All PG The English Foreign Exchange Students ~ Edited Version
A couple of boys from England, stay with the Smith family. They go to private school for a year in Orlando, Florida.
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The English Foreign Exchange Students

This is a fictional story about two new foreign exchange students from England. Their names are Brian and James Stevens. Their parents have made arrangements for them to stay with the Smith family of Orlando, Florida. Brian is 10 and starting 5th grade, James is 11 and starting 6th grade. The Smith family has two daughters Sue and Kim. Sue is 13 and starting 8th grade, Kim 14 and starting 9th grade. The Smith family lives in an Orlando neighborhood and sends their girls to a private school. The Stevens’ want Brian and James to benefit from the best education obtained in a private school. They tell the Smiths to use whatever discipline is needed to keep the boys behaved. The boys are picked up at the Orlando International Airport.

Part One
The airplane arrives on time and the young boys are greeted right away by the Smiths. Introductions are made and several hugs are exchanged. There is a problem with lost luggage, apparently it went to Miami. The Smiths are assured that it will be delivered to them in just a few days. It’s 7 pm and on the way home the family stops for dinner out at Denny’s. Mary Smith, age 30, thought it was too late to cook. Mike Smith, age 35, agreed, he is a local banker. Mary is a mother and home maker. Brian and James are smart boys and a little high strung. They are excited to be in America.

At dinner everyone gets to know each other and then becomes comfortable with the new arrangements. Brian and James will share the guest room. It is furnished with two twin beds and two dressers, there is a large closet. The girls each have their own room still. Sue and Kim are also intelligent and much more mature. The house is a nice large single story 4 bedroom, 2 bath home, with a pool. The family arrives at home an hour later. First there is a family meeting and the upcoming school year is discussed. The house rules are laid out. Obvious things like no cursing, arrive at school on time, and bedtime is at 10 pm for the boys, 11 for the girls. Bad behavior will be meet with strict discipline, including over the knee spankings if needed.

Now that serious discussions are over, the children go to the den to watch the big screen TV. A movie is played, an old Charles Bronson one, Death Wish. Brian and James picked it out. The movie lasted 2 hours, popcorn and soda’s are served. Since there is no school, bedtime is 11pm for the boys and the girls stay up till 12. The boys need to get ready for bed. They take showers after their long flight from England. The problem is that they have no clean clothes for two days. Mary informs them that after showering they will just have to wear some of the girls older clothes. They don’t like the idea. “It’s not my fault your luggage was sent to Miami,” Mary said, “You don’t want to be naked do you?"

While they showered Mary found some white nylon brief panties, lacy socks and nightgowns and put them in their room. All the girls old clothes for that age are cute, lacy, and little girlish. The boys went into their room with just a towel wrapped around them. “This is really embarrassing,” said James, “I guess we will have to wear these.” So the boys put on their panties, socks, and gowns. They went out to the living room to say goodnight. Sue and Kim could not pass up the chance to tease them. “You guys sure look cute in our old girls clothes,” they teased, “we will help mom find you cute boys something to wear tomorrow.” The boys went to bed feeling very embarrassed.

At this house the kids get up at 8 am whether in school or not. After the long day both boys slept soundly thru the night. Mary came to wake them, they both have wet the bed. “Sorry this usually doesn’t happen,” James the older boy told Mary. Brian and James have not wet the bed for years at home. “That’s ok,” Mary replied, she could see they are embarrassed. “I will wash your sheets and your only boys clothes after lunch,” she said. The boys cleaned up and are given pink nylon brief panties to wear this time. They are also given a clean nightgown and told to report to breakfast at 8:30. Sue and Kim are also in nightgowns at breakfast. Mike realizes that Brian and James, even though only 10 and 11 are attracted to his girls. He makes sure everyone is wearing a robe too. His girls are both very pretty and well developed for 13 and 14. Mike goes off to work, he works from 10am till 5pm.

The boys want to stay home and swim today, but have no bathing suits. “No problem,” said Mary, “you can wear my girls old one piece suits.” Fortunately the girls old clothes fit the younger boys. “Now get yourself dressed and come outside,” Mary said, “no reason to be shy.” After Mary sees that the boys can swim, she goes inside to cook lunch. In England, just like in America, boys like to let their hair grow long. Brian and James have long hair. From behind they looked like girls in those bathing suits. Sue and Kim tease them about it. They are red faced embarrassed again.

After hours of swimming, lunch is served on the patio by the pool. Mary made fried chicken, baked beans, and slaw. During lunch Mary assigns a few regular chores for the boys to do. Her daughters help some with the cooking and cleaning. The boys will sweep and take out the trash. Everyone will contribute something, to keep the place clean. The main thing for all children is to keep their rooms clean.

After lunch the girls must do laundry, something new for them. Well they washed everything ok, but used too high of heat in the dryer. Brian and James’ only cloths are shrunk too small to wear. “What did you do to our clothes,” James yelled, “now we have to wear girls clothes till our luggage arrives.” “That was stupid,” Brian said, “Mary should have washed them.” “Don’t call my girls stupid,” Mary yelled, “ I told them to do the wash, it was an accident.”

Mary explained to the boys how their behavior has earned them punishment. She took them to their bedroom for a spanking. Each boy went over her knee, with a damp bathing suit on. She gave a hard paddling and warned that any more problems will earn a bare ass spanking next time. They had to come out and apologize to the girls, who knew moms spankings hurt. An hour later and everyone is back in the pool and having fun again. The day passes and Mike comes home for dinner at 6 pm. He gets told by Mary of the little discipline problem.

The children are out of the pool and told to dress for dinner. Mary laid clean panties, training bra’s, and some short girls dresses in the boys room. She put the bra’s on them, after they put on the panties. Then she put the dresses over their head. Socks and Mary Jane shoes next. Just for fun, she styled their hair girlish and added pink hair pins. A small amount of makeup is applied, now both could pass for girls. Mike thought that the idea of a little extra punishment is a good. “Don’t you nice girls look cute tonight,” he commented, “can you sit for dinner.” He is referring to their hard spanking earlier.

Chores are completed and another night is spent watching TV. The boys shower for bed first, at 10 pm. Mary goes in their room and lays out the nightgowns and lacy socks. This time no panties, she laid out thick overnight disposable diapers. Also something the girls used to wear several years ago for bedwetting. Mary will clean sheets only once a week.

Brian and James have forgotten about their accidents last night. Boy are they surprised to see Mary, with the diapers after their shower. “We don’t need diapers!” cried both of them, “last night was just an accident.” “I will decide what you need,” Mary responded, “do you need another spanking?” She powdered and diapered the boys and dressed them in vinyl panties for extra protection. This time when they went out in the den to say goodnight, their diapers and panties showed under the nightgown. The teasing started, embarrassing the boys again. “Still wet the bed?” laughed Sue the younger one, “just like a couple of baby girls.” Mary escorted them to the bedroom where they got another shock. The twin beds are easily converted into baby cribs. Mary put the boys to bed in their cribs and raised the sides. This is how the first full day in America comes to an end.

Part Two
The next morning Brian and James wake up when Mary comes to get them out of their cribs. “Well I see you both wet your diapers,” Mary said, “That’s ok, that’s why I put them on you guys.” “Now the sheets are dry, and the new beds won’t be peed on,” she continued. James replied, “How could we get up to use the bathroom stuck in the crib in a diaper?” “Neither of you got up to use the bathroom last night, and wet the beds,” Mary said, “You will wear diapers at night.” The boys wash up knowing the only thing to wear is girls clothes. Mary dresses them in girls nylon brief panties with little flowers this time and matching training bra’s. “Since you have to dress like girls, you need to look like girls,” Mary stated, “I have a surprise for you today.” Next the boys are put in white tights and short pink little girl dresses. They get lacy socks and shiny black Mary Jane shoes. Mary takes each boy to the bathroom and styles his hair and applies some makeup. The fair skin English boys make cute little girls. They are not happy and can’t wait for their luggage to arrive.

At the same time the girls Sue and Kim have dressed up in a similar fashion. They wonder what mom’s surprise is. At breakfast she lets everyone know they are going to Disney World today. The boys are not too excited, they don’t want to leave the house dressed this way. “Be good sports about it guys,” Mary said, “No one will know you are boys.” It didn’t take long for them to agree to go. After breakfast they pile into moms minivan and leave.

