The Christmas Wish. (pg)
A 13 year old boy makes a wish for Christmas, but will his wish come true? Read on to find out.
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C 2009

There was a house in a small rural estate of houses, they were a set of semi detached houses, one of which was a four bedroomed house, in which lived Mr David Bow, Mrs Crystal Bow and their lovely 10 year old son, Simon.

David was a tall man of 6ft 6in tall, he had dark brown hair and hazel brown eyes, Crystal had lovely blonde long hair and baby blue eyes, Simon took after his mother, for he had long blonde hair and baby blue eyes too.

Simon's hair was very much like a girls head of hair and no matter how short it got cut, it kept on growing back just as fast, much to David's annoyance as the long hair made his son look more like a girl, than a boy.

But nothing much could be done about the nature of Simon's hair, so it was decided that it was best to let Simon's hair grow long, but to keep it in a respectable pony tail, so he would not look like a little girl so much.

Simon and Crystal loved their son just like any other parent would love a son, but Simon was deeply unhappy. Much to the despair of his parents, they tried everything to make him happy, even took him to see a child psychiatrist, who told them that there was nothing emotionally or mentally wrong with him, though he did feel left out when his cousin Lucy got more Christmas Presents every time she came to stay over each Christmas time.

You see, Simon's parents had hoped they would end up having a big family, hence why they bought a four bedroomed house. But sadly, after Simon was born, it was discovered that Crystal's womb had weakened due to Simon's birth, there was a complication and Crystal was told that she had been lucky to have given birth at all.

It was told to her by a consultant, that she would not be able to have any more children. So there was a few bedrooms going spare, David had little to no relatives at all and Crystal only had a few relatives herself.

So each and every Christmas, her sister got invited to their home.
Crystal's sister was called Christine, she had a lovely husband called Stephen, they had a lovely 12 year old daughter called Lucy.

She got plenty of presents from her parents, but both Crystal and David bought Lucy lots of presents too, leaving only a few for Simon each and every Christmas, this they tried to correct, when Simon at the time had been 9 years old.

It was at this age and point, where both David and Crystal began to notice a change in Simon's behaviour...

It was the month before December when Crystal and David began to make their plans for buying Christmas shopping, as it helped to buy early.

That way, they did not have a lot to buy on December itself. Simon was in his bedroom as usual, playing a video game, he hardly went out much.

Crystal entered and Simon put his game on pause. “Simon, as you know, your father and I like to go out and start to buy Christmas presents early.

We would like to know what you would like for Christmas this year?”
“May, may I have a doll for Christmas please Mother?”
Crystal looked shocked for a moment... then realised Simon most likely meant an action figure, like G.I. Joe, or Action Man and so on.

She then smiled at Simon. “Sure, I think your father and I can manage that.”
“Thank you Mother.”
“Oh you are most welcome dear.” Replied Crystal happily and she left Simon to carry on playing his video games.

David kissed Crystal the very moment she stepped into the living room. He had embraced her and Crystal in return had embraced him back, they soon broke the embrace as David asked her.

“So what does Simon want for Christmas?”
“He wants a doll.”

Remarked David in shock. “No way is he going to get one of those, no son of mine is going to be a pansy.” Crystal looked shocked, but then, she shook her head.

“No... not that sort of doll silly, though he did say doll, I am pretty certain that Simon meant he wanted an action figure and that is what we shall get for him.”
“Oh well, that is a different thing entirely.”

Replied David sounding relieved, and he gave Crystal another kiss, she kissed him back and they both thought nothing of Simon's request. Soon Christmas Day itself came and Simon seemed exited when it came for him to open one of his Christmas presents.

He looked on, there before him in it's special display box was an Action Man Figure Doll, in a combat uniform and boots, he held a rifle, had a backpack on his back, a helmet and he was also a limited edition doll in a desert storm uniform, never before released or allowed to be made before now.

But Simon did not look as happy as both Crystal and David had hoped for. “What's wrong Simon?”
“This is not what I asked for.” Replied Simon, he looked as though he was going to cry. Crystal tried to comfort him. “Yes it is Simon, it's an action doll. And your father and I did not stop at just getting you just the one, we bought you several other action figures too.

“But I wanted a pretty doll Mother, the ones like what Lucy have...” All of a sudden Lucy gave a slight giggle, Stephen and Christine just merely looked surprised, but both Crystal and David looked shocked.

“Those kinds of dolls Simon are for little girls and pansies and you are not a pansy, now stop this nonsense and don't you dare spoil this Christmas day...”

David shouted in such an angry tone of voice, that Simon suddenly got up and ran off up to his bedroom. Crystal ran after him.

“Would you like me to help you Crystal?” Asked Stephen in concern as he too had gotten up to run after Simon. Crystal stopped to turn and face him.

“That is very kind of you to offer Stephen, but Simon is my Son, I can handle what ever is bothering him.”
“I am not saying or suggesting that you can't Crystal, I sincerely would like to help if I can...”

“I am grateful Stephen, honestly I am. But I am sure I can deal with matter...”
“Very well...” Stephen turned and went back to join his wife Christine and his daughter Lucy who at this point in time only 10 years old.

Crystal soon entered into Simon's bedroom. He was crying his eyes out by the time she got to him. She sat on his bed and held him. “Simon, what is the matter? What is this all about? Why are you so upset?”

“You would only laugh at me if I told you Mother.”
“I would do no such thing Simon, what ever is bothering you please tell me. I will understand.”
“No... you won't... Mother please... leave me be....”

Crystal was shocked to hear this from her son. “I can not do that, you are very upset, please Simon, tell me... I promise you I will understand.”
“You won't Mother... Honest you won't.”

“Simon, that is not fair. You can't really know that. I just might understand, but I sure won't if you do not tell me...”

“I, I, I can't Mother, I'm sorry...”
“Well, when ever you do feel ready to tell me Simon, I just want you to know that I am here for you.” Simon slowly began to stop crying. “Thank you Mother, I am truly sorry...”

Crystal held her son tightly. “Don't be, what ever is bothering you, I can tell that it's something that effects you deeply. You need time, I understand that. Come now dry your eyes and join me, it wont be Christmas without you, so please don't spoil that for us Simon.”

