Call Of The Mistress (R) (Story now complete)
Carl Slater a lowly thief steals a young girl's handbag, inside is a mobile phone that will change his life, forever.
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To my readers and those that comment on my stories, this story was an old idea I had last year ago, but I could not do anything with it at the time, so I disregarded it at the time, but I had watched a Movie that had involved a cell phone (Mobile Phone) where two characters get a set of instructions via the Mobile Phone, which they have to obey. Anyway this Movie reminded me of my old idea, then from there my imagination took over, just wanted you all to know that before you all comment, thank you.




C 2009


In the busy city of down town New York, with so, so many people coming and going from one place to another, it was just right for a common thief to snatch a persons purse or handbag and no one would be the wiser, this sort of thing happens nearly all the time, most people who live in New York are used to thieves.

So one lone thief already had this in his mind and all that was needed was a helpless victim, a young woman, or a teen-aged girl, this thief had class and style, for example: He would never dare steal from an old lady, he consider such an act beneath him.

The thief was called Carl Slater, he had sandy brown hair that was near to blonde in colour, his eyes were baby blue, which made him look cute, he tried to match such looks with a silly half moustache and a goatee beard.

Which absolutely looked ridiculous, but he was one out of many funny looking people in the streets of New York, which was why no one was paying Carl any attention, which helped Carl all the more better to snatch a girl's handbag and run, most young women or teen-aged girls carry lots of credit cards with them, and sometimes cash.

Carl was a genius when it came to credit cards, he could get money with them, buy anything he wanted and of course it was not his money he was spending, how he managed to get away with this, was his little secret, though lots of clever people are able to use other peoples cards if they know how too, but most of these people get caught.

Carl delighted in the fact, that he was the only one so far that had never had gotten caught, it was in fact a world record, though of course, not officially. Carl was your typical down an out college student, he was 18 years old and he made his living off, of other peoples misfortunes.

But he was not too bright, in the sense, he always spent what he stole on video games, CD's, DVD's, mostly porn and magazines of the same kind.

He would spend every dollar and every dime until he was poor again and needing yet even more money, so yes in this sense Carl was not as smart as he liked to think that he was, typical of a boy of his character.

Carl was only 5ft 4in tall, but it was a pretty good height, not too tall and not too small, only an inch away from being 5ft 5in tall, some may consider the perfect height that is neither too tall or too small.

Carl used his near mid height to his advantage, as it was easier to snatch a handbag from girls or women that were usually always within the 5ft tall area in height, where as nearly most boys can grow to be at 6ft near to 7ft in height.

There was a lot of potential victims to chose from, but there was one young looking girl, must have been at least sweet 16 and no older than that, that was perfect for Carl.

She had knock out looks for a start, long shimmering blonde hair, sapphire blue eyes, was exactly 5ft 5in tall with a figure to die for and she had around her left shoulder a big, bright red handbag, a gleaming one at that.

Nearly half the people in the streets of New York could not help notice her. Even her 5in high heals matched her handbag and she wore a near see-through short white dress, her bright red underwear was near showing through that getting a lot of attention, manly from guys of course.

That sent wolf whistles her way. Who was this girl? With that much attention being drawn to her, no one is much going to pay any real attention to him snatching that red handbag, he would ditch it of course and only take its contents.

There was plenty of alley ways with dumpsters and Carl knew where every alley way was that had a dumpster in it, then again, most alley ways had them.

That big bright red handbag now seem to beckon to Carl, begging to be snatched. Carl could no longer resist the urge, as more eyes now fell upon the drop dead gorgeous blonde bomb shell teen-aged girl.

Carl immediately ran past and snatched the handbag right off the girl's shoulder, with such force, he had knocked her over, her skirt was so short that it revealed more of bright red underwear, Carl could not ask for a more perfect distraction than that.

The young girl was none too happy about that and cried out sounding like a typical ditsy blonde. “Say... that guy stole my handbag...” Two men looked at her drooling at the mouth and the big over sized one next to the skinny tall bloke, said.

