XXX Confessions of the Infamous Model at Miss Cummins' Sissy Shop
I was the Sissy at the centre of the scandal
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    Part One
   It had all begun innocently enough, this new job that was destined to rock the town.
  My eye had been caught by an ad in our local paper, Sissy Wanted,  a Person eager to promote  a new Sissy/ Adult Baby Store.
  I have always liked dressing up in girly clothes, and so, being out of work, I sent for more details.
Yeah, it looked promising, excellent pay, though only for a one week trial. But if things went well, there could be a chance of permanent employment.
  In my letter of application, I think I addressed all the bases they wanted covering.
   Yeah, I really would love to show off all their sissy fashions to potential customers.
   Yeah, I'd be nice and sweet and twy to talk and thmile like a weal good wittle girlie.
   Yeah, I agreed to do whatever the owner asked to get a sale.
   Yeah, I'd dress AB- if required. (I'd never done this, but what the heck, for the money they were paying, I'd do it as well as I could. I never put that in my application of course- I made out AB was like second nature to me.) 
   And yeah, I'd work the late nights Friday and Saturday. Tuesday to Thursday were only seven hours each, so with a shift 11am to midnight on the final two days, I'd still be raking in nearly $40 an hour for a 43 hour stint. $1,700 for a week's work, and fun work was something I could appreciate.
   My application was sent together with a photo of myself in my best two tone pink petticoat, with lots of frilly edges in a beguiling red pvc material, as well as a central large red pvc bow. My rouged face smiled under a curly ginger wig, and my mouth pouted in what I thought was a winning manner.

   It did the trick, cos I was invited to go for interview at the shop. I was asked to wear the outfit they had seen in my picture.
  That was my first difficulty, for I had never been seen by anyone at all in a sissy costume. I reasoned it would be okay in the shop, but to actually wear my favorite pink petty in public....!
   On the afternoon of my interview, I had to force myself to put my pink outfit on. Usually it was a pleasure, but I kept thinking of what it would be like if anyone saw me, as I walked out to my car parked in the street. Or what about the parking at the store? It was in a busy part of town, and I'd have to do some walking past lots of surprised stares.
   I had my petty on, light pink top, a darker lower half, the pvc parts caught the sun's reflection thru the window as though pointing me out to the world screaming out, Look at this Lovely Sissy! I pulled up my white knee length socks, and my specially made pink sandals. I looked lovely, having touched up my cheeks, and with my curly wig on, but inside I was trembling. It wasn't cold out, but I had a cold feel inside. Oh dear, it was time to leave home.
   At the last minute, I grabbed my raincoat, put it over me, and suddenly I was sweating, such a hot day. I ran to the car, only my sandals making me look conspicuous. No, I don't think anyone was staring. I drove off, shaking like a girl might on her first date.
   It's a bit like a first date, I thought to myself as I drove into the town center. I was vaguely elated, definitely nervous, and spurred on by the cash I was gonna earn.
    Searching for a spare parking meter, I drove past the shop- there it was. Sissys, was written in huge letters above an entrance and display window that was obscured by internal shutters. It wasn't to open until next Tuesday.
    My hopes for a parking space nearby were dashed. Too many folk in town today. I drove past the store again, but no sign of a place. Time was getting short- I had better use the multi storey.
    It was all I could do. Plenty of room. I locked the car, and scampered in my hot mack, conscious that now I was getting a few stares, no doubt those pink sandals did look a little odd. My face was growing redder and redder, my nicely presented rouge cheeks a forgotten memory.
    I was already a minute late when I reached the store front. The instruction was to ring the bell twice. I did so, after removing my raincoat. I didn't want to betray my embarrassment to my interviewer.
    Thus I stood in my sissy outfit, mack draped over my arm, as passers by stared, and I waited impatiently for the door to open. Would someone never come to my rescue? Several giggles came from people passing, and one giant of a man took an unpleasant delight in barracking me.
   It must have been only fifteen seconds, though it had seemed longer, when the doors slid open.

  I jumped in, glad to be out of the public gaze.
Did I really want this job, I was asking myself. But when I saw the sumptuous rails of sissy clothing, and the thousand and one other exciting sissy accessories that my eyes took in, I knew I wanted this job, even if I never got paid! It was a paradise for sissies, even though the final touches were still to be made, for with the shutters closed it looked a trifle gloomy, even with artifical lighting.  
   A lady of about thirty, ten years older than myself, approached me.
   "You must be Judy," she greeted me, "you look even better than your picture."
   "Yes I'm John, I mean, er, Judy," I replied, "thanks for giving me the interview."
   "I'm the owner," she continued, indicating I should follow her, "Miss Cummins. It's all my own idea, this new shop. Now I want you to meet the other interviewees."
   We had entered a smaller pink room, that was the staffroom. Here five other 'girls' were standing in a line. I noticed three, like me, had coats on their arms!  They all wore deliciously attractive sissy outfits. The three with coats, whom I judged to be men like myself were in pink dresses, while the remaining two, the coatless ones, I decided might well be women, one in lemon yellow dress, the other in a mauve blouse and dark purple skirt. But they all seemed to have adapted their clothing, like myself, to a more frilly sissy style.
   I hadn't expected this. It seemed that all the rivals were to parade before Miss Cummins. What was she most looking for, I wondered.

    Perhaps the others all looked much of a sameness, however sissified. Perhaps Miss Cummins was looking for somebody a little different. That certainly was me, for being clad so scantily proved to be, I hoped, a decisive advantage.
    We were asked to parade up and down the centre of the shop, I suppose it might at a stretch have been called The Catwalk, while the owner scrutinized each of us with her penetrating eyes. She had worn well, I thought, with bright red hair that was dyed, and a matching red top and brown skirt that was anything but sissy. I idly wondered as I waited my turn to parade, why she wanted to open this type of store. But whatever else she was, she came across as a strong minded businesswoman, and clearly knew what she wanted, and was gonna get it!

    My turn. I walked, no I skipped down the catwalk, my petticoat breezing to the side. I turned, then a moment of inspiration. I remembered this was AB also, so I poked my thumb firmly into my mouth, and danced my way back to the start. Noone else had done this, and as I was last to go as I'd been last to arrive, noone could copy my idea. I thought it might be a winner.

   Miss Cummins then outlined what the job required before we waited while she interviewed each of us.  I discovered I had been right about the men, but actually right about only one of the women. The lemon one who I had deemed a woman was definitely a man, and I admired how he had made himself so very feminine, and yet also so sissy looking. I received a decided boost when one of the men chatted to me just before his interview, and he took me for a woman! I don't think he was just flattering me. 
   My turn came. It did not turn out at all as I expected.

