XXX A day as Her Slave
A guy makes a bet with his friends sister. He loses and has to be her slave for a day. He doesnt realize how bad it can be.
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I was simply hanging out at my friends house. he had an older sister, Kayla, who was 3 years older then me. she was very hot, short, strong, and a bit of a slut. the strings of her thong would always hang out, and i looked up her skirts from time to time. I was a slightly smaller person for my age, although my penis size was normal. i was a pretty good looking guy, but never got to much action other then a make-out every once in awhile. Anyway My friend, her, and I sat watching a football game. My friend left to go to the bathroom when it all started....

Chapter 1: The Bet

"Giants got this game" i said

"bullshit, packers are deffinatley gonna win" she said back. I thought we could make it interesting

"How much you wanna bet"

Kayla thought. then said "loser has to be the other persons slave for a day" she said with a smirk. i was pretty confident in winning, and having her for a slave would be awesome. plus if i lost, there's no way it could be that bad.

"your on" i said
we each wrote down 3 secrets on a piece of paper, and put it in a jar. if someone broke the bet, the other person got the secrets and could tell whoever they wanted. this would keep us both honest on the bet

the game continued, and sure enough, the packers won.

"bitch! be at my house at 1030am saturday"

i was upset, but i figured it couldnt be that bad. i did remember that she would be home alone all weekend.

Chapter 2: Trip to walmart

I pulled up in a big suburban. the far back seats were down like a bed, and kayla got in the back seat, so it looked like i was her personal driver. the whole car ride she spoke about how she had the whole day planned, and that i was gonna look so adorable in what she had planned. i was nervous for sure.

we walked into walmart, and she started grabbing things. A wig, some makeup, and then she stopped a grabbed something else. i was mortified

"Extra Large Disney Princess Diapers for the little sissy girl" she said with a wink. i couldnt believe it, she might actually make me wear that! she bought a pacifer and bottle too, and we checked out and went in the car.

"close your eyes and pucker up, make over time!"

"here? now?" i said nervously, people would see through the windows

"do it now slut!"

i did. the makeup felt odd on me. she did every thing, eye shadow, liner, blush, lipstick, and then she painted my nails a bright pink! it was awful. and im sure some people noticed.

"lay down in the back!" i did as i was told, as she grabbed her bag. as i laid there, she took off my pants. i had a minor erection because she was straddling me and the fact she pulled my pants down was hot. i was embarrassed.

"Aww, is the little girl getting excited about her diaper? i think i can handle that" i was obviously not excited for the diaper. but she pulled down my underwear, and i had a full erection. she grabbed it, and started rubbing it. i was getting my first handjob

"whatttt, are you dooooinngg" i said in deep breathes, and the feeling was amazing

"Sometimes little girls need to be happy, plus its funny to watch you squirm." i was, and i saw she had a small paper towel that was going to be used to catch my cum. she kept rubbing, i let out soft moans, and finally, i reached the climax and came. it was a great feeling. she had definatley dealt with dicks before.

"aw. your face is so cute when you cum. thats just precious. now, lets get the little girl diapered up!" as my erection depleted, she put on a little powder and taped me up. the feeling was odd, having a diaper on. it was a tight fit, and my butt felt weird being so padded. i looked at my crotch and saw the princesses faces. i was mortified. Kayla put a pacifer in my mouth and took 2 pictures. she told me to drive home. i avoided eye contact with any driver as they could see my makeup and pacifier.

Chapter 3: The Trouble continues.

the drive to and from walmart was about 30 minutes. kayla made we walk outside in the diaper, my shirt, the wig, and paci n makeup to the inside of my house. i think the neighbor saw.

"Alright baby girl, time for a fashion show! your going to wear everything i give you, so be ready"

she tossed me a skirt, a bra that we stuffed, and a bright pink blouse. she helped me put them all on, the skirt was so short, my diaper was sticking out through the bottom. i looked in her mirror, and other then the diaper, i looked like a legit girl. Kayla started a camcorder when the dressing started, and recorded it all. i was beating a bright red of embarassment. then the door bell rang...

"Hey. sissy, answer the door. its some of my friends i invited over for the show."

"what! thats not part of the deal"

"what deal? if you dont do it, ill post the video and pics to facebook, and everyone will see, now go answer the door!" this just switched from a bet, to a blackmail. but she was right, what choice did i have, i had to go along.

so i opened the door upstairs, and 4 of the hottest girls ive ever seen started laughing their very hot asses off. the lifted my skirt and felt up my diaper to see if i was wet (which i wasnt) and the rubbing gave me a boner.

"O the girls got a boner in her diaper! hahaha!" one said. Kayla was up there, and they each took a picture next to me, grabbing my dick through the princess diaper. the laughing continued as we walked down to Kaylas room.

"lets make her cum in the diaper! thatd be so funny!"
"great idea!"

i was pushed to the ground, 1 girl started kissing me, 1 rubbed my nipples through my shirt, and the other 3 all were rubbing my dick! it was amazing, i was softly moaning.

"Hey, i want to hear you moan like a girl taking it in the ass, now go!" Kayla demanded.

i started yelling "ooo yeah, right there, right there, keep going. faster, faster, harder, harder!" of course the camera was still rolling in the room. i was reaching climax, and the feeling was so hot. i came and let out a loud moan. the girls all giggled, i never had cum that much before, and it was all in my diaper. Kayla rubbed it around so the stickiness got in everywhere. the girls were now picking out outfits, and i fixed my skirt. All the girls got pictures of me in my cum filled diaper. i was so embarrassed. Kayla laid me down, and gave me a change. comments about me not having a vagina were made, and kayla cleaned the cum off me with baby wipes. she powered me and taped the princesses back on me.

Now the girls gave me more outfits to wear. sundresses, skirts, shorts, blouses, nighties. then finally, i was given these jean booty shorts. when Kayla wore these, her ass cheeks almost hung out, they were so short. it took 20 minutes of pushing, but they were on me. the bottom of my diaper was sticking through the legs, and the top of my diaper was sticking out the top, thats how small. then, i was given a cowgirl shirt that was tied in a knot by the boobs. my stomach and fake cleavage were exposed, and my legs. i was led upstairs, and the girls all got me in the car. one of the grabbed the camera to keep recording. i was told to drive to the nearby grocery store, 5 minutes away.