“Don't worry Doll, we will catch the Punk for ya...”
“Yeah.... that's right....” Uttered the skinny fellow with a great big grin on his face. “We'll get that Punk for you and brink back that lovely handbag of yours.”

“Why thank you fellas.” Replied the blonde girl all demur like batting her long eyelids. And so the unlikely dynamic due set off to go after Carl.

He had a head start anyway and soon he was in an alley way and he began to quickly go through the contents. “What... no purse, man there has got to be one in here somewhere...”

Much to Carl's utter shear shock and disbelief, there was no purse of any kind inside of that big red handbag, he rummaged and rummaged through lots and lots of make up, some sexy underwear, and the only real thing of any real value was a mobile phone.

The only real problem, was that it was bright pink.
Carl looked at it in disgust... “Man what a girlie mobile phone this is, that is so typical of a dumb blonde, but how did she manage to pay for all this stuff without her purse? Maybe she had it hidden in her cleavage! It wouldn't really surprise me. This may come in useful, hmm... I like the the virgin white sexy lingerie with the pink lace trim, that is so sexy and hot, I'll dump the rest.”

Remarked Carl, he had of course no intentions of wearing the underwear, they were so that he could masturbate into them with.
Carl dumped the red handbag and ran before those two guys could stop him.

But they had turned up to see where he had dumped the handbag, they managed to retrieve it and return it to the blonde damsel. Much to their dismay and disappointment, she was gone...

“Say, you there...” said the big guy to someone near by. “Did you see where that young gorgeous blonde babe went too?”
The person who they had stopped was a guy, but he gave them a worried look, but he replied to him.

“What blonde babe?” The big guy did not look too pleased. “You could not have possibly missed her, she was right here only a few moments ago with this big red handbag here.”
“Oh I.. I... I assumed it belong to one of you fellas!...”

Remarked the man nervously... “What? Are you calling us queer?” Remarked the big guy in a threatening manner. “Oh, oh no... but I honestly saw now blonde babe, you had better return that bag to whom ever it belongs to.”

“It belongs to that blonde babe everyone saw, you must have seen her, you was here when she was, I saw you as we left to fetch it back for her.”
“I... I... I saw you two run off for some reason, but that is all I saw, I swear...”

“Then you are an idiot, we shall take this to the police and let them handle matters, consider this your lucky break...” The big guy walked off in disgust, thinking the guy he had intimidated must be one of those guys that walks around with his eyes half shut or stuck reading a news paper than to have notice such a vision of perfect beauty.

He got to a police station and gave an accurate description of the blonde girl, the police looked into the matter, but no one could recall ever seeing such a girl or remember the big red bag they were now holding at the New York Police Department.

In the end the two guys ended up being questioned under suspicion and they had not got a good enough look of Carl to be able to give his description.

Carl had concealed the underwear and the mobile phone. And he had soon returned to his one bedroom apartment, which the rent on it was now long overdue. Carl had been meaning to pay that off using the money he steals.

But of course he keeps spending it all and he has an eviction notice, so he was hoping his next steal would make him rich enough to do both, pay off his rent and still spend everything else.

But his thieving ways this time round had not paid off... Carl now desperately hoped that he could make good use of the mobile phone, maybe had all of the girls bank details on it.

He was a Wiz with mobiles so it did not take long to figure out the pass word to unlock the phone. And began to search through files he could find on it, it was a modern day mobile that had internet, it had a built in function for keeping information like addresses, even a diary, things like that and so on.

There had to be some personal bank details somewhere. Carl looked and looked, but nothing, but there was a secret diary of some kind, that was pass word protected, but Carl had cracked that in a matter of moments, he was so proud of what he could do.

The title of the diary had caught his eye. It read: 'Diary Of A Mistress.'
“Day One, go out shopping to the Mall and buy one big red handbag, buy make up and sexy underwear... WHAT?”

