PG 13 Be careful what you wish for (rewrite)
A young boy gets more than he bargained for when he wishes to redo an embbarrassing moment
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(Here's the origanal story this is based off of: I am merely rewriting this and continuing it.)

I'm an ordinary fellow, I have hopes, dreams, and of course my secret fantasy's like everyone does. And they are usually quite harmless. But do you ever think of what would happen if perhaps those fantasy's were granted? This is a story of how that happened to me.


Ever since I was a young lad, I've thought about situations in my life, and how they might have turned out if it had happened the way I wanted it to. I've been dressing up like a girl and putting on diapers since I was a kid. I usually tried doing incredibly stupid stunts, as if I was actually trying to get caught. I usually think back to one time when I was 15 and I almost got caught in a very humiliating manor. I may have been saved that day, but I usually wonder what would have happened if I had got caught, and if I had been wearing something more babyish. Now that event is one of my favorite memories. It was summer break and I was walking around the park, looking for something to do since my mom was at work and my sister's were with their friends, when I noticed a kid around 12 that i didn't recognize, playing basketball by himself. I was wearing a backpack with a change of clothes just in case I needed them. I was wearing some baggy pants that day, which was great for hiding my cute, yet tight fitting baby diaper and a pair of my little sisters frilly pink panties which I had stolen from her. I hid the backpack in a bush and made my way over to the kid, I introduced myself and asked if I could play. He agreed and we started playing. Along the course of the game, my pants got, 'accidentally' pulled down a bit somehow, which allowed the kid to get a good glimpse of my diaper and panties. The boy was extremely curious as to why I was wearing them, I of course lied, telling him that my mother made me wear them. He was surprisingly accepting, as we continued out game. I of course easily won soon enough. The kid ran home for some reason I couldn't quite figure out, I thought that perhaps he was just a sore loser. I hung out there a bit longer, playing basketball by myself. I soon saw the boy coming back with 7 girls, all of whom I recognized, they were girls that I were from my school. And in the front was Amy Buello, one of the prettiest girls in my class. So, not wanting to get caught by her in my attire, I quickly went to the bush and switched out the diaper and panties for a pair of normal boxers. I came out of the bushes just in time for the girls soon came up to me. Amy asked me if her little brother was telling the truth and if I was wearing panties and a diaper. I showed her part of my boxers to show that this was not the case. I told her that the kid was simply mad about losing the game. She scolded her brother and then took him home.

Now this is how it happened originally, in my dreams the situation would be quite different.

I would be wearing a diaper that actually fit, something with lots of frills and ruffles. And they would have to be quite thick indeed. Like perhaps multiple diapers on over my current. And next I would be wearing a cute outfit. I' be wearing a Barbie doll t-shirt, that would only come down to my diaper. On my feet I would be wearing cute Mary Janes. And of course my diaper would have to be incredibly soaked, I wouldn't be happy until you could see a pee stain through all four diapers. After I was dressed, I would go skipping like a little girl and see Amy's brother just as I did before, things playing out very much the same, until the point where the backpack with my normal clothes in it, would be replaced by a diaper bag so I couldn't change. Soon enough Amy would arrive and laugh at me along with her friends, calling me a baby and other such names. They would point out my obviously wet diaper and show it off. They would then try and embarrass me further by taking me with them and making me carry my diaper bag, while they would talk about keeping me dressed like this all the time.

Ah but that is simply a dream isn't it? Merely a fantasy. The past is the past and we can't change it can we?

Or can we?

Too be continued.
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I love this concept! It could definitely be fleshed out into a full story if you put some effort into it :)
like the fantasy and the concept of what you want to have happen nice writing would like to see how it would have gone
Hmm I'd wub to see more!
Ah thank you all very much. I should mention that at the time when I wrote this, I didn't know that the story had actually made it on the site. But now that I know it's working, I will continue. I should also mention though, that I'm having some difficulty with my computer and the spelling and grammar may be a bit screwy.
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