Chapter 4 : O No

the girls told me to get out of the car when we got there. dont get me wrong, other then the diaper parts, i looked like a sexy girl. coulda fooled anyone. but i did not wanna be seen in public. i begged and pleaded, but the girls made me go in. people stared and we walked to the bathroom

"dont worry, Ill change your diaper" Kayla announced, so people could here. we walked in the bathroom and i was bent over and spanked by kayla (again, giving me an erection). the spanking hurt, but it was ok. my booty shorts were pulled down, and my diaper exposed.

"i want you to pee your diaper, you little baby"

"i dont have to though!" which was a lie. it had been a long day

"you better, or you can walk home"

i didnt have a choice. i tried to push it out. i tried, and tried, then i took a deep breathe and relaxed. i peed in my diaper. the feeling was hot and odd. i didnt know what to think. the girls were laughing hysterically. the girl with the camera felt it to make sure it was wet.

"now, give your paci. now say 'im a big sissy baby girl. and i need to wear diapers all the time'"

i hesitated. "im a big sissy baby girl, i need to wear diapers all the time"

"good girl, now say 'im a little girl, and need my diapee changed"

"im a little girl, and i need my diapee changed" i spoke towards the camera. the girls kept laughing

"awww, your so cute. so heres whats gonna happen. im gonna take these shorts, and me and the girls are gonna go to the car. you better run through the store to the car in that wet diaper, or we will leave you here!" then the girls took off before i could think. i was standing there, makeup, wig, pacifier in hand, shirt in a knot, and in a wet diaper. i had to run, but everyone would see. i swallowed. and ran.

the girls of course filmed the whole thing, and about 4 people took notice.

"whatta good baby. now lie down for your diaper change"

"shouldnt we get in the car first?" i asked

"nope. the parking lot will be fine" just the her 4 freinds pinned me down to the ground. kayla gave me diaper change then and there. i dont think anyone saw, but it was so nerve racking. we then got done, and got in the car. before we left, kayla kept rubbing the front of my diaper. she rubbed in furiously until i almost came. then she stopped. i was disappointed. the whole drive home shed rub it until i almost climaxed, then shed sit and wait. it was pure torture, and hard to drive.

Chapter 5: Pizza

we walked inside, and i cleaned around the house, nothing but the diaper, paci and wig on. (plus my makeup they just refreshed). then i was called down stairs. Kayla removed my diaper and gave me a bright pink thong and a tiny skirt to wear. the feeling was odd. when my dick was soft, i could kinda of push it back so it was covered. and having that string around my butt just felt odd. plus the weird breezes up the skirt. Kayla walked behind me and gave me a quick wedgie that hurt like hell! now the sides of the thong were above the skirts, as well as the back part.

"Ive seen you look up my skirt before you dirty girl. and ive worn thongs, so now i want you to know how it feels to be looked at like that. i ordered pizza, and when the guy gets here, you are going to be sitting in a chair behind me with your legs apart!"

"no please kayla! he will see im a guy too! dont make me!" i pleaded. it was no use, so i sat there. minutes later, the door bell rang. as the guy walked in, he had this crazy look. i got up and ran downstairs. mortified. the girls ran down a minute late. kayla put me bent over on the bed so my thong covered ass stuck out. of course a camera still recorded everything, and i was spanked 20 times.

"alright you little whore. for ruining this, i want to totally humiliate you. lay down." i did as instructed. i lied there completly naked as she took everything off. then she diapered me again.

"now, heres a stuffed bear" mind you, this bear was the size of her "you are gunna hump it in the ass, until you cum in your diaper. understood?" i was screwed. and humiliated. i got down and just started humping. kaylas friends were cracking up and recording the whole thing. as i was humping, she kept spanking my diapered ass. yelling how i was a naughty little girl. i was getting close and she told me to stop

"dont you dare cum yet. i want you to hump my leg, and beg for forgivness while you cum in that diaper. say exactly this." she gave me a piece of paper she wrote on while i was on the bear.

i put my legs around one of hers, my diaper pressed against he legs, and i thrusted like i would have if i was having sex. i yelled "o my sexy kayla, let my cummy diaper please allow you to forgive me. im nothing but a little sissy girl, who wants to cum in my diapee while i hump your leg" my breathing was getting heavy as i was close to climax. "i want to be your sissy baby girl forever, and i want to cum in my princess diapee for you!" i yelled as i came. i felt it all rush in my diaper. and kayla told me to keep going even though i came. she smiled as the camera captured everything, and she told me to smile and wave at it. i did.

i was pushed off her leg and told to sit. the girls huddled up. then kayla go this short, black, sparkly nice dress. i out it on. it was so short that almost my entire diaper could be seen. she grabbed a pair of pink panties that had hearts all over and i put those on. i guess she wasnt gonna change my diaper. the panties were tight, but they did fit over my diaper. and you could still she parts of it sticking out the bottom. plus the sag. the girls put the paci back in my mouth, and re did my makeup and fixed my wig. i looked in the mirror again. beside the paci and diaper/panty hanging out, i looked like a hot girl getting ready to go out.

chapter 6: More things to do

about 15 minutes of cleaning in that outfit, and the girl started taking off there clothes. i was so unsure of what was happening. they were all in there bras and panties, and the bent me over. each took 15 good spanks on me, and made comments to the camera about it like "take it there you naughty girl" "i bet you love it in the butt you whore" and other things. of course, my erection came back. theyd grab it and say mean things. then we all sat in a circle, they grabbed magazines and talked girlie. of course i was made to answer questions about hair, makeup, which guy id rather do, and other stuff. then i made food and we all ate. we went downstairs, the girls took there panties and bras off. they all laid next to eachother on the bed

"alright little slut, you have to make each of us cum using your mouth. no breaks in between. and i want you rubbing through your panties and diaper, so you cum too." then kayla sat at the end of the bed. i went to work on the first girl.

i had never eaten out a girl before, but it tasted good and the feeling was weird. it took a long time to make these girls cum too. i came by the time i got to kayla who was last. she took forever to make cum, and my mouth was so sore! eating out girls in such a workout, and now my diaper and 2 cummings worth in it.