Called out Carl in shock as he had read the diary entry, but that was all that was in it. But it had described the events exactly to how they went. Carl checked the rest of the diary... it was blank. It did not make any sense what so ever.

“Mistress, yeah right, that blonde girl is nothing of the sort, Diary Of A Mistress, what a dumb title, typical of a dumb blonde.”
Remarked Carl, suddenly his door bell rang and hardly the postman used it or anyone else for that matter, never mind actually knock on his door.

So naturally Carl was very alarmed when his door bell rang. Carl went to see who was at the door, to his shock and disbelief, an NYPD Police Man was there at his front door. His face had gone a little pale, but Carl tried to remain as perfectly calm as possible.

“Yes officer, um how can I help?” Carl had no idea what to say. He was dreading those immortal words 'Carl Slater, you are under arrest.'
But the Police officer smiled casually at him as he said.

“Carl Slater, does this handbag belong to you?” Carl's face went paler than white as the police officer before him produced a big red handbag and held it up right before him.

“It has your name and address on it, look” Remarked the police officer as he indicated to a label that was inside of the handbag, which Carl had not notice before when he had rummaged through it earlier.

But sure enough there it was and on the label was Carl's name and address, which shocked Carl only even more.
“Officer I... I.. I can explain...” The police officer cut Carl off in mid sentence and said abruptly.

“Look kid, I don't really care what you are into, so long as you keep it to your self, you can have what ever fetish you like. Here, just take your property back and be grateful it was handed in... Oh some guys wanted to know if there was a reward for handing it in, is there?”

Enquired the officer. Carl was not sure what to say, but to prevent the officer from becoming suspicious, he took the handbag, not knowing why he placed it over his left shoulder. “Err... um... sorry officer no, there is no reward.”

The officer smiled as he glanced at the big red handbag hang down now from Carl's left shoulder, he looked like a complete and utter idiot with it of course.

But being as thin as he was, his hair was actually quite long and if it was not not for the fact it was a mess, his moustache and his goatee beard being also in a mess, Carl would most likely make a pretty good looking girl.

Even the police officer before him, could not help get such a thought in his mind and could almost envision Carl wearing a dress or better still a mid-drift revealing top and a very short skirt and wearing kinky underwear, the kind that was inside of the big red handbag.

“I did not think so. It makes no difference to me. Take care now.”
“Oh er, um yes officer and thank you.” The officer gave Carl a slight smile and then left. Carl quickly took another look inside of the big red handbag, just to make sure he had not been seeing things.

But the label was nice and big and there as large as life was the hand writing, his very own that gave his name and house address.
Carl scratched his head, this was not possible, he had not filled in that label, he checked the contents of the handbag again.

Just then, the mobile phone rang, Carl blinked in utter amazement and shear disbelief... yet he picked up the mobile phone where he had left it on his chair in the living room. He pressed the button to access the call... “Yes hello...”

Carl felt like a complete idiot, but waited for someone to answer him. “Hello there Carl, this is your Mistress calling...” Said a wonderful seductress kind of voice over the phone to him.

Carl blinked again, it was not a voice he recognised and he had very few friends, none of them were even girls. “Do I know you?” He enquired, not really knowing what to say, this was so sudden.

“No, but I know you.” Replied the woman's voice, Carl could not help get even turned on by it and his penis in his pants had become erect. “Oh, how do you know me and who are you anyway?”

“Oh how I know you is my little secret and I have already told you who I am, I am your Mistress and you will obey me.”
Replied the mysterious seductive voice over the phone. Carl smirked, the voice was very alluring, almost hypnotic.

Carl was not effected he gave a big laugh over the phone's mouth piece. “Ha... not likely lady... say how did you get this number anyway?”
“Why it is my number silly, my mobile phone, though it yours too now my sweet Pet.”

“WHAT?” Remarked Carl in shear disbelief... “No.... no way can you be that ditsy dumb blonde bomb shell...” Just then the woman's voice suddenly changed.

