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a sequel to cross roads
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Jake had heard the tall tales about the cross roads he was going to have to travel

to get to collage.


The Idea Of going past where a urban legend may have happened  was a bit exciting for him not to mention he would be alone on this trip like the urban legend spoke of what happened to some collage student last year.


"Jake your dad is here with a graduation present finely !!"


"Jake come on down now hurry up!!!"


His dad had to wait on the car he had bought for him to tool around at collage.




"I was expecting a car but not a 2013 dodge charger!!!"


"This is so cool!!!"


"Thanks dad!!!"


Jake was so happy he gave his dad a hug.


"Now son I remembered when I went to collage and had a twenty year old car that was held together with duct tape and bailing wire."


"I did not want that for you so I got you a new car."


"Now I don't have to worry about you being on the road on that long trip."


"One other thing don't race this car if I find out I will pull every plug wire out of it."


Jake took his new car for a spin and went to his friends Henry 's .


Jake drove into to Henry's drive, he honked the horn to get his attention.




"Is that the car your dad gave you!!!???"


"Yup she is one sharp ride."


"Hey I got a question."


"What's that ?"


"Is it true  your going by where that urban legend was said to have taken place?"


"Yeah it's true."


"Are you not creeped out a bit by it?"


"Nah most of that stuff is to dumb to be true, demons really a deal the demon being tricked come on none of that stuff is true."


Maybe not but it sure sounds creepy to me."


"The way I got it figured the guy was high on something and he dreamed the whole thing."


"Ok but do be careful I mean I do believe in that stuff and I'm saved but you ,you don't believe in any thing so be smart about it if you run across it."


"Just don't stop until you passed the cross roads then your free and clear."


"Ok I will not stop until I have passed it."


"I came by to say it's my last night here and I thought we could go do something."


"Sure what's on your mind ?"


"Dee's party ,it's at the lake house and it sounds like fun."


"Can I drive your ride?"


"Are you crazy you could wreck a tank with out thinking about it."


"Look just because I wrecked the car as I drove it off the lot was not my fault the thing had not breaks."


They made it to the party where every one was asking the same question about the trip he had to make to get to collage.


Jake had dismissed all of what every one told him and that he should not even look back even if someone looked like they needed help.


The next morning Jake had finished packing his car and had gave his good bye's to his parents and off he went.


Jake had been driving nearly a hour now and it was about twelve noon and he was seeing the cross roads ahead.


He was on highway sixty-six and highway six crossed it.


Dave laughed to himself as he saw the sign.


Just for fun  he decided to stop before he crossed it and thought to himself how stupid the urban legend was and this was be silly nothing would happen and he got out his video camera to record it all.


Dave opened a bag his mom had fixed for him if he got hungry.


Dave looked into the camera.


"Well look I sitting before the cross roads and I'm eating lunch  here and it's twelve noon so all you who think this story is true well nothing has happened yet."


Just after Jake had said that he had heard a moan.


He got out of his car and in the ditch laid a woman she looked badly beat up.


"Are you ok Miss?"


The woman raised her head and was holding it, about that time it started to rain.


Jake helped the woman to his car and they both got out of the rain.


"Are you ok Miss?"


"Yes thank you ."


"No problem."


"Would you like something to eat I have a big lunch here it's more than I can eat."


"Your so kind I wish there was a way I could thank you."


"Its no need."


"It's really coming down now no way I can drive in this."


Jake got a better look at the woman she was about his mom's age he thought but she was hot a very hot milf .


Her breast were ready to just bust out of the t-shirt she was wearing her lips were ruby red and her eyes were a dark blue her whole look was mesmerizing.


"You know I just cant leave your kindness unrewarded."


"I must do something for you."


"I know , I know what to do for you I will give you a gift  ."


"Its not necessary  to give me any thing all I did was give you some food and shelter from the rain."



Well I'm kind of stuck on what to give our young Jake from the demon for his kindness  if you have a idea let me know.


one thing it's not going to be another box.


HUggs and Kiss's





Jake started to think about what all his friends had said about the demon coming out of no where and in need of help.


Jake noticed she was looking very nervously  at her watch.


"I really must repay your kindness Jake  ."


As soon as she said it a black truck pulled up and a guy in a black suit got out and knocked on the car window.