At Disney they all have a wonderful time. The four children are embarrassed on some of the rides, when their dresses blow up. Pictures are taken with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. They eat lunch and Mary gets a few comments on how cute her 4 girls are. The boys are red faced embarrassed again. Mary introduces them as Beverly and Jennifer. Sue and Kim still like to wear the girly clothes mom buys them. They stay at Disney late, thru supper and until they can see the 10 pm fireworks display. Arriving home at midnight the children are put to bed. They will have to shower in the morning. Mary says it’s better that way since the boys wake up wet. She has diapered them and dressed them in nightgowns and socks. They are in the crib with sides up, not to get up till she returns in the morning.

Last night while the family was at Disney, Mike was at home when the luggage for the boys arrived. A large and small suitcase for each of them. He gave it to Mary after the children are in bed. Mary is a little disappointed, she likes to dress the boys as girls. “I think I won’t tell them for a few more days,” she says to Mike. “Whatever you want dear, I won’t say anything,” Mike promises. Now she gets the boys up and out of their overnight diapers. She sends them to the showers and lays their clothes on the bed. “I expect you to dress yourselves, after you shower,” she said, “Your girls outfit for the day will be on the bed.” She lays out pink and yellow panties, matching socks, skirts and pull over blouses.

The boys shower and get dressed as instructed. “When will our clothes get her,” Brian said to James, “I feel like a sissy.” “Me too,” said James, “and a baby too.” They go and do some chores after eating breakfast. Mary and the girls are cleaning the house today. Between the two boys, the two girls, and Mary, they did laundry, vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, made the beds, and really cleaned the place. At the same time the yard and pool boy stop by to do their jobs. They flirt a little with what they think are 4 girls. Brian and James are red faced embarrassed again, no one says anything. Mike comes home from work to a delicious meal and clean house, he is complimentary about it. The evening is spent playing cards and watching TV. The boys are diapered and put in their cribs. Tomorrow is Friday, surly the boys luggage will arrive.

The boys awake Friday morning at 8 pm. They are wet again, but there is good news. Mary tells them that their luggage arrived early this morning. She got them out of diapers and into the shower. The boys are very happy. “Your suitcases will be on the bed when you finish your showers.” Mary said, “Wear something nice, we have to go shopping.” Sue and Kim’s schoolgirl uniforms are too small now. Brian and James need schoolboy uniforms for Private School. After all showered and got dressed, they piled in the minivan again.

Mary drove them to the local mall, a store there specializes in children’s wear. The girls buy plaid pink jumper dresses and a white pull over shirt, with a peter pan collar. White socks and black shoes, must be worn too. Along with white nylon panties, bra, and some suntan pantyhose. The boys buy dark blue corduroy shorts and a light blue pull over shirt. They must wear white socks, white briefs, black belt, and black shoes. The Smiths pay for what the boys need with money sent from England by the Stevens family. Everyone gets a haircut for school. The boys get regular haircuts. “The school is strict,” Mary warned them, “any bad behavior means a good hard paddling by the teacher.” The girls already know about that, they know the teachers.

Upon returning home lunch is served late. The children spend the day out by the pool. The boys have their own bathing suits now. Mike comes home from work early and joins them swimming. He has decided to have a BBQ. The children are excited, and so is Mary, she don’t have to cook. Mike brought home plenty of potato salad and baked beans. He also brought pork ribs to cook on the grill. Mary puts on her bathing suit too. Dinner is served around 8 pm. That night the girls chose the movie to watch. They picked out Mary Poppins for the family to watch. Now it’s diapers and bedtime, tomorrow is Saturday.

The boys wake up wet again Saturday, under the circumstances they wonder how they will get out of diapers. Locked in their cribs at night and in diapers, how could they be dry. Mary is not very sympathetic she says they would just wet the bed anyway. The boys slept late so she had them come right down to breakfast in wet diapers and t-shirts. “Did moms babies wet their diapers again,” teased the girls. The boys are red faced with embarrassment. After breakfast and a lot more teasing, everyone showered and got dressed.

The boys, still upset by all the teasing finally got back at the girls. They threw their wet diapers on them right after they showered. “That’s enough of this,” Mary yelled, “how dare you do such a thing.” “Girls, you are in trouble too,” she yelled, “teasing the boys since they arrived.” “I am going to put a stop to this now,” she said, “with a spanking for each of you.”

They all went to the den and Mary pulled a chair into the middle of the room and sat down. The two boys got it first. They dropped their pants and went over Mary’s knee. She then spanked each boy for 5 minutes over their briefs. They are in tears and kicking like babies. The girls are next and get the same spanking. They also are in tears and kicking like babies. “I want no more problems from you children,” Mary scolded, “go to your rooms.” The children said they are sorry and went to their bedrooms.

First Mary went to each girls bedroom to discuss proper behavior. Then a surprise, she put each of her daughters in a disposable diaper and a girls t-shirt. Next she went to the boys room and lectured them on proper behavior. She surprised them and put them in diapers and a boys t-shirt. Now the 4 of them will take a 2 hour nap. They are to report to dinner as dressed and stay that way till morning. They are all equal now, Mary will change them when needed. She will put clean diapers on them at bedtime for all night. Mike comes home for dinner and sees his diapered children. “Looks like mom has four babies,” he said, “what did you do to earn this." Mary explained what happened and how they all got a whipping.

The kids spend Saturday night watching TV, in their diapers and shirts. Mary changed their wet diapers on the living room floor. Now all 4 children are red faced with embarrassment. They all stayed up till midnight, since they are well behaved again. Each child is put to bed in clean diapers and vinyl panties.

Eight hours later and it’s Sunday morning. Time to get up, shower, eat, and go to church. Sue and Kim both wet their diapers, as did Brian and James. They came to breakfast this way. “Just like I told you,” Mary commented, “now you are all equal.” The family then showered, put on their dress clothes and went to church. They spent the day away from home. They brought things to the church lawn sale and stayed to help sell everything. Mary is pleased with her children’s behavior, the boys are very helpful.

Back at home that evening, school bedtime is enforced. 10 pm for the boys, and 11 for the older girls. Wake up time is now 7 am, time for showers and breakfast. School starts at 8 am, fortunately the Private School is only 3 blocks away, the kids can walk there. Good news for Brian and James, they are out of diapers. The cribs are twin beds again and the boys are to use the hall bathroom at night. Mary will not have the beds ruined, any child who wets the bed, will wear diapers overnight for a week. In spite of the unusual situation of having to wear girls clothes for 4 days and diapers at night for a week, the boys enjoyed their first week in America.

Part Three
Now it’s Monday, the first day of school. The kids all got up dry, no wet beds. Everyone showers and puts on their school uniforms. They have breakfast and start their walk to school. On the way the children pass the public Junior High School. It is one block closer and across the street. Some older boys tease the 4 children about their sissy looking school uniforms. The children keep walking and ignore them. Arriving at school the children go to the office of the Academic Academy. They are assigned to their classrooms. Being a small school, grades 5-6 for the boys, is in the same classroom. Grades 8-9, for the girls, is also combined. The students go to meet the teachers, who are known to be strict. The first day is mostly introductions, instructions from the teacher about the class, a list of rules to follow, and academic testing. The teachers want to know where each student is weak or strong.

Lunch is 1 hour, from noon till 1 pm, school is over at 3:30 pm. The day goes by smoothly and the children walk home. They have from 4 to 6 pm, for homework. Everyone talks at dinner about their first day of class. The children like the school. After dinner a few chores are done, the evening is free time.

The first week of school is good, except for the occasional morning teasing. No problem on the way home, because the Junior High gets out at 4 pm. At home no one wets the bed. Mary is a little worried about the boys. In order to be sure not to wet the bed, they stay awake too late. Without enough sleep their grades will suffer. She decides not to worry about it and another week goes by. The new problem cured itself, eventually the boys got too tired and wet the bed. Brian on Thursday night and James on Friday night. Now they are back in diapers every night for a week. Mary has converted the beds to cribs again, she don’t want them getting up at night. They will get plenty of sleep.

Now the third week of school goes by, all the children are doing good in class. They arrive on time make good grades and do their homework later. The boys catch up on their sleep, but wet their diapers almost every night. Mary will keep things this way for another week. Brian and James complain, they don’t like wearing diapers to bed. “Sorry guys,” she said, “start waking up dry almost every night and we can talk about it.” The fourth week of school brings problems. On the way to school the children as teased by the older boys again. The children are standing by the curb and yelling back at them. A car drives by and splashes dirty water on them. How will they explain this, they are supposed to stay on the sidewalk. Since they are just one block away, and can’t be late, they go to class. First they go to the rest rooms and clean up some. There is still a small amount of dirt left and their clothes are wet. “We are in trouble,” Kim the oldest said to the others. “Yes we know,” they responded.