“Oh you mean this ditsy blonde my sweet Pet?” Sure enough it was the voice he had remembered the blonde girl having.
“This is of course not my real voice, this is...” The high pitched tone of that of a ditsy blonde girl changed back to that seductress one...

Carl refused to believe it. “No way is that your real voice...”
“Oh but it is... my sweet Pet...”
“Hey... stop calling me that, I am Nobody's PET!”
“Oh but you are Carl, you are my Pet. I am your Mistress and you will obey me.”

“Yeah, right. As if....”
“Oh you will and you shall obey me my Pet. Deep down you really want to...” Carl was about to laugh and switch of the mobile phone, but he suddenly was under the influence of the mysterious seductive voice of this seductress.

“Yes my Mistress.” Carl suddenly replied. “Yes that's a good little Pet, you will do exactly as I say. That lovely white pair of panties, bra garter suspender belt and stockings, put them all on, then pared around in them in front of your full length mirror.”

“Yes my Mistress I like to dress up.”
“Oh I know you do my Pet, that is why I chose you. I know all your deepest desires and it's not really of those porn images you have, you only get those to mask what you really desire the most, don't you my Pet?”

“Oh yes Mistress...” Replied Carl who now sounded more like a girl than he did as a boy. Carl had put the entire set of underwear in his top drawer of his dresser unit. He went to his bedroom, the headed still over his left shoulder.

Carl removed it as he went over towards the dresser unit and opened the dresser drawer and opened it.
There inside was the underwear among his ugly looking boxer shorts and selection of boys socks, mainly blues or browns, there was very few other colours, other than a bit of red and a lot of white too.

Carl began to undress repulsed by the boy clothes he now saw on his bedroom floor, to which was covered in a yucky brown carpet.
His bed had blue sheets and matching bed covers pillows and so on.

Carl was soon naked and he began to put on the white panties first, the feel of silk made his penis stand on end, then he put on the suspender belt, his penis hardened even at the feel of that around his waist, then he gently and delicately pulled up the silk stocks which only added to his already hard on erect penis.

Then he put on the satin and silk lace bra, then finally the satin garter upon his left thigh. By now Carl was very much turned on. He put the mobile phone down upon his bed.

He looked at himself in the full length mirror, and smiled to what he saw in the reflection, an idiot in sexy lingerie and the fact he could see his erect penis taught under the satin clad panties.

Carl began to caress himself all over, he so much now wanted to play with himself, when a sudden voice came loudly over the mobile phone. “Oh no you don't my Pet, no playing with your self, not yet and certainly not in my underwear, soon your shall get your own clothes to do that with...”

The phone had switched itself to the hands free mode, but it had new type of technology where the mobile acted like a speaker phone and the voice was loud and clear, but not distorted.

Carl had reached down to his taught penis, when they stopped at the command of this woman's voice. “There's my good Sissy, I know what will get rid of that erection. I shall release you of my control over you now, so you can see what I have done to you.” Remarked the voice over the mobile phone.

Carl had suddenly snapped out of his hypnotic condition and a look of shear shock came over his face as he saw himself now in the reflection of his mirror. And his erection immediately shrunk back to its normal state.

There was now hardly even a bulge in the white satin panties, which made Carl look like he had a girls private part down below, which only repulsed him even more.

“Ha, ha, ha, haaaa...” came a loud, but wicked chuckle of laughter over the mobile phone, immediately Carl ran over and switched it off and even removed the batter from the cell phone, then he got dressed into his own clothes as quick as he could.

He snatched up the mobile phone and it's battery, he left his apartment entirely and found the furthest alley way and dumpster, he made sure that the cell phone and it's battery were well buried under the trash that was already in the dumpster and walked away.

He also made sure he had closed the dumpster lid tightly and he soon returned to his apartment, he saw the lingerie still on the carpet of his bedroom, he picked it all up, he still liked it, so he put it all back into his top drawer of his dresser unit.