The woman got out of Jakes car and got into the truck and in a minute the truck was gone it was strange a thick fog rolled in and the truck drove right into it and was gone.


Jake sat there wondering if  had just sat next to a demon and if he had he had figured that this would be the last of it.


Well he made it to collage and got all settled down and was about to go out and find a part time job so he could have some spending money to do what ever.


Just as Jake opened the door he was face to face with that strange woman.


"Uh Uh , it's you that woman from the road."


"Yes it's me ."


"Did you leave something in my car ?"


"No ."


"I really must repay you for your kindness I feel I must do so."


"Lady it was no big deal really."


"You don't owe me any thing I was going to toss out that sandwich any way Mom always makes too much and I don't like chicken salad any way."


"Miss what is your name?"


She looked down at the ground and then looked up with a sad look on her face.


"My name is Sabrina ."


She looked a little pale now after she had said her name.


"What's wrong are you ok?"


She  grabbed the door.


"I'm fine master."


"Master I'm no one's master."


"Oh but you are weather you like it or not I am now your servant until I can repay you for your kindness."


"Ok wait is this some sort of joke?"


"No joke I'm    yours  to command."




Sabrina looked down at the floor again then looked very pale.


"what's  wrong your pale again."




"You see I am a demon and I did not pay you for your help so I came here to try again and hopes of it turning into a deal for your soul."


"How ever you asked for my name and I gave it to you now I'm bound to you and your desires until I repay you for your kindness."


"I see ."

*******************************************************************well I got to run to a friends house for a bit so I be back later today  to add some more until then


HUggs and Kiss's




"So since I'm your master ,what can you do for me?"


"Any thing you like and it's not the gift I need to give you."


"Is there a catch?"


Sabrina looked down again and knew she had to give up the information he was her master and the bad thing about it was the more information he knew the  more bonded to him she became.


"Yes one or two."


"And what is it?"


"I would be careful  about the word's I wish they can get you into a lot of trouble."


"I see ,so I can ask for my wallet to have all hundreds in it and to be full with them all the time?"




"Another truth and she felt the bond grow stronger."


Sabrina knew it would be worthless to try to get his soul  because the more truths she told him the more she became his slave and if he ever figured it out she would spend all his life being his slave.


Jake thought to himself about sex with her and then had a bright idea.


"Sabrina can you make yourself look like a young babe instead of a milf?"


"All you need to do is  to describe what I should look like and I will do it after you say I wish."


Jake got a mile wide grin on his face and started thinking about what he wanted and the first thing he changed on her was her breast he made them of course bigger , he made other changes to.


When he was done and said I wish she became the hot red head  he wanted she had a cute bubble butt and long flowing red hair and massive breast as well as a perky bimbo type attitude  .


Jake then started to wish for money in his wallet and some other things then decided he would not look for  a job after all.


Jake looked at the time and it had gotten late .


"Uh Sabrina  do you have a place to stay?"


"I have to stay with you master.."


"Ok then I wish I had a queen size bed so the both of us can get some sleep."


"Jake then set his alarm to get up in the morning."


The next morning Jake got up and started to take a shower , he noticed his hair was getting a bit shaggy .


"Man I wish I had a doughnut."


Suddenly a doughnut appeared on his penis.




Jake heard Sabrina giggle a bit.


"You know it could have been chocolate at least if your going to put it around my cock."


"Do you want some more?"


"Yes and a cup of coffee to."


Soon Jake had  his breakfast and was off to class.


Sabrina followed him.


"Sabrina where are you going?"


"I have to be with you I cant be to far away from you."


"So I registered in all your classes."


Jake thought to himself this could be annoying.


Not to mention how was he going to find out more from the occult's science's  professor about Sabrina.



Feeling a bit ill so I'm going to  stop here


HUggs and Kiss's




Jake decided since she had to do what he told her to do that he would simply ask her not to go into the room with him so he could find out more.


After class He decided to go speak to professor sparks who was in charge of the occult science's .


Jake walks in.


"Ah Jake so your here.."


"So what's the issue you here?"


"You know that new urban legend about that guy last year getting tangled up with  a demon and had to trick him to save the others souls."


"Well Jake it's no urban legend it's true, see I was here then and saw some of it happen."


"Well I think I got something like it happening to me."


