the one who orded the diapers?"

"yes I am are you wearing the diapers?"

"yes I am."

"Im sorry baby but your mommy or daddy needs to order this you to wittle to order such grown up stuff."

then he heard a click.

more later I love comments all for now but may add more later on in the day if not it will be thursday before I add any thing

HUggs abd kiss's

Mumbleing to himself he had to get Tish involved so she could order the soulation.

he dialed her up but no anwser.

"great just great now im going to have to wait."

his stomic grumbled some and then the familer sound then a load of poo came running into his diaper causeing it to get fluffy again this sort of thing had been going on for over three hours now.

Gary tried to stand up but the diper had gotten so round and big that he could only crawl to the phone.

he then tried Tish again gary knew he would never live this down still no anwser .

finely it dawned on gary where she was she was at the movies.

Gary then tried her cell still no anwser.

Gary peed in his diaper and it puffed up again this time pushing his legs even futher apart he could not walk and could barely crawl when the phone rung his feet did not touch the floor at all even when he was on his tummy.

he now had to pull himself toward the phone by hand but his hands could barely touch the floor he looked like a big diaper ball.

"TISH!! finely I need your help please come over here just let your self in.

Tish walked in and began to laugh again .

Gary expalned the whole situation and she started to get a evil smile on her face.

"so you want me to be your mommy and you want me to order this stuff for you right?"

"yes Tish."

"what will you do for me if I do this?"

desperate Gary said the one word Tish wanted to here.

"anything just get this diaper off me."

"you know those video games got you into this mess so I think you need to live the age you act for at least for a time."

"What are you talking about well Im going to order some other things and you will pay for them and you will have no choice but to do as I ask."

Tish got on the phone ordered some fluffy diapers but notl ike the ones he had on and she ordered cloths and a few other baby things as well.

the next morning Gary's feet were about three feet off the floor and the fed ex truck had arrived with a large load of things Tish had ordered.

she brought in the stuff then went to his bedroom and laughed she then pushed the adult size baby bedinto the spare bedroom where she put it togather.

"Ok baby lets get this diaper off of you and a decent one on you."

"Gary knew he was in for a long week end.

after the bath powdered and dipered then a pair of diper cover panties went on as well asa a onese that was pink then she made him get in the baby bed.

after locking the sided inplace she wwent and got gary a bottle.

"Drink it."

"no I wont I done being a baby."

"no your not drink it or these pictures go on facebook and the video of you gose on you tube."

"then every one we knows get copies in there e-mail."

Gary pouted but took the over sized bottle and di as he was told.

"Now Gary your a baby girl and will be treated as such and you have no choice in the matter."

Gary took the bottle from his mouth and tried to protest but only babbles came out.

"Oh yeah the formula your drinking dose that so no one can understand you."

"if your wet you cry if you messed you cry if your hungry you cry just like a regular baby dose."

Gary slowly put the bottle back to his lips and then drink all of the bottle and soon he was fast asleep.
well the next part will be next week some time sorry for the delay but i need to atend a few things hope you enjoy this installment i love comments and ideas so feel free to leave them.

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Gary woke up to find a mobil over his head and the room compleatly decroated for a baby girl .

He felt his diaper being cold and tried to scream for Tish but all that came out was angery bables, remembering what the formila did he sat there and could only do one thing and that was cry so with little choice he bagan to cry .

In came a girl he had not seen before.

"Oh poor baby got a wet or dirty diaper, I do love this job this is where men learn they are the weaker sex and women are far superior ."

"Well I guess your wondering who I am well Im your nanny Tish hired me to take care of you while she is at work ."

"Oh dont give me that look I belong to a adult nanny service I feed and change and keep you nice and safe."

"Ilearned that a video game got you into this mess figures well guess you wont be playing video games for a while, I wonder what Ms Tish has planed and how quick she intends to you let you grow up."

During the conversation that was obviously one sided Gary's diaper was being changed he was powdered and changed.

"well all fresh and clean now lets get you dressed ."

the nanny went to the closet and looked for a minute.

"Ah here we go perfect for the day."

a strawberry short cake diaper dress with matching diper cover was pulled out and before gary knew it he was dressed and let out of the crib.

Gary's thoughts went to when is this maddness going to end.

