R The E Pills Series~ Multiple Personality Mike's Adventures~Story 1
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“What...what the hell did you do to me?”
“Oh, I didn't DO anything. I just brought out who was really in you.”
“In me? IN ME?”
“I'm not going to take this yelling anymore.” my mother said, annoyed.
“Sonya, please go back to your duties.”
Mike shivered, a cold tingling down his spine. His eyes rolled back into his head, and came back. His angered frown turned into a small, happy smile.
“Oh, why hullo mistress. How may I serve you?”
“Why, hello there, Sonya.”
Sonya looked down, a bit shocked at what she was wearing.
“Oh, my! Mistress! I am so extremely sorry! I appear to not be in my uniform! So sorry!”
“That's okay, Sonya. May I please talk to Mike?”
“Yes Mistress.” Sonya said, quickly.
Instead of Sonya's eyes rolling back into her head, her body shook and she was Mike again.
“Why...why do I not remember anything?” Mike asked.
“I was just speaking to Sonya, that's all.”
“Who's Sonya?” asked Mike.
“You. You are Sonya.”
“What!? No, I'm Mike, and nobody else.”
“Oh, I beg to differ. Those Hormones you took and Hypnosis I made you watch have given us Sonya, my sweeet little baby girl. To be honest, she's better than you in a lot of ways. She does whatever I say on command, and I can treat her however I want.”
“How...how could you say that?”
“Sorry, but it's the truth.”
“Even if that's true, she's never coming out. I won't let her.”
“Oh contrare, I can trigger her just by asking her to come out.”
“No. This isn't happening. I'm just in a really, really bad nightmare. I have to wake up!”
“Sorry Mike, or should I say Sonya, but this is not a dream. But it is a Nightmare for you.A long, long Nightmare that you will never wake up from.”
Mike slumped down onto the couch, a look of defeat on his face.
His body shook.
“We have to please Mistress! Mike, get up and put on the uniform.”
His body shook again.
“Whoa! You can talk to me directly?”
Again, he shook.
“Of course I can, I'm you.”
She shook again.
“I am NOT putting on that uniform.”
Suddenly, Mike fell to the ground. He got up, confused. His legs moved towards the Uniform, closer with each step. He had no control over his body.
“Sonya! Stop it!” He yelled.
No response. His legs were now at the edge of the table. He picked up the dress, and started to slide it up. He tried to fight it, but there was no stopping it. He was getting into the dress one way or another.
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Baby Butch
Good story the multiple personality thing is interesting. Perhaps you like shows like Alfred Hitchcock or Twilight Zone. Meaning something a little different with a great deal of imagination. Nice start to the story.
i like it. a different take on it completely. can not wait for more
krystala's sissy baby
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