"Tell me about it please."


Jake laid out the whole story to him.


"Well what you have done is bond a demon to you by asking her name which  started the bonding process and made her your slave basically ."


"You need to be careful."


"How much information have you gotten out of her?"


"A good bit I think , I know she has to tell me the truth of what I ask her about and that bonds her to me even more, and that she has to grant every desire I have and none of it is the gift she is to give me for payment of my kindness."


"No it dose not ,how ever she will trick you in the end to free herself."


"Jake where did you get that watch."


"It appeared on my wrist after I asked her name."


"Was she wearing a watch when you met her and was she always checking it?"




"Well then that means you are her master and master of her time and what she dose."


"That watch is hers and that watch is her time and now she is your as long as that watch is on you and you cant remove it either."


"I will do some research on this and get back with you."


"Oh Jake where is she?"


"Out side the room  according to her she cant be very far away from me."


"That's interesting I did not know that I must put that in my notes."


"Jake one word of caution be carful what you wish for."


Walking out of the class room Sabrina rejoined him and then he saw a guy from his old high school who had bullied him a few times.


Jake just gave him a go to hell look."


The guy just laughed.


"I wish that guy would know what it's like to be bullied ,he acts so big and tough but on the inside he nothing but a big baby."


"One big baby coming up."


Sabrina whispered  a word and  then The guys face turn blood red and then  his hair turned blond and a cute sissy pink top appeared  on him with massive breast then a full fluffy diaper was on him and he was now sitting in the floor sucking his thumb.


"What did you do Sabrina."


"I give you your wish master."


Jake had to laugh a bit as he walked up to the once tough guy.


"Not so tough now are you?"


The former bully looked up at Jake and started to cry.


"How long will he stay like that Sabrina?"


"Until you wish him back master."


"Well I'm not a complete ass I wish he was back to normal At mid night except he will use and wear diapers for the next two weeks, also he will have no clue as to what or why this happened to him."


"Your too kind master I would have left him  that way longer if not forever."


Then she let out a evil laugh.


"Not this time if he pulls something else we will see."


Jake started to feel a bit empowered that he could get revenge on who ever did him wrong and he could get away with it.


As they were walking back to the dorm room Jake saw a guy slap a girl to the ground and he then changed direction and headed that way.


Sabrina smiled a evil grin.


"Hey what are you doing!!!"


"Look  wimp you need to stay out of this or you will get some of what she is about to get and your girl friend too."


"You know you need to  find out what it feels like to be treated like that."


"Well I'm No bi-ch  ."


Sabrina was itching to do something this guy was making her mad after all she was a girl too even if she was a demon.


Sabrina got a Idea.


"Jake I know what to do."




She then leaned into his ear and whispered in his ear.


"You know I wish you were a bimbo slut with huge breast and all you though of was sex."


The girl the guy had been beating up was laying in the bush's  unaware what was going on.


A reddish light swirled around him and poof  there stood a blond haired bimbo with pigtails and a dumb puzzled look.


Jake looked at him and had thought.


"You know Sabrina we should let her dispense her revenge on him not me."


"Oh master what do you have in mind?"


"Instead of just having him bump around begging for sex I think we should go another route."


"He should become a sissy baby girl and let her slowly humiliate him into just that, then he would be no one's problem." 


"OoH master that sounds delicious lets do that."


Jake felt a itch just above his tail bone.


Sabrina patted Jakes butt and smiled.


"I wish that to be."


In a pink whoosh of wind The guy wet his pants.


Jake felt a twinge on his head.



this is getting to be fun hmm what is happening to Jake and why is Sabrina so happy now?


Come back and find out..


HUggs and Kiss's






Jake started to feel like he was in control and he loved dishing out revenge not just for himself but for others as well.


Jake and Sabrina made it to the dorm room where they locked the door behind them.


"Jake you liked getting revenge   for those people and your self."


"I sure did and I don't know why but i'm so horny right now."


"I can help with that if want me too."


"Jake shook his head yes and she stripped revealing her long black tail and her body  and her oh so sexy body.


She then got on her knees and started stroking his huge hard cock.


Jake could only moan as horny as he was he loved the sight of her true form as her wings came out of her back and her serpent like tongue flicked back and forth  the top of his cock.


Jake moaned and wanted more.