"not bad slut, not bad" she said. the girls all changed into nighties and thongs. i was finally given a diaper change. then i was given a thong to wear over the diaper and a nightie. more pics and camera shots were taken, and we finally laid down for bed. i was given a baby bottle from kayla

"drink all that, i want your diaper wet tomorrow morning" she said. i drank it all with the girls watching and we all laid down. i was exhausted and fell asleep.

chapter 7: finally

i was the first up which was good. it gave me time to get myself to wet the diaper. the feeling still felt strange, and i felt juvenile and i sat around for 45 minutes in this wet diaper wetting for the girls to wake up. they all felt my diaper to make sure it was wet. then i was changed out of the diaper and put into some soft white panties and a school girl outfit. again, pictures were taken, and everything was filmed. i was told to lie on the bed. the girls tied my hands and feet to the bed post so i was unable to move.

Kayla took off her thong, she was just in her nightie. "make me cum one more time you little bitch" she commanded and sat on my face. my tounge was between her vagina and butt, but i just kept moving it. i always had stared at her ass, now it was on my face. it took around 10 minutes of work, he moans grew louder and finally came. i had a major erection and the skirt was pushed up because of it

"looks like the school girl likes this game" she said with a wink. my skirt was fully pushed up and panties pulled down. then, she started banging my dick. it was and incredible feeling, i was having sex. in makeup, with a wig, in a school girl outfit and agianst my will, but it was sex. i was moaning, and she could tell i loved it. i couldnt believe i was inside of her. i could feel my orgasm coming, she stopped, and jerked me off til i came. she got the cum in the panties.

i was untied and stripped naked. i lied on the ground again, and was diapered. the feeling was still odd, the cushion was strange yet comforting. she gave me a small pink shirt that said baby on the front. pictures and video taken more (they also captured the bed scene). kaylas friends had to leave, they all kissed me good bye and gave me a few spanks and dick grabs too. i couldnt believe all those hot girls saw that. i cleaned the house which took an hour. kayla gave me my old pants and shirt back (not underwear). and i put them on over the diaper. my makeup and wig removed. i was completly normal except for the diaper underneath. we got in the car and i drove home.

"now look, i have video of the whole night, and pictures. dont be surprised if i black mail you into doing it all again ya little sissy." she was right. i thought back to what happened: wore girls clothes, panties n thongs, makeup, a wig, a pacifier, princess diapers, came in the diapers, peed in the diapers, ran through public place in peed diapers, publicly changed, ate 5 girls out, spanked, humped a stuffed bear in diapers, humped her leg in diapers and came in them, got face sat, sex against my will, admitted to doing all of it to the camera. if she ever wanted it again, she had all the black mail in the world

she rubbed my diaper on the way home. i came one more time in the driveway

"the face you make when you cum is still cute. haha your such a sissy girl. next time you come over, im making you wear a diaper, i dont care if my brother sees or not"

that scared me again. i opened the car door and walked inside. knowing things were never going to be the same.

PART 2!!!

Chapter 1: Again

I got home that day. House empty with everyone being busy. when a day like I just experienced happens, the feeling is so strange. I went up to my room, and just crashed. I awoke 4 hours later, and realized I was still wearing a diaper with my cum in it. I stripped down to just the diaper, and looked at myself in the mirror. just a diaper with princesses on it. I didn’t understand how a small bet turned into something so large. I took the diaper off and took a shower. I hid the diaper in the garbage can outside. I then just laid down and reflect on what happened.

the next 5 days were normal. nothing happened, and I lived my life. It was Saturday again, and my rents left to go to a friend’s house for the weekend, my oldest sister lived at home, but was at her boyfriends. my older sister (2 years younger) was at college. it was noon and my phone vibrated. it was a text. from Kayla.

"Hey little sissy girl! it’s been awhile since we had our fun day! what are you doing!?"

"I’m at home doing nothing. please leave me alone"

"Here’s what your gonna do. go to your sister’s room, grab one of her thongs and put it one. put on one of her skirts too. then bend over in front of a mirror and send me a picture (;"

"Uhm, no"

"Perhaps you forgot, I have pictures and videos of your. do it or its on facebook. bitch"

I couldn’t believe she was gonna do this to me. I thought it was over. I didn’t have a choice, I walked into my sister’s room and grabbed a white thong that had a flower of the back triangle part above the g-string. I found a skirt, and put that on too. went to the mirror and snapped a pic. I was mortified that I just did that. I sent the picture. I got a text back 30 seconds later

"now one with full panties on. I think I saw your sis wear a pair of yellow ones that say PINK on the butt. get them on."

I did as she instructed. it was gross, I had to dig through my sister’s laundry bin to find them. I took the picture and sent it.

"what a cute lil girl u r. you'll be hearing from me later"

o I was pissed. I got re dressed and started to game it up. about 2 hours later, the doorbell rang. I went downstairs to find a brown bag in front of the door and no one in sight. I opened it and pulled out a bright pink pull up, it had barbies face on the front, and said "Barbie Girl" on the butt. I ran upstairs and sure enough I had a message on my phone.

"keep this until next weekend. plz don’t wear it and cum in it, even though I know you want to (;"

I got nervous. I knew my parents left on their second honey moon next Thursday and were going to be gone until Monday. I just sat thinking

For the rest of the week, I had to wear my sister’s underwear and take pictures. for some reason I would get an erection, which Kayla pointed out all the time how her little girl loved it.

Chapter 2: Going back

Friday night came, and I my phone vibrated.

"Baby girl, its time. put on your Barbie diaper. I’ll be there in 15 to pick you up"

UGH! I couldn’t believe it! I was so mad! I put it on and put clothes on over. the old feeling of the diaper returned. I remember all the things I did in diapers before. I was just hoping it wouldn’t be so bad. Kayla pulled in the driveway and I walked outside. she rolled her window down, she had 2 friends (both were there last time, I never heard why her other 2 friends weren’t there) sitting there giggling. they were so hot. the one had a video camera, and the other took pictures as Kayla yelled

"Drop your pants right now whore! one more step and you’ll regret it!" it was still bright out. I slid down my shorts revealing the pink fluff I was wearing. Laughing roared, and I looked around, blushing, seeing if other people saw. 2 cars did drive by.

