The Diaper Change ( R )
A fantasy Ababy diaper change awaits a young college student
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The Diaper Change

Hi everyone, my name is Robbie. My current babysitter calls me Baby Snookums. I do have a very remarkable tale to tell you. This is how I managed to get in this predicament.

It began my first year of college. I had just enrolled in my last class so I could begin studying for my degree in Marine Biology. At the registration there was this extremely cute and adorable girl signing up for the same class.

She had on a very short soft pink Sundress with cute little puffy sleeves and I could just make out every now and then a hint of ruffles on her panties when she would bend over to sign the rosters. She had long white blond hair down past her shoulders tied in ponytails, and what looked like very comfortable slippers on her feet. I had to meet this girl ... she was just too cute.

I walked over to her and introduced myself, “Hello, my name is Robbie. Seems we are sharing the same class this semester. Do you need some help?”

She looks at me with her wonderful green eyes and giggles sweetly.

She says in a soft voice, “My name is Tracy and I am a bit confused. I could use some help.”

I was more than willing to help. As the day progressed, Tracy had started to hold my hand. She was just shy enough to really turn me on. She was always cheerful and had the sweetest giggle I had ever heard. We talked about most everything I could possibly think of just so I could hear her sweet voice.

It was almost time to go for the day. I couldn’t just let this girl walk away. The next day was Saturday and I thought I could at least spend Friday and Saturday with her.

I say, “Could you give me your number? I would like to call you tomorrow and see if you might like to go somewhere with me.”

She smiles a beautiful smile and writes something on a piece of paper. She says softly, “I need you to give this to your mother.”

“my mother?”, I respond in a slightly surprised voice.

She says, “Yes, your mother. You said you live with her, right?”

I reply, “Yea ...”

She says sweetly, “Well give it to her. My mommy will want to talk to her before you come over tomorrow ... and no peeking either or it’s off.”

I quickly reply, “Ok, ok ... I’ll give it to my mom and won’t peek.”

She giggles sweetly and gives me a soft kiss on my cheek. I am totally in heaven.

She says in a cooing voice, “I’ll see you tomorrow baby. Have a good night.”

I watch in stunned silence as Tracy gracefully walks off. I can still smell her perfume. I inhale deeply. So sweet and fresh ... reminds me of ... Baby Powder! I’m very surprised!
I stand for a minute as her baby powder scent slowly fades and the crass smells of the room settle back in. I am definitely going to give this to mom and do everything I can to be at her house tomorrow.

When I get home, mom is in the kitchen making dinner. I toss my book bag on the floor by the sofa and walk in.

I say, “Hi, mom. How’s your day been?”

I get a glass of milk from the fridge and grab several oatmeal cookies.

She replies, “Was a long day at work. I’m glad the day is over and I don’t have to go back till Wednesday. Don’t eat too many of those cookies, they’ll spoil dinner.”

I reply, “They won’t, I’m starving.”

I look at the note in my hand. I want to see Tracy tomorrow.

I continue, “I met a very cute girl today at registration.”

Mom says cheerily, “That’s nice dear, when am I going to meet her?”

I hand the note to her and reply, “Well, her name’s Tracy and she said to give this note to you or I won’t get to see her tomorrow.”

Mom takes the note with raised eyebrows. She opens it and reads it. A huge smile crosses her lips.

She looks at me with a sparkle in her eye and says softly, “I know Amanda, Tracy’s mom. We work together at the lab. You really want to go spend Saturday and Sunday with Tracy? I agree, she is the cutest girl I have met, and I have no objections.”

2 days!! Oh man ... there is no way I’m going to turn this down. I reply quickly, “Are you kidding, mom? I would love nothing better!”

Mom laughs softly and picks up the phone. I hear her talking to Amanda. They do know each other and make arrangements quickly.

I hear mom say, “And he will always be that adorable? Just like Tracy? I’m all for it. I’ll drop him off at 10 am tomorrow. Ok .. Yes ... for as long as they like. Yes do that. Bye”

Mom hangs up the phone and writes down a phone number on a separate piece of paper.