The diper Gary was wearing kept him from walking he could only crawl and if he wet or messed his diaper it puffed out more making it harder to even crawl.

the only thing Gary had to do was play with a doll and watch cartoons or play with other toys that were in his room or her room for now as it were.

the day wore on and it was around six when tish made it back in.

Gary could hear the nanny's report on his activitys of the day.

"so how did you dress her today?"

"Well ms Tish come see she has been good and had not messed her dress up at all."

when Tish saw gary in the strwberry short cake outfit...

Aw she is so cute but you need to make sure she is as messy as a normal baby you know the drill at least three bats a day put her in very messy situations."

"I'm sorry Ms Tish but she looked so cute I had to let you see her like this."

"Yes I thank you for that but remember she is a baby ."

"Yes I understand ."

"will you be needing me tommorow?"

"No not tommorow but the next day I will be here monday at six in the morning."

"Yes mame i will be here."

gary then heard the nanny leave.

Tish went into the kitchen and messed around in there for a minute.

she then came back with a bottle.

"Drink it."

Gary knowing he had no choice he did so.

"Well gary in a few minutes you will be able to talk and we can have a conversation about whats going on and every thing."

a few minutes went buy and gary could feel he could talk again.

speak baby."

"Why are you doing this to me ?"

"you really dont remember do you?"

"we were to go out on our first date the night the game was annouced to be and you choose the game over me a game ."

"Im sorry Tish I did not mean to hurt you like that."

"Now you know why thre are other matters to talk about."

"I called your boss and told him you needed a weeks vacation time he told me you needed to take some time off any way."

"so for the next week starting monday you will live life as a baby girl and you have no choice here as you can see the diaper keeps you from walking and there has to be a special soilation to remove the diaper so really you have no choice in any thing."
well Im feeling some what better and I want to thank all my readers bareing with me and I hope this part was worth the wait.

so where should this realtionship head to if you have any ideas add to my blog or here dose not matter.

all for now

HUggs and Kiss's

Monday came early after wakeing up to a very wet and cold diaper.

"Aw poor baby girl diaper is soaked well we need to change that."

"now lets get you a bath."

Tish continued to coo at her adult baby and was having fun as she could tell gary was haveing no fun at all.

The door bell rang right at six am.

"perfect your nanny is here soon I will have to go to work."

Tish then kissed Gary on his forhead and left to anwser the door.

"Ah right on time I like people who are on time ."

"Well look I will be home around lunch time so there is not much to do except make sure my little dareling dont get into any trouble."

"yes mame."

Tish then went to the bathroom and finshed up gary's bath.

the nanny watched as she got a evil grin on her face.

Gary saw it and knew he was in for it with her.

Tish left and asked the nanny to dress Gary.

"well lets look in the closet here and see what we have."

"Aw this is so cute its so cute ."

she then brought out a yellow dress with bows and ribons with a lace trim around the cuffs and neck and hem line.

the diaper cover was yellow ramba style.

After she had him dressed the nanny took a few pics of him in the dress.

the nanny made sure there were plenty of spills and dribbles and over loaded diaper's

the third outfit had disney princess's on it and it was white t-shirt and red pokladotted shorts.

every time his out fit was changed she took a pic of him then she smiled with a evil grin on her face as she handed him a bottle.

he took the bottle and after finishing it off he was soon asleep.

When Gary woke up he was not in his house and he was wondering where he was.

he heard another cry he looked over the rail of his bed and saw a few other adult baby bed compleat with babies.

"I see your up princess I guess your wondering where you are."

"your nanny had to go some where with oout you so she brought you to our adult baby daycare for a few hours."

"dony worry she will be back soon she said you needed to have your diaper changed often and from the look of your diaper I say she is right well its all the mommy wants."

I had been took out of the house anad placed here where ever here was.

Gary had been sat out of his crib to play with the other babies and he learned that billy was a compleat jerk he had pulled the head off of the dolly he had been playing with.

the hours seemed to drag on but soon he was given a bottle and out again when he came to he was in his own crib soaking wet and very cold.

"Aw I see your wet again."

lets get you changed before your mommy gets home."

soon he was on the changeing table being cleaned powdered and diapered.

no sooner had the nanny got another outfit on him Tish had gotten home.

"Well how has my baby been today?"