Just then his own phone rang, but the phone line was due to be disconnected in a few days.
That was something else Carl had failed to pay, he had made so, so many calls, for phone sex of course, raking up a huge bill in the process.

Carl hardly got calls from his few male friends. So he was quite surprised to get a phone call. He picked up his phone, which was one of those fancy cordless ones and almost looked like a mobile phone by its design.

Carl picked it up from its main base. “Yes, hello.” a sudden seductive voice came over the phone that made Carl's heart nearly almost stop. “Did you really think that you could get rid of me that easily my Pet?”

Carl felt almost a cold shiver go down his spine. But then he suddenly got angry. “Look lady, I already told you that I am no one's PET!”

“And as I have already told you. You are my Pet and you shall not speak to me in that way. I am your Mistress and you will obey me... go back into your bedroom and look inside your handbag, it is not mine, as I bought it especially for you dear.”

Carl wanted to say no, heck he wanted to tell this mysterious crazy woman where to go and what to do with her self.
But once again, his mind wilted and sub-combed to the hypnotic voice of the Mistress.

Carl had gone into his living room where he had kept his phone, he soon returned back to his bedroom and he opened the handbag where he had left it by his his bed, there right on top of the pile of everything much to his shock, horror and utter disbelief...

But there it was... the pink mobile phone... It hen suddenly rang, Carl opened the back compartment, to his shock the battery was back where it belonged, he closed up the battery compartment. He still held onto his own phone.

“Well don't just stand there looking at it my Pet. Pick up the phone and answer it you silly Sissy...” Remarked the Mistress with a giggle.

Carl simply obeyed, he picked up the phone and said. “Yes, hello.”
“It's me you silly Sissy, this is our personal phone, you won't need your other phone, put that back where it belongs. You are mine my Sissy Pet and you have yet much to learn. I am so going to enjoy training you to be my Sissy Baby Pet...” Chuckled the Mistress...


My name is Carl Slater, I write this entry as I was told to do so, somehow I can recall the very day before my life being changed forever, I please my Mistress now, because I freely do so, her control over me only merely released what had been inside of me all along, a genuine Pet Love and the need to serve. I will make entries until the day my life is complete, then I wont need to write any more in this dairy.

It is to remind me of what I once was and why, so that I will always be grateful to my Mistress but also to help me realise how much better my life is now under her care and love to me. Getting back to where it all began, well I had woken up one Saturday morning and it was like every other morning...

Carl Slater had woken up to the arrival of mail that had come through the letter box that was on his front door, he did not have one of those mail boxes you usually see at nearly most other American homes, the metal window shutter clattered loudly that it's noise even echoed around the entire apartment.

Carl lived in a converted house. The upstairs part had been turned into a separate apartment from down stairs, it was was a fairly large house, big enough and easy enough to convert into separate apartments.

The back door now lead into a hallway that lead to the upstairs apartment, the stair case originally came down near to the front of the house, there was a lot of major alterations, but without it effecting the structural integrity of the entire house itself.

The mail was so heavy, that it made a very loud thud on the tiled hallway, other areas of the house was either wooden flooring or tiled flooring, as Carl could not be bothered to buy any carpets apart from his bedroom and it was expensive to buy carpets for each of then rooms that needed carpets. Carl woke up, wondering how he even managed to cope being woken up in such a way.

He always felt groggy and half dazed, near to almost like having a hang over, somehow he suffered from these effects without the need to take alcohol in the first place and it was murder trying to wake up, even after two cups of milky coffee, which Carl loved to drink first thing in the morning instead of a pure fruit juice.

OK, Carl was not your typical average American, In fact, his Mother had been an American Sarah Townsend, but she met a British guy who had been a Slater by trade as well as by name.

Roof Slating that is, he was darn good at his job and he got promoted to a job in New York, they met at a bar and began seeing each other.
Of course they got married and Carl had been their very first child, but sadly their only child, as they got killed in a collision with a big industrial truck that had been driving in the wrong direction.