She gives me the paper and says, “That’s Tracy’s number. Don’t loose it. You’re the only one who has ever had her number. I will drive you over and drop you off.”

I say in a loud voice, “What??!! Mom, I’m old enough to drive myself.”

She replies in the voice of mom, “Either I take you and pick you up, or you can’t go. That’s the way of it.”

I agree quickly. There’s no way I’m going to miss out on this date. I hurry through dinner and help to clean the table. Mom pats me on my butt as I go upstairs to bed. This is something I don’t remember mom ever doing ... but I sorta like it as long as she doesn’t do it in front of other people.

I was so excited I almost couldn’t get to sleep. When sleep finally did come, I dreamed of Tracy in the sweetest way all night.

I wake to mom shaking me softly and telling me it’s time to get up. I have an hour to get ready and have breakfast. Mom has laid out shorts and a T shirt along with the pair of underwear I hate. They look like a girl’s panties. Mom isn’t taking any nonsense this morning, so I take my bath and dress quickly without any discussion. I hurry through breakfast and find mom has already gotten the car out and is waiting for me.

I get in the car. I am off on the beginning of a day that will change my life forever.

A New Perspective

Mom drops me off at Tracy’s house and drives off leaving me there. I watch for a bit as the car disappears off in the distance. Tracy’s house is huge. I walk up the drive to the front door. I ring the door bell ... I can hear the West Minster Chimes sound sweetly inside. I notice the gate closes across the driveway. I take note ... but it doesn’t matter.

The door opens and a very beautiful older woman answers. She is dressed in a Maid’s outfit ... at least I thought it was. She clasps her hands together and smiles radiantly.

She says in a cooing voice like she was talking to a baby, “You must be Robbie. You are so adorable already. Do come in, come in ... Tracy’s waiting for you in the playroom.”

She takes me softly by the hand and leads me in the door. It closes and I could swear I heard it bolt lock. She leads me through an archway and down a hall. At the end of the hall, she takes me into a room and the door shuts.

I am astounded. I am in a baby’s nursery. I see Tracy in a diaper and a pair of white rumba panties with baby Tweety and friends on them. She has no other clothes on and is sucking on a bottle of red liquid. I can’t help but admire her sweet little breasts. I realize suddenly she’s in a nursery, in a playpen, dressed in baby clothes, and sucking on a bottle.

I turn just as Amanda gently holds me in my crotch. I feel so strange suddenly. I feel goose flesh rise all over me and a tingling rush run through me. There is some kind of devise on her hand. I have never seen anything like it before.

She says cooingly like she’s talking to a baby, “Is baby all wet and need a fresh diaper?”

I suddenly feel a warmth spread in the front of my pants and run down my leg. I can’t believe it! I just pissed my pants.

Amanda then takes one of my butt cheeks in her hand and says in the same voice, “Did baby make a stinky too?”

Again I can’t help myself! I feel something filling my pants in back. I can smell it and know I have just messed in my pants too. I can’t even begin to comprehend what’s happening.

Amanda takes my face gently in both of her hands and caresses it softly. I see she has one of those devises on both hands. I suddenly feel so weird in my head. I am having a hard time thinking. I get the strangest desire to play with the baby toys I see in the play pen. I hear Tracy’s sweet little giggle.

Amanda says in that voice, “It’s ok Baby Snookums, babies have accidents if they are not in their diapers. Come, Aunti will clean you up and diaper you properly.

I can’t quite understand ... I’m not a baby ... I can’t help myself for some reason. My thoughts are not right. This is ... Tracy’s mom ... I suddenly know she’s Aunti too.

Amanda takes me by the hand and leads me into another room. This is a bathroom with a table and many shelves filled with oils, powders, creams, and a large stack of cloth diapers.

Amanda says in that voice, “Ok baby, lift your arms so I can take off your wet shirt.”

