The Diary ( X)
A young 18 yr old boy makes a decision
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"Carl I have something to tell you son."

"Well what is it?"

"Your brother is moveing back in with us so your going to have to sleep on the sofa until he has a place to stay ."

"Why cant he sleep on the sofa he is the one moving back in ?"

"because he has some problems and he needs his priveicy so he can cope with them."

"Ok I get it ,it's lets see how we can mess with carl over again time."

"No Carl it's not like that you will get your room back, besides your off to collage right you took the act and the sat's rigrht?"

Yes but yall refuse to help me."

"Well if you want a bed to sleep in I would be looking for a grant or something."

HELLO Journal:

Yup that just took place all my cloths were taken from my room and put in the storage closet and I will have to make my bed every night on the couch.

this simply sux .

Mark arrives:

Mark looks like he has been on drugs and got kicked out of his appartment cause he chose drugs over the rent one to many times in which later on in the week I found out that was what really happend to him then I found out he was into a few other things that were not good.

Journal this is tonites entry now I need to hide you again.

"Hey carl can I borrow your car mine is messed up and I need to go meet someone."

"No !!

"What ? what do you mean no?"

"That's what I mean I dont want any one driving my car I bought and paid for it so no you cant use it."

"Well mom said I could ."

"She dont own the car I do I pay for the gas and the inssurance and every thing else you simply have to get yours fixed."

"Whats this I hear Carl you cant share your car with your brother?"

"Yup thats right he is not going to borrow my car."

I figured since your brothers you could share your car."

"Well mom you figured wrong , that car is my pride and joy."

"Carl!! you either let him borrow your car or find some where else to live!!"


"Let me go get the spare set of keys."

Carl marched off to the barn where he kept the spare set and put them in his brothers hands.


Carl slamed the keys into marks hand.

"Oh and one thing more bring it back in one piece I need it for a date tonite."

"Whos the lucky guy?"

"What do you mean?"

"I found some stuff on your computer that points to you being a sissy or a wanna be girl."

"Uh well thats some research I'm doing for a physc class im going to be in."

Mark chukelled a little.

"well if you say so little brother."

Mark then walked out the door and I heard him fire up and gun the motor then I saw him pull out.

being ticked off I went to my former room where my computer and stereo was.

when I got in there I put in one of my games and then I turned to turn on my music and I saw my stereo was not there just a empty shelve.


"What is it Carl?"

"Where is my stereo?"

"Oh he took it to sell it for cash to pay a few things off."

My face was slowly turning red and my anger was going to make my head spin.


"No your brothers your sopose to share."

well thats not shareing thats stealing I dont care if we're brothers that is mine and I want it back."

So I guess now if he wants to sell my car he can do that too!!!

"I dont care what you say I might just call my car in stolen if he dont come back soon hows that for shareing!"

"Carl he's not going to sell your car he is just going to hock the title for a bit."


"For how much!?" three thousand."

"your not takeing this well."

"I"M his brother not his banker!!"

Mark came back with the car in one piece and a empty tank of gas.

I barely made it to the gas station before the car died.

After filling up the tank I went to Danna's house to pick her up but when I got there. Her dad was sitting on the front porch.

"How's it going Mr. Donner?"

"Not to good for you ."


"Danna heard some stuff from your brother about you and now she dose not even want to see you to tell you this."

"And what did my brother tell her?"

"That you wanted to be a girl instead of the young man you are."

"Carl I'm ashamed of you for that , now get off my property and never come back!"

At this point I was considering killing my brother he had destroyed the one true realtionship I had where any one cared about me.

My brother had told the truth some what I did want to be a girl but I had not told no one not even written it in my journal.

None the less that gave him no right to interfer with my life."

I did not want to go home so I drove around town to see what I could do for a bit.

I went to the movies they had old horror movie night you know the wearwolf dracula and frankenstian monster you know the good ones the black and white ones.

After the movie I got a bite to eat and then headed home.

before I could get there the cops stopped me.

"Officer whats the problem?"

"I was not speeding or anything like that."

"No but this car was spotted early today at the book store where the walls got spray painted with very ugly things."

"My brother had my car early today he could have done it but I was home all day."

"Tell you what I follow you to the station and we will get this all sorted out."

"Driving out to the station I had already guessed Mom and dad would not tell the truth about Marks whereabouts and I would end up paying the fine and restitution.

I made the call and mom dad and Mark came to the police station to try and sort this out.

I was so mad at this point first my car then my girlfriend my stereo now this.

"Well Mr. Todd Carl here or I should say his car was spotted vandilizing the book store and put some very nasty things on there."

"Carl will have to stay the night in jail until bail can be arranged unless what he has been saying is true."

"And what's that?"

"He claims his brother had the car the time it was spotted there."

"Well Mark was out in Carl's car and Carl was home working on the computer."

"JEFF!!! Why did you say that?!!"

"Because it's the truth and Carl is not going to jail because of something Mark did."

This was the first time I had caught a break but I knew that some where I was going to end up paying for this somehow."

Mark got one thousand hours of comunity service and a two hundred and fifty doller fine plus five thousand in damages.

I was home when the repo guy got there to take my car away.

"Hey what gives?"

Here you go here are the repo papers for your car now if you want your car back bring four thousand bucks to pay it off.

Can I go with you just let me get my check book

Carl had had it with his brother Mother and his dad.

After he paid the car off he went stright home and as soon as he got there he got his computer in the car and packed the rest of his things.

"Carl what are you doing?"

"Well if you must know I'm moveing out and never coming back you seem so willing to let mark get away with murder and send me to jail and owe all that money as to him ."

"Where will you go?"

"Some where mark and you and sue and dad are not!!"

Hello Journal:
today I had had enough so I moved out to this hotel I guess since I have no fear of being found out since I now have nobody well I never really did I'm going to admit it yes I feel like I should be a girl I just too afride to admit it to even myself .

it's been months since I last seen a bed so Im going to rest now and tell you more of my secrets.

Well my sister sissy's

there is more to come so come back for the next part

HUggs and kiss's

I woke up feeling a lot better than I had in months but I of course had been sleeping on the couch at home well home no more any ways.

I went to work and was able to focous on my job but no one knew except me and the bank that I had made a killing with the stock market at 16

I had loads of money and I did not see the point in putting up with every ones crap any longer .

I'm glad I told no one of my money that way no one could try to get it out of me .

After work I decided to go look for a more permanent place to stay until i could figure out if i wanted to stay in the same town.

I saw a add in the paper saying there was a apartment for rent one of those pay weekly deals the kind of place a drifter would use so i went to see them.

I got to the place it was called Duckerson complex I knocked on the mangers door.


"Hi I'm carl Todd I came to look at the apartment you have for rent."

"Well then let me get my cane and I will take you to it."

"I'm Mr. Duckerson and I expect rent when due on friday so your best bet is to move in on friday, I may be old but I can scrap with the best of them you fail to pay by monday your out but tuesday."

We finely got to walk over to it and told me it was bigger than most .

"Now just cause its big dont mean you can have a wild party here either so please dont you will disturb the other renters."