Remarked Simon somewhat reluctantly. Crystal took hold of his hand and lead him out of the bedroom and downstairs. Everyone was happy to see him, just then, David grabbed hold of Crystal's arm, he took her out of the living room and into the kitchen. “Do you mind! What is the meaning of this David?”

“Did you manage to find out what was bothering Simon?”
“No, he could not bring him self to tell me...”

“What? What kind of excuse its that? You're his mother, he should be able to tell you anything.”
“I know, it breaks my heart that he can't bring himself to tell me what ever is bothering him.”
“I think I know why.”

Crystal gave David a curious look. “Oh, and what would that be?”
“He's afraid...”
“I could tell that he was, I did try to assure him, but he still could not tell me what was bothering him.”

“I'm not surprised, what son would not be afraid to tell his own mother he's a pansy.”
“What? Oh come now dear, I do not think it is the case of that.”
“What else could it be?”

“Even if that was to be so, that will be something we will need to address once Simon feels ready he can tell us such a thing.”

“I'm not going to wait for that! I told you, no son of mine is going to be a pansy, maybe I should take him up to his bedroom and beat the truth out of him.”

“You shall do no such thing.” Remarked Crystal and her voice had raised to an angry shout that was overheard from the living room, everyone all looked on worriedly...

“Oh come on Crystal, that was only a joke.” Remarked David, trying to defuse what was now turning the matter into an argument.
“Really! I do not find that amusing. I would never forgive you if you ever so much were to hurt or harm Simon in anyway.”

“Look I really did not mean it OK? But if he does turn out to be a Pansy. Then we send him to see a shrink to get that out of him, set him straight.”

Crystal was nearly on the verge of loosing her temper. But she quickly kept her calm. “There are several families that have Gay son's and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.”

“Maybe not for them. Look, let us not argue, it's Christmas Day...”
“You're right dear, lets not argue.” David kissed Crystal on her lips as he embraced her.

Christmas Day was a joyous one, everyone was all happy, there had been no problems with Simon, but he seemed to be more unhappier than he has ever been before.

“David, I am really worried about our son Simon, he's been so unhappy and it's breaking my heart to see him like that.”
“Then I suggest that you get him seen to a shrink and get this silly behaviour out of him.”

“Being unhappy is not silly, there has to be a reason for it.”
“Has he told you why yet?”
“No, he has not.”
“Right then, that does it, I am going to beat this stupid nonsense out of him once and for all.”

“WHAT?” Don't you dare. If you so much lay a finger on him, I will divorce you in a heart beat...”
“WHAT? Surely you don't seriously mean that?”

“David. I will not have you or let you harm our son. I will not stand for that, there is a law against cruelty towards children.”

“My father had beaten me before these laws were put into place. I did not turn out so bad.”
“What? You never told me that before.”

“Why should I? That is a personal thing, anyway, I became a better person because of what my father did to me, not traumatized. A lot of kids misbehave and get away with it too, because parents can no longer physically punish them. I'm living proof that I came out better for being beaten by my father, I came to be more respectable.”

“What your father did to you was wrong.”
“If it was so wrong honey. I would be like those others who become distant and none responsive towards others. I am not mentally or emotionally unstable because of what my father did to me. In fact, I grateful of the fact he made a man out of me. Since I turned out well, who is not to say Simon will not do so well if given a good beating.”

“WHAT? Do not take that attitude with me, that what worked for you will work for our son... How can you even endorse what your father did to you?”
“Well, have you ever known me to be traumatized or be inflicted in anyway?”
“No I haven't.”

“There you go then Crystal, that proves my point.”
It does not... How can you say that, what the heck is wrong with you David?” Just then, both Crystal and David heard the front door slam hard. Crystal looked at David confused.

“What was that?” Remarked Crystal in shock surprise.
I don't know, it sounded like the front door to me.” Crystal looked at David with confusion on her face, then she gave him a serious stare. “You don't think that Simon had been stood here watching us argue do you?”

Crystal's fears had become a reality, while she and David had been arguing with one another. Simon had heard, he came into the living room where they had been arguing.

He could not take it any more watching them and listening to them argue, especially as they had been arguing about him. Crystal immediately dashed up to Simon's room.

She went into Lucy's room, she was playing with her dolls. “Hello there Aunty Crystal.”
Lucy, have you seen Simon?”
I think I heard him run downstairs.”

Thank you, that is all I need to know.” Crystal rang up the police, but they could not do anything unless Simon had been missing for more than twenty four hours. Time passed by and it was getting close to midnight, just then the front door opened and Simon entered the living room, he was crying.

But David rushed over and picked Simon up off the carpet, then shake him vigorously. “Where the HELL have you been? You had your Mother worried sick as well as your Aunty Christine and Uncle Stephen...”

I'm so, so SORRY.! Cried Simon bitterly. Crystal was furious with David. “David, stop shaking him like that, put my son down at once.”
David put Simon down onto his feet, he let him go and Simon immediately ran over towards Crystal, she held him in her arms.

“Simon we were worried, why did you run off like that?”
I could not take it any more...” Simon cried, so bitterly that it broke Crystal's heart to see her son this way.

Take what any more Simon?”
You two arguing...” Crystal held Simon more tightly to her chest. “I am so sorry Simon that the argument between me and your father frightened you so much. But there was no need for you to run away.”

I'm SORRY!” Simon cried so much Crystal felt as though her heart had almost been completely broken.
It's OK Simon dear, I am not mad or cross with you and I am sure that your father is sorry too that his arguing scared you and made you run away.”

Crystal looked towards David who did not like being put on the spot in front of Stephen, Christine and Lucy like that. “Yes I am sorry son.”
Crystal looked shocked as she could tell that David had not really meant what he said.

But that matter could wait, after the argument she just had with David, she was not wanting to start another, so instead, she decided not to bring the matter up after all. Simon became increasingly more and more unhappy.

Crystal, may we speak to you please, alone?” Crystal looked surprised when she had been approached by Christine and Stephen, she was doing her level best to spend some time with Simon, in the desperate hope this would help to make him happy.

“Simon, I shan't be long, I promise.”
OK.” Replied Simon, he even sounded deeply sad, Crystal was on the verge of nearly crying. She held back her tears as she took Stephen and Christine into the kitchen.