Without thinking, I raise my arms and the piss wet shirt is over my head and gone. There is a moment of confusion as Amanda unbuckles my pants. She has a large wipe of some kind and begins to clean around my genitals and butt as she removes my wet and soiled pants and undies.

She says in her voice, “Ok sweetie, step out of those dirty clothes. You won’t be needing them ever again.”

I can’t help it. I step out of my soiled and wet pants and stand completely nude in front of Tracy’s mom. I try to cover myself shyly. She takes several sweet smelling baby wipes and cleans me, moving my hands out of the way.

She rubs her nose to mine and kisses it softly and says, “That’s a good baby. You are such a good baby.”

I feel her caress my face again and down the back of my neck. It was so wonderfully electric. I realize I don’t have a care in this world at this moment. I vaguely wonder about her calling me baby though. It feels so right ... isn’t there something wrong? I feel her hands gently caress my face and neck again ... I can’t remember what I was thinking.

I realize I am being lifted in the air ... I am confused ... Tracy’s mom must be tremendously strong. I feel the table on my back as I am gently laid on it. She blows in my belly button. I screech and kick my feet. I am totally unable to help myself as I giggle like any baby boy.

Amanda coos to me. It makes me very happy. I am lifted by my ankles and then set back on a very thick, soft, and extremely warm diaper. She spreads my legs and takes a bottle of baby oil off of a shelf. She opens it ... I can smell the wonderful smell of honeysuckle.

I hear Amanda say in her cooing voice, “This is very special baby oil sweetie. I and your mother invented it several years ago to keep Tracy out of trouble. It will make you such an adorable baby boyfriend for Tracy. Your mom agreed with me totally on that point. It is not reversible either. I know you will enjoy this.”

I feel her hands caress me so softly as she applies the oil. She massages me all over in a thick coating of the baby oil. I’m loosing what ever worry I had in my mind and am really enjoying what’s happening.

She powders me very generously, then pulls the diaper up between my legs and pins it snugly on. It is so soft and warm. I can feel myself getting aroused. I can’t help this either ... it feels so ... good.

I am tickled in my ribs. I am very ticklish and squeal and squirm. I am giggling so hard and am really enjoying Aunti.

She takes my big toe ... she kisses me on my toes.

She says cooingly, “this little piggy went to market ... “

Noo .. I can’t handle the intense tickle ... I am screeching with peals of baby laughter and squirming for all I’m worth.

“This little piggy stayed home ... “

I am having the time of my life.

“This little piggy had roast beef ... “

I am doing my best to get my toes from her hands and away from the tickling kisses. I am helpless to stop her.

“OOOooo this little piggy had none ... “

She blows in my belly button again ... I am in another world beyond heaven.

“And this little piggy ... “ she tickles my feet, “Goes wee, wee, wee, all the way home.”

She blows in my belly button one more time and stand me on my feet. I am dizzy in the head and deliriously happy. I see her hold out a pair of rumba panties. They have Teddy Bears on them and a plastic lining.

She says, “Step in baby.”

I can’t help myself. It is another wonderful feeling as she pulls them up over my diaper.
I am confused. I feel something is wrong, but I don’t know what it might be.

I am suddenly picked up again and laid across Amanda’s chest as she carries me into the playroom. I realize suddenly I am being put in the same playpen as Tracy.

Aunti kisses me sweetly and then Tracy. She says cooingly, “Here’s your new boyfriend. This time you can keep him. His mommy said she found his secret stash of diapers and is all for this.”

Tracy claps and giggles sweetly. She hugs me around my neck and kisses me on my lips.
I can’t help myself ... I kiss her back. Something in me suddenly changes. I know I am a baby for the rest of my life.

Tracy says sweetly in a babies voice, “Wewcom to me’s pwapen. Us cn does ennythin we wants. We’s babies for the res of our lif.”

No! .. I don’t ... Amanda caresses my face and all down my neck and back to my face.
I don’t want to grow up! I am kissed and so is Tracy.

Aunti says cooingly, “ok babies, play nice while I go and fix your bottle for lunch.”