The truck driver had only realised his vital error the moment he saw the car, at first he had thought he was on the right side of the road, only after the truck had smashed right into the car and he came out with minor injuries and was arrested.

Had it been confirmed that he had indeed been on the wrong side of the road all along and was jailed for the death of Carl's parents. He was only 13 years old at the time, he got taken into the care of a Foster home.

But that was where Carl's life had spiralled out of control, he ran away far too many times, got sent to a young offenders prison, but got released into yet another Foster care home, only for Carl to run away from that too many times too.

Not to mention being a total misfit. Only near to 16 years old and held at a correctional facility, did Carl turn his life around for a short while.

He got himself a good decent job, until the day he had to be laid off work, due to the every increasing struggling economic crisis that was effecting the whole world. Carl tried so hard to get another job, but with each time he failed, that was what had sent him down the path of his deviant ways.

Carl got a shower, still half dazed, anyone would naturally assume enough that a good hot shower would wake anyone up. But not Carl, he groggily made his first cup of milky coffee, which he had gotten from his father's side.

His Father always loved a good cup of milky coffee, the smell of it would waft around the house, so it was natural enough that Carl craved to have the same thing too.

It was sometime after his second cup of coffee that Carl went to check the post, there was a massive pile of envelopes, Carl could tell that most of them were bills, there was a rent demand letter which he did open.

The big pile of letters was nothing new to Carl was no stranger too, he was getting used to receiving so many letters. Of course several bills left right and centre demanding money off him which he clearly did not have.

There was so many bills he could not possibly begin to pay off, that made him live from the misery of others, as he was miserable himself. Though it made it no more right that he made others suffer because of his own suffering.

He had seen many times other youths steel handbags from women or young girls and that had appealed to him.
So he took to stealing in the same way too and had even become very good at it, which only made him want to do it all the more.

“How much overdue rent!” Carl remarked looking at the huge set of numbers that were set against the dollar sign. It was so high there was no way he could pay and with the rent demand was an eviction notice.

Right, that does it... I am going to have to snatch a handbag somehow that belongs to some wealthy rich lady if I am ever to pay any of this off.” Carl uttered to himself, little did he know that day of all days would be the day that would change his life for ever.

It was at the very moment Carl had gotten the third call of the Mistress that he had that flash back.
Now he was under her hypnotic control again, part of his subconscious mind was trying to fight the conditioning effects, wishing that he had never took to stealing handbags in the first place.

But there had been no way to have foreseen this, this was like something out of some kind of a twisted horror Movie, you know the ones I mean? The types that have those Psychopathic killers that make obscene phone calls to their victims before killing them.

This situation was exactly like one of those Movies, only this was for real, as mysterious and impossible all of this was, it was happening and it was happening to him. “Now then my Sissy Pet, you have worn only one set of my underwear. You shall wear another, but wearing my underwear is not going to be enough, oh no.” Remarked that ever mysterious seductive female voice, warningly.

The one that called her self 'The Mistress.' “Besides every Sissy needs to look pretty and they just love to wear make up as I know that you want to do so too my Sissy, don't you?”

Carl's face lit up as he turned to face the pink mobile phone, but he spoke to it as there there was a person right there, sat on his very bed, talking to him.

Then again with its smart hands free mode and the voice so clear, it was exactly like as though this mysterious Mistress was right there with Carl sat on his bed. “Yes my Mistress.”

Good Sissy Pet, that is what I like to hear. OK, be a good Sissy Pet for me sweetie and remove those ugly boys clothes.”
Yes Mistress, oh yucky...” Remarked Carl as though he was utterly repulsed to see such male clothes on his own body.

“Oh my GOD, I'm hairy... oh gross...” Remarked as he saw his own bodily hair, he was not overly hairy, even so, where he was hairy that repulsed him even more.

Don't worry my Sissy Pet, as of today, you are going to remove all of that nasty yucky looking body hair and be all smooth as a Sissy Pet should be...”
But Mistress, I do not have any shaving products.”