"There are a few rules as well."
"1. no loud music"
"2. no drugs I run a respectable place here and if there are any found here your out on your but.
"3. please keep your parking area clean and the apartment i dont need bugs in the place."
"Now do you still want the place?"

"yes sir I do , how much is the rent?"

"seventy five a week ."

"is it ok if I pay a month in advance?"

"If you can that will be fine."

Carl opened his wallet and handed Mr. Duckerson the two hundred and eighty dollars for the month.

The apartment was fairly big and funrnished with the exception of a tv or phone Mr. Duckerson told Carl all utilitys were paid with the rent.

Carl moved in on friday as the manger had suggested so the rent would start on friday.
Carl purchesd a tv and a nice stereo and a few other things he would need.


well its been a few days since I last wrote in you and I have lots to tell you.

since then I moved out of the hotel and moved in to one of those fly by night apartments that you pay by the week its worked out well.

I have been thinking about my secret thoughts about being a girl I'm still afraide of what people might say so I was thinking I might start small and buy some panties off ebay or some sissy site i dont know Im not sure but and the next step would be to cross dress after that .

I saw my ex yesterday she snubbed me but only stopped to call me a really bad name .

It's all good though

Also a bit of bad news too where I work is going out of bussiness good thnig I got money so nothing really to worry about there.
Well come back for more of the diary's entrys
there will be more to come hope you have enjoyed so far

HUggs and Kiss's


Hello Journal:

I finely decided to buy some panties I ordered them off this sissy store so they would fit me better I bought a lot of 12 most of them have prints like hearts and flowers and the like.

the one I decided to put on was a fruit print it has banna's and strawberry's .

I think no one will notice that Im just in panties but Im a little afride some one might notice the panty lines but I am going to do this I am going to do as i feel I should be so it's panty time.

so my Journal Im goin to start calling you my diary so in closeing I'm off to work for as long as it last any way my plans may change when work shuts down I may move some where where me becoming a girl is more acceptable like sanfransico but thats on down the road.

well all for now my diary.

Carl closed his diary and went to work wearing panties for the first time and it felt so right to him that he compleatly forgot he was wearing them .

The work day went by slower than normal for carl then his stomic had messed up and Carl ran to the restroom to relive himself, when he sat on the toilet his pants hit the floor panties and all and there was no disguising them.

then he heard a voice say.

"Hey the ladies is on the left you must be confussed."

"I will leave so as not to embarase you I promise I won't even look."

Carl heard the door close and decided to wait a few minutes before he would leave.

hopeing against hope the one who saw his panties had kept his word.

Carl worried about who ever it was that saw his panties was talking about him or if he even knew it was him.

The work bell rang out to end the day and carl was off home.

No sooner had Carl got inside there was a knock at the door.

Carl turned to open the door and who did he see of all people it was his older brother and pain in his but Mark.

"Hey little brother."

"what do you want!"

"Well I need to borrow your car again."


"And mom dose not live here so leave, leave now!!!!"

"I dont want you here , this is my home and not yours!"

"Yeah but you know what mom says."

"Yeah and you her and every one else their
can kiss my lilly white but your not even coming in to my home so leave NOW!!!!!"
"Or what?!"

"Or I'm calling the cops."

"OK, Ok I'm going."

Mark got into his car and drove off.

Carl slamed the door shut.

then another knock came to the door.

Carl opend the door.


Carl then noticed that it was Mr. Duckerson.

"I'm sorry Mr Duckerson I thouoght you were my so called brother again."

"Thats all right then I came to see if you were all right from all the yelling going on."

"Oh and he was pokeing around your car that was the other thing."

"Why dont me and you check it out and see if he put something in there to mess you over."

"Thanks Mr.Duckerson ."

"You know if you dont mind me saying a sensitive boy like yourself should be true to your self I mean I knew you were not like most guys who live here .

"You look and act as if you should be well how I do I put this more like a girl than a guy."

"Ah found it , he had hidden it under the drivers seat, its about two pounds of pot here let me take it i know just what to do with it."

"You know he must really want you to go to jail for some reason, what did you do to make him so mad at you?"

"Being born, my whole family hates me and dose there best to make my life a nightmare."

"Hmm I see well I want to talk to you about something else so please come over for supper tonight we will be having it a six sharp ."

"Yes sir I will be there."

Mr Duckerson had put the pot in a paper sack and had tossed it in the trash truck before it had left.

As he was doing this the cops drove up behind Carl's car and stopped him from going into his house and in the distence Carl could see his brother sitting on the side of the road watching and laughing.

"Whats the proplem officer?"

"We had a report that this car was carrying drugs, so may we check your car?"

"Sure I have nothing to hide."

The cops searched the car high and low then with Carl's permission they went insde and when they found nothing the called for a k 9 unit and it did not find any thing either.

"Uh officer who told you that I had drugs in my car?"

"His last name was Todd."

"Is it not against the law to make false claims against some one?"

"Yes it is."

"Well I bet that Guy in that car over there called it in , he is my no good for nothing brother check his phone."

"I think your right son im going over there right now."

"Mark was caught once again in his own devious plan."

Carl watched as the cop looked at his phone then arrested him.

Later that night Carl went over to Mr and Mrs Duckerson's for supper.

The door was opend before he could get half way across the parking lot.

"Come on in Carl ,super is going to be ready in a few so why dont we have our little talk.

"Ok sir what is it you want to talk to me about I hope your not booting me out for what happend today."

"No son I'm not but you need some one to help you cope with what your going through I mean I noticed you have no friends visting you and to me you really need support some one's shoulder to cry on so you can accept who you really are."

"And in saying that I want you to know we will do every thing possable to help you be who you should be."

"Oh and one other thing liveing beside you is some one who can really help you identify your self."

"I guess what I'm trying to say is you should become the girl you are on the inside you need to bring her out and Tammy can help you."

"Why are you doing this for me?"

"Because years ago my son killed himself over the same issue we did not listen to him and I guess feeling alone and like no one cared he ended his life and the sad thing is no one noticed until about a week later when a bad smell came from his apartment that was the only time some one noticed he was missing."

"I guess you can say I'm trying to make up for it some how by helping you I dont want a nice person like you to do the same thng ."

After the long talk carl went home.

Dear Dairy:

Today I had a confortation with my brother but I came out on top and now my brother is spending the night in jail and if he is not careful he will be in there for a lot longer.

Mr. Duckerson and his wife confronted me about me seeming more girl like than boy like he then told me of the lady former boy could help me through it and thought that me just starting off in panties was a good idea to start off with.

I wonder who else has noticed this about me before I started to wear panties I have all ways acted this way but with people careing about me and how i feel and willing to help me I know I can make this happen I wonder if people at work have noticed it.

I know I have always realted to girls easier than guys .

Well tommorow is a new day and I think im going to sleep in the baby doll Tammy came over and gave me.

She told me she would teach me how to do my hair and makeup when I was ready.

Thats all for tonight Dairy.
Wow! his family really sux but he is starting to come out of his shell some .