   "I'm so glad you applied for the post," commenced the interviewer, "I found your appearance every bit as sissy-like as your photo."
   I thanked her graciously.
   "How long have you liked dressing as a sissy?"
   "Well, as long as I can remember."
   "Do you ever talk like a sissy, a thiththy?"
   "Er no, cos I don't normally talk to anyone else."
   "I see. Would you twy?"
   "Yes.... er yeth Mith, I'll try... twy."
   "That's good. I gather then you have never shared your sissyness with anyone?"
    "No, but I am willing to give it a go here."
   "In a way, you have started, in that you came here dressed like this, haven't you?"
    "Yes, dat's true. I mean, yeth dat'th twue. It gave me quite a buzz bwaving de looks of de folks in de stweet." Perhaps I exaggerated that to impress her.
    "So you're confident are you, Judy, that you could perform all that's required?"
    "Oh yeth, Mith Cummins, I'd love to wear dose lovely thiththy clothes I saw in de thop. Some of them looked weally thweet."
    "That's great. So you'd be happy to do anything to get a sale?"
    "For sure, er, sowwy... for thore."
    "So how would you deal with a customer like me? What I'll do is pretend to be unsure about buying a dress, you try and sell it me."
    "How much is this dress, please?" She selected an olive green cotton dress with pretty frills and decorated with dark green flowers. I looked for the tag.
    "Dat's a good choice for you, it's let me thee, it's er, ninety nine dollars, it's our latest thiththy outfit for de weally claththy thiththy. I think it would thuit ooo, it'd match ore hazel eyes."
    "Mmm, it does look nice, can I try it on?"
    "Of course mith," I looked round for a changing room."
    "We have one in the shop," Miss Cummins explained. "We'll just pretend I'm in that room, shall we?" And forthwith down came her skirt, off came her top, and in her silky underwear, she held up the dress to her strong body.
    "It looks my size. But there's no mirror here. Please can you slip it on, so I can see what it looks like when worn?"
    I was doubtful what she might really want me to do. But I remembered the motto A Sale At Any Cost, and nodded.
    I slipped the dress over my petty. It was gonna be a tight fit.
    "You'd better take that off," she advised, pointing to my pink petticoat, "we can't spoil the dress can we?"
    "No," I responded, but uncertainly. I slowly pulled up my pink petticoat and off it came. Luckily I had a pink pantie on. Perhaps she was checking I was genuine sissy thru and thru? Hastily I pulled the lovely dress over my bare body. It felt so sissy-like, I was melting with enjoyment. I knew this job would really suit me. I think she saw my pleasure.
    "Yea, that looks really swell on you. How does it feel."
    "Nithe and thitthy Mith, I think ooo'd look weally thweet in it."
    "Let me put in on ooo."
    I disrobed, and was gonna replace my petty. But she interrupted me.
    "I do like that pink petty, can I try it on please?"
    "Er, it's not ore thize."
    "Oh, but it is. Please let me try it on."
    To decide the matter, she took it from me and slipped it over her silks. As she was slightly smaller than me it went on easily.
    "That's great. Now let's put that dress on."
    I picked up the olive dress and pulled it over her head. As it rested on her shoulders, I felt her hand brush my bare chest. Surely she did it on purpose.
    "That'th wery nithe, mith, I think ooo won't find thuch a pwetty dwess anywhere."
    "You think it looks good on me?"
    "Oh yeth, and..." I was stopped in my tracks cos her hand had brushed my pink pantie.
    "Then I'll buy it," she declared. "You sold that to me perfectly Judy. You have the job." So saying, she pulled off the dress and my petty, pushing her silken body to my near naked one, so that she could feel my every part.
    "Let's seal the deal now, shall we?" She stroked my wig, and put her other hand round my waist, pressing herself to me again."
    I struggled to free myself. I'd never had sex before, and this was surely what she was after. I muttered something about not now, as I pulled away. It sounded very feeble.
    She was not gonna take a simple no, and tried to pull down my pantie, grabbing at what it contained. I backed off, but she advanced until we were pressed to the solid wall.  
    "I've not done this before," I blurted out finally. "I simply like playing at sissies, that's all. I'm afraid I am not what you wanted after all."
    "You've still got the job," she concluded.

    Back home, I couldn't decide why she had backed off at the end. I knew she was stronger than me, she could have forced herself on me, and I doubt I'd have been able to resist for long. Was she looking for a proper sissy who wouldn't make up to customers? Was she only testing me to gauge my reactions? Or did she really fancy me? All these questions I was unable to answer, though I suspected I might find out before the week had ended. I waited with some enthusiasm for Tuesday and my starting work at the dream world that was Sissys. Had I known the scandal that was to come, would I have reported for work that Tuesday? Oh, do you know, perhaps I would!
        End of part one

            Part two
   Tuesday 10.45am. I was feeling confident as I pressed the shop bell, which opened at once. It was surprisingly still gloomy inside, for the shutters were closed. Miss Cummins was seated by the door, her job was to check customers in, and work the cash till when they departed laden with their sissy goods. I soon learned that she had various buttons to press open the shop door, to open the shutters, even to switch the kettle on in the staffroom. But I was struck most of all by the general lack of change since my visit.
   The owner sat looking rather dejected.
   "You getting changed?" was all she said. "Choose any outfit you like."
   That was part of the deal. I nodded and quickly took a lovely pink chiffon swirling dress with me, and made for the staffroom.
   She smiled when I emerged. "Got your pink petty on too?" I nodded.
   "That's gorgeous. I can make it out through that chiffon. Let's have a quick peek at it."
   Remembering what had happened before, I was doubtful, but hid such thoughts as I lifted the chiffon to expose my petty. She sighed.
   "Opening time," she said, perking up. The shutters rolled up, the doors sprang open, and the place flooded with light. I could see nothing had been done in the past few days, even that olive dress we'd worn was draped over a chair. I said I'd tidy up, as I asked myself what the heck was going on.
  The place was bright enough, all 500 square feet of the main store. Three rails of dresses on one side of the catwalk, the other half filled with undies and sissy accessories. Some still hadn't been priced.
  "They're here!" cried Miss Cummins. It was the local press, all two of them, invited to write an article on Sissys, one guy was the cameraman. Both looked disinterested, but the photographer was keen to snap pictures of firstly myself, then some of our more unusual lines, like the full size push chair, and he  had to latch on to the Sissy Growing Up Kit, for the maturing sissy.
   Miss Cummins answered the questions, though the guy took my name and did ask why I wanted to work here.