The boys and girls showed up in their classes. The teachers are not happy. They explained what happened and are allowed to stay, since they cleaned up some. They each get 3 whacks with the board of education paddle. Now they will sit in the back of the classroom, so they are not a distraction. It’s a little hard to sit after that painful paddling. At the end of the day they go home with notes from the teacher. “I told you kids to stay on the sidewalk,” Mary yelled, “a car can’t splash dirty water on you from there.” “I know you got paddled for showing up in dirty uniforms,” she continued, “I am now going to paddle you for not staying on the sidewalk.” Mary is mad, she doesn’t want anyone hit by a car. The 4 children realize they are going to get spanked again.

Mary sits them down, on the couch in the living room. One at a time they get up and remove their dirty clothes. Then they go over Mary’s knee in just underclothes. She gives them a hard spanking, for 5 minutes each. She lectures them, as she spanks hard and they kick, scream, and cry. Even the older girls break down and cry, mom hasn’t spanked them this hard for a while. The boys are crying like babies. Mary makes the girls stand facing one wall and the boys facing the other. They will stand for 30 minutes and then shower. Mary will do the dirty laundry. There are no problems for the rest of the week.

An entire month goes by. The children stay on the sidewalk and go directly to school. The occasional laughing and teasing is ignored. Home life is good also. Nothing unusual, the children are all well behaved. Brian and James are still in diapers at night. They can only stay dry a couple nights a week. Mary likes them in diapers, they get more sleep and behave better. All the children are making A’s and B’s. The children get to talk to their parents in England. They like America and their parents are happy with their report from the Smiths.

The next two months go by quickly. The children make friends in school. They come over on weekends for pool parties and cookouts. The children get paddled in school a few times, for things like being late or talking in class. The semester is over in one week and the family looks forward to Christmas. Plans are made for the holidays. The students are out of school from Dec. 14 thru Jan.10. The boys were out of diapers for a month, but then a couple of accidents and back in them again. The week passes and school is out for the holidays. The children are excited!

Part Four
It is 10 days before Christmas, Mary decides to take the kids shopping. They have been getting a small allowance of $10 a week each. “We are going Christmas shopping,” Mary said, “so get dressed and get in the minivan.” The children dressed nicely and they all went to the mall. Everyone has a great time and they buy gifts for each other. On the way home they stop at a medical supply store. Mary brings the boys up to the clerk and asks him for thick, disposable, overnight diapers for them. “No problem,” said the clerk, “we have diapers for all sizes.” The boys are red faced embarrassed again. Mary buys a case of diapers that will fit both of them and the girls too if needed.

When they arrive home the children see that Mike has put up a Christmas tree, in the living room with lights on it. After everyone eats they spend the day decorating the tree. When Mary brings in the case of diapers Sue and Kim start teasing Brian and James about their bedwetting again. Mary has warned them about this teasing before. As punishment Sue and Kim immediately go over mom’s knee for a spanking. She lets them keep their shorts on. “Since you don’t seem to get it,” Mary said to her girls, “the boys occasionally wet the bed and need diapers.” Mary informs her daughters of their other punishment. Mary will put both girls in diapers at bedtime for a week. “No way!” the girls cried, “we don’t wet the bed.” It’s something called diaper punishment,” mom then replied, “another reason those high strung boys are well behaved.”

Mary warns all the children to behave because they will be diapered after spankings now. They will stay that way from two days, to two months. This depends on what they do wrong. No one is happy with that idea and agree to be well behaved. The first day of Christmas vacation ends with Mary diapering all 4 children for bed. She puts vinyl panties over the diapers.

Several days go by with everyone helping with the house cleaning and cooking. The children helped bake Christmas cookies. Now Christmas is a week away. The girls, now diapered overnight, wet their diapers a few times. They got teased and the boys got spanked for it. No additional punishment since they are in diapers every night anyway. As part of her holiday plans Mary took the kids to Sea World.

The following day Mary gets a call from her sister Jane. She has to go to the hospital right away. Aunt Jane must have her appendix removed. Jane lives with just her 14 year old son about 10 miles away. Mary picks the boy up since mom has gone to the hospital. His name is cousin Billy and they arrive home. The girls know their cousin Billy, Brian and James are introduced. Aunt Jane will be in the hospital 3 days and come to the Smiths for recovery. A roll away bed is set up in the den for Billy. He has brought clothes for a week. The weather is too cold for swimming. Everyone plays in the back yard. Next it’s dinner, then TV, and bedtime. Billy sleeping in the den, doesn’t see the others diapered at bedtime.

It’s morning and Aunt Jane’s surgery is a success. The five children must find things to do indoors because of rain. It’s Monday and Mike starts his 2 week vacation today. Christmas is Saturday, five days away. Billy is in the boys room playing. He finds the boys beds are cribs and a package of diapers on the table. Boy does he start teasing Brian and James. The 10 year old Brian starts crying, he goes running to Mary. She finds out what happened and goes to the boys room. She grabs Billy and takes him to the den. “You are a bad boy,” Mary yelled, “teasing the younger boys that way at your age.” “Around here that is not allowed,” Mary continued, “for your punishment I will spank you, then put you in diapers.” “Please don’t spank me,” Billy pleaded, “I don’t want to wear diapers.” “You do as you're told,” Mary demanded, “take those shoes, socks, and pants off.”

Now scared, Billy obeyed his Aunt Mary. She pulled up a chair and sat down. Billy is a little bigger than the other boys, but Mary has pulled him over her knee. She gave him a good paddling on his behind. “I don’t want any more problems from you,” said Mary. She paddles him hard for 10 minutes, while the boy is kicking, screaming, and crying. The whole house knows what going on. After the spanking, Billy is laid on the rollaway bed. “This will make a good diaper table,” said Mary, “you will be in diapers for 3 days.”

She leaves the room and comes back with diapers, vinyl panties, and baby powder. At age 14 Billy has just been spanked like a baby and now his Aunt Mary is putting diapers on him. He can’t believe it and is crying still. Aunt Mary lifts his legs and slides the very thick diaper under him, she uses baby powder and lays him down, then she brings the diaper up between his legs and tapes it tightly. Next she slides his feet into pink vinyl panties and pulls them up over his diaper. He must join the rest of the kids in diapers and a t-shirt. No one dares tease him about it. He is not happy, but loves his Aunt. Tonight there are 5 children between age 10 and 14 diapered for bed.

In the morning everyone showers and gets dressed. Billy is the only one in diapers all the time, today and tomorrow. Mary goes to the hospital and picks up her sister. Aunt Jane is brought home. Billy runs to hug his mother. “I heard about your problem baby,” mom said, “just do as Aunt Mary tells you.” Mom is surprised by how polite Billy is. The girls will room together now so Aunt Jane has a place to sleep. The girls have wet their diapers overnight several times. Now Mary informs them they will continue to be diapered overnight, until they are dry most of the time. Tomorrow is Wednesday, only 3 days till Christmas. Billy is looking forward to not having to wear diapers anymore. He is not allowed to use the bathroom and is changed like a baby by his Aunt Mary. He gets word that he will still be diapered overnight, just like the others.

Wednesday goes by with everyone helping out around the house and caring for Aunt Jane. Thursday Billy wakes up wet but is out of diapers during the day. Mary takes the kids out for last minute shopping and Mike stays with Jane. On the way home Mary picks up another case of diapers. Tomorrow is Friday and Christmas Eve. Mary is glad there are no wet sheets or beds to change. All the kids are diapered at bedtime.

Now it’s Friday and the family is spending the day together at home. The children played games out side. A large dinner is brought over by caterers. During the evening they walk around the block and sing Christmas carols. Aunt Jane made a quick recovery. All five children are diapered for bed. This time Billy’s mom put his diapers on. He is moved in with his mom in her room. So Santa Claus can come and deliver all the presents under the tree.

Now it is Saturday, Christmas morning, the children are up early. Everyone showers and gets dressed for breakfast. They have eggs, ham, hash browns, Danish pastry, and juice. Brian, James, Kim, Sue, Billy, Mike, Mary, and Aunt Jane all gather around the tree and exchange gifts. Everyone is very happy with their presents. The last present is from Mary to her sister Jane. It’s a fairly big box, her son Billy says to open it. Unfortunate for him, it is a case of thick disposable diapers, in just his size. “I am 14, you can’t keep me in diapers,” he complained. “Yes I can,” said mom, “every night while we stay here.” “After we get back home you better behave,” mom continued, “or it’s back in diapers again, from 2 days to 2 months” “Yes mamm,” Billy said, “I will behave better.” Mary’s idea of diaper discipline, will be used by Billy’s mom now.