Now I need to know if people at work know or should it be just the Duckersn and Tammy?

let me know what you think.

Well all for now

HUggs and Kiss's



Good Morning Diary:

I had no idea how comfortable the baby doll was I sleep so good this morning I simply woke up in a great mood I wonder what panty I'm in the mood for.

I think i will geet the red ones with the yello smily face's on them because I'm so happy and feel so good .

Last night a lot of things was said and I was told I had friends who would help me become happy not to mention today is friday which means I get to have a little fun.

That's all for now Diary some is at the door.

Carl heard the knock so he closed the dairy and put it away and then answered the

"Tammy good morning how are you I was just about to get dressed for work."

"Well I was wondering what you had planed for this week end?"

"Nothing really just goofing off."

"Well how about me and you go shopping and i show you how to do your make up and hair."

"Sounds fun."


"Oh and how about I take you to a club tonight and have a little fun you look like you need it."

Tammy left and Carl finished getting dressed and the thought of having a friend and taking him to a club

Carl could hardly keep his mind on his work when Brad came up behind him.

"Hey Carl what kind of plans do you have for this week end?"

"Me and a friend of mine are doing some shopping and going clubing."


Yeah she is uh helping me with a project im working on for my place."

Carl realized he may have gave himself away as to what he has been up to.

"Why do you ask?"

" Well I was wondering if you wanted to go out and do something with me."

Brad shifted his foot back and forth like a shy boy asking a girl out on his first date.

Then Brad came clean.

"That was me in the bathroom the other day I knew it was you and I had all ways wondered when you were going to find your self."

"I was hopeing to be the first one to ask you out."

"You are Brad."

"My friend is helping me get cloths and identify with my self."

Carl blushed a bit after Brad had asked him on a date.

"Uh Brad how about sunday we do something because I'm kind of busy today and tommorow."

"Ok it's a date then."

"Just one thing Brad I did not know yoyu were into girls like me."

"I have always been into girls like you and every since I met you I have wanted to be with you when you discovered yourself."

after Brad had talked to Carl and had asked him out he was giddy as a school girl.

Now he could not think of any thing else but the date he had just made with Brad.

Wow Carl thought to himself Did I just make a date with a guy and admit to him I was turning into a girl?

What's happening to me?

disoite the distraction Carl was able to keep get his work done.

Carl went home and could not wait to write down the days events and talk to Tammy.

Insted of doing that Carl's mom was sitting in the drive waiting on him.

"What do you want?"

"I hope your happy with your self Mark is going to prison because of you when the cops checked his car out they found all his pot and now he is going to prison for five long years!!

"I could care less."

"All you had to do was let Mark store his drugs in your car ."

"Then i would be the one in jail."

"That would not matter ."

"So that's how it is I dont matter and never have , well you can get out of mydrive and never come back."

Carl's Mom sped out of the drive and Carl went into the house very upset .

He had always known that he was considered a nobody in the family but for his mother the one who gave birth to him to tell him that still hurt.

Tammy and Mrs Duckerson saw the whole thing and both just made there way in to the apartment console him from the awful things his own mother had told him.

Mrs Duckerson held Carl while Tammy held his hand and kept telling him it was going to be alright.

After awhile Carl told them that a guy at work had asked him out on a date.

"Well that is a great thing see dear people have noticed there is a great girl inside you."

"Carl why dont you get cleaned up and we get ready for the club tonight and i will bring some cloths over and we get ready together."

"ok sounds like a plan."

every one had left and Carl went to his diary.

Dear diary today has been very eventful first off Brad asked me out and I accepted for sunday he acted like a school boy .

come to find out he was the one who saw me in the bathroom the other day when my panties were showing and he had seen them.

I wonder just how many people know whats going on.

all so early this morning Tammy and I had made plans for the week end for clubing and shopping I had not intended to go out in public yet but if it was up to me i would more than likely be wearing just panites by the time i was a old man.

A bad thing happend at the end of the day when i got home my mom was home and told me I did not matter to her nor did she care about me , I knew that but for her to tell me that hurt real bad .

Tammy and Mrs Duckerson came and helped me deal with that diaster and held me while I cried it out.

Those two and Mr.Duckerson are real good friends.

Well that's all for now Diary i got to get ready
for tonight .
Well things are starting to get interesting here .

All for now

HUggs and Kiss's


"So are you ready for me to show you how much of a girl you truly are?"

"Well just bust on in Tammy."

"Ok lets see here I got you a corset and a gell bra so it looks real and We dont have to worry about your back side it looks like it belongs on a girl any way so lets start with your hair.

"Um your hair is to short ,good thing I have a wig from my starter days."

"Tammy why did you and the Duckerson's take such a intrest in me?"

"Well it's simple the deal with the Duckerson's is there dead son with me I saw some one alone and I mean really alone and in need of a friend."

"See I love makeing friends and the more friends I have the more happy I am."

"OK since fixing your hair is out of the question we should do your makeup then get you dressed and then the wig."

After about a hour We were both ready and off to the club we went.

The club was called Three legs and she.

I t is the sort of club just looking from the outside like a really tough joint but once on the insde the place was nice .

there were neon signs advertising any kind of drink you coould think of.

We found a table and ordered our drinks.

I was not in the mood to get hammered so I simply ordered a glass of wine.

"Carl you know what ?"

"What ?"

"We should have done your nails that would have compleated the outfit."

I was wearing a tight leather skirt it was a bright yellow and a green top to go with it and a pair of white tenis shoes.

"Hey we should think about changeing your name and sooner would be better ."


"Those two guys over there have been looking at us since we got here and now there walking this way.
Well one question . should Brad be one of the two guys?

let me know what you think.

all for now

HUggs and Kiss's

The two guys got to the table where Tammy and Carl who had just decided what his name is to be.

"HI Tammy who is your friend she is hot?"

"I'm Anna."

"Well I'm Bill and this guy here is my cousin Greg."

"Would you girls like to dance?"

"Sure." both Tammy and Anna said in unsion.

Anna danced with Bill and while they were doing so Anna learned real quick why women took self defense class now.

Bill was feeling up Anna's rear she was feeling kind of weird about the whole thing.

Anna was unsure as how to feel what was going on.

Anna thought to herself this was like the first time he asked a girl out only in reverse.

Anna made a excuse to sit down to stop the roaming hands bill had.

Tammy was watching from afar so she could jump right into to help her if she needed it.

"Anna how would you feel about going outside with me so we can get to know each other?"

"Whats wrong with getting to know me in here?"

"Well there are to many people around for me to get as freindly as i want too."

"Well there are not enough for me.

"you seemed to like it when I was playing with your back side."

"Your just a dirty little tease , yeah that's it your nothing more than a tease and tease's need to be taught not to do such things!"

Bill was starting to get very mad and had grabbed Anna's arm to force her out side, Luckly Tammy jumped right in and told Bill to leaver her alone.

The bouncer walked up to Bill.

"Sir you need to leave the lady asked you to leave her alone I must insist you do so."

"Yeah what ever this little tramp is not worth the effort any way."

Bill then stormed out leaveing the club.