   In ten minutes they had gone. There was no big rush of customers. People stopped and looked at the window display which was a female dummy sitting in the push chair, dolled up like a sissy with price tags on anything and everything. The background behind it was a large photo of a pink wall with animal wallpaper. A bookcase displayed sissy books and dvds on sale, and from the ceiling hung four different styles of diaper, all priced.
  Though there was plenty of curiosity, my time was occupied only in tidying up and marking prices of those goods not so marked. It must have been nearly an hour before someone came in. Our first customer- at last!

  He was a weedy looking youth of maybe twenty years at most. Miss Cummins greeted him, and he backed away. That was the end of customer number one.
  But he came back five minutes later, so you could say he was a persistent little feller. This time, my boss didn't say anything, and I sensed I shouldn't either. He pottered over to the clothes rail. I discreetly sorted thru the sandals the other side of the store.
  He was interested in the Young Sissy outfits. At length, he fished out a pair of dark pink shorts with braces, that were matched by a soft lilac frilly blouse. He looked around.
  "Can I help ooo?" I strolled towards him.
  He looked at me scared. But I detected admiration also.
  "Er yes, do you have this in my size?"
  "Oooh yeth, I'm thore we have. Pwease wait here." I dashed to the store, and we had a smaller size which I thought would be for him.
  "Twy this on for thize, pwease."
  "Er, I-I don't think that will be necessary," he stuttered nervously. "Yes, I do like the look." I held it against him, and was bucked I had got the size to fit him.
  "Ooo can change in dere," I pointed to the changing room. "Dere's a miwwor, ooo don't have to come into de shop ooo know."
  "I-I'd rather not," he stammered. "But would you show me what it's like? Could you put it on?"
   I said I would, anything for a sale.
   The size of that in the shop was right for me, and I slipped into the changing room, took off my chiffon and slipped on the lilac blouse, then pulled up the shorts, tightening them with the braces. It wasn't quite my taste, but when I emerged, he was in raptures. It was our first sale.

  Wednesday evening. I'd done my best at the end of day two. Today I'd really loved wearing a sailor suit, but hardly a soul to see me, except for Miss Cummins, and she looked disinterested. We had had a few browsers, but only a couple of sales, to say it was discouraging was an understatement.
  The owner sighed as  the doors shut for the night.
  "What's gone wrong?" she seemed to be addressing the air.
  "I'm sorry," I said sympathetically, "we don't seem to have had enough publicity."
  "I expected there'd be enough passing trade, but it hasn't materialized. We need publicity. That paper article might do the trick."
  "When's it coming out?"
  "The paper is published on Saturdays, but it's on the streets Friday night, so let's hope we get a good write-up!"
  "I was thinking, Miss Cummins, that though the store looks attractive now," I ventured, with the accent on the now, "maybe it is too bright, maybe some of our target customers are a bit wary of being seen in here."
   "You mean we should sell on the net?"
   "Well, that's one possibility. But I was remembering what it was like when I first saw the store. It was dark and too gloomy, but maybe the lighting should be more subdued so customers are not in the spotlight as it were."
   "I see your point," the owner looked more animated. "Maybe we could put the shutters behind the window display, so you can't see what's in here, without coming in."
   "Good idea." She dimmed the lighting and then we pushed the shutters so the window display could be seen permanently in front of the shutters from the street side.
  "It might work," I offered hopefully.
  "Mmm, it could, but we need a huge publicity gimmick, I feel."
  I nodded.
  "Maybe," she continued, "you could walk round the town advertising our store?"
  That didn't appeal to me, to be honest. I was about to say as much when she continued.
  "I'll think about it, and tell you tomorrow. It can only get better!"
  "Well cheer up, it's early days."
  "It was your petticoat's fault!" she suddenly exclaimed.
  Didn't I look nonplussed?
  "You know what I mean, don't you ever feel the urge to grow up a little, sissy girl?"
  I understood. "I am very flattered, Miss Cummins, but let's keep this on a business footing shall we?"
  "Ah, if only I could. It was your lovely pink petty with its flashy pvc that made me want you. I want you really really badly," she sighed.
   I smiled and in my haste to leave, I left wearing my sailor suit. It didn't draw quite the attention a frilly sissy dress might, and I was half way to the car before I knew I was wearing it in public. So what, I thought to myself, I don't mind, why should anyone? I marched, sailor-like, proudly to my car.
     End of part two

       Part three
  I was dreading what might be in store for me on Thursday morning.
  After walking in the sailor's uniform the evening before, I was thinking I could walk the streets if asked nicely. I had also come to the conclusion it was part of my job, I had to do what she asked me. But would she?
  In the half light of the store, she told me she didn't want to put me off by forcing me to do anything. Accent on anything, harking back to our conversation before.
 So she didn't want to make me wander round the roads. I was gonna tell her I would, when she outlined her Big Idea.
   I wish I'd pushed for the Street Walking when she told me. She wanted to dress me today. She wanted customers to be served by a 'Weal Adult Baby,' so she took my hand into the staffroom where she had my costume for the day all ready.
   As I hesitated, she ordered me to get on with it, saying it was nearly time to open for the day. I had not been entirely honest about my lack of AB, so it took her by surprise.
   She was behaving much more dominantly, so I had to comply.
   "Mummy'll get your little sailor outfit off," she softly whispered, as she pulled me to the floor. I was too shocked to resist.
   She was enjoying this. Underneath she admired that desirable pink petty I always wore now, but off it came! And my pantie, before I had time to hide my embarrassment. She smiled, but didn't do what I half expected. Talc showered on me. Then I had this strange sensation of being bundled up like a parcel, as she wrapped a disposable diaper round me. A little woolly yellow knitted dress that covered hardly none of my diaper was pulled over my head. It was too warm for this day, and I immediately began to sweat, from embarrassment as much as the heat. A bonnet was over my wig, and a large teat hung round my neck."
  "You can put that in your mouth when you aren't talking to customers," Miss Cummins explained. She matched words to action, and popped it into my gaping mouth.
   "That's a pretty picture. I think customers might think it novel, being served by you!"
   I had no opportunity to respond. She had quit the room and I heard the doors opening. Okay, I thought to myself. This is what you're being paid for, better get out there and hope it's as quiet as yesterday.