“Crystal, we do not want to tell you what to do, but we are both equally concerned about Simon's shear unhappiness, maybe it is about time you find out why he is so unhappy and more importantly what will help to make him happy.”

Remarked Christine, then Stephen stepped forward. “Christine is right, we have never before seen Simon so unhappy. What ever he does ask of you to help him be happy, take it with an open mind, what ever it is, but above all give him that chance of one true happiness, or things could get very worse, you maybe left with no choice but to send Simon to a Children's Mental Ward Of a Mental Hospital..”

Crystal began to cry. “I would sincerely try anything, I would not want to send my own son to a place like a Children's Mental Ward of a Mental Hospital.”

Both Stephen and Christine embraced Crystal, she felt such love and great support from them, that she finally managed to go and talk with Simon to find out once and for all what has been making him so sad, and what can be be done to help him not be so sad any more.

Simon was in his bedroom as usual playing his computer games. Crystal entered and closed the door behind her, he noticed that she was sat on the edge of his bed, he stopped playing his game.

“What do you want Mother?”
I need to talk to you Simon, please, it is about time now you told me what is really wrong with you?”

What do you mean Mother?”

Simon, please, just be honest with me, you have been so very unhappy and I sincerely do not want you to be. What do I need to do to make you happy.”

This up coming Christmas...” It was near to November and it would be Christmas again and it would be just before he turns 11 years old.
Simon was born on the 26th of February. “Yes Simon, you want a pretty doll for Christmas this year?”

No, not this year, Mother I want to be a Christmas Fairy... I mean dress up like one.”

Crystal was a little shocked, but she remembered what both Stephen and Christine had told her. “That is not really a Christmas present though Simon.”

Please Mother, I want so much to have that, more than anything, to be able to be a Fairy on Christmas Day would be the best Christmas present ever...”

And would this really and truly make you be happy?”
Yes, well part of it, there is something else...”
Oh... what is that Simon?”

I promise to tell you on Christmas Day itself, it's not a present, but it will be something more better than any present I could ever ask for...”

Simon began to cry, he feared that now the truth was finally out, his mother would say no to his request to be a Christmas Fairy. Crystal at first was not sure what to say, but she could tell how much Simon really wanted what he had just asked for, that he wanted it very much.

Suddenly she flung her arms around Simon. “Oh sweetie, if it will truly help to make you happy, I will more than be happy to get you the prettiest Fairy outfit I can find...”

Oh Thank you Mother, it makes me happy to know that. Will Father be OK with this too?”

I shall talk to him about it, if he don't like it, don't worry, leave that matter to me, Simon I promise you, you will this time get what you have asked for, this Christmas.”

Simon cried, but with tears of happiness, he held Crystal tightly, she held him in return just as tightly, she cried her self. She was just so relieved that she knew the truth, she was sad though, but only because she wished she had known sooner the cause of Simon's unhappiness, she had now an idea what the other thing might be, but she did not build up any hopes on that, just in case it was not that, but something else instead.

Crystal soon broke the embrace. “I shall go and tell your father now, but remember Simon, I made a promise and I shall keep it.” She left, Simon was so happy, he was so full of many different emotions that he did not know what to do.

He wanted to tell Lucy about everything, but he was not sure how she would take it, or would be able to understand, even though she was older than him.

Simon decided to say nothing, but hoped deep down in his heart that she would be OK with it all, as for David... The very moment that Crystal told him what Simon had told her, David near half lost his temper.

“WHAT? No, no way is my Son going to dress up as a pansy.”
That's as a Christmas Fairy not the other kind of Fairy...”

Remarked Crystal getting really very cross with David, but she made sure to keep her raised voice, not so highly raised that would have Simon noticing and him running off again.

“A boy that wants to put on a tutu and tights is a Pansy. To want to dress as a Fairy only proves he is truly that kind of a Fairy.”

Crystal could not believe David's utter arrogance and shear prejudice towards Gay people.
Simon is not Gay. I think he may want to be a girl...”

That is even worse... No Son of mine is going to be one of those Gender Benders either...”
They are called Transsexuals David and I shall not stand for your ignorance and prejudice ways. I need not your approval, Simon is going to get what he wants...”

Crystal paused for a moment trying so hard not to raise her voice at David, but she was inwardly so furious at him for his complete narrow minded attitude.

“This still could only be just a one off thing. Look, can you at least wait till Christmas to find out? As Simon has made a promise to tell me something important, but only on Christmas Day, it could be anything for all I know.”

Fine... What I think or feel about this is obviously not going to to stop you. But... Simon can have his way I only hope he sees how silly and stupid he's going to look when he sees himself in a mirror and realise his silliness.”

Maybe... right now I do not want to dwell on this matter, more importantly your narrow minded attitude.”
I'm not narrow minded, Gays, Transsexuals, Lesbians and all those sort of freaks should all be locked away...”

That very remark is narrow minded.”
Not to me it is not and I know it is not so to a lot of other people too.”
Crystal could hardly believe her own ears.

“Those sort of people are the sort I have always been against and you have never before now said anything about it?”
It did not matter back then.”

And it does now?” Crystal had realised she had now raised her voice higher than she wanted to. She turned to see if Simon had been stood there listening to her and David argue again.

He was not, Simon was so happy and playing away on his video games so much, he had not noticed the fact that his parents were arguing... again... Crystal breathed a sigh of relief...

“Look I will have a long serious talk about all of this one day. Right now, nothing is going to spoil Christmas or Simon's day on Christmas...”
Fine, have it your way.”

Crystal was shocked and hurt, but she did not show it, she was now begging to see a side to David she had not seen before. She entered into the guest bedroom that Stephen and Christine were staying in, she knocked on the bedroom door.

“Stephen, Christine, are you both decent? I need to talk to you, both...” Both Stephen and Christine had just finished getting dressed.

They gave each other a curious stare. “Come on in.” Called out Christine. Crystal entered into the bedroom, then she closed the door behind her, she had a very serious look on her face.