After the intense moment the fun begain again and Anna had almost forgot about the whole thing.

It was getting late and the club was closeing up.

Anna And Tammy where headed to their car when Bill jumped out from behind one of the car's holding a tire iron.

the two girls turned to run only to have greg blocking thier way.

"you two tease's are gonna learn a lesson about what girls like you get for messing with us!"

"HELP!!!!!! HELP!!! " Anna screamed as loud as she could.

The two men jumped on top of Anna when out of no where came Brad.

Brad jumped in and well in a word kicked but.

"B B Brad how how did you know we were in trouble?"

Then Anaa jumped into his arms thanking him with small kiss's.

"Are you two ok?"

"Yeah I think Anna will be ok though this was not the best way for her to find about her self."

"Wait are you the Brad she told me about ?"

"Yeah I guess so ."

"Well she talks about you like she is interested in you and you seem like a nice guy."

"Anna was looking at her torn skirt and was real upset.

"Anna dear lets get you home while Brad here takes care of this trash."

Brad had pretty much made them believe to mend thier ways and not to hit women like Anna and Tammy or any woman for that matter.

"Hey !!! Anna!!! I like that name keep it ,it suit's you I will be over in a little bit to check on you."

"We well see you there then."

Tammy and Anna got back home and Tammy noticed that Anna's leg had been cut on some rocks or glass it looked pretty bad so insted of letting her get out of the car .

They went to the emergency room to get the leg looked at.

It took eight stich's to sew up the wound the doctor gave Anna some medicine to take and some other stuff to rub on it so it would not get infected.

Finely Anna made it home and Brad was waiting on them, he knew what had happened because Tammy got the number from Anna so he knew what was up.

Brad opened the car door and helped Anna out of the car and into her apartment.

"Anna you sure you ok?"

"Yes Brad I'm ok thanks for being there when I needed you, I guess your my hero."

"Brad Anna has had a long day she needs a hot bubble bath a glass of wine and some sleep."

"I think your right ."

"Brad I did not see you in the club how did you know where I was?"

"Oh I saw you two walk out when I was getting off work next door at the auto part store then saw those guys jump you."

"Thats when I changed in a phone booth and became super man."

The three got a laugh out of his bad joke.

"Well look I need to let you get some rest and I will see you sunday."

"OK I will be here."

Brad left and Tammy wrapped Annas knew in plastic wrap so as not to get the wound wet and then let her soak and recover from the ordeal.

"Anna I like the name you chose whats the rest of your name?"

"Um how about Anna La-nay May."

"That sound like good name for you ."

"Look are you gonna be ok getting out by yourself or do you need me?"

"Tammy I'm good Im gonna catch some tv and then go to bed."

"Ok well see you later."

"Dont forget we are going shoppping tomorrow."

I won't."

"I need to go so I dont have to borrow cloths from you un less you have something I really like."

The two both laughed and Tammy then left.

About thirty minutes later Anna got out of the tub and then got her Diary out .

Dear Diary:

I went out as a girl tonight it started out as a fun night but we ran into these two jerks who tried to start some trouble.

Who Am I kidding they tried to attack me but luckly Brad came to my rescue Now I have a hero I think he may be my first boy friend.

I found my name and it is nothing like the name my family gave me it's Anna La-nay May.

I plan on useing it for good.

Even though the end of the night was a compleat nightmare I'm still gonna be my true self which is Anna.

Tammy is my best friend I never had one before but she sure fits the bill.

Shopping tommorow I hope i can get some nice stuff.

Even though I started out wearing panties only for a day or two now im considering myself as a woman and I think i want to go all the way and with Tammy as my friend and Brad as My boyfriend I cant go wrong.

Well I think it's time to close now until tommorow becasue now to me every day is a adventure a adventure in finding who I really am in which is Anna.

Well Carl has now become Anna and even after the attack she still wants to continue her journey.

All for now but more to follow soon.

HUggs and Kiss's



Anna got up the next morning still nurseing her cut knee it was a bit sore but not enough to stop her from going shopping.

There was a knock at the door.

"Come on in it's open!!"

"Hi Tammy you about ready?"

"Well good morning to you too ."

"you seem to be in good spirts since the whole deal that happened last night."

"I'm not gonna let a few jerks stop me from being me."

The shopping trip lasted all day and the two were trying hard to find the perfect outfit when they came to a salon.

"hey Anna since your so ready how about a make over."

"Sure why not."

The two made it over to the salon and right away Anna's hair was washed cut and permed then the makeup and nails the kind that dont come off real easy.

Anna and Tammy left the salon with Anna's new look.

"OH my!!! what am i going to do I love the way i look but what will everyone at work say?"

"Well first off all you have to do is try I beet a lot of people are waiting on you to do this very thing."

"Dont worry about it as long as your happy I would not care what others think."

"Your right I love this look and Im not gonna change it for any one."

"Thats the spirt."

the two went into another store only to find the perfect outfit for Anna's date with Brad.

It ws a cute yellow cotton button down blouse and a cute pink skirt .

"We need shoes for this outfit."

After about four shoe store's later they finly found some cute tennis shows with pink trim to go with the out fit some some cute yellow
mules were also bought.

They day had been long and Anna and Tammy went to the movies to relax and then a bite to eat.

The next day came quick .

Anna had to make room in her chest and dresser for her new cloths and the closet as well she put all the cloths that had been Carl's and replaced them with Anna's.

It was almost time for Anna's Date and she was frantic so she called Tammy for help.

"Anna you ok!?"

"These shoe's are all wrong for this outfit ."

put on the mules and see how they look."

"I did and it looks like 2 picture's of lemonaid on my feet."

"Lets see the tennis shoes."

"Yup the Tennis shoes are perfect with it."

Anna put on some white ankle socks and then the shoes. as she looked at her self in the mirror she knew there was no going back she had changed every thing as to who she was and now who she is.

By the time Anna had put on her shoes there was a knock at the door.

Tammy answered the door and it was Brad.

Brad and Anna went out on ther date they went to the movies first.

Brad was trying to be smooth when they were watching the newest horror movie that had just come out Brad strecthed his arm out and put it around Anna's neck .

A real scary part came on and Anna jumped into his arms and at that moment they looked into each others eyes and kissed just for a brief moment. Anna's head was spinning but she did not wish to go any futher than kissing just yet.

Brad took her home after the movie because it wass getting late and Brad and Anna both had to go to work.

Once at the apartment Brad walked her to the door and there he tirned to her and started kissing her the passonate kiss and embrace did not end for about thirrty minutes.

by this time it was very obvious Brad was horny his pants had taken shape and Anna knew he needed to do something but she decided to grab his penis and started to stroke it through his pants but that was not enough so they went insde and Anna took it out of its prison and began to stroke it again this time Brad exploded onto Anna's hand.

Brad left shortly after that .

Dear Diary:

the past two days has been very exciteing for me Almost every thing about Carl has disapeared the only thing left of him is his name and job.

I kissed Brad in the movies and here at the front door.