Mary insists her sister Jane and Billy stay thru New Years. Jane agrees it is a good idea, why go home and be alone for the holidays. The children are out of school thru January 10. Billy’s going to have to wear diapers overnight for another week. Just like the other children. He loves his relatives and says he understands. The next couple days are spent around the house and yard. The children play and enjoy the new toys and clothes. Mike is content just resting on his vacation. Him and the boys watch sports on TV. Mary and her sister do the cooking, the kids clean up. Some early preparations are made for a small New Years Eve party. Mostly just them and a few friends. Also a couple from the bank where Mike works. A couple more days pass and it’s Thursday, tomorrow is the New Years Eve party.

Now it’s Friday and all 5 children wake up in a wet diaper. None of them can stay dry for more than a couple nights per week. Once diapered for bed, they are not allowed to use the bathroom. Without the diapers they would wet the bed anyway. Mary won’t stand for that. She is not going to be washing and changing sheets all the time. The party tonight starts at 8 pm, giving people time to eat dinner first. Snacks and drinks will be served. Alcohol for those over 21. The couple from Mike’s job have a son named Mark, he is 10. Another couple, friends from the neighborhood are coming. They have twin girls, also age 10. Several other friends are coming with no children.

New Years is mainly for adults to celebrate. They will be drinking and having fun. Mary has hired a Nanny to babysit the kids. Her name is Ruth, she is a professional nanny. She has to watch 8 children and is very strict. The women is 30 and in good physical condition. She is 6’ 2” tall and weighs 200 pounds. She is a surprise for the children and will arrive at 9 pm.

The party starts at 8 pm and everyone is there by 8:30. The young children gather around the kitchen table to play cards. “Drinks are served in the den,” Mike says. He gets to play bartender for a while. At 9 pm there is a knock at the door. In walks Nanny Ruth and she is introduced to the kids as their babysitter. “We don’t need any babysitter,” cried Sue and Kim. The other children agreed. Nanny warned everyone to behave or suffer the consequences. If they are good they can stay up past midnight. To celebrate New Year’s Eve children style. They will be served cake and punch later. After a few drinks the parents are starting to enjoy themselves. Now it’s 10 pm and the adults are dancing, drinking , and listening to music. The card games are over and snacks are served for the kids. The adults have finger foods and deserts to eat. After snacks the children enjoy watching the adults from a distance. They are afraid of Ruth, seeing how big she is. No problems except for warnings for being too noisy.

At 11 pm Mike has to find beds for 3 more children. They will spend the night, because their parents will be intoxicated. A couple of new designated drivers will come by at 2 pm to take them home. Mark can sleep in the room with Billy and his mom. The other 2 twin girls will sleep in the room with Kim and Sue. That leaves Brian and James alone in their room with the cribs. Nanny informs all the 8 children to use the bathroom. They will be diapered for bed at 11 15. No one likes that idea, especially the oldest ones Kim at 14 and Billy at 14. The twin girls, at age 10 are really shocked. They don’t wear diapers, neither does Mark, the other boy. Brian is 10 and James 11 they will be in diapers too, but don’t want the other children to see their cribs. Nanny Ruth will sleep over in the den, on the sofa bed.

Mike sets up the last rollaway bed in the large kitchen. Then he stacks a dozen diapers on the shelf. Mary brings in a dozen pairs of pastel colored vinyl panties and the baby powder. “This is now the diaper table,” Mike said to Ruth, “diaper the children.” Ruth made all the children take their place at the table. “The oldest will go first,” she said. Billy and Kim objected again, they did not want a stranger to see them undressed and put them in diapers.

Ruth grabbed Kim and pulled her out of the chair and over to the bed. Ruth sat down and put the girl over knee. She took a ****en paddle out of her apron, to the surprise of everyone. She gave Kim 10 whacks, the girl is in tears. “Now get on the bed”, Ruth ordered, “and lie still.” Sue obeyed, Ruth came over and undressed her. She lifted the girls legs and put a thick diaper under her. She set her down, powdered her, and pulled the diaper up between her legs and taped it tightly on. Next she was put in the vinyl panties. Kim gave no more resistance, she got up and sat back at the table. Ruth immediately grabbed Billy and pulled him over to the bed. She sat down and pulled the boy over her knee. He struggled, but it was useless. Billy got 10 hard whacks on his behind. Then he obeyed and laid down to be undressed and diapered. He went and sat down at the table. “Any more objections,” Ruth asked, “I call your name, you lay down on the diaper table.”

She proceeded to undress and diaper the other six children, no spankings needed. Now all 8 are at the table in diapers. Mary comes into the room and passes out 8 white t-shirts. The girls shirts have pink writing that says, “New Years Baby” and boys is done in blue writing. Everyone changes into their shirts, they are to sleep in. Now it’s 11:45 pm, 15 minutes till New Years.

Mary calls Mike into the kitchen, she has one more t-shirt and it’s his size. A little intoxicated now, Mike comes into the kitchen. “Hi honey,” Mary says, “lay down on the diaper table, you are the adult Baby New Year.” “No way!” Mike responded, “you are not putting diapers on me.” “Another stubborn one,” Ruth said, “I’ll take care of him.” She grabbed Mike and pulled him over to the bed. Ruth sat down and pulled him over her knee. He was pretty intoxicated and could not get up. Ruth held him down and gave him 10 good hard whacks with the ****en paddle.

Mike is in shock and just about in tears himself. By now the guests are enjoying the show. He is ordered over to the diaper table and obeys. Ruth removes his shoes and clothes as the guests start laughing. Mary hands her a large package of thick adult overnight disposable diapers. She proceeds to powder and professionally diaper Mike. He can’t believe the spanking he got and says nothing. Next, Mary gives Ruth pink vinyl panties, to go over his diapers. So Ruth puts them on him. He gets up and is put in the last t-shirt. Now Mike is definitely Baby New Year. Nanny Ruth is having a good time also. It turns out she likes to put diapers on children and adults. She has done it many, many, times.

The quests are hysterical, the party is loud and it is now midnight. Everyone yells out a loud, “Happy New Year.” The kids are really enjoying the party now. Mike is getting teased a lot. The children are sent off to bed because it’s 12:15 bedtime. The music is turned down, but the party continues. Nanny Ruth joins in and has just a couple of drinks. She gets something to eat too and dances with Mike in his diapers and vinyl panties. Mike, not expecting to be diapered, has to use the bathroom. No one will let him, especially Nanny and Mary. Later in the kitchen, he goes in his diaper. He says nothing about it.

Another hour of partying and the drivers arrive. They take the guests home by driving them in their own cars. That way they can pick up the kids after lunch tomorrow. Nanny Ruth will stay till then. The house empties and it’s only Mike, Mary, and Ruth still up. Mary checks Mike’s diaper and it is wet. Her and Ruth get him on the diaper table. They remove his wet diaper and wash him. He is wasted by now. Ruth puts a tight clean diaper on him to wear overnight. She puts the pink vinyl panties back on him. Her and Mary escort him to the master bedroom and put him to bed. Mary sets up the sofa bed in the den for Ruth. They all go to bed.

Part Five
Everyone slept late New Years day. They all got up about ten. Nanny Ruth went from room to room and removed the children’s diapers so they could clean up and get dressed. Then her and Mary fixed a large lunch. Mike is the only one with a hangover. After lunch the overnight guests are picked up by their parents. Nanny Ruth is paid and leaves too. Aunt Jane and Billy will stay another night. A large dinner is being prepared by Mary and Jane. The 5 remaining kids take showers and put on nice clothes. The adults do the same later. Only one more night in diapers for Billy. He will not have to wear them at home. Unless he wets the bed or misbehaves.

Dinner is served at 8 pm, the family enjoys a turkey dinner and all the side dishes. Cake and ice cream are for desert. After dinner they sit and watch the big screen TV. Bedtime is at 11 pm tonight. The kids are diapered and put to bed. Billy’s mom puts his diapers on and puts him to bed. The entire family is asleep by midnight.

In the morning after breakfast, Mary takes her sister Jane and her son Billy home. Along with a case of diapers, baby powder, and 4 pairs of vinyl panties. Billy insists they won’t be needed, he will be good now. Mom reminds him he has been in diapers at night for 2 weeks. He wet those diapers many times, he will have to stay in diapers at night till he proves he don’t need them. The Smith family and their two foreign exchange students, enjoy the rest of the long holiday weekend. The following week is spent having fun. Except for Mike, he has to go back to work. School starts again on Monday the 10th, for the children. A little bit of shopping is done for more new school clothes.