"Get in ya slut" I pulled my pants up and did as I was told. I sat down next to her friends, who reached in my pants feeling up my diaper, giving me a boner.
"little girl excited for the weekend I see" said one of her friends. Kayla talked about how she missed her sissy, and that we were going to have so much fun!

we walked in her house and her brother, my friend was sitting there. I said hey and played it off as cool. Kayla said she hated picking up his friends, and made it sound like I had to get picked up to hangout with him. we watched TV and played games. then at 9 he told me he was going over to his cousins and I was invited. I said yes and we sat around for a little.

I got a text. Kayla again.

"Tell him you’re not going, and I’m taking you home. and wet your diaper in the next 5 minutes. or else" God Damnit.

So I said that I had to go home, he was leaving in 5. I had to relax my muscles and try to pee. it was so difficult. but I finally managed to wet my diaper. the hot weird feeling between my legs was remembered. So he then left to his cousins and Kayla came upstairs and yanked down my shorts and GRABBED my crotch.

"The little girl peed her diapee! awwwee!" she began to rub and my erection was full. she kept stroking it over and over. the hot diaper was being constantly rubbed over my cock, and I was getting close to cumming. I didn’t realize she was recording it all, but I guess I was use to that by now. I let out soft moans. then, I felt myself go crazy and I came in my already wet diaper.

"I just love the funny cum face you make. such a cute girl your are" she laughed. I couldn’t believe I came in a diaper again. I was utterly embarrassed. she grabbed me and brought me downstairs to where her friends were. they tossed me a bottle filled with water. I was given a pink nightie and a pink thong to wear over my diaper.

"finish the bottle, then go to sleep. tomorrows gonna be fun"

"wait! you’re not gonna change me or anything! this is so uncomfortable" a wet and cum filled tight pull up was very aggravating.

"sorry, that’s the only one we have. you’ll buy yourself new ones tomorrow." with that the lights went off and door was slammed. I couldn’t believe how uncomfortable I was again. and what did she mean buy new ones? I just started sucking the bottle and tried to sleep...

Chapter 3: SHOP till ya DROP!

I was half awake when I felt something. Kayla’s 2 friends were rubbing me through my thong and diaper. it was hot. moans escaped my lips.

"you can’t cum unless you keep screaming "I wanna cum in my diapee!" one of the girls said laughing. I had to give in. I heard the camera recording sound go off. then I had to yell

"o I wanna, I wanna cum in my diapee" I said

"say you’re a sissy girl who wants cum all over your diaper, and keep yelling for it harder like girl!"

"oh oh oh, HARDER HARDER HARDER, I’m a sissy girl who wants cum in my diaper! HARDER!" I kept moaning, I was getting close. then I was grabbed and flipped over. on my hands and knees, my diapered butt in the air. my nightie came down to my chest. the girls kept rubbing the front of my diaper. at the same time they started to spank me

"take it all you sissy slut! you love when we spank your diapered ass! say it"

"I’m a sissy slut, I love getting my diapered ass spannnn..! AHHH" I couldn’t finish saying it as I came a massive cum in my diaper. 2 cums and 1 pee in the diaper. it was getting saggy. and sticky, and cold. the girls spanked 2 or 3 more times and said Kayla will be in in a minute. Then they left. I was getting sick of saying the things they wanted. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a guy and I like getting to cum, but screaming those things, and getting it done in girls clothes or diapers was not how I wanted to do it. Kayla then entered the room.

“I heard some little girl had a good morning.” She said with a wink. She tossed me another baby bottle.

“Drink up baby cakes. And why don’t you put this on too” she tossed me a light pink sundress. I put it on and it barely covered my diaper. If I bent any direction, I think you would see a bulge form it. And of course the familiar wig from last time was on the ground, I put that on without asking.

“I expect that bottle empty in 20 minutes. In the mean time we’ll help you get ready” with that her friends walked in. I continued to suck the bottle while they got a bra on me and stuffed it. Makeup was applied, and my fake hair was done. Nails were painted a matching pink and white lace socks were on my feet. I slipped on some girlie shoes too. I looked in the mirror. I couldn’t recognize myself. I truly looked like a girl, as I didn’t have a real manly face, and now with makeup I didn’t look like a guy in any way.

“You look great to go shopping today!” she said. I was petrified.

“we, we’re going out?”

“That’s why we got you ready! Were gonna make you buy your own diapers!” o god no I thought. There’s no way. Even though I didn’t look like a boy at all, I was freaking out. I cant be seen in public again, not to mention go up and buy diapers while wearing them. This was getting ridiculous. But again, what was I supposed to do! I just sucked on my bottle a little more until it was empty. About a half hour later, the girls were all ready, and we got in the car. I drove us to the small market that we went to before that I had to run in. I wasn’t worried about being recognized. Just knowing I was wearing a diaper and this wasn’t who I was got my so embarrassed. We got to the store, and I kind of had to pee. The bottles were taking a toll on me. The girls drew attention to us by them being gorgeous, and walking around with a video camera. I received a few spanks as we walked around. Then we got to the baby isle.

“Ok, now this is how everything’s going to happen, were gonna ask that cute girl over here to help us. You are going to say you need to buy some diapers to fit you. Then I want you to ask her if she’ll change you. And don’t worry, we’ll help you pick.” Damnit. I watched them go over to the cute girl. She was about my size, bleach blonde, blue eyes, and a pretty nice body. She wore casual jeans and her work shirt.

“What can I help you with?” she said looking at me. She probably couldn’t see through my makeup, but I was beating a dark shade of red.

“I, ugh,” I began to say, trying to make my voice higher to disguise the boyishness to it. “I need to buy some diapers for myself. Do you know what size would fit me”

The girl gave this blank stare, I think she was fighting back a bit of a laugh, but I wasn’t sure.

“Yeah, uhm, here. These are all of our extra large packs, and we have a few adult ones on the other side if these won’t fit” she said. Kayla’s friends asked her a few questions and as they did Kayla whispered to me.

“When you thank her, I want you to wet yourself. And make it obvious. Then ask for a change from her. Understood?” fuck me! was my thought. First off, my diaper was filled with 2 cummings and 1 peeing. The sage was already there and now more? It might have leaked! Secondly, I wasn’t that great at peeing in it yet, and of course asking for a change would kill me to say. I gulped and turned back to the girl, already trying to relax my muscles.