I never thoght in a million years I would give someone a handjob but I did just now I dont want to have sex until Im a compleat woman I hope Brad understands this because right now i would hate to lose him.

I do love him and I think we will make a great couple.

Well tommorow I go to work and I'm still curious as to what will happen when I arrive as Anna , will my co workers make fun of me or will it be expected by them.

I have thought about moving off but now i think I will stay here because here I have true firends and a great boyfriend.

All for now Diary I will update you later on what happens next.
Wow things are starting to get interesting.

will Anna give into lust and make love to Brad or will she stay strong and true to what she wants and that is to wiat until she is a woman.

All for now

Huggs and Kiss's

Anna 0 1

The sun was shining in the window onto Anna's face in her bedroom.

She got up in a great mood did her routine it was not much different that Carl's accept where Anna put on makeup and made sure her hair was just so, then a cup of coffee and a orange then she was out the door.

When Anna got to work she was getting ready to go in when Carol saw her.

"excuse me miss."

Anna had seen here to.

Carol didn not reconize this new woman and was always open to meeting new people.

As Anna got closer Carol thought for a second and dismissed the thought that this could be Carl from shipping.

When Anna and Carol came face to face Carol could not believe that this woman was Carl .


"It's Anna now ."

"Well it's about damn time you figured out that you have been a girl all along."

"We will need you too come and talk to Mr. Gary our beloved boss."

"then we will update your file and then every thing will be right."

Anna waited outside the office while Carol told Mr. Gary what was going on .

Anna could not hear what was being said so she was getting a little nervous.

Carol comes out.

"He wants to talk to you Anna, when your done we can get some details worked out in your file."

Anna gose in.

"Come in Anna is that right?"

"Yes sir."

"Good and It's about time you did become who you really are now I think you can accomplish a geat many things for our company and since I see no problems with you being Anna I dont think to many will have a problem with you being Anna."

"Now with that being said there are a few things that must change and must change now."

"What's that sir?"

well for starters you will use the laides rest room from here on out and you can not work in the postion you currently hold."

Anna was starting to get a little worried.

"Are you fireing me ?"

"Oh no No nothing like that your getting a new job being Carol's assisitant and your getting a raise and you will have to dress like you are now, no more jeans slacks or shorts."

"You work in the office you no longer work on the floor."

"We will have to find some one to take your place as supervisor over shipping so you chose the man and he will get the job."

"I like your outfit by the way , now go to Carol she already knows your her assisitant"

Anna Was wearing a short yellow mini skirt with a white blouse with yellow trim.

She was also wearing the shoes she had worn on her date with Brad.

"Anna's day seemd to be getting off to a great start .

The rest of the day Anna was shown the in's and outs of her new job.

Hardly any one thought bad about her and those that did well they were not really worth mentioning.

Anna's day had been great she no longer feared what people had thought she was gay and would face reprocussions from it in which she was not gay but truly a woman and was no longer afrade to admit it.

The day had been long but it really was not that bad .

It was a day that sat aside a lot of old fears and asured Anna she was doing the right thing.

Mr Gary had told her before she left that he would help her get her named changed before the week end got here.

Anna had made it home only to see Mark parked in the spot next to where Anna always parked her car.

Anna got out and ignored Mark all together
and headed for the door.

"Excuse me Miss ."

"Yes what is it?"

Anna had now turned to Face Mark and to her surprise Mark had not reconized him as his brother but of course Anna was no longer Carl.


UH why are you going into my brothers apartment?"

"This is not your brother's apartment it's mine."

"Whats your brothers name?"

"it's Carl Todd do you know him?"

"That was the name of the guy that lived here before me I think."

"Hey!! wait a sec your driving his car what gives?"

"This is my car I bought it from the manager here a few days ago when my car died."

"Would you please leave your makeing me nervous."

Mr Duckerson saw Mark back at Anna's place and he went over there stright away so he could help Anna if he tried any thing.


"Did my brother sell you his car and you sold it to this lady?"

"Yes and what bussiness is it of yours?!!

"I'm looking for him do you know where he went?"

"Nope I dont all I know is he wanted to get away from you and the rest of his family so leave him alone."

"I do think how ever he may have moved out of state where you will never find him."


"And if I dont?"

"Then I call the cops and press charges against your for harassing this woman here."

"Ok I'm gone."

"Just one thing Babe how about you and me going out?"

Anna looked him in the eyes and then kicked him in the privites like she was doing kick off at a foot ball game.

Mark left with his tale between his legs and trying to hold on to his pair .

Tammy was just coming in when she saw Mark leave she came running as fast as she could to make sure her best friend was ok for the last time he was there Anna was in tears but this time was different.

Anna was all smiles.

"You ok Anna what ha... , why are you smileing?"

"Because Mark did not reconize me at all."

"He even asked me out and Mr. Duckerson even helped out a bit by telling him that I had sold the car to him and he sold it to me and that I had moved outta state."

"This has been the greatest day ever."

Later that night when every thing had calmed down just before she settled down for bed.

Dear Diary:

To day was a great day , I had nothing to fear about me showing up as Anna I got a promotion and a pay raise because of it which is a great thing I learned more about my new job ,it may be a bit harder than the job I was doing but I get to be who I really am.

I think I have made up my mind about hormons I'm gonna do it.

After my nutty brother left Tammy told me she had a plan to take care of him but she refused to tell me what it is.

Brad called me after I got home from work and he wants to go out with me again.

I'm so lucky to have friends like Tammy and the Duckerson's and people have started to warm up to me more since Anna has murdered carl. lol not really I just changed who I am and to who I should be.
I just wonder what Tammy has in mind for Mark.


well things are steping up so if you have a idea as what should happen to mark let me know I always love comments from you readers.

All for now

HUggs and Kiss's

Anna 2 3


Anna had woke up in a great mood for she was planing on making the appointment to start very heavy and exstrem hormon therpy abd she knew after the first injection there would be no turning back and that is how she wants for her plans now included becomeing a compleat woman.

There is a knock at the door.

I wonder who that could be this early in the morning?

Anna mumbled to herself.

Anna Answer's the door.

"Oh it's you..."

"Why do you keep bothering me?"

"I know my brother is here I know your some whore he is sleeping with."

"I am no whore this is my place that is my car and your on my porch and i want you to leave!" NOW!!!"

Tammy had heard the yelling and poked her head out to see what was going on.

A few minutes later the police showed up which gave Mr. Duckerson time to show up and come to Anna's Aid.

Offcer gets out of car.

"Sir I belive you are bothering the lady here and from the 911 call we recived you have been bothering this nice lady for some time now."

"I Say he's been bothering her since she moved in and I told him never to come back here so i wanna press charges for tresspassing!!"

"She dose not live here she is just some trick who is telling me my brother moved and that she owns his car."

Mark was determend to get his say out.

"Is this true?"

"No it's not I have my lease here let me show it to you and the title!"

Anna came out with the paper work while Mr. Duckerson was telling how Mark had been trying to get his brother into trouble by planting weed in the car and was wondering why he was not in jail.

"Here it is now will you please leave me the hell alone!!!!!"