Now it’s Monday at 8 am. The boys went to bed last night at 10 pm, the girls at 11, bedtime on school nights. In diapers for 9 to 10 hours they all woke up wet. “At least the sheets are dry and the beds clean,” Mary commented, “that’s what matters.” The children showered and dressed for school, in their clean new uniforms. On the way to school, they are teased by some boys and girls from the Junior High School. They just keep walking to arrive on time at the Academic Academy. The first day is to adjust back to the school routine. Everything goes well at home and at school for a week.

On day one, of the second week back to school, the kids are teased again. This time the other kids come across the street. They argue back and forth for a while. Then the Smith children hurry off to school and arrive late. Brian and James show up 10 minutes late and get paddled. Three whacks with the board of education again. Sue and Kim get the same punishment. That’s the second time they got paddled in school because of those annoying bullies. The week finishes up a little better. No more arguing with the bullies.

The third week back in school brings major problems. Billy and James are tired of being teased about their sissy uniforms. This time when the junior high kids came across the street, they pushed them. The boys are high strung and should not of pushed those bigger kids. Punches are exchanged, they end up with black eyes. The girls don’t fight, they just push and shove each other. Now the kids are in trouble, they will be late for school again. The boys clothes are torn and they are dirty. The girls uniforms are messed up too. Upon arriving in class they are sent to the Principles Office.

The principle sits the four of them down for a lecture. They have been late 3 times and not in clean uniforms twice. They are expelled from school for one week, all four of them. First they have to be punished. Pants lowered and skirts raised, they are spanked on their underwear. Each child receives 5 whacks with the board of education. They are in tears and embarrassed. Now they must walk home and tell Mary.

Mary is not happy when she hears what happened. She treats the boys black eyes with an icepack. They are not too bad, so she only calls the doctor for advice. “Remember the new punishment?” Mary asked, “diaper discipline.” “Well it starts now!” she yelled, “the four of you will be in diapers day and night for one month.” The kids are not happy, they show Mary their red behinds. She is not concerned, because they are about to go over her knee. In addition to that the children are grounded for the next week, while on suspension. They will have to go back to Academic Academy in diapers under their uniforms too, until the month is up. Mary will walk them there.

Mary sets up a rollaway bed in the den for a diapering table. She stacks the disposable diapers and vinyl panties. “After I spank each of you and put your diapers on, don’t take them off,” Mary ordered. “Yes mamm,” the children responded, “ we are sorry for what we did.” The boys get spanked first since they started the fight. Mary sits on the bed, she has a ****en paddle this time. It’s called the stinger, she bought it before the boys arrived. Now she’s going to use it. It is thin so it doesn’t bruise, but it sure stings and burns. Especially on an already red behind.

James is called, he goes over and stands next to Mary. She removes his shoes, socks, belt, and shorts. In only briefs and t-shirt he must lay over Mary’s knee. She peppers his behind with the stinger, man it hurts. He’s kicking and crying in no time. Mary then continues for 5 minutes, he is bawling like a baby. “Go stand in the corner,” Mary orders. Now Brian steps over by Mary. She undresses him the same and he reluctantly lays over her knee. Mary peppers his butt too. He don’t like it either, but can’t get up. She gives him 5 more minutes, he is bawling like a baby and has to stand in the corner next to James. Sue and Kim get the same punishment, they are in tears now too. They have to stand in the other corner. Mary lectures them while they stand in the corner. Next they will be diapered. James first again, he lies on the bed and his underwear is removed. Mary powders and diapers the boy, right over his sore behind. Then the rubber pants, he keeps the light blue school shirt on. Brian is next, then Kim, and then Sue. “Now I have 4 full time babies to take care of,” Mary comments.

The children will still do all assignments at home. Mary will hold classes during the same hours. As an extra punishment, for starting the fight. James and Brian will wear Sue and Kim’s old pink school uniforms and all accessories. Mary will put in their rooms, 2 pink plaid jumpers, 2 white pullover shirts with Peter Pan collars, 4 pairs of suntan pantyhose, 4 white training bras, 4 pairs of white lacy socks, 4 pairs of white vinyl diaper panties, and 2 pairs of black shiny Mary Jane shoes. James’s and Brain’s strong objections are quickly ended with the threat of still another hard spanking. The girls uniforms are the same except for they will wear white vinyl panties over their diapers too. There’s no way out of this for any of them. They are sent to their rooms till supper.

Dinner is served at 6 pm, Mike is filled in on what happened. He is not happy with the children’s behavior either. “You have earned your punishment,” Mike said, “since you have been spanked twice, I won’t do it again.” “They will all be in diapers for a month,” Mary told Mike, “my diaper punishment.” The children hung their head with embarrassment. The lecture ends so they can eat. First the kitchen is cleaned. Then Mary takes the 4 kids to the den. They lay on the rollaway bed(diaper table) and each one is changed into a clean diaper.

The children are dressed for bed early. The boys are back in their nightgowns, socks, and training bras, with their diapers for a week too. All four will go to bed at 8 pm tonight. Mary gives the kids one last reminder of what they did wrong. “You were late for school 3 times, not in proper uniform 2 twice,” she stated, “you also have been arguing and fighting with other children,” she went on, “and now suspended from school for one week.” The children apologized again. They are sent to their rooms, lights out at 8.

For the rest of the week, the children wake up, remove their dirty diapers, and shower. Then they report to the den and are diapered on the diaper table. Next they dress properly for school, all 4 of them diapered schoolgirls. Mary has to assist Brian and James get their bra’s and pantyhose on, along with the rest of the girls school uniform. They really stand out with the short boys haircuts. The boys are really embarrassed again, dressed this way.

After breakfast, class begins and lasts till 2 pm. Then it’s clean diapers and nap time for 2 hours. All school assignments done by then. Dinner is still served at 6 pm, when Mike gets home from work. Now it is Friday night, the children report to the den to be diapered for bed. To remind them how bad they have been, Mary spanks them at bedtime. Another secession with the stinger paddle. The children are crying afterward and are diapered for bed. The weekend starts tomorrow and back to school on Monday. The kids are very well behaved again.

The weekend passes with the kids doing chores around the house. They are still grounded. No one has used the bathroom for about a week now. They go in their diapers and Mary changes them. They will have to wear diapers with their school uniforms on Monday. All the children are worried. The diapers will show under the boys blue shorts. They will also show under the girls short jumpers. It will be obvious to everyone, they are in diapers at their age. Mary has no sympathy for them. She will escort them to school, to prevent any more teasing and fighting.

Part Six
It’s 7 am, Monday morning, and suspension is over. The children remove their diapers, shower, and report to the den for diapers and vinyl panties. Then they put on their school uniforms. Brian and James are in boys uniforms again. The children are right, you can’t miss the fact they are wearing diapers, with their uniforms. Mary serves breakfast and walks the children to school. They must go to the principle and report back to class. Mary takes them to the school nurse too. She arranges a diaper change at noon, for each of them. She provides a dozen clean diapers. The children are already red faced with embarrassment. “Don’t worry,” said the nurse, “other kids your age wet themselves sometimes.” Mary did not say it was their punishment. The children went to class, but nobody dared to tease them. That is until lunch, when the teachers are gone.

The kids walked home alone, knowing the Junior High School is still in secession. They are no longer on detention, but no one wants to go anywhere in diapers. Homework is done and dinner is served. Another diaper change after dinner and the kids watch TV. Then it’s another diaper change and bedtime. Brian and James still in cribs. That’s how it went for the remaining 3 weeks of diaper punishment. Mary got a call from sister Jane, it seems Billy got caught faking his being sick. Mom spanked him and put him in diapers for a week. She is using diaper punishment. Now he is well behaved again.

Mary’s children are out of diapers now, except overnight. The next 2 months go by without incident. It is almost time for Spring Break, the Academic Academy will be closed for one week. Mary wants to get the children out of diapers over Spring Break. She is worried, they have not gone without diapers overnight for a long time. The first day of Spring Break, Mary took the kids to Daytona Beach. It is crowded, but they have a good time. The boys wanted to see the ocean. On the way home they stopped and ate at Kentucky Fried Chicken. They arrived back home around 7 pm. They joined Mike and spent the evening watching TV. Tonight they all went to bed at 11 pm, no one in diapers. The boys cribs are twin beds again.

