Just A Dream... (R)
I should start off by saying that this is a reoccurring dream that I have been having.
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Just A Dream¦
I should start off by saying that this is a reoccurring dream that I have been having. I am writing this down to put something onto paper in hopes that I can move past it. If you get some enjoyment out of it, then I am happy for you, and youre as crazy as me.
My hope is to one day get out of Iraq and become a professional writer. So the story starts off kind of slow but I think that you will enjoy it. Comments are always welcome, good or bad, I dont mind. So enough rambling, time for the story.


Charlie was your average looking 23 year old. He wasnt as big as you would expect, and looked much younger than his age let on. He was going to his dream school in Colorado Springs, Colorado. His major was English Literature, and minor was Creative Writing. His goal was to write the next great book that rivaled all that had changed his life.
Charlie was an average person that was different from the others attending the school. He was older and lived off campus in his own apartment. He walked slower than others because of a limp. He was the living example of Dr. House, except younger and not a doctor. Charlie even needed a cane, because of his knee.
Before he went to school he was in the ARMY for four years. He never had anything blow him up or get shot or anything. He just got injured and then got screwed when they tried to fix him. After The got back from his tour in Iraq he decided it was time to be med boarded (Getting medically discharged) because of the chronic pain in his knee.
That all being said, he was set with a disability check every month and college paid for. That was how he was able to afford a pretty nice apartment for himself and didnt have to work his way through school.
Truthfully you think that a guy would be pretty happy in a situation such as his. And in truth he was except that he was lonely. The lone wolf, as he always thought of himself. He actually kind of liked it that way though, because then he could give into cravings that most people wouldnt like.
Charlie had a huge secret all throughout his life he liked to wear girls clothes, and not only that, but diapers too. This alienated him from others. Guys would think he was gay and beat him up, and girls would freak out that a guy would like to wear their clothes.
There was this one girl though. She was something else. She was in a few of his classes. She wasnt what you would call a hottie, but she was quite the cutie. There was something about her that made her different then all of the other girls around him. She actually would talk to Charlie the person and not the hurt puppy that the other girls would treat him like. She was always flirting with him, but for the most part he didnt even notice.
When I say that Charlie like his pills, I really mean it. He would go whole days being bombed on some type of pain killers. Percocets, and Vicodin were his favorites.
He really didnt let people into his life. He did too many times before and paid the price. In high school he let on his desires to his girlfriend and word got around. He denied it, and all of his friends believed it. He dated another girl while in the ARMY, and she would have surly accepted him for who he was, but he was too afraid to speak the truth. The invisible mask that kept him safe came back out.
Now at school he would dress in mens clothes, just to appease society, but would wear panties and sometime girls socks to school. It really gave him a kick, to know what he was wearing, and nobody else did.
So anyways on one rainy afternoon Kaylee (the girl for though mentioned) came up to Charlie right after the class had ended. She was actually shorter than him barely at five foot four. Her brown hair and bright brown eyes beaming into him. He opened his pill bottle and took out two vicodins.


Hey there, what are you up to? She asked looking at him as he was swallowing his pills and grabbing his mahogany cane. He picked up his slightly shadowed by fear of this girl. She was cute and bubbly and everything he is not.
I was planning on driving down to this coffee shop that I know of and work on the project, He said starting to walk away from the table in the classroom. You know of a good coffee shop that you can actually get work done? She asked. The coffee shop near campus was always too full of people to get work done.
Yeah, Its near my apartment. I know the shop owner quite well because I help out with her wireless internet that the shop uses, He stated. Are you good with computers then, because my laptop is on the fritz and I dont know how to fix it? She asked sheepishly. Charlie could tell that she was tense talking to him.
Is this a rouse just in the hopes that you will get a chance at talking me into taking you out on a date? He asked back. She gulped when she heard this. Well, Im not going to lie to you, yes, She was really jumpy now, But I also really need my computer fixed as well.
Lets make a deal. I take a look at your computer, and Ill have to run you through a test to see how willing you are for this date. He said this casually as they walked through the halls down to the main hall. He heard a story of girls trying to get him into bed just like men tell stories of deers mounted to their walls.
Why would you have to test me? Am I too ugly or something? I know youre a little different so what do you have over me? She started asking questions too fast for him to answer. Its nothing like that. I just heard a rumor or two about me, and I would like to make sure your not trying to get me on a date so you can brag to your friends about it.
She nodded like she understood, but not really. Ok. I accept, but what is the test? Is it like a walk through fire sort of thing? Is it something all the girls that try to get you to ask them on a date have to do? Once again with asking questions way too fast. Now they were standing inside the doors leading to the main quad. They would have to go across the quad to get to her room, as she lived on campus.
He opened the door and let her through, Youre going to get soaked if you walk with me. Im just a poor gimpy bastard. Takes me awhile to get somewhere, he said as they stepped out into the rain. Thats more than ok with me, she said holding on to his hand. The warmth of her was something strange to him. He hadnt held on to a girls hand in years.
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nice story thanks for posting
I hope there will be more to the story. I like it very much
i agree with baby jackie it is a good start with alot of potential i really hope yo udevleop more
they say beuty is in the eye of the beholder but there is no reason why it cant be wrong
I am working on the rest of the story right now, but I have alot of work on my plate at work. Defending this country has a great toll on a person. So take some simpathy and give me a few days to get the next installment in. 
  Please by all means take your time dear , We,re all very interested . Didn,t mean to rush you take what ever time you need . THX for posting it  
May the Fun never END . giggles , Summer,s Hot How About You ,
nice story thanks for posting
I'm Big Sissy Baby :)
i like you stoy look like it will be good
I had a recurring dream when I was little. Actually not so much a dream as a nightmare, in the dream I would be in some old house and go to open the door of the basement witch was under the stairs going upstairs(like where the door to the cupboard in Harry Potter is in the 1st movie) and when i walk through the door there is a slide that i started sliding down but there were parts missing and I would see some kind of monster or demon at the bottom of the slide and it was at that point that I woke up every time.

MMMMMM Hot Ramen.
great start keep it coming!
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