"Look Mr.Todd you have been asked time and time again if you ever come here again and try to cause trouble for Ms. Anna here we will arrest you."

Mark was escorted to his car and told to leave by the police .

Tammy came running to Anna to make sure she was alright Mr.Duckerson was talking to Anna And asking her the same thing.

After all the drama Anna went back inside called the doctor for the appointment and then left for work.

Anna caught onto her new job very quickly and hardly hung up on any one while running the switch board.

Anna was gathering up her things a bit early for her appointment and Brad was going to driver her there at the request of the doctor.

"Anna you ready?"

"Yeah gimmi a sec and i will be right with you."

The ride to the doctor was a flurry of convesation.

"Brad I have something I wish to ask you."

"Sure babe ask away."

"Ok , I know we both love each other I mean we cant deney that ."


"Is this going to upset you when I become a compleat women will we be together after all this?"

"Anna I dont know what the future holds for us but I do know what now holds for us, I love you and thats all that matters."

"As far as you becomeing a full woman I want you to do what your heart tells you to do and that is to become the woman you already are."


All for now could use a few idea's on how to get Mark in diapers and a slave to Tammy

All for Now

HUggs and Kiss's

Anna 4 5


Anna had been wondering why Mark was not in jail she had wondered that a lot and how he kept himself out of jail.

At the Doctors office:

Anna waitied until she was called and went to the room in the back .

"Hello Anna ."

"I have read your file and seen the results of your blood test and I have found some very curious results."

"How so?"

"Is it bad doctor?"

"Oh no no nothing like that."

"You see what i found out is your a very rare person."

"Doctor please get to the point."

"Well I found a unusally high amount of various female hormons and cromozones in your blood."

"What dose that mean?"

"It means the kind of hormon therpy you seek is the very thing you need you will devolpe at a very fast rate, in a few weeks you will look and act compleatly like the women you are."

"So do you have any questions before the first injection?"


"Did any one drive you here?"

"Yes my boyfriend."

"Good then lets get this started oh and here are the prescriptsion's you will need to take."

After the doctor gave the prescriptions to Anna a nurse walked in with a large syranges.

The doctor took it and injected her left but check then her right with the second one.

After the second injection the nurse went out and got Brad so he could drive her home .

After the second shot Anna fell fast asleep.

Anna wakes up in her bed with Mrs Duckerson sitting in a chair next to the bed.

"Well there sleepy head how do you feel?"

"I feel a little light headed but other than that I'm ok."

"Good now Im going to get you something to eat ."

"Some of my famous chicken and dumplings."

"That sounds good I'm starved."

Anna sat up in the bed and noticed that here hair had already gotten longer and then she looked down to see the start of some very nice sized breast.

Tammy came into the room carring a bowel of chicken and dumplings with her.

"WOW!! nice rack."

"I did not think it would work this fast."

"me either but thats not the only thing that has changed."

"What do you mean?"

"Look in the mirror you will see."

"My face what has happened to my face?"

"it's your whole body that is changeing."

"Dont worry none we called the doctor when we noticed a lot of chages and he came over and told us that he knew this would happen and for us to take pictures of you ever five hours."

"You do know you look gorgous dont you?"

"Yeah i'm looking like one of those girls that would not give me the time of day."

Anna got a serious look on her face.

"Whats wrong Anna?"

"Mark ,I mena how is he not in jail?"

"He was here the other day when he was arrested for drugs."

"I dont know but my dad works for the F.B.I.
and I have already asked him to find out."

"Let me know what you find out."

"I will but there is no way he will ever figure out that you were once Carl."

A knock at the door.

Tammy anesers the door:

"Who are you?"

"I'm Mark Carls brother is Anna here?"

"What do you want of her?"

"She has my brothers car and I think she knows where he is."

"OH!!! yuor that creep that been bothering Anna!?"

At that moment a sound of metal then darkness.

Mark wakes up:


Mark looks around and notices he is in a dimly lit room where he can only see shadows move about.

"My such a dirty mouth for such a little sissy."



"Now Now you need to calm your self."

"Let me tell you how this works, you see our friend has been bothered enough by you and your foolish notions."

"We have decided to educate you in how you should treat people."

"So do you understand where this is going?"

"No!! I dont!!!"

"Well see you had such a poor raising that we decided to start your training as well."

The lights came on around the adult baby crib.

Mark was in it and wearing a bright pink baby sissy dress .

On the front of the dress it said pissy sissy.

Tammy came back to check on Anna to make sure she was doing ok.

Tammy walked in to find Anna enjoying a book.

"Hey girl how you feeling?"

"OK ,hey what was that noise i heard before you left?"

"Oh that Mr. Duckerson and Me had to take care of a past problem before it got to bad."

"OK and thanks."

"NOO problem girl."

Tammy left and as she did.


Well yesterday I got my injections and I also learned that I was sopose to be a girl in the first place.

Also earlyer today I could have sworn I hard Mark at the door but then I heard a clanging sound then nothing.

Oh well if it was Mark I sure he regreted coming here if Tammy had her way and some how I think she did.

When I woke up this morning My whole body has changed and I'm not done changeing yet.

Well I'm tired so I'm going to close for now but I do wonder What pest problem they were takeing care of??
Well lets see here Mark is about to get his anad soon and for now Anna has no clue so come back for the next part because its gettting goood.

HUggs and Kiss's

Anna 6 7
Anna spent the rest of her week end at home after the injections.

She was hopeing Brad would come by.

Mark is yelling he is hungry.

"My My what is all this noise your makeing?"

"Im hungry!!!"

"OOPs forgot about your food there well I will be a sec."

Tammy came back in the room and handed Mark a huge baby bottle.

"Whats this crap?!!!"

"Your lunch dimwit your suck a air head this is what you eat."


Mark throws the bottle at the shadow figure.

"Well suit your self but this is all we are going to give you and if you dont want it you will soon."

Tammy then laughed.

Her laughter filled marks ears and made him so mad.

"I got to use the bath room."

"Your so silly thats why you have a diaper on sissy babies dont deserve to use the potty you can only use your diaper."

Anna heard a knock at the door.

"Come in."

"Hi Brad I was hopeing you would come by today im kinda lonely."

"never fear I'm here."

"What is that you have there ?"

"Oh I brought you some flowers i hope you like them ."

"Oh they are so pretty."

Mark was getting really hungry and that bottle was looking like a steak.


Mark was still holding it and had not wet the diaper yet but mark knew it would not be long before it would happen.

"Well I see you have had a change of heart I knew you would ."

"Here you go my baby pissy sissy."
"Mark thought to himself he had to escape that's when Tammy interupted his thoughts.

"I just thought of something yes you know if you escape your going to prison right you missed your court date."

"So escape is not a option well it is really that is if you want to go to prison."

Mark knew she was right he had to go to court or he was prison bound and he had missed the date.

At that very thought while he was takeing his bottle he wet his diaper and then loaded his diaper.

"Mark looked helpless at his tormentor as she laughed at the little pissy sissy.