In the morning Mary found 4 wet beds, she expected it. The sheets are due to be washed anyway. Mary is not happy with the mattress stains, she doesn’t want them to smell either. The children are to remain diapered before bed till the semester is over. The boys won’t have to sleep in cribs, their beds will remain twin beds. She will try to potty train them over the summer. By then the bed mattresses will be covered with plastic. She don’t want to send the boys home as bedwetters. They are staying here thru Summer vacation. The rest of spring break is fun and relaxation out by the pool. Some of the kids friends come over and swim. Mary picks up the kids aunt Jane and cousin Billy. They stay over Saturday night following the Spring Break holiday. Mike is having another BBQ, for Aunt Jane.

Now it’s Sunday, Mary wakes the kids and they go swimming. They all had wet diapers on, except 14 year old cousin Billy. He hasn’t wet the bed lately, so he is out of diapers. They skip breakfast and have a big brunch. Mike is out by the pool too. After brunch Mary takes Jane and Billy home. The children clean up and do laundry, school is back in secession tomorrow. Mary comes home to find the children have not been cleaning their rooms. That’s a rule violation for sure. She hasn’t had to spank the kids since they got expelled about 3 months ago. School night bedtime is back, at 10 pm she goes to Brian and James room. She lectures them about keeping the room clean. Then she spanks each boys behind with the stinger, before she diapers them for the night. They are in tears, the girls hear what’s going on and are worried. Are they next?

Mary goes to each girls room at 11. They are not sure why she is mad. Mary explains that the rooms are not clean. She gives Sue and Kim spankings with the stinger. They are in tears as she diapers them for bed. Mary goes to the den to join Mike watching TV. “The children got a spanking,” she told him, “for not cleaning their rooms.” “Next time they will know better,” Mike replied.

In the morning the kids dress for school and Mary walks them there. The bullies from Junior High don’t say anything with Mary around. The school nurse stops the kids and congratulates them for not wetting their pants any more. They are too embarrassed to tell her that was really diaper punishment. The nurse smiles and says, “I have more diapers in the clinic, if anyone has an accident.” The kids go on to class, before they are late. All the children excel over the next 2 months. They end the semester with all A’s and B’s. They are diapered every night just like Mary said they would be. They have been used to it for a long time now. They graduate and are promoted to the next level.

Brian will move up to 6th grade, James to the 7th grade, this will be back in England. Sue will move up to the 9th grade, and Kim the 10th grade. Mary plans a graduation celebration for the 4 of them. Cousin Billy also graduated to the 10th grade, being the same age as Kim. Aunt Jane and Billy are invited to the graduation. It is going to be tomorrow, Saturday night. The party will be catered so there is no work for anyone to do. Mary will pick up Billy and Aunt Jane after lunch tomorrow. Mike is proud of the children and so is Mary.

It’s Saturday morning, the kids take off the diapers and shower. They dress for the short trip to Aunt Jane’s. They will do some shopping on the way home. Mary picks up another case of diapers. She hasn’t told the children yet, but they will be potty trained over the summer. Brian and James are looking forward to the long fun summer vacation. They will go home 2 weeks before school starts. Aunt Jane takes the kids to lunch, while Mary buys graduation gifts for later. She will surprise them all, including cousin Billy.

They arrive back home and spend the rest of the afternoon by the pool. The party starts at 8 pm, when the caterers bring the food. Before then everyone showers and dresses up nicely. Billy is back in diapers at night, he wet the bed last week, twice. The girls will share a room again, so Jane and Billy have somewhere to sleep. The food arrives at 8, it is all finger foods, fruits, and salads. Everyone can snack all evening. Two dozen assorted cup cakes are delivered too, along with ice cream. The party is loud and a lot of fun, this is a children’s party.

At 10 pm they gather around the table and things get serious. Mike gives a speech on the importance of an education. The children are congratulated. Each child is given a gift to open. They each get a 24K gold wrist watch, by Seiko. They are thrilled with their gifts. Mike paid for all of them, including cousin Billy’s. They watch a movie on the big screen TV till midnight. By that time Mike set up the rollaway bed in the den again and stocked the diapers and vinyl panties. All five children are diapered for bed by Mary. Everyone goes to bed by 12:30.

Now it is Sunday, the family puts on good clothes and go to church. They stay afterward for a church lunch, then bible study. On the way home Aunt Jane and Billy get dropped off at their place. The Smiths go home for an evening swim and late supper. The children are wondering what they will do all summer long. Plastic mattress covers have been ordered for all the kids beds. They will get them in 2 weeks. Mary explains to the children that they will be slowly potty trained. First they must try to stay dry overnight, to get ready for this. They are glad to hear it. They can stay up later, and use the bathroom before bed. They will be diapered at 11:30 till the beds are covered. Everyone goes to bed around midnight.

The next two weeks are spent doing things with the kids. Mike has to work his usual shifts. Mary takes the kids to Universal Studios for one day. They go back to SeaWorld too, on another day. They also do their chores around the house. They then go to Wekieva Springs for a picnic lunch and canoe rentals. The kids got out of hand at the State Park. Mary spanked them all, right there at the picnic table. They are red faced embarrassed with all those people there. They got to keep the bathing suits on. Aunt Jane and Billy went along to SeaWorld, they have not seen it yet. Billy got smart mouthed with mom. That was a mistake, she brought a few disposable diapers with her. She took him to the ladies room, undressed him and diapered him with several girls looking on. He is back on diaper punishment for a week.

At the end of 2 weeks, the plastic mattress covers are delivered. Mike covers the top mattress of each child’s bed. The children have made some progress, but still wet a couple nights a week. Mary tells them to stop it over the next few weeks. After that no more diapers at night. Potty training will be next for all of them. The girls are making the most progress. They are a couple years older. Another 2 weeks and things are looking good. Most of the overnight wetting has stopped. Now the kids will sleep without diapers. Mary will wash the sheets as needed.

The top three drawers of the boys dressers are their clothes. The bottom two are the girls clothes Mary previously put in their rooms. The panties, nightgowns, pantyhose, bra’s, schoolgirl uniforms, etc. Also the closet still has the little girls dresses in it. The new potty training is almost successful after another 2 weeks. Then at night Brian and James wait till Mary puts them to bed. After she leaves they put on a dim light and play dress up. They go to bed in the white nylon brief panties with the flowers on them. They put on pantyhose, training bras, and a nightgown first. They fall to sleep and forget about it. Sue and Kim come to wake them for breakfast. They won’t lower the sheets and get up. “Mom,” yelled Kim, “I think the boys wet the bed.” Mary came into the room and pulled their covers off with her daughters watching. They find Brian and James are dressed like little girls. They get teased and are embarrassed.

“They like our old clothes,” Kim stated and laughed, “they are our sissy’s.” The boys are red faced and want to hide. No one has made them dress this way, like before. Mary immediately went over to the closet and got out 2 short pink dresses. She can’t very well spank them since she is the one that used to make them dress this way. They get up and Mary puts the dresses on them along with lacy socks and the Mary Jane shoes. “You want to dress like girls,” Mary commented, “then that’s how you shall be dressed.” She will make them stay this way for a week. Mike thinks it is ok, since Mary likes them this way anyway. Their hair has grown out again. Mary put it in pigtails and ribbons, she added some makeup. Now Brian and James could pass for girls again. They stay dressed this way even when in public places.

Several days later, they picked up cousin Billy and Aunt Jane. They went to the movie theater. Aunt Jane and Billy got a good laugh, Jane thought that Mary was using petticoat punishment. “Not this time,” Mary said, “it was their idea.” The boys are red faced again and Billy really teases them. Until mom warned him to stop, or he will be dressed the same way. Billy’s mom will now use petticoat punishment too. Billy don’t like the idea. He is 14 and never worn girls panties or clothes. They stop by the Smith house on the way home. Aunt Jane gets some of the girls other old clothes for Billy. Panties, tights, bra, socks, shoes, nightgown, and a couple of dresses. “I’m not a sissy,” Billy cried, “you can’t dress me like a little girl.” “Yes I can,” mom says, “you better behave.” Now when he is bad it will be diapers and girls clothes as punishment.

The week in girls clothes ends for Brian and James. “I kind of liked wearing girls clothes,” James said. “I guess I did too,” answered Brian, “maybe we can get caught again later.” They laugh, because they enjoy this rather unusual life here at the Smith’s. The boys are glad not to be in diapers overnight anymore. Brian and James join the family by the pool. The summer vacation is almost over.