  The new look seemed to work. Potential customers had previously been able to stare through the window and assess what we offered. Now it was more a mystery, and  as soon as I had emerged, incongruously as a diapered toddler walking, the first browser surreptiously sneaked in. It was a young lady of about twenty five, though the light made it hard to be sure of her age. Another followed, a middle aged man.
   Both browsed, then at a nod from Miss Cummins at her checkout, I waddled up to the man. I was asking him if he wanted any help, but he had already vanished out the door. It was, I admit, discouraging, and I was sweating so much I must have smelt.
   However I wandered over to the lady who was at a clothes rail.
   "Can I help ooo?" I smiled pleasantly.
   She looked me up and down. She smiled back.
   "Please. I am looking for a sissy outfit for my husband. He don't know what he likes, so I have to get it for him."
   "Well, mith, what age thiththy ith he?"
   "'Bout four, bit older than you, Ginger Baby."
   "Yeth, I'm weally under two. Have ooo any colors and matewials ooo specially like?"
   "We like shiny or silky, but any color, your lemon is nice. But it needs to look sissy."
   "Well, ooo're in the wight place. All our things are thiththy!" I pointed to a pale yellow satin two piece with delicious bright yellow bows. "That'th nithe. What  thize do oo need?"
   "He's pretty well my size."
   I went to the store, to see if I could find what we needed. She had moved to the accessories when I returned.
   "Looks just wonderful," she smiled.
   "I could twy it on and show ooo, if ooo like."
   "Thanks, but actually, I'll put it on myself." So I indicated the changing room."
   Miss Cummins encouraged me while we waited for her to emerge.  When she did, I felt envious, thinking I'd like to wear that. I showed her the full length mirror.
   "Two girlies in yellow," she laughed at me. "That's perfect. Now I was wanting that long ginger wig, can I see how that matches the yellow?" She looked a winner.
   "Great. But I'm afraid my sissy can be a trifle naughty at times. Do you have anything suitable to punish her with?"
   "Ooo yeth mith. Do ooo want a chain, or would a pink thlipper be better, or we have sevewal stwong canes."
   "Ah. I'm not sure. I have warned my sissy recently she must stop playing with her parts. I do need to have something to reinforce the point. Yes, that six foot cane looks about right. No not that one," I had picked up the one I thought she wanted. "That extra thick one. That should stop her nonsense once and for all. Is it really strong?"
    "Oh yeth mith, I think that thould weally hurt too!"
    "But might it break? It's no good unless it's really strong. My sissy has been getting far too naughty of late, and last night she even laughed when I smacked her for masturbating."
    "Well, I think thee thould learn her lesson fwom this cane mith."
    "I hope so. I think we'd better try it out and see if it's completely unbreakable."
    "I'm sowwy mith, I don't quite follow." I had a nasty feeling she wanted to inflict the cane on to myself! Thankfully it wasn't that.
    "Don't worry. I didn't mean what you're thinking. Your diaper wouldn't make it a very good test." I blushed. I knew she knew I was diapered, but saying it made me come over all shy.  "No, I want you to wield the cane." She touched her toes, her long hair dangling down to her feet, her thin satin dress quivering in anticipation. "Come on Ginger, give it me."
     I didn't really want to. I was the sissy, and a baby sissy today. Now I was supposed to be thrashing someone more like my mummy.
     Miss Cummins, watching, jerked her head, indicating get on with it. So I did.
      Ginger Baby's hand raised, grasping the stick. "Make it real hard," ordered the customer, "do your best to break the cane. I only want to buy one that can withstand the fiercest usage."
     After a long pause, Ginger Baby made the cane descend on Mummy's backside. It landed firm and hard on the pretty satin, too thin for much protection. Mummy sighed as she felt the blow.
     "Harder," she demanded, "my sissy has got to be taught a severe lesson.  Imagine I have ripped your best sissy dress, how would you feel?"
     I raised the cane higher. You could hear the swish as it pounded  thru the air, then the cracking sound as it crashed on her bottom. The cane bounced off pleasingly, and she pleasingly staggered forward a pace under the pressure.
     "Yeah, that was real good. Well done Ginger Baby. I'll buy that."
     A very hot but satisfied Baby led the satisfied customer to the checkout.

    As she paid, Miss Cummins pointed my attention to another customer, whom I hadn't noticed come in, in all the excitement. This young man was sifting thru the baby accessories. I went up to see if I could assist.
    "Wow yes," was his immediate response. "I was watching you with that other lady. I'd like a go too please miss."
    "I'm afwaid that was a thpecial order. Ooo have theen de canes are wery stwong."
    "Oh go on, miss, let me cane you!"
    "Do ooo wanna buy anything?" I asked changing direction, "please tell me, I'll be tidying de dwesses."
    He left soon after. I suppose there are bound to be time wasters. Though I did start to imagine what it might be like being on the other end of that stick. Phew! I must be getting too hot, I am starting to imagine me bending over and Miss Cummins caning my diaper so hard it burst.

   It was probably as well I sweated so profusely, since by the late afternoon I was needing to pee. It was then I discovered I couldn't remove my diaper, it was locked!
   I asked Miss Cummins if I could go, politely, but she replied firmly, that Ginger Baby as I'd become known, would have to wait until closing time. That was over an hour away.
   No amount of argument could make her change her mind. "We're too busy," she claimed.
   That was hardly the case. We had had a trickle of people in, but the only sales had been of small items, no nice expensive dresses, or any large accessories like a push chair, a cot, or the special offer of a designer room makeover.
   With half an hour to closing I was full to near overflowing, but with the end in sight I reckoned I'd make it okay, and I began to breathe more easily.
   Another young man drifted in. He was different in that his arm was in a sling, and in that he came straight up to me and asked, "any large disposable diapers?"
   "Oh yeth, thir," Ginger Baby replied. "Over here."
   "Are they  soft to the skin?" he asked.
   "Oh yeth thir, I've got one on meself." I felt proud to admit that to him. "They're lovely an' thmooth."
   "I think I'd like that pack of ten. But could I try one on?"
   "Of course thir, the changing woom's over here. Take this one. I'm thore ooo'll like it'th feel."
   "Thanks, er, but the only trouble is, I can't manage with my hand like this." He waved with his sling.
   "No matter thir, I can help ooo. Jus' lie down on de couch and we'll get ore pants down... ooo  thir...!"
   I didn't know what to say. His erection was enormous. He'd taken me in. I tried to look away as I picked up the disposable.
   "Do me!" he commanded.
   "Oooh thir!" Yes, I did him. Though it was not what he desired, I did his diaper, and sealed it round him. In the mirror, I caught sight of myself crouched over the couch, diaper exposed, it looked very odd, Ginger Baby fixing this big diaper on to a man dressed in shirt and tie.
   "How doth dat feel?" I patted his bum- not his front, and smiled.
   He had a crestfallen look as he gazed at me. Then he pulled me down to him and kissed me. I don't know, but I think he took me for his mummy. I struggled and in the urge to pull myself free, I felt my diaper get wet. I think he got wet too cos he called out, "wow! That's great Ginger Baby!"
   "Ooo have been wery naughty," I scolded him. I could see he was spent, so I did not need to struggle any more. I was curious too, so I pulled off the tabs on the diaper, and sure enough, there was plenty of cum over it, and over him.
   "Ooo'll have to pay for that," I promised, and left him to tidy up. He paid for the set of diapers, his look suggesting he'd got his money's worth.
   It was the last sale that day. I was glad it was closing time, cos I was wet, though not soaked. True to her word, Miss Cummins removed my diaper, and it was a case of the man in the sling over again. Before I was aware of it, she'd slipped her mouth down to where my diaper had rested. I was wet and smelly, but it didn't put her off. But I rolled off the couch at double speed, and grabbed my ordinary clothes, and without even cleaning myself, dashed away to the car.
  Only two days to go, but could I stand the strain of Miss Cummins? Could she rein in her lust for me and give more time to save her ailing shop? I didn't know, and if I had known what was to come...
ah well, I've told you all that before. Let me move on to Friday.
      End of Part three