Mark finished the bottle and cried himself to sleep.
well all for now hope your loveing it

HUggs abd Kiss's

Anna 8 9

Mark woke up in the crib feeling a little strange he could not put his finger on it but he knew something was different.

The lights were to dim to really see as to what might be off but he knew his situation and even if he could escape he knew he would go jail so he made up his mind to stay and not try to escape because the other option was jail at least he was dressed in satin and soft cotton except for the bulky diaper he was wearing.

Mark looked around and saw a full bottle in his crib so he drink it and then darkness over came him.

Anna and Brad had been spending a lot of time together and Anna was hopeing for a kiss a warm embrace somthing to confirm how he felt and then Brad came in.

"Hi Anna how are you feeling?"

"Im good whats up Brad?"

"Well I came to give you something."

Brad sat down beside Anna andput his arms around her and then kissed her a very long passionate kiss that could only be called legendery.

The Kiss became more and more untill they were makeing love sweet wonderful love.

Anna now felt like a real women now and wanted more now to become the woman she is .

After a while Anna And Brad held ech other warmly.

"Anna can i ask you something?"

"Sure what is it?"

"Have you seen Tammy lately?"

" No not really why?"

"Come to think of it I have not seen much of Mr or Mrs Duckerson either."

"Well tommorw is the begining of a new week amd im glad we got to spend some of it together."

"You know your breast are not the only thing that has changed I mean your turning into a hot babe."

"I mean lets face it my baby got back."

It was getting late and Brad had left so Anna had gotton her diary out.

Dear Diary:

FINELY!!!!! Brad made love to me and now that i have been with Brad there is no way i would consider going back to be someone misarable like i was.

Im going to contiue with the treatments Im going back On Tuesday so its no telling what changes may take place and Brad is right Im becomeing quite the hottie.

There is a mystery on my hands Tammy and the Duckerson have not been around here lately I guess they cant baby sit me 24/7.

Well all for now.

Well all for now hope you all are enjoying it

HUggs and Kiss's

Anna 0 1
Anna had started to notice changes that the injections were causeing more changes than she thought but she rememberd what the doctor had told her and that was the injections would intensify the current gender issue she had naturally had.

Anna did not worry for she was going to the doctor today for a check up and another injection as well.

Mark was confussed when he woke up he could not speak except gibberish and his diaper was very loaded and he was being changed by a elderly lady he could not see much about her except her voice.

"Well now Mark you know from all the changes in your body there is no way you can be called Mark and it be a proper name for a pissy sissy like you."

"We will have to come up with a new name for you wont we."

Anna gets to the doctor

"Well how are you doing Anna?"

"I'm doing ok but I think my body is changeing more than i think it should."

"Well dear the treatments you have been recieving is turning you into the girl you should have been born as and you will not have to have srs because its going to happen all by itself and you will be able to bare childern as well."

"Judgeing from the size of oyur penis it will not bel ong before your transformation is compleat."

Anna was so happy about the news she could not help heerself she hugged the doctor.

she could not wiat to tell her friends and Brad.

The day had been long and Anna was settleing down for the night.

Dear Diary:

Today i got the most wonderful news ever my body is going to be a real female in about two weeks and i will be able to have children .

I just wonder how Brad is going to take it I hope he is as receptive as i am because i do love Brad so much I just cant stand it well Im tired diary so im going to close for now and update you later.

well I need a few ideas one is how should Brad react to Anna being a natural female and two what should Marks new name be and three should Anna every find out what is happining to mark

HUggs and Kiss's

Anna 2 3

Mark was already awake and had finished his diaper when he saw the same shadow shape as before except this time there seemed to be more of them.

"Ladies this is the Sissy baby that is up for bids."

"There is only two problems ."

"And what is that?"

A unidentifed lady asked.

"she dose not have a sissy name yet and two she is not traind yet."

so I propose that each of you train her and decide up on a name then you can place your bid on her and do with her as you see fit.

Mark had heard the entire conversation and knew he might as well give into his new life for he could stay here and be sold or go to jail.

so he decided that he would make it very diffcult for them to train and maybe he could find a way out of it.

Anna was getting ready to leave work when she noticed her eye color had changed from the almost gray blue to a cat green anna loved the new color she had already noticed her breast had gotten bigger as well as her hips.

When she got home she decided to take a quick bath and then get ready for her date with Brad.

Since all the changes had started to become more noticable she was examing her self more often.

This time was no different she looked down and saw that her only remaing part that was male was now the size of a pencile eraser.

she knew it would not be to much longer before she was compleat and she had one more injection left before that would be the end of the therpy and she would be whole.

A knock at the door.

Anna anwsered the door and it was Brad.

Brad was dressed real nice and Anna was almost ready all she liked was getting her makeup done .

Anna was in a blue cocktail dress because Brad had asked her to dress up .

"Ok Brad are you ready for me to come out?"

"Yes I am."

Anna walked into the living room and Brads jaw dropped when he saw her.

Anna's hair was now raven black and ver shiny she was wearing it down and the dress must have felt like ti was honor to be worn by some one as beatufiul as Anna.

Brad had taken Anna to a very formal restruant .

Brad seemed to be a bit nervous about something.


"Yes Anna."

"Whats wrong ? with you you seemed a bit pre occupied."

"Oh nothing Ibeen thinking about a surprise I have for you."

"OH OH what is it?!"

"You will have to wait until Im ready to give it to you."

Desert had finely arrived and Anna was sitting on pins and needles wondering what Brad had up his sleve.

"Anna before I give you this you must anwser one question."

Brad then got down on one knee.

"Anna will you marry me?"

Brad opend a ring box that held a two carret ring that seemed to shine with fire.

Anna's eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw it.

Anna held her hand out it was shakeing a bit from her excitment.


Brad then slide the ring on her finger.

she then jumped into his arms and kissed him non stop until they both decided to find some place a little less public so she could show how she really felt and all the things that mattered.

After Brad dropped Anna off after a late night she went stright to her diary.

Dear Diary:

Your not going to belive this Brad asked me to marry him and yes I anwsered yes so now Im engaged I dont think I could be any more happy than I am now .

I know its late but I think Im going to go over and tell Tammy the good news.

Diary I wll tell you more later.

Anna knocks on Tammy's door.

"Who the heck is it?"

"It's me Anna!"

Tammy opened the door quickly.

"Whats wrong?"

"Brad asked me to marry him and look at the ring."

"I knew you had it in you look at you engaged to be married you have come a long way since you first moved here."

The ladies wore mask's so Mark could not tell them apart.

"So what about a name?"

one asked.

I know what to name her."

"Every one looked at the woman who had spoke up.

"We should call her Amy."

They all seemed to like the name so Amy it was agreed on.

The women walked over to the crib and told Mark his name was now amy and if she did not anwser to it she would be punished.

Almost done I think.

things are going very well soon anna will be compleat and Mark will be trained and sold.

I love comments so plz leave your thoughts.

HUggs and Kiss's

Anna 4 5

Anna woke up full of energy and a few things felt different .

Like every morning Anna looked for new changes and this morning she was met with the biggest change of all.

"IT'S HERE!! " IT'S Here!!"