We say in unison, “Otay, wes be good bebes.”

Aunti smiles and leaves. The door to the nursery closes softly. I look around. This is my new life and I love it. Especially since I have Tracy all to myself.

  We kiss sweet baby kisses.  
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Jennifer Funshine
You have really captured the essence of becoming an Ab, Miki.
Simple, playful and sincere, I really enjoyed reading this sweet little tale.
Although I wonder when Robbie's mother found his diaper stash,
perhaps another chapter is in order, but I love it all the same! Well done, Miki!
My main point of curiosity is what he is going to wear to class from now on, since it has been declared he will never need his boy clothes again.   Such a sweet tale, though.   Treads the boundary between forced and willing, but the principle emotion and the feeling we are left with (as always in Miki's tales) is love, not humiliation, and can thus make even me see the attraction of an AB life (though the messier aspects are unlikely to ever appeal to my obsessive-compulsive nature  ).
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
another lovely story micki i wonder weaht thiese contrrol devises are imight have ot get one. any way the story is very deep and i liek it cos tis not al lforcesd brainwashign its kinda his own choce in the end
they say beuty is in the eye of the beholder but there is no reason why it cant be wrong
I'd love to see this continued in the near future :)
this has the potential to be one of my favorite stories on the site ^_^
please continue *puppydog eyes*
lots of love
from lilgirl stephy :)
OMG Miki,
How do you do it?The essence of the baby expirience!!even if you were not into want to be after ..or as you are reading the story!!You just know you have to be with Tracy!!Its the only thing that matters!
Such a beautiful story..sweet contentment!
love it
thanks so much

I really hope that there could be a sequel!
Pampered Baby Sissy
This is such a cute little story Miki sweetheart! I agree there should be a sequel. You do manage to capture the very heart of what it is to be an Ababy. Please keep up the great work.
Baby Doll Sissy
You are still the greatest!! I love this!! I do so hope there is more.
I'd love to hear more of this story!
Sowwy fwo the delay Miki, but me kept my pwomise to you and wead the stowy, it iseths such a sweet and sentimental stowy, it iseths cute, just wike you. Me wikes this stowy wery much.


Baby Amy.


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Sissy Jot
This is a wonderful love story. I wish I was Robbie and could have had Tracy all to myself ... Wow! ... what a nice fantasy!

Keep up the good work
Aww little baby love. We all had it once and now they get to relive it all again
dat anoder gwood one Miki if onwy we couwd aww be so fouwtinate. Gwood witing and a cute stowwy. :)
Can't believe it's taken me so long to read this story. It's wonderful, Miki, and I think it's near-perfect. Totally heartwarming and I love the idea of Tracy and "Baby Snookums" being boyfriend and girlfriend. One of my favourites.  
ahhh you write so many and all of them are so good
thank you
april baby
Miki, will you please hypnotize me to be a sweet lil baby girl like tracy? A devastatingly sissy 'lil girl that can't worry about anything as long as she's dressed all in pink and diapered heavily. All she ever does is dream about fancy clothes and makeup and play with her dolls. and boys make her feel funny in her tummy!
Sweet Heart
This is such a wonderfully sweet love story

Wish I was Tracy n Robbie was my boyfrien ... I would be a cute n loving baby for him allll day n night *blushing*

Where is this house? You think they might want another baby?

Do keep up the wonderful work ... I so love your stories ... even the forced ones are so chocked full of love and caring.
Mina Silverwind
       I love this fabulous story the more times I read for more details and I hope you continue this lovely story in the long run.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
Babygirl Pixi
wat a gr8 story u always do good 1s :D
great story it really cute hope your writing a sequeal
miss ab melody
  Well this is way sweet ,love is all he said.
I loved it do you have a bunch more? I hope so
I loved it do you have a bunch more? I hope so!
Fantastic story! :D Loved it
Mike, you perfectly capture the essence of a Mommy/Baby relationship! I might have to use the Little Piggies nursery rhyme in one of my stories. I love the diaper changing scenes. Keep 'em coming!
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