       Part Four
   Friday. Another quiet morning and afternoon. I'd been allowed to choose my own dress thankfully, and I had had envious eyes all week on this diaphanous chiffon dress in that beguiling lemon colour. It was decorated with a hundred orange petals of varying sizes that covered the top half. It look gorgeous.
   Miss Cummins spend her time in what I assumed was a swoon, or a daydream, by her cash desk that rang up the occasional small sale. She said she was pinning her hopes on the newspaper that would be on sale that evening.  I was more concerned with the lack of customers, which meant noone was there
to admire my lemony dress. I could even have wished that man with a sling returned!
   One customer did return. I didn't remember him from yesterday, but he was complaining about a lotion he had bought. I referred him to Miss Cummins. Later as we idly chatted she showed me the lotion. Miss Cummins had bought it on spec, cos of the name Cummies Magic Elixir.
  "What is it?" I asked her.
  "No idea, Ginger," she replied, "the catalogue I bought it from suggested it was suitable for Teen Sissies. Have a look."
    I took the plastic bottle from her. It held a thick liquid that was yellow, that would have sold it to me!
The claim in large letters was 'For the Growing Sissy.'
The small print offered you a special treat to make you glow with excitement. Instructions- dab a small amount on to the part of your body you want to sting into a hot glow. Warning- only a few droplets suffice. Do not spread thickly.
  "Unusual," I mused. "Shall I try a drop, Miss Cummins?"
  "Up to you," was her answer, "the customer said it didn't smell nice and made him feel funny, whatever that meant."
  "I'll try it when there's a spare minute," I said. Funnily enough, a gentle stream of customers kept me occupied the rest of the afternoon, I even sold another satin two piece to a lady who said her friend had bought one yesterday. But it was still only a trickle of sales, as I took a short tea break, before the evening rush, well we hoped it might become a rush.

   It was while drinking my tea, I opened up that lotion. Yeah it did smell, but not unattractive. Something like wee, but sweeter. I dabbed a little under my nose- mmm, the smell appealed to me. It did sting,  leaving a very hot sensation that lasted as I sipped the rest of my tea, my head all the while feeling lighter.
   Before I returned to relieve Miss Cummins, without thinking, I had dabbed another few spots on my balls. The effect was electric. They were on fire! I struggled to cope with the not unpleasant sensation as I went to tell Miss Cummins that I'd sit by the cash desk while she took her break. No customers at present. Her look at me was surprising.
  "Mmm, you smell nice."
  "That must be Cummies, it makes you glow just as they suggested. I feel quite strange."
  "I must try some myself later," she offered as she made for the storeroom.

   A couple of customers, but no actual sales later, she resumed her seat of custom.
   "Wow, that does smell nice," she said as she sat in my place. She grabbed me.
   "Not here," I urged, pulling away, "there's a lady about to choose a dress." So I pulled myself hurriedly away to serve her. She showed me the dress she wanted, and I saw the odd look she gave me.
She wanted to try the pink frilly satin dress on, so I escorted her to the changing room. The evening was getting dark now, and I went to switch on the light.
  "You're glowing," was her remark as I switched it on.
  "Sorry," I apologized, "I don't follow you."
  "Under you nose, it looks luminous. Look." She switched off the light. "Yes, your face is glowing in the dark!"
   I switched the light on, and left her to put on her dress. I went to the full length mirror in the shop, and could see nothing. But it was brighter in the store, so I pushed the mirror into the staffroom. The light was not on, so it was dark. I could see what the lady meant, above my mouth there was a luminous yellow glow that matched my chiffon dress.
   I wasn't bothered. That lotion seemed to have washed all my inhibitions away. I wasn't even worried when I looked down in the mirror and under my dress, there glowed my balls!
  I skipped like a sissy back into the store. Miss Cummins look mildly surprised at my action, but when I looked down I could see that in this light I was not glowing. I hastened to see if my customer was satisfied. She was excited when I saw her in the changing room.
  "It's beautiful," she declared. "I love your smell."
 This lotion seemed to have weird effects on others aside from the wearer! She said she'd buy the dress, and wear it now. Ready to leave, she switched off the light, saying she wanted to see if she had imagined that glow. It was then she saw my illuminated balls. That seemed to drive her wild, and I tumbled out the room to avoid her grabbing them. She chased me into the shop, where the sight of Miss Cummins brought her to her senses. It was an extraordinary experience.