"Oh she was very sweet and i got some really good pics of the outfits she wore today."

"you two seem to get along just fine I may call on you more can you be here at the samew time every day till friday"

"yes mame I can."

the nanny looked back at Gary with a evil look in her smile and it left gary wondering what that place had been he had been took to.
well all for now keep leaving those comments i love them good or bad

any way all for now

HUggs and kiss's

the nanny showed on time as she had since she had been workiing for tish as my nanny butGary was wondering where she had taken him and how did she get him in the car by herself and what was going on .

Tish looked back at me and smiled and then walked out the door for once Tish had me dressed in a cute powder blue dress. it was made of satin and lace.

I hated to admit it but I was enjoying the feel of the dress's that had been put on me .

"Well my little darleing today is the day you become famous after all those appointments your going into this years adult baby calender for Poofy puffy Diapers."

"I Cant wait till your mommy see's it your so cute ,today is the final shoot and then we are going to the ab fair where you can be with other babies like you,"

I was wondering if Tish knew this was going on because I knew she did not wont to embarass me like like this but here I was being told of a diaper calender that I was having my picturer taken for.

I mean after all this was only for a week .

the nanny found a few other changes of cloths and then went out side and got this over sized stroller for adult babies and put me in it and then straped me in a car seat which was very embaressing every one coould see me as we drove down town.

we got to the poofy puffy diaper company and she pushed me inside and saw the recepetinst and gave her my name.

Is the baby regestered?"

"no she's not she has to have a ab birth document a proper name and a doctors report and a baby Id number in order to be in the calender."

"I was not told about this when they took the trial photos."

"tell you what here are some forms you fill out here and we will get all that started for you and are you the mommy?

"No Im the Nanny im from the luving care ab nanny service I was doing this as a surprise for the Mommy."

"I see well you will have to get her to get the baby regestered before you can do this."

"how long do I have before they put the calender together?"

you have a few months because they really want her in it."

"I will get her regestered as a adult baby soon as I can.
sorry so short had to leave something I needed to do

HUggs and Kiss's


It was not hard for the nanny to talk tish into getting Gary regersted as a adult baby.

Tish had to come up with a name for Gary since she had him down as a baby girl so she decided her name would be Darling that was the name Tish gave Gary .

After the medical exam and after the baby id was taken then a small tatoo was put on Darlings back side.

it was her identy number so she could be tracked through out her baby and little girl times.

Little did Tish know that the funny name would be Garys real name or the fact his whole life would change after it was done Garys new name was Darling panties bishop whish bishop was tish's last name.

The week was not quite up yet but Gary and tish both would get a visit from the Ab social worker who would see if the living condition was proper for Darling.

That was what the letter said and the message on the anwsering machine said as well.

It was around 5:30 in the evening when the door bell rung tish left Darling in the floor playing with a doll and a bottle was sitting on the end table.

Tish opens the door.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes are you Tish Bishop?"

"Yes I am ."

"Im Ms Crumb and I have been asigned as Darling Panties Bishop's social worker."

"So your Darlings social worker??"

"Yes since the alternant life style law passed and all sissy's and Adult babies must be seen after ."

"when you regestered your Baby that makes you a regestered Mommy and you need to have a planed time line for Darlings growing up."

"I still dont understand, im a bit confussed?"

"I did this to Gary to make a point and I was planing on ending his punishment in the morning."

"Oh I see but that dose not change things about Darling here I mean if you dont want her any longer she can fo into the adult baby adoption program."

"Well In that case I wish to keep my baby."

"Good now fill these forms out here and if you dont mind I would like to look around to make sure every thing is good for baby."

Tish filled out the paper work and handed it back to Ms Crumb .

"Here Ms bishop are a few informative bookslets to help you in raising Darling here."

The next morning the phone rung and it was Garys boss who wanted to know why Gary had become a adult baby then he wished Tish all the best in her new adult motherhood.

then at six right on time the nanny showed up.

"AH great I was hopeing you could come."

"No problem Mame we are happy to serve."

"Well today I have a few things to tend to I will be buying soem more cloths for Darling and then I have a interview for Darling to go to a adult daycare I mean its becoming hard to afford your service every day when the daycare is a lot cheaper."

"I will be sorry to go I will miss the little Darling."

