captured by four mommies (R)
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I was asleep, I didn't know for how long. Suddenly I heard a voice.

"Wake up, sweetness."

It belonged to Diane. It had been forever since I'd seen her. What was she doing

here? My eyes opened slowly. It was Diane! And not only her, but my three other exes

as well - Maria, Courtney, and Jennifer. I'd been in love with all of them at one

point or another, but had ended the relationships through infidelity and my lack of

financial solvency. I'd broken up with all of them by cheating on one of the others,

or by sleeping with prostitutes. Today, they looked ravishing. All four of them wore

shirt skirts, high heels and low cut tops, they'd let their hair grow long and wore

sweet smelling perfume. I didn't know where I was or what was happening, I thought I

must have died and gone to heaven, until what happened next. They began to lean in,

teasing my face with their breasts. Immediately I moved to touch them, and just as

quickly found that I could not. I shook with a start. My arms and legs were shackled.

The drowsiness was wearing off with increasing quickness, i found that I'd been chained

to a thick plastic pad of some kind. I tried to yell for help, and found I could make

no sound, a tight gag blocked my speech. I thrashed in my bonds, bucking my crotch and

felt there what I'd often imagined but hadn't felt in years, the thickness of a diaper.
Courtney giggled.

"Let's turn the camera on now, what do you say?"

The girls agreed wordlessly and I heard a click and whir across the room as a video

camera began to record. They returned to my side, smiling slyly at me as they began to

caress my torso with their hands, babbling sweetly to me and smiling. They shared a

look at each other and then looked down at my body, then said in unison "uh oh baby!"
Suddenly, something in my mind betrayed me. My stomach began to rumble and my penis

began to ache. I didn't understand what was happening. I felt a warmth begin to fill

the front of my diaper - I was wetting myself. Just as quickly, the rumbling in my

stomach turned to the feeling of a warm mass of poop filling the back of the diaper. I

struggled, humiliated before the eyes of my four lovers, with whom I had shared but

never indulged in this fantasy. Maria walked neard my head and began to caress my


"I'm sure you're wondering why this is happening, darling. Well the four of us got

together to talk about all the trouble you've given us, and we decided that instead of

letting you go about causing trouble for all sorts of women, we'd keep you for

ourselves to make sure you could never be a worry again. You've been here for six

weeks, and in that time you've been asleep and recieving subliminal hypnotic commands.

I'm pleased to inform you they've taken hold completely, and you are now completely

dependent on diapers for as long as we say, which shall be for several years at least."

Tears began to run down my face as I protested my fate as a captive. Maria just smiled

and tickled my chin.

"Aw, does baby need his widdle pampers changed?" My penis bulged at being spoken to in

this way.

"Later, darling. Make no mistake, you're our baby, but you're a fullgrown man too, and

that means you still have certain responsibilities, but don't worry, we've made sure

you'll be able to fulfill them. You see honey, in addition to not providing us with

enough company, you also left all of us owing money. But not to worry BABY-"

as she said the word "baby" I felt a fresh stream of urine flood my diaper.

"-that webcam over there, the one that's recording you struggle trapped in your wet

messy baby diapers, is going to make all that money back for all of your mommies. And

don't even worry about how you're going to use the footage to get revenge on us, we

already made you sign a waiver on camera while hypnotized! You know babykins, you'd be

amazed at how many folks out there will buy membership to a good diaper torture

website, particularly one that showcases a humiliated big baby boy 24/7 trying

desperately to escape and begging his mommies for diaper changes and baby food!"

Each time she said baby, I felt my bowls and sphincter move to release more. "Yes

baby, every time we say your new name, as I'm sure you've discovered, you will lose

control of your bladder and bowels. It's your fate and I suggest you resign yourself to it.

I heard a ratcheting sound behind me as the table to which I was strapped was moved to

an upright position, forcing me to face the camera. Tears ran down my face as I tried

to plead with my eyes for someone to release me, my screaming reduced to muffled grunts

behind my gag. Courtney patted my full bottom, spreading the mess around.

"Aw, does BABY need changing?" She chided. I released again. Jennifer interrupted my

thought of the temprorary reprieve of a diaper change with a suggestion of her own.

"No, I think what our BABY needs is a nice feeding!"

She rolled into my line of sight then a two gallon container full of pea-green baby

food with a tube running out of it, and shoved one end of the tube into my gag, which

evidently had a small hole in it. She turned a widget on the side of the huge

canister, and my mouth filled involuntarily with the disgusting taste of strained peas.

"Don't worry sweety baby, this feeder doesn't work fast enough to make you throw up, we

don't want you choking on us - but you're going to eat every bite."

As baby food flowed into my mouth two of the girls cradled my head between their

breasts, while the other held me from behind and one stood in front, the four of them

planting kisses on my face and head while stroking my torso as I cried in helpless

uncomfortable humiliation. One of them grabbed my chin while the other two leaned in

to my ears and began to intone over and over "babybabybabybabybabybabybaby" at least

twenty times. I thought the diaper would leak, but it only expanded with my waste,

leaving me trapped in it. My legs kicked against my shackles in total frustration, but they just kissed me

on the head.

"Such a good diaper baby, making for his mommies! Teased courtney. But not to worry

honey, you'll be getting your very first diaper change in just eight hours, right after

lunch and dinner!"

I bawled helplessly through my gag. The four of them looked down at me just said

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Can't wait to read more of how things turn out. also wish it was happening to me
I LOVE this story  

really well written! cant wait to hear the next bit, and i wish i wet myself when ever somebody called me a baby. I'd have to wear diapers 24/7 just incase someone said that
Im so glad you loved it  
Great story i really loved it and cant wait for more :D
Cushie Chloe
Nice start! hope to see more soon

I wuv everyone no matter what.
I am happy to take any cutie that needs me :)

I am waiting for the sequeal
give me more. please give me more. such a gweat start!
Diapered and Pretty!
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