  I sensed Miss Cummins' desire every time I went near her checkout. With  only the occasional browser, I suggested I might try what had been in my mind days ago. I was exhilarated by the idea of walking the town with  a poster I'd drawn advertising Sissys. It would also get me away from her.
  "As it's quiet here,  I suppose it might be worth a try. Okay. Go up and down the street a few times. While you're out, get a copy of the paper."
   With a piece of string tied round the makeshift sandwich board, I placed it round my neck so the Sissys ad could be seen on my back. I didn't want my front dress and its pretty petals spoiled.
  I danced out the shop and the cool evening air brought me to my senses. There were a fair number of folk around that Friday night, some shoppers, some teens with nothing much to do,  a couple even admiring our shop display.
  "Have a peep inside," I suggested to them, as I started to walk tentatively down the street. Their thanks revived my confidence, and I even skipped as I passed the next group of pedestrians carrying their weekend shopping.
  I soon became aware that a couple of teenage lads were whistling at me as they tagged along.
I wasn't that disturbed, I was pleased I was getting attention as I flounced down the road, my diaphanous dress breezing behind me, and drawing attention to the delights of Sissys.
  A storm was brewing as I reached half a mile from the store. The rain began driving down and I quickly turned for home. The boys laughed as they pointed at me.  As I looked down, I saw what was causing them to crease up, my balls glowed thru my costume, and while I hastily covered my hands over them, the damage had been done. I brushed my way past them as the storm broke in all its fury.
  My hands discreetly positioned, I skipped as fast as I could to my destination. The lads, who must have been late teens, followed, shouting at me. Some others joined the parade and with the wind howling full in my face it was hard to make progess. By the time I'd reached home and safety, I was soaking, my lovely dress ruined.

   Miss Cummins expressed surprise as I burst in, without any newspaper. I hadn't expected the group of six lads to follow me in, but they did, surrounding me with glances that were definitely leering.
  "You smell nice miss. Give us a kiss."
  "Sowwy, go away or I'll tell on ooo," was all I could offer, scared as they blocked off any route of escape.
  I don't recall the precise sequence of events, but Cummies was definitely an elixir like no other. They pawed and pawed my wet body.  I felt hands all over me. I trembled as my dress tore. But thankfully Miss Cummins had phoned the police who had responded very smartly. As soon as the lads saw the policeman they scattered, one caught, the others running out the store. I found out later one had been apprehended there but the others went rampaging thru the town. Thinking about it, I felt it must have been that lotion. The upshot was, a reporter was round to interview us about the youths, with a cameraman, they were putting together a piece for the local tv news bulletin.
  Despite the minor damage in the store, Miss Cummins was pleased- more publicity must be good. Wisely we did not mention the Elixir, and when the story broke on tv, the vandalism in the town was put down to high spirits. But we got a good plug for Sissys and with that and the newspaper article, we were hopeful, as we closed at midnight, for a good day on the morrow.

  "You've got to stay," Miss Cummins urged me, as I removed my soaked torn dress, and my wet petty, and put on my normal clothes. My glow had all but worn off now, "you've got to, you've got to."
  "But I'm only a sissy," I protested. "I never do that sort of thing Miss Cummins, however nice I think you are."
  "Look, I'll pay you double," she offered. She must be desperate. She saw my hesitation.
  "Don't be scared of me. Look, we'll say four thousand for the week, how's that?"
  "Really Miss Cummins, I really am flattered. But I just can't. I want to stay a proper nice little sissy on my own please."
   Her face fell. She seemed desperate. She tipped the Cummies on her red hair, half a dozen drops recklessly splashing her. She rubbed it all over her hair. She did have a most attractive smell, even if she was so dishevelled.
   "Look, I'll let you stay a sissy," she pleaded, "just stay the night."
   I found her more and more alluring and I was fighting my own emotions.
   "Tell you what, Judy. I'll be your mummy, and you can be my sissy daughter. I'll feed you and tuck you in for the night, and tomorrow you'll wake up as happy and refreshed as any nice proper sissy should."
  I think my weakening was apparent, and the cash she waved at me from the till broke me.
  I assented.

  It was news to me that she slept on the premises. Not that I had thought about it, but she showed me her pull down bed in the staffroom. I was ressured when she explained I could sleep in the adult cot on display in the shop.
  "Perhaps we could move it into my room?" she ventured. But I shook my head nervously and vigorously.
  I opted for the cot to be moved into the changing room, it was a tight fit, but snug. The side was pulled down so there was room for me to squeeze in, but no more. I was happier now, safe, even though I had to struggle against the allure of that red hair which in my darkened room was glowing luminously orange.
  Miss Cummins bent over my warm cot. "Call me Mummy tonight," she suggested.
  It was exactly what I wanted, and I stretched out so I could let her "undwess me."
  "I've got a sweet little onesie from the shop," she said, showing me a shiny pvc object decorated with the photo of a panda, and boasting  frilly hems. I beamed at it. This was gonna be a nice night, and rewarding financially as well.
She had my shirt and pants off now. She saw I wasn't the slightest bit aroused, though I knew it would have been different if I hadn't had the will to resist her.
  She had a baby's bottle of warmed milk. I can't say I wanted to drink, but I did want to please her as far as I could, so I allowed her to hold it in my mouth. It was sweet and tasty, so I had the greatest enjoyment allowing her to feed me.
  "Do you want a diaper, so you needn't get up until the store opens?" she asked.
I couldn't answer as my mouth was full with the teat, but I shook my head.
The bottle emptied, suddenly I lay by her feeling so vulnerable. For she was hugging my drying pink petty to her face.
  But as I began to feel drowsy, she thankfully pulled the onesie over my head. I loved the pure pvc feel as she pulled it over me, she gave no hint now she was disappointed with our arrangement. The poppers on the onesie were clicked and I was safe once more, as she kissed me goodnight and I heard the side of the cot pulled up, as I drifted rapidly into slumber.
   Was it the drink, or the scarey moments being chased, or the Lotion, or my suppression of my feelings? I could not tell you the cause, but one fact was sure, I had a very restless night.
   I knew I was in a deep sleep, yet I felt awake. I knew I was dreaming, yet I felt it was reality. All sorts of images and sounds and noises were filling me, smells too, that deeply alluring smell of Cummies, it haunted my dream. There was Mummy Cummins dressed in my pink petty,  bending over my cot, brandishing her cane.
Its's too thin, it's too thin, make the cane thicker, a voice pounded in my head. Thicker, not that thin one, thicker. Make it harder.  Yes, that's the nice thick one I want!
She thrashed the cane down on to me and I was overcome with the sensation of that cane sticking on to me, it would not let me go. It had become part of me, now seeming to transform into a stiff wooden balloon being pumped up, bigger and bigger, fatter and fatter ready to burst. 
 I was suddenly suffocated, I cannot recall any more except, oh yes except I kept on shouting out no, no- no I can't remember more, it's all gone blank. But I do remember the smell, the sweet body smell that was more real than any dream I had ever experienced.
   Phew!  End of Part Four. 