"Yes I know and I will miss those special touch's you do for Darling as well but until things pick up at work Im afraide its simply not possable."

"I will say this how ever I will try to keep you coming when I need you for other times and maybe soon I can get you back on a full time basies."

"I hope so I will miss her."

Well thats all for now so what do you think the nanny is up to give me an idea there is a good chance I will use it.

check my blog I will have a few ideas bounceing around so drop me a line and make a comment.

HUggs and Kiss's

Tish was a bit confussed she had never heard of being forced to regester a baby before so she went and fixed a new bottle so Gary could talk and find out what was really going on .

After Gary finished the bottle and a few minutes later Gary could talk.

"OK gary whats going on?"

"Tish she is crazy she has taken me to strange place's she knocks me out and I end up at a adult daycare center some times and she needs me to be regestered as a adult baby so I can be on the poofy puffy Diaper calender."

"She tells me its a surprise for you but she is the one getting 50 thousand dollars out of the deal."

"Since she has done that she signed a contract for me to be the model for poofy puffy Diapers and my picture will be on the next diapers sent out."

"Ah it all makes since now im paying her to keep you and she is stealing you to make money well I need to call the nanny agency and tell them whats going on ."

"Tish I have a better idea."

The two days later the Nanny arrives right on time as the norm and Tish and the nanny had coffee.

The Nanny felt very dizzy and then she was out.

When she came too she saw Tish standing over her she tried to talk but all that would come out of her mouth was baby babbles.

then Gary wallked into the room dressed as himself as an adult with a evil grin on his face the same grin that Tish had on her face.

"Well your gonna get what you deserve for what you tried to do."

"I got my name back and I got my life back as a real man and my job I may take some teaseing about this but my life is not runied not like yours."

The Nanny looked up a little confussed holding a half empty bottle.

"Thats right Baby princess pissy."

Tish continued to talk.

"you see after the diaper company sued you every thing that was yours is gone except for the fifty thousand which we took and since you ended up regestering Gary here and attepted to defraud me and kidnap gary here I was given joint guardian ship over you ."

"I too am your legal guardian."

Gary grined and Princess Pissy did not like the looks of that smile.

"Should I tell her the rest?"

"Sure Gary I think you deserve the plesure of telling her."

"I must thank you for one thing Princess Pissy you broought me and Tish together that we got married during that time, thats the only good thing you accomolised out of this."

"Now for your dession."

"You have a choice remain a Baby untill your forty or go to prison for forty years."

"Which will it be?"

Tish chimed in again.

"We are going to let you grow a bit but not no older than a two year old still in diapers."

"Now point to the pic of the diaper if you wish to remain a baby or to the picture of the cage for jail"

It did not take long for Princess pissy to make up her mind when she pointed to the diaper.

"Good now sign this dont worry you have enough strength to do that but soon you wont."

She signed the document.

"That my little baby was the agreement for you to serve your sentance to be served as a baby."

"Also it gives us the option to keep you this way long after thirty."

"Gary then spoke

"Heres the best part after six months if we grow tired of you we can take you to a adult baby adoption agency so you can be with another Mommy.

Tears rolled down Princess pissy face as she realized she was stuck like this and had no more control over her young life for Princess Pissy real age was nineteen.

"Aw she is gonna cry ."

Tish and Gary then laughed so hard they had to hold the bellys .

"Oh we are going out and we hired a sitter from the agency where you worked and we told them we needed someone who can displine you good."

"Yeah so get ready for your back side to be glowing when we get back."

The sitter entered the room it was the big boss and she was very angery at her for putting her company at risk so we can all imagine what was aboout to happen as she removed her diaper and proceded to spank her but good.

Gary and Tish walked out as a puffy poffy diaper was put on her.


I know my story was long but I had fun writting it and I hope you had fun reading it look for my christmas story comeing soon it may be a week or two

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Anna, you write gweat stowies! me wishes me can to, but me can't. 
me wishes u well and me finks dat da nanny should become a baby also for tricking Tish wike dat

 Anna, you write gweat stowies! me wishes me can to, but me can't. 
me wishes u well and me finks dat da nanny should become a baby also for tricking Tish wike dat  

I love your idea
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I wish to thank bigbabysissy31 for the idea for the ending of this story
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