“What is this about Crystal? You look so serious my dear?” Replied Stephen who looked a little worried, as so did Christine.
Strangely enough as you asked me to keep an open mind Stephen, I need you and Christine to keep an open mind as I have found out what would help Simon to be happy and I am not sure how you two are going to take this, but I would very much appreciate your support in this matter.”

Stephen was sat on the edge of the bed doing up his tie, Christine was hanging up a dress in her wardrobe... Stephen got up and went to hug Crystal.

“Of course Crystal, what ever it is we shall support you, wont we Honey?” Christine came over, she held Crystal too. “Why yes... of course we will Sis... So what have you managed to find out?

Crystal took a deep breath and told them what Simon had told her. They both did not look shocked as she thought Stephen and Christine would be, if anything, they looked surprised...

“Oh poor Simon... he has been bottling that up all this time?” Remarked Christine who looked as though she was going to cry.
I think he is one brave boy to at least finally admit the fact he wants to dress up...” Replied Stephen.

Crystal was relieved and overjoyed at the same time. “This does not bother you in anyway Stephen?”
Of course not, I was the one that told you to keep an open mind after all.”
Yes you did, thank you. What about you Sis?”

Oh should you need to ask Crystal? My sweet dear sister, I meant what I said, I shall support you and there is no wrong in that Simon wants to dress up as Fairy. A child should be able to dress up no matter what age they are...”

Both Stephen and Christine gave Crystal an affectionate hug, she suddenly began to cry, but it was tears of overwhelming joy.
Oh thank you, both of you...”

How did David take all of this? Does he know?” Remarked Christine concerned. “Yes, David knows, but he has not taken it very well, but has agreed somewhat reluctantly to go along with this...”

Would you like me to go and have a word with him about this matter Crystal?” Stephen suddenly asked?”
No, thank you Stephen I do appreciate your offer. But this is a matter I will need to resolve with David in my own time and in my own way.”

I completely understand and respect that Crystal.” Reassured Stephen softly. “Thank you Stephen...”
You're welcome. Now we just have Lucy to try and explain this whole matter to.”

Replied Crystal. Stephen and Christine both smiled at her. “No, let it be a surprise for her.” They actually both said together at the same time. “But won't Lucy be shocked or wonder what is going on?”

Sis...” Replied Christine soothingly. “We can assure you that everything will be OK with Lucy.”
Are you sure?”

Just then Stephen replied this time. “Yes, we are sure, everything can be explained on the day itself.”
Well there is actually one more thing...” Replied Crystal.
Oh... what is that Sis?” Replied Christine.

I think Simon may want to be a girl. You see he promised that he had something he wants to tell me on Christmas Day and I think it could be that.”

Again neither Stephen or Christine looked shocked, just merely surprised.
What ever your son wants to be Crystal we shall support you both.” Replied Stephen in an incredible understanding tone of voice.

“That goes for me too Sis.” Replied Christine with a smile. Crystal hugged them both. “I can not thank you enough. Would you help me in buying a pretty Fairy outfit, I want it to be the prettiest one ever to really make Simon's day special.”

Both Christine and Stephen smiled at each other and then at Crystal. “Save your money. We think that we may have something that you may just like.”

Are you sure?” Replied Crystal who could hardly believe her luck, she looked astonished. Both Christine and Stephen smiled at her again.
Yes... We are very sure...”

They both remarked together, they broke the embrace and Christine went over to the wardrobe, she brought out firstly a lovely pair of pink ballet shoes that looked to be Simon's foot size.

Then Christine placed upon the bed a pair of silk white tights that had on them imitation glitter, but it was the sort that always stayed on.

And finally Christine handed on a hanger over to Crystal a double shear satin bundle, it had two thin straps attached to it. Christine then removed the strange looking thing, it was turned inside out, but in its ball or bundle like state, it was the correct way to store it when not in use.

The item was of course was a tutu, but it was not just any kind of a tutu, As Christine fluffed it out getting out any wrinkles and to make sure the under-netting of the tutu's skirt flounced just right, this was a specially made tutu that was both satin on the outside and on the inside, the inside satin lair had been specially made to be very durable, sweat resistant using special fibres within the satin inner lining itself.

Stephen fetched out of the wardrobe a pair of shimmering PVC made Fairy Wings, a Glittering Wand and a most beautiful little imitation jewel encrusted pink tiara.

What was now before Crystal was a complete Fairy Outfit, not only that, the tutu had a frilly top laired skirt, three rows of ruffled frills went from front to back, underneath was the netting in under-lairs of satin with netting underneath each lair piece, giving the skirt of tutu the most bounciest, flounced, flared out tutu skirt that every little girl and Sissies alike could ever wish to ask for.

I hope this is what you had in mind Sis?” Said Christine looking hopeful. Crystal looked so happy... “Sis... it's perfect... but will all these wonderful things fit my Simon?” Stephen instead answered.

“Actually that outfit we had bought for Lucy when she was 9 years old and Simon although he is 10 years old, he is no taller than what Lucy was at the age of 9, in fact he is at the exact same height and build of a small 9 year old girl.”

You see Simon had a growth defect, he stopped growing at the age of 8 and was stuck at the height he had reached at that age, he would forever be at that height and build right through till the day he dies.

Other than the growth defect, Simon was a normal child, he had good development skills, he was average in Maths and English and the other things an 8 year old needed to learn and know.

And being just average really was not all that bad, considering there were children like Simon, but they ended up having learning difficulties or being disabled in some way. So, over all, Simon was lucky to be so well off.

Simon however knew how little people get stared at, teased terribly, it was no wonder he took to staying in his bedroom so much.

Crystal gave everything a good looking over... “Oh everything is perfect and they will all fit perfectly... But I can't possibly accept all of these things?”
Why not Sis?” Asked Christine worriedly.

Well they all belong to Lucy of course...”
Lucy is now too old and a little too big for all these items Crystal.” Remarked Stephen with a smile...

“And we have since bought her a complete identical set and outfit that fit her for the age, height and build she is now. So there really won't be any loss, we just kept this one, more for prosperity really.

It would be nice to see all of these items go to proper use again and so on.”
Oh... I do not know how to thank you both enough.”

Just lets be able to take lots of photos of Simon dressed as a Pretty Fairy so we can see how happy he will be, having photos of him in his most happiest moment will be more than thanks enough.”