      Part Five 
   It was past nine when I woke out of what I could only describe to you as a trance. I was strangely elated, strangely damp. Yeah, I had weed a lot. It filled my diaper. But I don't remember having a diaper!
In the dark changing room I lay in the cot, happy yet overhwelmed by a feeling of deep mystery. I could see faint traces of Cummie's luminous Lotion around me. As I puzzled, I heard Miss Cummins coming from the staffroom with some breakfast for me.
  She was smiling, but silent. She wanted to feed me! A mash of cereal was very welcome, then a bottle in my mouth made me feel a real pampered little sissy. Being paid for this was a fantastic bonus.
  Then she pulled off my onesie, then my mystery diaper and I was released. A feeling of release surged over me, as I lay naked.
  "I want you to wear this today," she said, producing that two tone two lemon satin outfit that had been my very first sale. It was a pleasure to wear it. By eleven o'clock we were ready to open for business.

   There was a small crowd waiting for admission. This looked more promising. For the first hour we had what you might have described as a rush, several lucrative sales, publicity had worked the business. Then it went quiet as usual. As we nibbled our lunch together, I confided in Miss Cummins.
   "I feel so different today, Miss Cummins."
   "Oh call me Clara," she said, "I guess it must have been that Lotion we both took."
   I took her word for it, but it didn't seem likely. There was no glow on me now, even when I looked at myself in a dark corner. Yet I was confident and full of top sales talk to convince the customers to splash their money on our lovely sissy range.
    Trade did pick up in the afternoon, and we were busy until the crowds dropped off at tea time.
Miss Cummins, Clara that is, called me over when the lull had turned to an empty store.

    "Ginger, I'm gonna take your sandwich board after we've eaten, and drum up some more custom," she told me. It seemed like a good notion. However I was more thinking about midnight and my pay and what I could spend it on, and whether Clara wanted me to work next week. So far, she had said nothing, and I had half decided I would need to look for more work. However today's good trade had perhaps seen our fortunes turn. I was gonna ask her, when she ended her tea, but I never got the chance.

    This red headed lady was Clara Cummins. She had looked more radiant all day, but now she was glowing with vitality. Of course, she had helped herself to Cummies.
    With only one browser in the store, I dimmed the lights momentarily. I jumped up, knocking the cash till over. The lights came on.
    "Yes, I've put on the Cummies!" she told me needlessly.
    "I can see that," I informed her, "how much of the stuff did you put on? Your face is glowing yellow all over, and you must have daubed it all over your breasts." I could see her large bosoms shining under the striking sissy costume she'd donned, a pale gray colored thin silk that flowed down to her thighs. I could see her lower parts were also covered with Cummies. Her aroma was overpowering, delicious, the middle aged lady in the store was drawn to us like a magnet.
    "You can't go out like that," I warned.
    "But why not? We want more trade. This must be how to get it."
    "Miss Cummins-  Clara- remember last night. I don't think...."
    My words floated into the evening air which blew in as she blew out the door, the middle aged lady on her tail.

    She wanted more trade. This she got, a lot more beside. When she re-entered ten minutes later, in her wake she trailed a store full of her admirers. Customers everywhere and with Clara surrounded by suitors, I was hard pressed to deal with all the sales, customers were hypnotized, weren't they, buying anything and everything. A mad frenzy, and when I at last had a chance to rest, the store still had a dozen or so eager customers now dressed in their super sissy outfits and surrounding my boss who was swooning in ecstasy at the success of it all.
   "Close the doors," she called to me, "let's rejoice and celebrate our success."
    I was caught up in the intensity of the jubilation. Clara was magnetically drawing us all to her, even I had been sucked into this atmosphere of fervor, to sit in a circle around her. She stood in the central aisle of the store. I counted fifteen of us, on heat  would have described it. Only I was attempting to resist as I had done last evening. It was hard work, but I breathed in telling myself to keep myself in check, and asking myself if I should leave. No, whatever else, I wanted to watch.
      End of Part Five.