Anna was now a compleat woman and she was so happy all she could do was say it's here.

Tammy heard Anna yelling so she ran over to see what was up.

Anna you ok ?"

"Come on in I got something to show you."

"Look Im full woman now I got to call the doctor and make sure but i think im all woman."

"Thats great and I have more good news for you."

"What is it?"

"Come with me and I will show you ok."

Tammy and Anna got into the car and went for a ride into the country.

They arrived at what looked like a old goverment fall out shelter one of the big ones.

"Whats down here?"

"You will see."

"One thing though dont say anything above a whisper ok?"

"Sure ok."

There was one light on and it was above a adult baby crib.

"if you want a closer look put this mask on."

The mask was made of feathers and covered every thing but the mouth.

they walked up to the crib and As Anna looked down she saw her no good for nothing brother dressed as a baby girl in a baby dress with pissy sissy on it.

Mark/Amy was asleep thanks to the formala he had been drinking not to mention the hormons in it Amy had started devolpeing breast and was getting a very nice back side.

Anna whispered to Tammy.

"How ,when did you do this?"

remember when you thought you heard your brother after your first injection?"

"Well you did Mr Duckerson and I as well as Mrs Duckerson came up with a plan we hit amy here over the head with a shovel then broght her here."

"she has been trained and soon will be auctioned off to the highest bidder."

Anna got a evil smile on her face.

"Can I spank her?"

Tammy smiled giggled a bit then lowered the rail and rolled amy over and then with a rideing crop Anna beat the holy crap out of Amy untill all the poo was running out of her diaper .

As Anna contiued her spanking Amy wet her diaper again.

With amys diaper on she was not getting the full blunt of what Anna wanted to do.

Tammy removed the diaper exposeing Amy's rear just ripe for a good spanking.

"Here use this."

Tammy handed Anna a paddle.

Anna's eyes lit up and she started spanking amy this time she was relentless Amy's rear was so red you could feel the heat off of it just by holding your hand about a foot away.

"I want to be there for the bidding I want ot see little amy's face when she is sold to the highest bidder."

The two left and went back home.

"I here you and Brad are about to set a date?"

"yes we are thinking some time this summer it's gonna be great ."

"We are thinking of going to live in the country and maybe raise a few kids."

The day of the auction had arrived .

Anna had put the feather mask back on and then her and Tammy went to the auction.

Mr. and Mrs Duckerson brought Amy to the last leg of her journy until her new mommy / mistress would take over.

Mark was finely on stage in only a diper with disney princess's on it Marks face turned blood red from embarcement and shock and to his wondering how he ended up in this situation.

A woman from Amsterdam won Mark he was then carted off to her new life.

Time went by and Mark and carl's mom figured Mark overdosed on drugs and Carl was just gone they never looked for either one of them.

It's been some time since I wrote in you so Im gonna give this last update then put you away for good.

I'm getting married in the morning and yes to Brad Tammy of course is my maid of hornor and i asked Mr' Duckerson to give me away .

I think of him as more myDad and Mrs Duckerson my mom they are so proud of me .

I also went to collage and got a couple of bussiness degrees and started my own bussiness we will see how it works out.

the rest of my brides maids were girls from work .

Some of the girls whom I worked with came to work for me .

I did go to the doctor and it was true i was compleat .

Brad was really happy about it to, he told me he was gonna make love to me every day so I could have a baby .

We bought a nice house not in the country but not in town either a nice medium.

Tammy had been keeping tabs on Amy and had heard Amy had been sold to a brothal and was very popular with her big breast and rear.

Amy was no longer in diapers she was now wearing a thong teaseing men and do every thing they asked for a few bucks because the house kept most of it.

they allowed them only to keep them in a place to live and get food and bills.

Ammy was on her back doing her job as she was wondering how she ended up this way and she guessed it was karma.

for all the evil things she had done to heer brother when he was his brother.

two months later.

Dear Diary:

I know I said I was not gonna write in you again but I found out that I'm pregnant I hope I have a baby girl, maybe I will share you with her , so she can see that good things happen to good people.

Well until i have a second baby this is my final entry.



Well this is the end of my tail the diary hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writting it.

It was sopose to be a short story but it became a small book insted

speical thanks to all of you who left comments and ideas.

I also wish to thank all my loyel readers as well.

HUggs and Kiss's

Anna 6 7

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WOW very good start. I love to see ware the leads off too
Sweet Dream
This story made me upset, mostly b/c of how badly Carl is being treated, but I do enjoy where this is going
I really want to like this, I really do. The only problem is that the spelling and grammatical errors keep pulling me out of the story. You have a great concept here, but it's getting muddled in your poor mechanics.
great story, can't wait for more!!!
more we need more what happens next i can not wate for the next part to come out
Princess Alicia
That is a good story so far. I really hope it has some twist around him being put into diapers.

i think every one he works with will be thinking the same thing that mr Duckersn knows
well I hope yall are enjoying the story thus far please leave comments and let me know what you think
 HUggs and Kiss's
i just love it and can not wate for the next part.
i hop carl can find's happines and love he/she needs
pwease continue da stowy....p.s. will you be addind diapers in the mix?
i think brad and anna are to be come lovers and move in with anna
well there is more to come soon in the next day or two hope your loving it so far
 HUggs and Kiss's
Anna you are off to a great start. I hope to see the next installment as soon as you post it. I am not a professional writer myself, so I can more than tolerate the misspellings and such. I am a truck-driver by profession and tend not to read into it that much. Keep writing and you will get better as you go. Constructive help with grammar and such will only improve the wonderful job you are doing. Never get discouraged. Keep on being the wonderful Sissy that you are.
The update is just outstanding! Very good work on this new chapters. Bravo.
Do keep up the great work.
Sweet Dreams
keep it comming anna did the best thing by kicking him below the belt only if she head on a pear of pintted hi hells he wood be come a she. i think she needs to get a restaining order agent them her family?????
kinda stuck need an idea or 2


 HUggs and Kiss's
how about thay fall in love and mack love and anna has her SRS and becomes hole
Little sissy boy
this is really good can't wait for the next chapter

Sissy sister to Kawaii Pi and Diapeyboy21
well things are going real good for Anna and she has started hormons I have one problem how dose tammy turn Mark into a sissy baby girl.

I love in put
 HUggs and Kiss's
WOW that was good i hop mark gets his ball removed then he mite be come a good person to anna and i his mum go's to jail or a paded cell with a white cote and big fat diaper under it. what did anna do to his/her mum for her not like anna

this story is getting intresting now mark is in diapers and gettting what is coming to him

next part coming soon
 HUggs and Kiss's
well here is another installment of the Diary hope you like it
 HUggs and Kiss's
Boy You Did Again A Very Good Part I Hop The Two Love Brids Be Come Hiced As For The New Baby I Hop He Finds A Hart And Sole
Hi my sissy readers I need a sissy name for mark so give me a few and i will chose the best one sissy marks new name is up to you
 HUggs and Kiss's
i think brad will love to be daddy as for mark baby krissy or sissy
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