Part Seven
In 3 weeks Brian and James have to pack their things and fly back to England. They are looking forward to the reunion with their real parents. The boys potty training is successful now, except for a few accidents. The older girls are even more successfully potty trained.

Mary is trying to think of something fun, for the boys to do over the next few weeks. Mary teases Brian and James about their week as girls. “I will bet you boys liked being girls for a week,” Mary stated, “after all, I found you in bed dressed up as girls.” Sue and Kim laugh and the boys are red faced embarrassed again. They spend the day doing cleaning and then go out by the pool. The kids have been staying up till midnight.

The next day, before Mike goes to work they have a family meeting. Mary asks the children, “where would you kids like to go for about a week?” “How about grandma’s,” Sue says, “we can visit their farm.” “I don’t know,” said Kim, “Grandpa is nice, but grandma is a little old fashioned.” “I would like to spend a week on a farm,” said Brian. “So would I,” James said, “we have never been to a farm before.” It’s decided that they will go. They will leave on Saturday morning early.

Mike will take the following week off work, that gives them 9 days. The farm is located in North Georgia mountains, about 10 hours drive. All the kids become excited to be going up the mountains and see the farm. Mike lets them know it is an old house in a deserted area. The farm is two story with the bedrooms all upstairs. There is one bathroom downstairs with a shower. They still have a useable bathroom outside, an outhouse. The house will have 8 people there, including the 6 visitors. All the grandparents children are grown. Mary is delighted to see her parents again, Mike likes them both.

Saturday morning arrives and the Smith’s are packed and on the road. Leaving at 7 am they should arrive for dinner about 5 pm. The children enjoy the drive. Everything is flat till North Florida, then the mountains begin. After a long drive they arrive in the North Georgia mountains. Leaving the nearest town, they drive down an old dirt road for 30 miles, it takes about an hour. They arrive at the farm and exchange hugs, kisses, and greetings. The grandparents are pleased to meet such polite boys. They walk outside to see the place while it is still light out. Then they go to the kitchen where grandma has made a turkey dinner. Desert is afterwards and it is about 7 pm Saturday night. Grandma shows the family the upstairs bedrooms. There are 4 of them, just perfect two in each room. All have beds, dressers, and closets. The home is about 100 years old.

The downstairs is a big kitchen, a large living room, a storage room, and a bathroom. Everyone sits by the old TV till 10 pm. After the long trip it’s time to put the kids to bed. Grandma says she will take them up, soon as they use the bathroom. By 10:30 they have all gone potty and grandma takes them upstairs. The last time the Smith’s were up here visiting was 3 years ago. Sue and Kim still wet the bed then. Grandma remembered, last time in town she bought a case of old thick disposable diapers for the children. She figured the boys, being years younger, would need diapers too.

She takes the kids to their rooms and says to put on their pajama’s. Grandma goes to the hall closet and gets one pack of a dozen child’s diapers. She grabs four pairs of old rubber panties too. She walks in the girls room with the diapers. “What are you doing with those?” Kim asked, “we don’t need diapers!” “Last time here you girls wet the bed,” grandma told them, “you do need diapers.” It gets a little cold at night, so the girls are in warm footed pajama’s.

Grandma walked up to each girls bed. She pulled the girls pajama bottoms off and their panties. These old diapers are real thick ones. Grandma powdered the girls first, lifted them up and slid the diaper under them. She then pulled the diaper up between their legs and taped it tightly. Grandma pulls the rubber panties up and over the diapers. The girls are embarrassed. Their complaints are ignored, grandma is quite strong. Grandma slips their pajama bottoms up and tucks them in bed.

Next she goes to the boys room, diapers in her hand. “Wait!” cries James, “we don’t wet the bed.” “That’s right,” Brian said, “we don’t need diapers.” “I’ll tell you what you need,” replied grandma, “a good spanking.” “Mary told me you boys are 10 and 11,” grandma said, “too young to tell me what to do.” “You will sleep in diapers,” grandma ordered. She walked up to James’s bed and pulled down his flannel pajamas. She removed his underwear next. Grandma lifted his legs up and slid the thick disposable diaper under his butt. She kept his legs up and ankles held together. With her other hand she reached into her apron. Grandma pulled out a old flyback paddle. She paddled James’s behind 10 times, in the diaper position.

The boy started crying, grandma lowered him down on the diaper and powdered him. Then she pulled the thick diaper up between his legs and taped it tightly on. James is helpless, as she slides the rubber panties on, up and over his diapers. Then she puts his pajama bottoms on and tucks him in bed.

Brian gets up an runs for the door. Grandma scoops him up in her arms and lays him on the bed. She removes Brian’s flannel pajama bottoms and underwear. She lifts him up and slides a diaper under his bottom. Again, she pins his legs together with one hand and paddles him 10 times. He is crying, as grandma powders, diapers, and puts his rubber panties on. Then she puts his pajama bottoms on and tucks him in bed. “Goodnight kids,” grandma yells as she goes downstairs. Nobody downstairs has any idea what she just did.

Back downstairs the adults are talking for a couple more hours. Now it’s past midnight so they all go up to bed. Mary checks on the children and see’s them covered up and sleeping like babies. Her mother comments on what nice children she has. Lights are turned off and they all go to sleep.

Grandma and Grandpa get up at 6 am to start daily chores. They let Mary and Mike sleep, but wake the kids. Grandma quietly brings them downstairs in their pajamas. They get their clothes for the day. Grandma takes the girls into the bathroom, she undresses them and removes their wet diapers. “See girls, the diapers are needed,” grandma said. They must shower together.

Grandma fixes breakfast for the boys as the girls shower. The girls come out in clean clothes and sit down for breakfast. Grandma grabs the boys by the hand and takes them to the bathroom. “Thought you boys didn’t wet the bed,” grandma says, “you do need diapers.” She undressed them, removed their wet diapers and they showered. Grandma threw out the wet diapers. Then she quickly washed the rubber panties in the sink. She hung them on the line, in front of the window. The boys come out of the shower dressed and clean.

Next Mike and Mary come down for breakfast about 7am. The kids are watching cartoons on TV. Mary sees the rubber panties hanging in front of the window. “What’s this?” she asked mom, “did you put the kids in diapers.” “Sure did,” mom replied, “they all woke up wet too.” Mary did not want to offend mom, so she did not say anything. After breakfast the kids went out to watch grandpa milk the cows. He has 10 milk cows and uses a milking machine. The children are fascinated by this. Then they go help grandma feed the chickens and collect the fresh eggs. Most of the food here comes from the farm. They have a few beef cattle and raise a few pigs too. This is all new for the boys.

After lunch they go for a long walk in the ****s and up a few steep mountain trails. They learn to pee in the ****s, if they have to go. By time they get back it is almost dark and grandma serves some leftovers. The children are showed the outhouse, since there is only one bathroom inside. Grandpa takes the boys out there at night with a flashlight. There is a dim light inside to turn on. Grandpa likes having a couple of boys around again. They even play flashlight tag. Now it’s late, so everyone is watching TV or reading. The boys tell the girls about last night’s spanking. “No we didn’t get a hard spanking,” the girls said, “we didn’t talk back to grandma.” They are not looking forward to bedtime.

It’s 10 pm now and grandma tells the kids to use the bathroom. She takes them upstairs again at 10:30. Now upstairs grandma tells the children how their mom used to wet the bed too. Grandma kept her diapered at night till she was 16. Mary seems to be a lot like her mother. Grandma diapers them just like last night and tucks them in. No spankings for anyone. Mary and Mike come up to bed early tonight. So do the grandparents.

The following day Grandma, Mary, Sue, Kim, Brian, and James go to town. Grandpa and Mike have some maintenance to do around the farm. They fix the leaky roof on the barn and unclog the indoor bathroom. The plumbing is not used to so many toilet users. The outhouse must be used during the day. In town the kids are taken to a county fair. They have lots of fun and go on some rides. Brian wins a cake walk and supplies tonight’s dessert. They arrive back home and Mary fixes dinner tonight.

After supper grandma has a surprise. The toilet is fixed and she don’t want it clogged again. Grandma sits the children down at the kitchen table. She goes to the cabinet and takes out a big rubber balloon. Then she takes it to the sink and fills it with warm soapy water. “What are you doing grandma?” Kim asks, “what’s the big balloon for?” “Grandma is going to give each of you kids a warm soapy enema,” she replied, “then I will send you to the outhouse.” The kids wish they would not have asked.