“Thank you miss for helping me.” then I let out a bit of a sigh, and my face squinted. Everyone knew I was peeing. They all got quiet and heard the light hiss noise. The heat filled my diaper. The fact it didn’t leak was lucky. I was able to stop peeing a little which probably helped.
The girl looked around avoiding eye contact.

“Miss, can I, I ask you if you would change me?”
She had a bit of a smirk, then turned around, not saying a word. I never felt so embarrassed in my life. This girl who I’d kill to talk to just got asked by me if she would change my girly diaper. I felt like I was going to cry. Laughter erupted from the girls.

“Hahaha that was perfect!” said Kayla. Then she grabbed a bag of diapers and handed to me. As we walked to check out I saw what they looked like. They were white with blue and pink flowers all over, and it said “princess” in pink on the butt. I don’t remember exactly what brand. We walked to checkout and Kayla said

“Can we take a diaper out and changer her in the bathroom and pay after? She’s very wet” She said as she padded my crotch. I was actually looking forward to getting out of this soaked and saggy diaper. The clerk gave an odd look, but shook her head. I was led by the hand into the familiar bathroom.

“Ok baby, lay down” I did as I was told. My pink dress was flipped up and my diaper now had a yellowish tint in it. Kayla undid it and made comments how much pee and cum was in it. She grabbed a wipe and started cleaning me. Her friends kept giggling. She sprinkled on powder and rubbed it in good on my dick. I was getting hard. Really hard. She started jerking me a little, but then stopped and taped up my diaper. As I got to my feet, she grabbed my dick and pushed it down. Now instead of it hiding in my waistband, my boner was straight out. My dress was pulled back on.

“I think we should go. If you so much as touch your dick, everyone here will see a spanking”
We walked out of the bathroom and up to the clerk and paid for the diapers. Her and a few others saw a pretty girl, wearing princess diapers, and having a boner walk out of the store. They all must of thought I was some transgender who had loved diapers and was this crazy freak. I drove us home, relieved that was over.

Chapter 4: A surprise guest.

We got home that day and of course the minute I walked in I was bent over and spanked. They kept telling me how cute my diapers were and how I was the perfect little baby girl. Then a knock on the door. I stood straight up. It was my friend (I havn’t said his name yet. We’ll say its John). The one whose sister was doing all this to me. Kayla looked at me before answering the door.

“You might want to pretend to be a girl if you don’t want him finding out” she opened the door.

“Kayla, what are these people doing here?”

“Don’t worry about it. I don’t need your permission to have people over”
He kind of gave me a strange look.

“Oh, you havn’t met Michelle yet. Michelle this is my brother John” Michelle wasn’t even close to my boy name, but whatever. I gave a quiet wave and said hi. We all made our way to the couch and sat down. I never wore a dress and didn’t keep my legs closed! But John didn’t notice. Kayla was kind enough to whisper she enjoyed the show in my ear.

We all watched TV and there was a few light conversations. John said he was going to go to his friends to play basketball and maybe spend the night. I was mad because I was invited but obviously couldn’t go. I stood up and went to the garage to get everyone something to drink. It took awhile to walk that far and get everything together. My phone vibrated. This dress had a Velcro pocket, and Kayla wanted me to have it incase my parents called so nothing would be suspicious. She had sent me a text.

“We are telling my brother you have a diaper fetish, and love to get spanked. So we are going to have some fun when you get back. Good thing you’ve practiced your moan, because I want you to moan every spank”

I can’t believe her. She was going to have my friend spank me. I thought atleast she didn’t try to make us do worse things, but still. This was going to be weird.
I walked back and gave everyone their drink. As I went to my seat Kayla shot up, lifted my dress up and pushed me over the couch so my ass was sticking in the air.

“wow! She does wear diapers! That’s so funny!”
John was laughing and he got up. He started to spank my diapered ass. I had to moan or Kayla would be brutal

“Mmmmm…. O yeahhhhh………. Ughhhh….. yeahh hit me again… harder….. ooohhh….” He gave me a good 20 spanks. He was laughing so hard at this at took a picture of me bent over on his phone. The girls through in a few spanks and then I was let go. I was fixing my dress and he kept asking me why I loved diapers and how turned on I was. The awkwardness was crazy. Thank god he looked at his phone and decided to leave.

“well that was fun, next time ill have you two do some fun things together” Kayla said. She took my hand and we went downstairs.

Chapter 5: Her Pleasure

Kayla started rambling to her friends how she hadn’t had sex in 2 weeks, and she hasn’t masturbated much lately. She was a total slut. She took it everywhere, all the time, from pretty much anyone. So of course this leads back to me. After a while of whispering, she turns back to me. Her friends grab the video camera and digital, and start them up. Kayla pulled her pants down and took off her shirt. She had on a light blue bra and matching light blue thong with a darker blue outline on the strings. Her body made me cringe. I could feel myself growing. She took my dress and bra off.

“I haven’t gotten any for a bit to long. So your going to satisfy all my needs, first, why don’t you give my pussy a taste again” she laid down on the bed, and pushed the front of her thong to the side. Her bra was taken off, and I got on my knees and started to go to work. I was going to town, sticking my tongue all in and around her pussy. I put my hands up and started playing with her tits. This was one thing I didn’t mind to much. My dick felt a little restrained in the diaper still, but I was getting use to that.

“don’t you start humping and getting off” she said in between deep breathes. She began moaning more and more. I stuck my tongue in and flicked it around, and she reached climax.

“the best thing about being a girl is we can cum a lot of times in a row. Now, this holes turn.” She flipped over, and lifted the g-string off her ass and pushed it to the side of her cheeks. Her ass was incredibly sexy, and I knew what I had to do. So I began to do what I did to her pussy, to her ass. It didn’t taste as good, and it was a lot less to explore. I was told to give her ass a few slaps too. I wiggled my tongue all around her butt. I could tell she had done anal plenty of times, and she was finally starting to moan about 10 minutes later. I stuck my tongue almost straight upward and moved it up and down, and that finally got her to cum again.

Now I had eaten a girl out, and gotten her off with her ass.

“not bad my bitch. I bet your dying to touch yourself” which was totally true.

“Your lucky your tongues only a few inches long. Now I want a deeper feeling.” With that she ripped my diaper off, leaving my raging erection on display. She got a tiny pink thong out and gave me to put on. Then a tiny plaid skirt. My boner stuck straight out and the thong was just pushed over some. She then took a diaper out of the pack, and fully laid it out open, ready to be strapped on.