      Part Six 
   "The farmer wants a wife," Clara started to sing, "the farmer wants a wife..."
  Then it spread, as we joined in. Only those few words, endlessly repeated, but increasing in volume, as Clara went round the circle pointing at each of us in turn. Then we slowed down the singing, as it reached its crescendo, it was the last round and Clara's hand continued to point at each person in turn, a new person for each word. Several of them were counting ahead to see if she might end by them. I was in too much of a haze, but I could see the person selected would be in my vicinity.
  Last time oh, it's getting close to me!
  "The," Nearer!
  "Farmer," Very close.
  "Wants," Next to me!!
  "A Wife." Me!!!
 But though Clara had placed two words together to perhaps manufacture me, all the circle had the sissy next to me as the Chosen One. I was relieved in a way, jealous in another. Clara looked flustered.
  But she had to yield to the majority, and this small sweet sissy in a polka dot dress was pulled to his feet. I was sure it was a 'he,' in fact I could tell I was right. He was introduced to his 'farmer.'
  She told the rest of the circle, "you must wait here," and she took her 'wife' to the door of the staffroom.
"Please continue singing the song," and in she went. The door was left open. I heard a sound. That I knew was her bed being pulled down.
  "The wife wants a child," began  someone, "the wife wants a child..." We all joined in, quietly at first, so I could hear what was taking place in the next room. I could see it too, in my mind's eye, though it was too dark to see in there really. An exciting cry in there and our singing grew louder. "The wife wants a child, the wife wants a child."
   Very loud we were now, very pumped up as well, then by an instinct we slowed as before.
 "The," Silence.
 "Wife," a Shout from the staffroom!
 "Wants," A Moan this time.
 "A Child." You can guess!!
  We were all in a frenzy in the ensuing silence. Then emerged our couple hand in hand, and I wished it was me with Clara. So did the others!
  Clara smiled at us all, and a hush descended.
  "My friends," she beamed. "I can see you want more!" She didn't understate the case did she?
  "We'll divide into two circles of eight each."
  So two groupings formed, I think somehow the men and women made their own separate circles.
  "Ready?" We all eagerly cried Yes, even I had been swept up in the moment, though in my heart I was determined only to be an onlooker. If I got chosen, I am not sure how I'd have reacted.
   "This time," explained Clara, "we will decide who is in the middle. Join in with me, "the child wants a dress, the child wants a dress..."
   We sang and passed round a parcel that Miss Clara handed each group. The singing intensified, then slowed as the parcel moved towards its inevitable destination.
One word at a time.
"The" Pass the parcel on.
"Child" Three from me!
"Wants" Two.
"A" One!
"Dress." It's me! No arguing, I owned the parcel, which unwrapped revealed a sparkling dress, I always like shiny things. I held it up against myself, it was made of red pvc with a baby picture on the front.
 "Don't put it on yet," urged Miss Clara.
  In the other circle, the other lucky winner sported a similar dress but in yellow. I stupidly thought to myself I preferred that color.
 "Now," said Miss Clara, "you change circles, "you join that one Judy." Yeah, this was the one with the women, or those I thought were women. It's hard to tell when you're in sissy costume. For sure, they all looked like sissies. That included Miss Clara in her gray silk costume.
  Both circles began the song over again.
I was distinctly nervous as they began and I listened, then pointed at each in the circle in turn, "the farmer wants a wife, the farmer wants a wife." Over and over again, our circle of women contrasted with the growls coming from the other group. Louder were the growls, louder the high sweet voices, then they slowed and I trembled, afraid. I wish I had taken some of that Cummies.
 "The," they are slowing!"
 "Farmer," which one's it gonna be?
"Wants," I just know it'll be Clara.
"A," no, she's the one I am pointing to now. She looks disappointed. Am I?
"Wife." It's that blonde girl, petite in the bright green frilly velvet dress. She looks pretty cute.
  Before I knew it, she was placed in my arms.
  She picked up my red dress I had won, pulled off my two piece with surprising ferocity, and there I was, all naked in front of the group. In the corner of my eye I saw the naked lady in the centre of the other circle.
  But the female eyes were on me. Or more accurately they were surely staring at my lower part that hanged flopping there.
  "Aren't you excited?" cried one.
  "You should be, she's a cracker," shouted another.
  Her name was Gwen, and unmoved by the complaints, put on my pvc dress, as instructed by Clara.
   By now the other couple, the girl in the yellow pvc and her partner were leaving for the changing room amid cheers, as that group began singing "the wife wants a child, the wife wants a child..."
  Gwen stood against me.
  So there I stood pressed to her, this Ginger object, in an utter daze.
"The wife wants a child, the wife wants a child..."
We were standing in the midst of the group, this little thing called Gwen proving my master, I felt her grab thru my pantie and masturbate me feverishly, enthusiastically, powerfully. But I was not responding.
I felt her push me to the nearby cot, I could hear clapping as the voices grew ever louder. I was in a whirl as she sat on me, pushed on me, then as the singing slowed, the mood changed. Our group, perceiving I could give nothing lost control, there was a wild jumble of bodies as the other group of sissies were bounced upon by my sissies, somewhere in it all little Gwen had tried her best.
  "Sorry," I shouted to her above the hubbub.
 It was the police, in force this time, Miss Cummins had phoned, then let them in.
Tv cameras recorded the extraordinary scenes and that's why Sissys became so notorious a place that we were forced to close. Some of the photos that were on the tv and in the papers next morning were shocking enough, but if you wanted to see the full extent of the orgy, the internet was the place. But that was in the future.
  For now,  we  answered police questions and  the store gradually cleared of the fevered bodies. Miss Cummins and I were  booked to appear in court along with numerous others, but by midnight, when we had been due to close anyway, we were alone, as we had been for much of the week.
  The debris in the shop was considerable. Stocks had been depleted. Despite my inner failure, I was happy. I took off my red pvc and prepared to go home, when I'd been paid.
  "Would you like to stay another night?" Clara winked at me. "No extra cash, I'm afraid, but you'll get what you're owed. Here's my check for $4,000. With my thanks," she added.
  "Yeth, I'll thtay if ooo like Mith Clara. Can I have de  cot in de same place?"
  "Of course my darling Ginger. I'll fetch your stuff."
  I pushed the cot from the store into its old place. As I pushed I could see the indentation in the mattress where Gwen had lain on me. There were marks and sex stains on it  from when the orgy was at its zenith.
I was ready for bed when Miss Clara came with a new onesie and my feeding bottle.
I lay back contented and sucked. She popped the teat in my mouth.
"Ooo wanna diaper, wittle girlie?"
 As I sucked, I shook my head, and fell fast asleep.

  It is not a surprise that my dreams were so vivid. It is hard to recall everything that I experienced  that night, but I do remember being in this storm, with Miss Clara standing in front of my cot, she was glowing yellow, not just her face and bosoms this time, but it was as though she must've swallowed Cummies, for she glowed all over, the Cummies flowing thru her veins. She had no clothes on at all.
    She wasn't real, yet how very lifelike she looked! I had this vivid picture in the flashing lightning, of Clara wielding that same huge cane that had grown thicker and thicker and had now turned to a hurricane! I had to escape Clara's fearsome driving wetness that was engulfing me, and I felt a surge of hope when I perceived  the balloon-like eye of the storm, was it possible to reach its safety?  Tossed by the force of the wind and the wet, my objective was that balloon.
I touched it, but how could I get inside? I must get inside! With a desperate cry, I pierced the hard balloon, I felt myself pushing and pushing to get all of me inside, that gave me a huge feeling of relief sheltered in its turbulent cocoon that was being bounced in all directions by the storm.  
   Now I could see Clara rubbing the balloon with Cummies, pumping up the balloon to force it to burst. Already a trickle of wet was entering, where I had pierced to make my entry. I was attempting desperately to stop her succeeding, the balloon was rocking now so angrily that I knew I could not resist much longer. The balloon was still growing as it slowly filled with water, the explosion when I would be overcome was imminent. As she rubbed more Cummies to burst it, I tried from inside to patch up the balloon by rubbing it myself. That did it. My rubbing and hers amid this thunderous tempest, and I was conquered, engulfed by the swamping surge that filled every part of me. 
 My mind was a huge muddle when I awoke. I was unable to grasp any of the facts.
But it hadn't been real had it, so it didn't matter?
Yet I felt like a million dollars, even though she'd only given me four thousand.
 I can best describe myself now as 'a weal twue gwown up thiththy.'
Most of all, how glad I am that I had been strong enough to resist all her advances!

   It was getting on for one year later when I found out the truth, that anyone as clever as you has probably already worked out.
   By then the court case was behind us, and we had set up an internet business selling our old Sissys stock and some bold new lines we'd dared not display in the store. JudyandClaraSissy are thriving on line- absolutely no connection intended between us and any similarly named respectable firm.
   We are a happy partnership at work, as well as at play in our new home. Each night Mummy Clara peacefully tucks in her Sissy Ginger Judy as she calls me, and never have I slept so deeply in all my life.
  I'm sure you have guessed why. Maybe you guessed too how I found out. For when Clara had a baby everyone remarked how incredibly like Sissy Ginger Judy she looked!
    *** Mmm, the end***

       Try Miss Sissy TV- it's also in Story Time!              

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