I'm with Stephen on everything he has said Sis.”
Remarked Christine with a smile on her face.

I would be more than happy to let you both take as many photo's as you need. I am going to make sure to take plenty of photo's my self. Are you two sure that Lucy is going to be OK with all of this?”

Oh yes, very sure.” Replied this time both Christine and Stephen with happy smiles on their faces. Crystal hugged them both and Simon could not wait, Christmas Day though soon came.

It came to Simon's turn in opening a present. But Crystal stopped him. “Simon, it is time for you to open your very special Christmas Present. It is waiting for you up in your bedroom, I will be up shortly to help you with it.”

Simon's face was set into a most wonderful smile.

Lucy looked up at her parents astonished, but she was curious. Mum, Dad, what is so special about Simon's present? And why will he need help with that?”

Christine answered her. “Don't worry poppet, I do hope that you do not mind too much Simon getting something very special this year? And to not feel left out, as there it not a special present equally for you too, sorry.”

It is OK Mother, You and father always buy for me the most wonderful prettiest presents any girl could ever wish to ask for. I am glad to see that Simon is getting something special. I have never seen him look so happy.”

Lucy had matured very well for her age, she was nearly almost grown up like. Christine was very proud of her daughter. “Oh am am so glad you are so understanding and you will soon see what is so special about Simon's Christmas Present.”

I love surprises.”
I think, I hope you will like this one Lucy?” Replied Christine with a smile... Meanwhile... Simon had excitedly ran right up to his bedroom. Crystal was not far behind, but kept a respectful distance.

Simon could not believe his eyes, everything had been set out and prepared earlier when he was asked to leave his room, only to be told that it would be needed for something and he could not be told what it was.

The tights, Ballet Shoes, the tiara, the wand were all laid out on his bed, and hug on his wardrobe door that was slightly ajar was the frilly pink satin tutu, all already fluffed out and ready to put on. Hung next to it were the Fairy Wings that could be easily attached to the back of the tutu.

He was wide eyed and mesmerized and that was when Crystal had chosen to enter into Simon's bedroom.
Happy Christmas Simon.” Simon turned around, he ran right towards Crystal and flung his arms around her.

“Oh Mummy, this is the best Fairy outfit I could ever ask for?” Crystal broke the embrace for a moment, out of shock... Simon near almost sounded like a little girl.

Did you call me Mummy Simon?” Simon looked as though he was about to cry when he looked at his mother.
Is that wrong of me to do so?”

Crystal detected a hint of sadness in Simon's voice and up until this point, he had been the happiest she had ever seen him.

Crystal was determined, now more than ever to not do or say anything that would upset or make Simon sad again in anyway.

Of course not Simon, I'm just surprised that's all. Come let me help you get into your Fairy outfit and help make you look pretty.”

Simon hugged Crystal again. She accepted the embrace, then she began to help simon get changed, he was wearing Pyjamas, first, on went the white tights, then on went the pretty frilly pink tutu, then on went the ballet shoes, Crystal attached the PVC Fairy Wings to the back of the tutu, then she brushed and styled Simon's long hair and finally the tiara was placed upon his head.

Crystal now lead Simon by his hand and took him into her bedroom where there was a full length mirror. Simon looked at himself, in the reflection of the mirror, a little girl looked back at him in equal shock and surprise.

“Wow! I look like a real Christmas Fairy.” Replied Simon sounding so happy. Crystal had picked up the wand, she held onto it, then she gave it to Simon, he took it.

“You do now sweetie. Come on, everyone is all eager to see how you look.” Simon suddenly flung his arms around Crystal... “Oh thank you Mummy, thank you so, so much. I am so, so happy.”

Crystal cried, but they were tears of joy. “I am happy to see and know that you are so happy, you have been so sad, for so long.”

Crystal dried her tears as she took hold of Simon's hand and took him downstairs.

Only David was not looking forward to seeing his son make an utter fool of himself and he was sure that Christine, Stephen and Lucy will be shocked and appalled by Simon's appearance in a Fairy Outfit. But when Simon did appear, Lucy did look shocked, but not in a bad way, she looked surprised, amazed and blinking with disbelief...

As so Christine and Stephen were the very same. “Simon... is that really you?” Cried out Lucy in awe and astonishment. Simon smiled at her.

“Yes it is me. I hope you do not think I look silly dressed like this?” David's lips pursed into a cruel smile, he was so sure now that Lucy would put Simon in his place and tell him how pathetic and stupid he looked.

Why no... Simon, you look so pretty, you are the prettiest Fairy I have ever seen...” Replied Lucy, much to David's disbelief... Simon could hardly believe his ears. “Do you really mean that Lucy?”

Yes, oh yes I do Simon.” Simon ran towards Lucy and gave her a big hug, she returned the hug. Tears had streaked down Simon's face.

He broke the embrace and he turned to face Uncle Stephen and Aunty Christine. The both smiled at him... “Lucy is right Simon, you are truly the prettiest Fairy ever...” They both said together.

Simon ran to hug them both... his tears were tears of joy too. “I, I have have something I want to now tell you all.” Remarked Simon. He broke the embrace from his Aunt and Uncle, he stood centre of the living room.

“I have a Christmas wish, one wish has already come true. I wish to be loved and accepted as a girl, because I am sincerely not happy being a boy...” Everyone all looked stunned, David could no longer contain his anger.

WHAT? I shall make a man out of you Simon even if I have to beat it out of you.” Quickly Crystal, but also Christine and Stephen immediately jumped to Simon's defence.

“You shall not lay a hand on Simon.” They all remarked at the same time. Crystal now approached David.

“I will not have you now spoil this very Christmas Day. If Simon is unhappy as a boy and I can well believe that, after seeing him be unhappy for so long. Then his wanting to be a girl is not so bad and I want Simon to be happy and this is the happiest I have ever seen him be. Besides which David, you have always wanted a little girl, now you have one.”

No... Simon is a boy, a F**** Pansy of a boy at that.”
Take that back David.” Remarked Stephen in anger...

“I may as well tell you all, I am a cross dresser, both Christine and Lucy here are OK with that and they both still love me.” Crystal looked shocked, as so did David...