Sabrina I wanna have sex with you."


She smiled at that and she had to tell him more truths which would bind her to him even more.


We can make love  but it will bind me to you forever and you will be my master.


for as long as we are being.


"I don't care make love to me."


Sabrina smiled  showing her fangs and she had ripped all jakes cloths off  and started to ride his cock.


It seemed like the whole night had went by and it had still had not cum yet and he could see the sun rising.


Jake then felt Sabrina tighten on his cock and she came and he did as well at the same time.


After getting up he felt so good even though he had no sleep at all.


Sabrina was now back in her coed form   and she looked hotter than ever.


Sabrina wanted to get  Jake back to dish out revenge  she seemed to feed on it.


On the way to class he saw the bully he had transformed and looked at his pants and noticed the diaper as well as a collar around his neck that said pissy bunny.


Jake started to feel a cold chill and yet it was eighty five degree's .


during class Jake saw a girl who had been working hard and the professor had not given her any credit for the work she had done the only way he was if she sucked him off.


Jake had heard this  and it made him mad.


Jenny was crying about it and was about to give in  when jake asked her the problem.


She told him what he had over heard which got him mad and Sabrina wanted to fire ball him into oblivion but Jake  had other idea's


Jake looked at him and asked him why he would treat Jenny that way.


"Have you seen her she is hot as a fire cracker."


"If she don't she will fail my class."


"You know professor you need to be retaught a few things."


Jake then made a wish.


"I wish this professor was a baby girl."


At with that the professor was now a small six month old baby.


After that wish  Jake started to feel  funny  his back itched and so did the spot above his tail bone. his breast were itching as well His hair had turned coal black and his voice had gotten higher.


After the day was done Jake went to the dorm and once inside he pulled down his pants to find a ten inch tail  and he looked and he had what looked liked horns.


"OOO your tail is going to be so sexy and it  wont be long before your wings come in lover."


Jake  knew something was off but he did not really care he loved how he felt except for being cold.


"Sabrina how do you stay warm , I'm freezing."


"I warm myself with demon fire."


"Can you warm me up with it."


"Yes but not here we have to go to a demon it and there is one close."


"What will happen  if I warm by a demon fire?"


"Your transformation  will speed up."


"Right now I don't care I'm just cold."


"Ok lets go then.


They got to a open field where a huge boulder was Sabrina walked to it and touched it.


the boulder became a door way and the heat from the fire could be felt.


"Come on Lover.."


Jake felt the warmth and followed Sabrina.


The door closed behind them.


There were lots of demons dancing and singing around the fire.


A tall strong demon walked up to Sabrina.


"Well at least he will be a demon who controls you and not some human."


Sabrina smiled.


The demon looked toward Jake.


"So you been helping girls get revenge huh well that is going to make you real powerful and sexy with one already in your stable.


The demon laughed and picked Jake up and bent him over and started to  pound his ass but it was not his ass that got pounded Jake was transforming into  a female demon.


Jake was had by every male demon there and when Sabrina and Jake left his tail was not two feet long and his horns were now about three inches long


"Jake there is no going back for you , you have had sex with demons now all you need to do is make one more wish based on revenge and you will be  a demon woman   forever."


Jake looked at himself in the mirror when he got home  and he looked normal.


"Why do I look normal now?"


"Because  in the normal world people would try to hurt us so we have a natural camouflage  to protect us."


"I do love the way I feel when I get revenge for some one."


Jake saw  a girl yelling at a boy friend for cheating on her.


"I wish you knew what it was like to be a  girl!!!"


"I wish he was a girl  so he would know what it's like."


With that Jake transformed into  a female demon of revenge.


Jakes wings spread out  and his body  changed into a very sexy demon with big breast  and a nice bubble butt.


"Jake you need a name better than Jake."




"Jackie the demon of revenge!!."


They both let out a evil laugh.


The end




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giggle I bet I know what the present is. 
slowly changing his body. He notices the slow but sure growth of breasts and the changing of hair color too that of a blonde bimbo
krystala's sissy baby
slowly changing his body. He notices the slow but sure growth of breasts and the changing of hair color too that of a blonde bimbo
krystala's sissy baby
:)  Glad to see you're writing again.  Hope to see more in the future
this is a perfect story thank you for writing it
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