“when you have to cum, you pull out and do it on this diaper. Now lets go!” she told me after that the thong and skirt were so I still felt like a bitch even while I was having sex. Which was true, but I didn’t care.

She laid on the bed and took her thong off. She rolled it up and stuck it in my mouth. I inserted my dick and started thrusting. The whole time she kind of laid there and took it, making me do all the work. It was great to actually have sex though. I couldn’t believe it. In a matter of minutes, I had to cum so I pulled out and came on the diaper. Then I went back and started again. This time, it was about 15 minutes and I came on it again. I didn’t know I could produce so much. Before I started again, she turned over and got on all 4s on the bed. I thought doggy-style, then she pointed to her ass. So I stuck it in her ******* and just kept moving. It was loose enough from her doing it there before, and me eating it out. I kept going over and over and she was moaning a lot when we were doing anal. I had to cum one more time so I went back to the diaper. Then I had to do her in the ass more until she came again. Finally, we were done.
I ate her pussy out, ate her ass out, banged her until I came once and again, then I did her in the ass until I came a third time. It was amazing and exhausting.

“Haha, what a good little girl” she said. My thong removed, then I was told to lie on the diaper I came on 3 times. It was put on me, which was grossly sticky. The flowers and princess saying reminded me again that I still had to do this against my will. I was still her slave. She tossed me a bottle that I drank with no question. Having sex makes you get really thirsty. I was then put in a pink onesie, and we went upstairs. I made the 3 girls food, and we watched tv for an hour or so. As we sat, a knock on the door again. Who could it be this time.

Chapter 6: Total Embarrassment

I cringed at the thought of who could be at the door. I was sitting in a diaper sagging with cum, a pink onesie, makeup, a pacifier, and a wig. I was just hoping it was someone I didn’t know. Boy was I wrong.

“Kassy, this is the little baby girl…” Kayla announced and pointed towards me. I was in agony. I had a crush on Kassy since forever. She was kind of tall, big tits, great ass, long black hair, and I had always checked her out, almost daily. And she could tell it was me. She let out a huge laugh!

“Kayla, I didn’t know you were serious! This is so funny! Look at HER! O I want to feel his diaper!”

I cant believe this was happening to me. She walked over with a smirk and started to rub the front. Kayla walked over and took the onesie off me so I was just in my girly diaper. As Kassy rubbed it, an erection began to form.

“Jeez, settle down there. Girls don’t get boners, do they” she said to me. I didn’t respond. Not only because I had a pacifier in my mouth, but because I didn’t know what to say. I was mortified. I was told to get on all 4s so she could spank me a few times. That hurt a little and Kassy was having the time of her life.

“Well Kassy, ive had her eat me out in the vag and butt, and had sex with both as well, so if you want some pleasure, ill get HER right o n it.”

“hmm, I am kind of horny. Lets do this.” She took off her shirt and shorts. Her body was sooo hot, I had never even seen her in a swimsuit before. She was wearing a cheetah print bra and a matching thong. She turned around and bet over.

“My ass is ready big girl” she said to me. having her call me a girl was awful. But I was excited to do things to her. So I went over there, pushed aside her g-string, and started eating her ass out. Hers tasted better then Kaylas for some reason. Not to mention it was bigger, and much sexier. I stuck my tongue in deep inside her. Kayla was telling me somethings to do. So as I was licking around in there, I pushed her cheeks together fast, which slapped me in the face and apparently got Kassy excited. I stuck a few fingers in there with my tongue, she started moving her hips in a rhythm with me. she was letting out some moans, and finally I got her to yell, and cum. I saw her thong was wet from her pussy. She flipped over and took her bra off. Her D sized tits looked like a goddesses. She told me to fuck her right there, so Kayla slid my diaper down, and I stuck my dick in Kassy, something I never thought I would do. I was thrusting my hips as fast and as hard as I could, i was letting out more moans then she was! She took it though, and I just loved the sight of her tits bouncing up and down. I kept going and going, trying to push my dick deeper and deeper inside her. I was about to cum. I said that, and Kayla pulled me away from Kassy and yanked up my diaper, she gave it a few rubs and I came in it. For the 4th time.

“Thanks baby girl. Too bad a girl with a strap-on gives me better sex than you” she teased me, but I didn’t care. I was thrilled to just done her.
She put her thong and bra back on, and then the rest of her clothes, then she declared “I want to change her!” again, hearing her refer to me as a her was aggravating, but I had to listen what she said because Kayla was making it clear that Kassy was just as much in charge.

So I laid down, and Kassy un-did my diaper. “what a naughty girl you’ve been, the inside is all sticky from cum! I think I’ve got something to punish you with.” She slid off the diaper and flipped me over. A few spanks on my bare ass, and she went rummaging through her purse. Kayla and her friends began to laugh. I was nervous.

“hold still” she said. I turned around. It was small, pink, and glittery. But it was still a butt plug. I couldn’t believe it. I thought the whole time I was so lucky to avoid this type of thing. Kassy first teased it around my hole, then she slowly put it in. I cringed at the feeling. It was painful and quite strange. I had known that even though I didn’t want something in butt, that when that happens, people still get erections because of the contact, so there was nothing I could do when I got a boner from it. She pushed it all the way in and flipped me over.

“Looks like someones excited!”

“No, I’m not! This would happen to anyone, its just the feel…”

“shut up sissy girl! Just tell us that you’re a sissy girl and you like it in the ass”

I sighed “I’m a sissy girl, and I like it in the ass”

“good girl. Now lets diaper you up” she said.
She sprinkled on some powder and the diaper was taped on over my erection. As I stood up, Kassy yelled for the girls to grab me. They did and I was bent over the couch. Now the butt plug she gave me was probably pretty small for a plug, and she could have given me one much worse. But there was one thing about this plug I didn’t know. Kassy reached into her purse and pulled out a tiny remote.

“Enjoy little sissy” with that she pressed a button. The plug began to vibrate inside my butt! The feeling was awful, but also really good. I was squirming but the girls didn’t let me move. Kassy kept pushing her hand against my diaper trying to move the plug in further. I was sweating and losing control, the girls ordered some moaning.