“So... you are a Pansy too...” Stephen was nearly on the verge of hitting David. Christine and Crystal could tell by the way he clenched his fists. But it was Crystal that suddenly stepped in.

“Leave...” She suddenly said in an angry but upset tone to David. He looked at her in shock. “WHAT?”
You heard, I told you to leave... Leave and never come back here ever again...”

Tears ran down Crystals cheeks... She could now see in David's eyes his male ego, his macho male pride, his arrogance that went with it, the narrow minded and prejudice dislike of all things he considers not normal.

The hatred of that too, Crystal saw now David for what he truly was, a complete B**** of a man. “I will file a divorce sometime in the new year... I can't believed I married you, the only good thing you have given me, is my son, who is now my daughter...”

Remarked Crystal trembling as her emotions shook her, Christine held her to comfort her, Stephen now approached David unafraid. “You can hit me if it will make you feel like a man. But do so and go... Christine and I won't hesitate to call in the police.”

Go ahead and call them, they are most likely to arrest your pansy ass and arrest my pansy son too.”
Man are you so narrow minded. There are no laws against myself or your son in the matters of cross dressing and so on. We all now have rights you know.”

That was the biggest mistake that our government has ever made. Giving the likes of you rights... You don't deserve to have them...”
David, get out of this house immediately...

” Demanded Crystal in tears.
Oh I'm going Crystal, you're all welcome to have this house, I would not want to step foot in it anyway. I hope you all rot...” Abruptly... David left the house...

Lucy however now broke into tears, Simon was upset too... Crystal, Christine and Stephen tried their best to get them to stop crying. “We are not going to let this whole matter spoil Christmas...”

Replied Crystal tearfully. Stephen approached her. “I think I know what will help to make things better.”
What's that?” Asked Crystal surprised. Stephen smiled.

“You'll see, I will just need to borrow Christine for a moment.” Christine knew what Stephen had in mind, she gave Crystal a reassuring smile... “We shan't be long Sis... everything will be better, I promise.”

She left and went with Stephen to go up to their bedroom.

Crystal went over to hold both Lucy and Simon. It was not long before Christine came back downstairs and entered into the living room, Crystal looked up as so did Simon, they both looked on in shock and surprise as stood there before them was Stephen, he was wearing a girlie like wig, but surprisingly he was also wearing a short crushed red velvet dress that had white lace and a white satin sash.

It had short puffy sleeves, he had on a pair of white tights and red Mary Janes on his feet, the whole outfit was an adult version of a little girls outfit, the dress was so short that Crystal could see just underneath the skirt of the dress lairs of lace petticoats.

“Crystal, My name is Stacy.” Remarked Stephen in a perfectly girlish pitched voice both to Crystal's and Simon's utter amazement.

I do not understand... Why are you dressed like a little girl?” Asked Crystal in now a half amused tone of voice. Stacy smiled at her...

“You see Crystal, I have cross dressed ever since I was six years old. I loved all the pretty girlie dresses. But as I grew older, I notice that older girls wore different clothes, so I thought it made sense to dress more like that...”

Stacy paused for a moment, Crystal and Simon were sat together eager to listen to Stacy's story. “But I still liked the pretty girlie like dresses, Though I did like the sexy lingerie of what the older girls were wearing, so I put aside my child like ways, to enjoy the more mature and adult feminine things. But I would be content to be in male clothes at other times...”

Stacy stopped to get a drink as her throat felt dry. She took a sip of Sheri, cleared her throat. “But I could only ever be content, not fully happy. I loved dressing up too much and that made me happy, I went out one day dressed as a girl, went into a Gay Bar, as I felt safer to be in one, rather than be in your average type of bar. I met Christine here, I was surprised, I naturally thought she was a very good convincing guy dressed as a woman...”

Stacy stopped to have another drink, this was not an easy story to tell for her. “I had no idea I had just blown my cover, when she told me it was a nice compliment, but she was really a real woman, but found Gay Bars to be better than your usual ones. Christine turned and asked me if I was actually a guy in drag... I saw no point in telling her no... That would have been wrong...”

Christine then suddenly spoke up as Stacy took another drink, she was really very nervous, she went over to comfort Stacy.

“Naturally I was taken back when Stacy told me that she really was a guy, but was not entirely Gay. He was hoping to meet a woman that would accept his cross dressing and be able to love his female side and to be able to kiss him dressed that way.”

Stacy took over, as she managed to compose her self. “The matter of making love to me whilst dressed did not come up in the conversation immediately but I was surprised and glad that actually Christine had mentioned it first. I told her truthfully I would like to be able to make out whilst dressed so long it was something a woman would be really OK with...”

Christine smiled and she added with a slight giggle. “Stacy was so sweet and considerate, that is what really stood out to me and I did like the fact he loved dressing up, it was a good sign that this wonderful guy/girl would not cheat and go with other women. I also saw a child like innocence in him, but it did not twig as to his little girl side nature was an important part of his life...”

Stacy saw that Crystal still looked confused and it was only right that she now made everything clear.

“We did not plan to have children at first and I was concerned about a child be that a boy or a girl growing up with a father that loves to dress up like a woman, that would be hard enough to grasp and accept, but a father that likes and needs to dress up like a little girl...”

Stacy paused, just so that she could make sure to get everything told told right. “That would be a much harder thing for a child to accept and understand, so I kept my need to dress like a little girl as far back I could push it, but Christine could tell something was wrong, I wanted to tell her, but when she told me that she was pregnant with a child, I told her that, the matter was something best left forgotten, I wanted be the best husband to her and father to our child...”

Stacy stopped to have a drink, but she sipped now on an orange juice, she did not want to get into a drunken state and she had a few glasses of Sheri to know that she needed to stop at a few.

Knowing full well what the effects of alcohol can have on the body and on the brain. “Christine assured me that our child will be told about cross dressers at an early age, but not too early, I was happy that our child was a girl, as I did not want a son to grow up being like me, not that there is anything wrong with that you understand?”

Stacy took another sip of orange squash. “It was hard for me growing up and being different and the insults I got from people. I did not want to have a son go through all of that. It was hard for me to keep my cross dressing a secret from Lucy. One night she was only two years old at the time, she had a bad dream and she came into the bedroom to get into bed with us...”

