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Chloroform Kidnap Forced babyhood
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  I watched from my front room window as the delivery men unloaded their removal lorry and transported the various objects into next door.  I could not see who the new owner was, just the amount of furniture and boxes that were being taken into the house. Several days passed before I noticed her as I pulled up onto my driveway, my new neighbour was collecting a newspaper from her postbox. She was in her mid to late forties bobbed brown hair and was wearing a silver silk dressing gown, not leaving much to the imagination. “Hi nice to meet you, my names PJ,” I said introducing myself. My new neighbour replied with a smile. “Hi there PJ, I’m Cathy,” she said holding out her hand. I lightly shook her hand to greet her. From that point we started to chat regularly whenever we bumped into each other. I established that Cathy was now single and maybe been through some kind of breakup, but I didn’t push the issue and enjoyed the fact that I had not inherited a nightmare neighbour, but a friendly one.

As the weeks went by I didn’t really speak with Cathy a great deal. I did however get a strange feeling that I was being watched by her (I didn’t have any proof and never saw her.) But, whenever I went to go out or returned I just had a funny feelings he was watching me.

Cathy had moved to the area for a fresh start. She had not long broken up with someone that she had been seeing, but that was not the reason, Cathy was in fact the one that had called the relationship off. No, Cathy had moved to a new area so that she could initiate a life long dream. It was no coincidence that she had moved in next door to PJ, she had been stalking him for months. After purchasing the property she had ensured that all the necessary improvements had been completed before moving in, now the time had come to commence.

BANG! BANG! BANG! My front door echoed. I had just got out of the shower and dried myself. Pulling on a pair of shorts I hurried downstairs to open the door. Stood in front of me was a frantic and slightly upset Cathy dressed in her silver silk dressing gown. “Oh PJ, please come quick something’s happening in my basement, please help me!” Cathy said while wiping a tear with a tissue. Unsure of what to expect I slipped on my trainers and grabbed a baseball bat and followed Cathy. “What is it?” I asked as we hurried to Cathy’s house. Once inside the front door Cathy shut it behind me, “I need you to look downstairs for me, please?” Cathy pleaded as she pointed to a wooden staircase. “Ok!” I responded as I gripped my bat and proceeded to head down the stairs towards a dark door at the bottom. Cathy was following me in close proximity. Upon reaching the lower floor I put my had to the door handle and pushed it down, simultaneously pushing the door open into the dark filled room. I edged in with Cathy still close behind me.

Suddenly lights above my head were on and I was momentarily blinded by there brightness. Cathy’s plan had gone well this far and had managed to get her potential victim into position. After flicking on the light switch she grabbed a sealed see through bag from the side cabinet next to the doorway and opened it. She retrieved the thick white paper handkerchiefs that she had prepared earlier that were laced with her special chloroform concoction. 

I was stunned when my eyes adjusted to the light and I could see what was before me. The bright white tiled walled room was full to the brim with equipment. My brain was struggling to process what was laid before me. An adult sized cot, a changing table, large rocking horse, shower, glasses front cabinets upon cabinets full of items. I just didn’t understand why this would be here. I turned to ask Cathy what was going on.

However at this point With the thick paper hankies firmly in her right hand Cathy  circled my neck and applied them over my mouth and nose. “Mmmmmmppppppphhhffff,” I cried as the thick white crisp tissues formed a gag around my face. I was obviously in shock and dropped the baseball bat as Cathy expertly clamped the paper hankies over my mouth and nose. I inhaled almost instantly and was hit by the chemical smell that was held within. “Mmmmpppphhhhhfff” I cried again as I grabbed hold of Cathy’s hand holding the paper hankies in place. Cathy was well prepared for my attempt of escape and quickly used her knee to push into the small of my back to knock me off balance.  As I found myself falling backwards into my assailant I inhaled again. This time the chemical within the tissues had Cathy’s desired effects and caused my head start to spin. I desperately started to struggle now, as I lay collapsed on the floor with Cathy directly behind me supporting my head and holding my hands away with one hand, whilst holding the thick paper hankies over my face with her other. “Mmmmppppppjhhhfff,” I complained as Cathy looked into my eyes. “Sssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh! Baby it’s ok, mummy is going to take good care of you. Just relax and breathe in mummy’s special medicine Cathy responded as the drug started to really take effect. My head was spinning, my eyes were starting to blur, why would Cathy do this to me? I don’t have a lot of money and definitely do not have anyone who would pay a ransom. But what I didn’t know is Cathy know exactly who I was, she had done her homework and I was ‘her choice’ candidate.

Drugged and confused I continued to struggle against my abductress, but this was in vain. Cathy now had me exactly where she wanted me. On the floor, the drug laced tissues in place and going nowhere! “Mmmppphhff” I cried again trying to question why, but Cathy was not moved. “It’s ok precious, mummy has planned this for a long time, you just need to be a good boy and go night nights! I know you don’t want too, but mummy knows best sweetheart, just relax baby and everything will be just fine, I promise!” Cathy stated as my eyes were now glasses over and I was falling into a drugged slumber. “Gooooood booooooy!”Cathy said as I drifted off into la la land.

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Baby Butch
Cathy is playing rough but she did capture an adult baby.
Baby Puss
Could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  
I like the start to this story. Cant wait for the next part    
Great beginning. Can't wait to read more. 
Looks like we are in for a good story, keep it up 
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