“Ohhhh yeah. Ugh, ugh, ugh...” I continued to moan, the feeling was overwhelming. I had a huge erection, and Kayla whispered to me “its not stopping till you climax.” Now being a guy, you can only cum so many times and then it feels like you will, but nothing comes out. Its still an orgasm, its just dry. Well I figured that was going to happen since I previously came very recently. This feeling in my ass was just out of control. I felt the back of my diaper pulled down, and Kassy grabbed the vibrating plug and moved it in and out so fast. She pushed it in pretty deep at some points, which made me let out a little squeal. Finally, after much moaning, I let out a scream and I had climaxed. The plug was left in my butt, but the switch was off and she put my diaper back over my butt. I laid there for a little in just my diaper, sweating and panting. I saw Kassy smirking, Kayla and her friends told me to wave to the camera that captured it all.

Chapter 7: Long day

I just was laying in my diaper, finally getting control of my breathe. Kayla went downstairs and grabbed some things for me to wear. She came back up. First the girls did my makeup and hair. Nails and toe nails redone, and I was ready for clothes. She gave me these cute panties that we pink and black polka dots with a little ruffle thing over. It had a matching bra that we stuffed. Then I was given this awful dress, it was white with light pink flowers all over and a pink ruffle trim. Whatever, I was dressed like a real girl, and looked like one too. Kassy wanted some pictures with me, so all of those were taken. During some of them shed flip on the vibrate so they would have a picture of my reaction. Not fun.

Kassy had to leave, so I pulled my diaper down and gave her the plug back. It was sooo nice to get that thing out of me. she gave me a kiss on the cheek and said bye to everyone. I cant believe this girl I dreamed of had sex with me, but now will probably never date me because she thinks I’m a big sissy. Kayla gave me a few more spanks, and made me clean a few more things, and decided it was time for me to go home. I was thankful because she could have had me over night and for a good few hours the next morning. So Kayla’s friends did a few hugs, kisses, and diaper feels to say goodbye. I was dressed properly (again, except for my diaper), and Kayla then drove me home.

We got to my house and she told me to lay down in the back. I did as she told and she straddled me. My pants pulled down and shirt off, so I laid completely in a diaper. She started to kiss me and rub it. It felt good. Soft moans escaping my lips. I was getting hot, and Kayla stopped kissing and watch me as I came in my diaper again.

“That cum face you make never gets old. You look so cute and funny.” She said with a laugh. Clothes were put back on, she looked at me and said “Can’t wait for next time”, a thought that scared me beyond belief as I left the car. I walked in my house and she pulled away. What another crazy day.


chapter 1: the text

A month had past and i was living life normally. besides the giggle kassy gave me everytime i saw her, i was so afraid she would tell people the situation i had been in. but little did i know it wasnt over

i got a text from kayla

"didnt forget about you pretty girl! ill be picking you up sunday at noon. be ready (;"

dammmittt! not agian! i thought to myself, this was all gonna happen again. kassy walked up to me in the hall that day at school.

"looks like i get to see you sissied up again, haha. cant wait" she said with a giggle. i couldnt believe this.

chapter 2: right down to it.

sunday came, i was picked up and brought over to kaylas house. just her and kassy this time. again she got out a camera and began to record eveyrthing. i was laid down and kayla pulled my clothes off

"aww, little girl musta missed me! this dick needs some attention." with that she began to rub my cock fast. heat raced through my body, i let out soft moans and after a few minutes i came. she wiped it up and then proceeded to diaper me up.
these diapers had little yellow roses all over and were white. the soft imprisionment of diapers filled my again. while i was daipered, kassy put on my wig, then did my hair, makeup, and nails and kayla then went and got me a short, tight green dress . the skirt part didnt cover the bottom of my diapers. then kayla stuffed the bra, and then slid a pair of green panties over the diaper. i was a total sissy girl again

"whatta cutie" kassy said, furthering my embarrassment. i couldnt believe i was dressed this way again. kassy and kayla huddled together, laughing and whispering. finally they both walked over to me. kassy grabbed the camcorder, and kayla opened up a box

chapter 3: oh no

kassy put a pacifier in my mouth and i began to suck. as kayla dug through the box, she slid down her pants. she was wearing a red satin thong, that made her ass look oooohhh sooo hot. she was so sexy, thats for sure. i could feel an arousal in my diaper. then i saw she slid something over her thong. my jaw dropped

she turned around. it was a strapon. pretty decent sized, and i was scared shitless.

"alright little girl, because you wanna be a slut so bad, im going to treat you like one" she pulled the pacifier out of my mouth. "suck this dick you bitch"

i had no choice. i opened and began to suck on the strapon. the rubber tasted similar to the pacifier, but as kayla tried to ram it down my throat, it was less satisfying. i just had to do this, or she would tell everyone! kassy was just laughing as she recorded the whole thing. about 5 minutes of sucking passed and she told me to stop. the paci returned to my mouth and she smiled. she turned me on my stomach, and i felt my dress slid up. my panties and diaper were lowered to my knees. i knew what would happen next. i just closed my eyes and got ready.

"you did me in the butt, now its you turn you dirty slut" kayla announced, she then stuck the strapon in my ass. she pushed hard and began to make thrusts back and forth. the pain was ridiculous. i was screaming through my pacifier, my ass was just burning at the feeling.

"spit that out! buck your hips with my thrusts. i want to hear you yell how bad you want it in your ass" she screamed

"o fuck! yes, do me harder kayla, fuck my *******" i said

"more, if you dont sound convincing, im showing this to everyone"

"Fuck me baby, get my tight ass all hard. fuck me more, harder, harder, faster. o oooo oooooo, fuckkk!" i kept yelling. i wasnt sure if it was normal for me to have a boner from this, but i did. i figured it would happen to anyone. kassy for sure saw it, and began to rub my cock while my ass was getting penetrated. i was reaching orgasm, the intensity of the butt fucking was increasing, i was moaning more and more, and finally i reached a massive orgasm.

"good slut" kayla said as she pulled out. she then took the small vibrating butt plug from last time, and stuck it in me. it wasnt as bad since my ass was so lose from what just happened. my diaper and skirt were pulled up. i was a juvenile baby again, and my ass hurt so bad.