Crystal could tell how hard this all was for Stacy to tell to her and Simon too... “It is OK Stacy, please do continue, we both understand don't we Simon?”

Simon went over to give Stacy an affectionate hug. ”Oh yes Mummy I understand completely.” Stacy hugged Simon back... “Oh what a sweet little girl you are. Thank you and thank you too Crystal.”

You're welcome, please do go on, tell us more, please.” Stacy was really glad of this opportunity.

“We both knew that this could happen and I would be content to be in pyjamas instead of a slinky night dress and sexy lingerie to wear at night. But I had a real need to be wearing those things and we both hoped on that particular night that Lucy would not come into our bedroom wanting to sleep with us...”

Stacy paused, but only so she could place a gentle kiss on Simon's forehead as he held her tightly, she could feel his warmth and his love pouring into her, from which she drew great strength from and she just wanted to thank him with a tender kiss.

“Lucy did come in and we could not tell her she could not sleep with us, naturally as I pulled back the covers, Lucy immediately saw that I was wearing a see through night dress which showed my lingerie...”

Christine wanted to help, so she cut in for a moment, Stacy was being so brave and she was so proud of her. “Lucy quite naturally looked shocked and could not understand why Daddy was wearing female clothes. So we told her that it was a form of grown up dress up, which was a little different from the way children like to dress up, this was a little more easy for Lucy to accept, even though she did not fully understand.”

Stacy was glad that Christine was there to help her, but it was best that the rest came from her self. “As we gradually got Lucy used too seeing me dressed up, she began to like seeing me that way. She loved dress up too, only she had no one to play dress up with her, we wanted her to have friends, but it would be awkward with my cross dressing. Which Lucy was beginning to understand...”

Stacy had one last sip of orange juice. “That was when one day she was dressed up in her Fairy Outfit, she wanted to have someone dress as a bridesmaid. So I was shocked of course when Lucy asked if I would dress up for her. I told her naturally that I could not dress up in her things as they were too small for me... Lucy was very heart broken...”

Tears had fallen down Stacy's cheeks, that was a very sad memory moment for her, but she continued to tell her story. “I told Christine about this, she asked me how I would feel if I could or was to wear a bridesmaid dress? We decided to ask Lucy if this would be OK, but she really had her heart set on me wearing an identical bridesmaid dress that she had, the sort you see only little girls would wear. You know a frilly pink one with short puffy sleeves...”

Oh yes I know the type you mean, they are so pretty are those kind of bridesmaids dresses.” Remarked Crystal in a understanding and encouraging tone of voice, Stacy was grateful of that.

“Yes, I think so too and we did not want Lucy to be so upset, it took us a while to find a very understanding dress maker who would not mind making a duplicate dress to the one Lucy had, but one made to fit me...”

How nice and wonderful to find such a lovely understanding dress maker...” Remarked Crystal showing her further understanding and support towards Stacy. “Thanks, Linda Harley is the best dress maker we have ever met. She was very open minded about it all, everything had been made that was part of the bridesmaid dress right down to the shoes, tights and underwear...”

Oh that's amazing, to make everything exact.” Remarked Crystal in surprise. “Yes, though it was my idea, I felt I owed it to Lucy, she was so happy to see me dressed in a dress like the one she had. Lucy even wanted to know I was wearing exactly the same underwear she had for her dress. I showed her that I was wearing frilly pink knickers under my adult made girlie tights. Lucy was so happy and thought I was the best Daddy and playmate ever...”

Oh that is so sweet and wonderful Stacy.”
Thank you Crystal. I was happy too, it was then I knew I could not keep what I needed the most hidden. So I told Christine, she was surprised but not shocked and Lucy was happy to have in a sense a little sister and it was cool that I was her Daddy too from time to time.”

Crystal came over to hug Stacy. “And a pretty little girl you are at that.”
Yes I agree with that too.” Replied Simon. Stacy cried tears of joy, Lucy was happy now, she had two playmates and she couldn't be happier.

Crystal was so happy that she was surrounded by three lovely cute little girls and her Sis to support her and the tree little girls. She approached Simon who was truly the happiest she had ever seen him be.

“Simon, now that you are going to be a girl from now on, do you have a girls name that you would like to be called by?”

Yes I do Mummy.” Replied Simon sounding like a little girl himself. Crystal smiled at him. “You're ten years old sweetie, you do not have to call me Mummy.”

But I want to Mummy, I want to be a little girl like Stacy is...” Stacy came over to give Simon a BIG HUG.

“Crystal it's OK. I believe she really means it, this has nothing to do with the way that I am.” Remarked Stacy to reassure Crystal. But she was not worried, she nodded her head in understanding, she walked over and hugged Simon too.

Then a little girl you are sweetie. So what is your name going to be.” Simon cried tears of joy he was accepted and loved as a girl, she held Crystal tightly and told her sweetly.

“I would like to be called Sindy please Mummy, you know after the the Sindy Doll.” Crystal looked surprised, but she gave Sindy a loving hug.

Why of course you can be called Sindy after the Sindy Doll, it is a very pretty name and very fitting for such a pretty little girl such as you.” And that everyone agreed with.

Simon now Sindy got her one true Christmas wish and that was to be accepted and loved as a little Girl.

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Sissy Wanda C
Very nice story.
Bestest Holiday Wishes
Sissy Wanda C
that so joyful story
Love & kisses
Fank you fwo your commetn Rainbow, it not a poem, this iseths a stowy. Me sure that is what you meant.


 that so joyful poem  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Fank you Sissy Wanda fwo your comment, much appweciated.


 Very nice story.
Bestest Holiday Wishes
Sissy Wanda C


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Mina Silverwind
I am amazed at the cuteness of the story, you are one of my favorite writers, and I hug you for your talent.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
sorry it took so long to read this love story of your little one but i have lot of thing to do like get a present for very lovely and sweet little girl (you) that will be go in the mail soon but do not open to christmas. now what was go say about your lovely story. i feel for simon/sindy all the pain and sadness that he/she whint thore over the year. i know the pain he/she tell his/her mom that he/she like to be a christmas fairy becould it was hard for me come out to my mom that i was a girl not a boy. i can see you put lot of your self in to this story to like his/her brithday is the same as your little one. i think in truth that you wish that simon/sindy was you little sis.

from your big sister

shi long
come to the light
Fank you sis fwo your comment, oh me wanted to tell my parents, about wanting to be a girl, they found out by other means, but they were not accepting of my nature, so it wubs have not mattered even if me hads told them.