Grandma hung the 2 quart bag in the bathroom. James is the first to get an enema. She turned the valve and James stayed there till about a quart is inside him. Then she stopped the flow and removed the plug. James headed for the outhouse. Grandma called in Brian and gave him a one quart enema too. He headed to the outhouse. James finished just in time for him to go in. Grandma refilled the bag and took care of the girls next. They went to the outhouse. The boys have never had an enema, the girls have, by grandma, before.

Afterward grandma calls in Mike and Mary to sit in the kitchen. Then she fills the enema bag again. “That’s not for us?” Mike asks. “Sure it is,” mom says, “I won’t have the toilet clogged.” Mary is escorted to the bathroom first. She got the whole 2 quarts of soapy water in one enema. Mary headed to the outhouse, while mom refilled the bag. “Don’t be shy Mike,” mom said as she took him in the bathroom. Mike got a full enema too and rushed to the outhouse too. Grandma and grandpa feel they can just use the bathroom now, without overflowing it.

No one liked the enema and they stayed outside for a while. It is a very nice cool evening. The mist is hanging over the mountain tops. You can hear the livestock in the background and the crickets are chirping. Grandma and grandma love having the guests over. Once inside they all sit and play board games. Monopoly of course, with 8 players. Monday is about over and the kids are taken up stairs and diapered for bed.

Tuesday is work day for everyone. They spend the day in the garden picking fresh vegetables. The men are doing some more repairs. Things that grandpa can’t do alone. No one likes the dirty work in the garden. Because of the cow manure used as fertilizer. The kids refuse to put their hands in it. Grandma pulls a thick **** paddle out of her apron. She grabs Kim first, bent her across her knee and gives her 5 hard loud smacks. The other children get the same. Now all the vegetables are harvested with no problems. The children have blisters on their hands. After the hard day’s work everyone showers and goes to bed by 10 pm. Grandma diapers the children as usual.

Wednesday and Thursday are spent working as well. The children get a taste of hard farm work. It’s not really new to Mary and Mike. Grandma, Mary’s mother, reminds her she is not too old to spank. Mary won’t clean the guts out of the chickens, after dad cut their heads off and scoulded them in boiling water. Mom grabs Mary in the kitchen in front of everyone. She bent her across her knee and used the thick paddle on her. Smack, smack, 5 times, Mary sheds a few tears. Mom used to paddle her a lot, right up till she left home. Now the deep freeze is full of vegetables and cleaned chickens.

Friday they all go to a nearby lake and go fishing. They packed a picnic lunch and soda’s. They all catch at least one fish. Mike don’t want to clean them, he hates the smell of raw fish. With no help from Mary, mom takes the thick paddle to Mike’s behind too. Then he cleans the fish and puts them on ice. They have 12 pounds of fish fillets for the freezer.

The kids are talking about things. “I can’t see how grandma can paddle Mike and Mary like that,” they all say. “When staying in someone’s home,” Mary says, “you have to respect their ways.” “Just like you kids have to respect mine,” she went on. They know they had better continue to behave. They get back home just before dark and have a fish fry, with french fries. Friday night everyone stays up late and plays cards. Grandpa breaks out the home brew for the adults to drink. The children have fruit punch. Grandma gets the kids upstairs and in diapers. Grandpa calls them down to talk. He gives each child a $20 bill and thanks them for their help since arriving. The children are real happy about it. Already in diapers they kiss everyone goodnight and go to bed.

Now it is Saturday, the Smiths must get back to Florida, so Mike can go back to work. They have a slow relaxing day. Mike wants to leave at 7 am Sunday. The kids are diapered for bed upstairs at 9 pm. Grandma visits with them for an hour and the kids thank her for all the good times they had.

Waking the kids at 6 am, grandma was asked to change them all into clean diapers. They didn’t like it but can’t say anything. Grandma takes care of it. Mike wants to get home as quickly as possible. This way he can drive straight thru. Mary brought 4 adult disposable diapers, just in case they are needed. Grandma, being thoughtful. diapered Mike and Mary next. “Now you can drive straight home,” grandma said, “just what you wanted.” After a big breakfast they kiss, hug, and say goodbye. They will stop only once on the way home. Around noon to eat and put on clean diapers.

They arrive safely home by 4 pm. Mike rests up for work tomorrow. Mary and the children go swimming. The house was cleaned before they left. They did have to do the dirty laundry. Grandma did not have a clothes washer. In one week the boys will fly home. Mr. and Mrs. Stevens want them back 2 weeks before school starts. The new potty training went down the drain, thanks to grandma. After Mary diapers all the kids for bed she makes a few phone calls. She calls the boy’s mother in England. The parents are extremely pleased at the boys progress in school and how well they have been taken care of. Mary tells them about the bedwetting problem.

They understand and are still very happy with things. Mary then explains to Mrs. Stevens about Diaper Punishment and Petticoat Punishment. They have a long conversation. Mary explains how this has made her boys much calmer and obedient. Mrs. Stevens loves it, she will use it on the boys. Mary insists on packing her girls old clothes and sending them home with the boys luggage too.

Mary hangs up and goes on-line, she has found the store in North Georgia’s website. She orders a case of the old thick diapers and sends it to England, at the Stevens' address. She feels that it is necessary, since the boys will go home still wetting the bed at night. She won’t tell Brian and James, they will find out when they get home in one week. They will also find out about the extra suitcase full of girls clothes and the six pairs of plastic panties. Mary and Mike go to bed too. The boys will rest up now, since they leave in one week.

Now it is Monday, August 7, Brian and James will fly back home to England on the 14th. Brian’s birthday is Tuesday the 8th and then James’s birthday is Thursday the 10th. There is a small party for both of them on these nights. Mary picks up aunt Jane and cousin Billy. A few gifts are exchanged and they have cake and ice cream. Brian is now 11, James is 12, both have long hair. Since 2 months before the private school ended, neither has had a haircut. The girls Sue and Kim have birthdays the end of August, after the boys are gone. Sue will be 14 and Kim 15 when the time comes. The week is passing quickly, tomorrow is Friday.

Mary has kept all the children in diapers overnight since grandma ruined their potty training. The boy’s parents will have to take care of their bedwetting problem. It is Friday, today and thru the weekend the Smith family will stay at home and around the pool. There is a going away party Sunday for the boys. It gets a little bit emotional, everyone has got to know and like each other so well.

Now it’s August 14, the Smith family is at the Orlando Airport. Time to say goodbye to Brian and James. Hugs and kisses are exchanged and goodbyes are said. Mary never told the boys about the diapers she sent to England or the extra luggage that is girls clothes.


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Mina Silverwind
I like what you have so far, you need to fix some minor formatting issues, but as a whole it is well written.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
What a wonderful story can't wait 4 next part Sissieann
Great story sounds like a very enjoyable trip

Baby Butch
I have posted Parts 1-5 of this 7 part story. I tried to add something new to each chapter as the story unfolds. Then I tried to create a good ending.
What a great story last part was getting very intresting its a shame the bullies don't end up with the same nappy punishment love Sissieann
Baby Butch
  I have added parts 6 and 7, the story is complete.  
What a brillent story can't wait 4 your next one Love Sissieann
Baby Butch
This story has been entered into the Story Awards contest if you would like to read it.
Baby Butch
Fun and funny too read. Very well done. Thank you for sharing such a lovely story.
Sweet Dreams
any more of da stowy
Baby Butch
Moved to page 1 for anyone who would like to read and comment.
Baby Butch
wonderful story i like it a lot it was very good
Baby Butch
I just finished rereading and editing this children's story. I had to make sure it complys with the sites newer rules. Many small changes were made in this story. I hope someone enjoys reading it. I have finsihed editing all 14 of my stories and am writing a few more new ones.
What fun this was to read, I wish it was a bit longer though...though I think that with all your stories, I never want to run out  ) *huggles anna bottomypat*
Baby Butch

 What fun this was to read, I wish it was a bit longer though...though I think that with all your stories, I never want to run out  ) *huggles anna bottomypat*  

You're welcome, I am glad you liked the story and support so many of us authors.

I want my stories to be fun to read and interesting. I appreciate the compliment.

Here's a baby bottle of yummy cold chocolate milk from Baby Butch.


 You're welcome, I am glad you liked the story and support so many of us authors.

I want my stories to be fun to read and interesting. I appreciate the compliment.

Here's a baby bottle of yummy cold chocolate milk from Baby Butch.


Fanks! Oooh nommy milkies *nursenursenursenurse* :)
Baby Butch
Here is a story from page 17 in Story Time. This one came out with everything on page one.

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