"kassy, give her the paci and bring her to the car, ill grab my stuff"

i couldnt imagine where we would go

chapter 4: party

In the car, i sat in the back. Kassy kept messing with my hair and makeup, while kayla was driving. every minute or so, kassy would mess with the vibrate controls of the butt plug, causing me to moan and cringe. it was torture. finally, we arrived at a large house

"ahh, Rachels slumber party" said Kayla. "bye girls, have fun"

we got out, and i then realize what was happening, with kassy holding my hand, we walked into the house. about 6 girls all looked shocked and confused. a few asked who the pretty girl was, where from, why did she look familar, what she was wearing under her panties, why was her dress so short.
Kassy walked over and told them EVERYTHING. she even brought the camcorder. all these girls from my class saw me get sissified, diapered, and done in my butt. they all knew i had something in there now, and eruption of laughter came from the girls. i was at a slumber party. this was going to be a long night.

first we went swimming in her pool. all the girls took me up stairs and removed my clothes, which they all laughed at. grabbing of my ass n penis kept going, and finally i was put in a white bikini with blue strips. the top was tied tight and my half boner was super noticable in the small bottoms. we all went outside and swam. being in the bikini was utterly embarrassing. especiallly being outside. then we went back in and kassy grabbed the bag she brought with.

first, the plug was put back in me. then kassy diapered me up. the girls were all cracking up at the sight. my makeup and hair/wig done. bra fastened and padded, and a light blue thong put on over the diaper. followed by a frilly pink super short dress was put on me. the pacifier was then put in my mouth.

"now girls, lets have some fun" kassy said. she turned up the dial half way, and i felt the vibrations in my butt, i began to cringe and let out moans under my paci. my erection returned, and i didnt know what to do. i didnt like the plug, but for some reason i wanted it deeper. i kept sliding around, the girls were all laughing. rachel bent me over and slid down my panties n daiper, she pushed the plug in more and i let out a loud moan. the diaper was pulled back up and girls rubbed the front of my diaper. i was losing it. finally, i came in my diaper. kassy turned the vibrate off and every girl had just saw me cum in a diaper. i was mortified.

"What a slutty baby" kassy said. more name calling followed.

chapter 5: no stopping

After kassy told the girls all there was to know about me, they began to strip down. i was getting hard just looking. all there sexy bods, nice curvy asses, and the different thongs and panties, it was amazing. i had to eat 2 of them out, then one of them wanted there ******* licked. soon enough i had to lick out every girls ass or vagina! i was exhausted, but felt special for doing stuff with all these girls.

"hey, lets get him her to wet his diaper!" some one said. abunch of agreement followed
"go ahead baby, do it!"

i swallowed hard. the most popular girls in school were about to see my wet my diaper. i relaxed. and the pee just flowed in. i felt the hotness in my diaper fill. i was beating red. laughter burst, ridicule followed. after 10 minutes of teasing, the girls all watched me get changed. then put into a green nightie. after messing with the switch a few more times, people were ready for bed. and so was i.

"ok, weve gotten a plan for you "michelle"" kassy said.
"since us girls all know about this, we want you to wear your diapers to school from now on. so when you arrive, we will take you to the girls bathroom for a change, and every wetting we will change you. and you have to wear it home everyday. and thats how its going to be or else..."

"no! cmon, not at school! plz!" i begged. an 18yr old boy shouldnt have to handle this

"to bad, its already decided."

with that the lights went off, and i had so much to think about.

chapter 6: school

the next day i woke up, some of the girls showered with me and got all my makeup off. they decided to daiper me up now. then i was given my jeans and shirt to wear over the diaper. sunday slumber parties werent to unusal in my town. so we all went to school, and the girls couldnt stop grabbing me.

school was fairly normal beside the giggles from 7 girls. i was surprised no one heard or noticed my diaper under my jeans. i made sure not to move much for fear of being heard. i had to pee 4th hour. and i sat in the back so i just let it go. it was nice until it got cold. i just wanted to go home, even though it would be empty. the girls frequently checked my wetness, so at lunch i was brought into the girls bathroom and changed. it was awful. if someone walked in id be screwed.

finally, by the end of the day, i went home and changed.

the whole week was like this. daipered before school, changed around lunch until i got home. i even was given panties to wear underneath. the girls said if they ever saw me without the panties or diapers on, everyone would find out.

this is my life for now.

sorry but this is the end of the story! i hope you all enjoyed. tell others to read and leave comments and maybe ill make up and write some eventually! thanks everyone. kisses <3
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Nice story please continue the story
I loved your story. So humiliating and exiting.
Its all about the humiliation
Thanks! :D this is pretty much a true story too! i will add more eventually! i wasn't sure if people would like it!
True story?! :O How much of this was made-up/exaggerated? I loved it, by the way!
YEAH, pretty much all true. my times might've been off, but thats pretty much exactly what happened. ! that day was insane for me. more has happened now too, which I'm considering adding. thatnks for all the support!
I love it, so humiliating and fun!
Hugs and kisses!
Is there a chapter 2 you plan on writing, involving her brother (his friend). This story was too hot to just leave it there! :D
Lots of tight and long hugs!
there is a part 2. theres still a lot left. this girl still harasses me so yeah. haha
Part 2 added!!!!
Your story only gets better!
Its all about the humiliation
Please keep going
It must be fun haha
Oh my god! This story is soooo good! I hope there will be a part three!
I want to be Michelle!!!!!! =D But call me Nadia!!! =D I luv it!!!!
I'm just a baby girl

 I want to be Michelle!!!!!! =D But call me Nadia!!! =D I luv it!!!!  

I agree!!!! I would love to be her!!!!!!
Please don't let this story die

 Please don't let this story die  

Wow that was fun! I hope there are more baby adventures here! :)
PART 3 added! sorry it lacks a bit of quality. i wanted to wrap up the story! thanks everyone!

 PART 3 added! sorry it lacks a bit of quality. i wanted to wrap up the story! thanks everyone!  

Thanks for finishing da story.

 PART 3 added! sorry it lacks a bit of quality. i wanted to wrap up the story! thanks everyone!  

Owh! I am sooooo disapointed now. Please continue
Its all about the humiliation
Plz continue the story I love it
This really was a great story! I'm glad I was able to follow you and keep up on all the parts until the end. I can't wait for your next story!
Great story!! Loved it all!!
great story, please continue
I wish there was more to the story
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