Yeth most of Simon's/Sindy's pain does pwetty much reflect my own inner personal pain. Fank you wery much fwo your comment.


Your Baby Sister

 sorry it took so long to read this love story of your little one but i have lot of thing to do like get a present for very lovely and sweet little girl (you) that will be go in the mail soon but do not open to christmas. now what was go say about your lovely story. i feel for simon/sindy all the pain and sadness that he/she whint thore over the year. i know the pain he/she tell his/her mom that he/she like to be a christmas fairy becould it was hard for me come out to my mom that i was a girl not a boy. i can see you put lot of your self in to this story to like his/her brithday is the same as your little one. i think in truth that you wish that simon/sindy was you little sis.

from your big sister

shi long  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Awwww, fank you fwo your comment Mina and aslo fwo fwo your hug. Wery much appreciated.


 I am amazed at the cuteness of the story, you are one of my favorite writers, and I hug you for your talent.  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

A beautiful and affecting story, with a heartbreaking depiction of parental conflict that feels as if it is drawn on experience ... David is one of your most realistic and disturbing antagonists, and seeing him lose the battle was profundly relieving. Ultimately, an uplifting tale of acceptance against the odds.
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Fank you fwo your wonderful fantastic comment Andreea. Yeth Andreea, you are right, about the parental conflict, that iseths actually fwom my own personal experience, my parents you see argued nearly all the time, me actually ran away fwom home a few times because of it.

It hurt me too much to see them argue constantly wivs each other, even though they treated me badly, me still did not want to see them argue and fight so much, being so sensitive as a child to adult-hood, peoples arguments weally effected me on a deep level.

So naturally, it was somefing me cuds not cope wivs, you see me can sense peoples anger, their hatred and other fings that they feel, but when me feel and sense that, those feelings are ten fold. Me can't explian it, other than me feel so wery much fwom my soul.

Which makes me so wery sensitive, more sensitive than most other people. If you was feeling sad fwo example, me wubs feel your sadness, but ten times over, me can't do anyfing about that, me isthes wike a sponge that absorbs great amounts of emotions, my own. but also other peoples as well.

This is my gift and my curse, me not bothered what anyone else here fingks of me, me just wanted you to know. Fank you ever so much again fwo your comment.


 A beautiful and affecting story, with a heartbreaking depiction of parental conflict that feels as if it is drawn on experience ... David is one of your most realistic and disturbing antagonists, and seeing him lose the battle was profundly relieving. Ultimately, an uplifting tale of acceptance against the odds.  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

***Hugs and kisses***

That must indeed be a hard thing to bear, though I am at least glad that you are able to deal with your feelings through art (or at least to derive inspiration and express them so eloquently, and thus merit all our understanding).
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Fank you Andreea so, so much fwo your weply to my comment. Fanks fwo the hugggles & kwisses. They mean a lot to me, strangely enough, regardless of what me goes through, this gift that me has, it's my weakness, but it is equally my strength.

It's my personal Ying & Yang if you want to look at it that way, that me can't have one without the other, so this is not weally a contridiction in terms, by what I meant, that this gift being my weakness but it is also my strength.

It is how me can put so much passion into my stories about characters, how they feel, why they feel that way, me have after all, all of thoes absorbed emotions to draw fwom, fwom the deepest of all sorrows, to the greatest happiness of all.

Fank you so wery much Andreea, you are wonderful, amazing.


 ***Hugs and kisses***

That must indeed be a hard thing to bear, though I am at least glad that you are able to deal with your feelings through art (or at least to derive inspiration and express them so eloquently, and thus merit all our understanding).  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'


 Fank you fwo your wonderful fantastic comment Andreea. Yeth Andreea, you are right, about the parental conflict, that iseths actually fwom my own personal experience, my parents you see argued nearly all the time, me actually ran away fwom home a few times because of it.


Yeth most of Simon's/Sindy's pain does pwetty much reflect my own iner personal pain.


When the story took a sharp curve from "la la-la la-la" to "Dunnnn Dunnnn Dunnnn" in the soundtrack I was starting to wonder myself if some of the darker notes were hitting close to home and that maybe the end of it was a moment of nostalgia (selective constuctuction of memorization of things the way we would have wished them to be).

Did the father character ultimatly flee out of fear?

I enjoyed reading it and I really wasn't sure where exactly the story was going to go or end up. *hugs*
A young girl's greatest fear isn't monsters, or magical threats from beyond time and space.
No, a young girl's greatest fear overshadows all of those things.

Her greatest fear is to be alone.

(Still your little Guardian Shadow, now just with wings!)
Awwww, fank you fwo such a wonderful comment OopsiePanty, the father in this stowy is one of those guys who will walk out the moment he knows others are against him and it's better to walk away.

You could call that fear, me pwetty sure it is fear, most ignorance and predjudice is out of fear and lack of understanding and not having an open mind. And you are right this stowy iseths pwety much may take on how me wubs have wanted fings to turn out to be wivs my parents.

Sad to say events did not happen that way, in my case, both of my parents cuds not accept me when they found out about my true nature. Fank you so, so much fwo your comment.


 When the story took a sharp curve from "la la-la la-la" to "Dunnnn Dunnnn Dunnnn" in the soundtrack I was starting to wonder myself if some of the darker notes were hitting close to home and that maybe the end of it was a moment of nostalgia (selective constuctuction of memorization of things the way we would have wished them to be).

Did the father character ultimatly flee out of fear?

I enjoyed reading it and I really wasn't sure where exactly the story was going to go or end up. *hugs*  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

What a sweet and lovely story!
Thank you for sharing it :D

Awww, fank you for the comment Kimmie. I love Christmas stories and was happy I managed to do three of them in total. I am glad that you liked this story, this was the very 1st one of the 3 that I did, the other two Christmas stories came later.


 What a sweet and lovely story!
Thank you for sharing it :D



'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

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