Oh but you do have them my Sissy Pet, I had made sure to have the matter taken care of and stoked up your shower room cabinet with of the things you will ever need.”

Reassured the seductive voice of 'The Mistress.' Carl soon made his way to his shower room and there was a most expensive shower room cabinet fixed to the shower room wall and all manor of other shower room furniture and fixtures that hardly were ever used, the shower caddy held Carl's tooth brush, shower gel, a face cloth and a bar of soap.

As far as Carl was aware of, his shower room cabinet was completely empty, it was just there like everything else in his shower room, they were there to make it look good. Carl had taken the mobile phone with him, not knowing why and he placed it upon a linen basket and he got into the shower and opened up the cabinet, to his utter amazement and disbelief, the cabinet was stocked full with all manner of products.

Which he began to use, Carl even used the hair removal cream and the razor to shave off his silly moustache and his ridiculous goatee beard. He washed his hair with tender loving car, soon he was all showered and hairless.

He stepped out of the shower and dried himself off with a big thick bath towel. “Oh very good my Sissy pet, You have done well, very well...”

I have Mistress?”

Remarked suddenly sounding more like a girl as he turned to answer the phone on the linen basket. “Go into your bedroom and see for your self my Sissy Pet.” Replied 'The Mistress.'

Carl took up the mobile phone and went immediately to his bedroom, he placed the cell phone upon his bed and now looked at himself in the full length mirror.

Carl looked on in shock and surprise, as a near to like girl reflection, looked back at him in equal shock and surprise. “Oh my GOD, I almost look like a girl...”

You silly Sissy...” Chuckled the voice of 'The Mistress.'

“You are a girl, now my Sissy Pet, I want you to put on the red set of sexy lingerie that is inside your handbag.”

Yes Mistress.” Replied Carl obediently. Went over to where the Big red handbag was by his bedside. He soon found inside of it the red set of sexy looking lingerie.

They were pretty much the same items of the white set, a lacy bra, panties, suspender belt, stockings and of course one garter.
As Carl put on each of those items, as before his penis became fully erect and he so much wanted to play with himself, but once he had a good look in the mirror to admire himself, just as his hand went to reach down to his pantie-clad taught penis...

“What have I told you my Sissy Pet about playing with your self?” Came the voice of 'The Mistress.' Warningly from the cell phone.
Carl's hands dropped down by his side.

“Good girl, oh I knew, I have always known you would make a perfect Sissy Pet for me. Now my Sissy Pet, you need to do your hair and your make up next.”

Yes Mistress.” Replied Carl. He had remembered seeing a hair brush that was amongst all of the other products in his shower room cabinet.

Carl quickly went to get it and soon returned with it, he lovingly brushed his long sandy coloured hair, styled it, he liked what he saw, it had such a lovely shine to it, his hair was full of body and thick, it looked like a girl's head of hair.

“Now apply your make up my Sissy Pet.” Remarked the voice of 'The Mistress.' There had been make up too inside the shower cabinet, Carl got those and brought them back with him into his bedroom.

He pulled up a wooden chair that had a leather seat and a coffee table that had his porn magazines on it, he shoved those right off and positioned it as near to the full length as possible, as his dresser unit did not have a mirror attached to it.

He placed all of the make up products on the coffee table.
He looked at them blankly and he turned to look at the cell phone worriedly. “My Mistress I do not know how to apply an of this make up to my self.”

Awww, have no worries my Sissy Pet, I will instruct you, I will have you so well trained, you will be able to put make up on your self blind folded.” Replied the voice of 'The Mistress.'

Carl under the influence and with the instructions of 'The Mistress.' Began to apply first, foundation to his face, then he plucked out his eyebrows, with not so much wincing with the pain, he then took up a sandy coloured eye-liner and drew a fine line over the area where his eyebrows aught be.

Then he applied a soft light red eye shadow to his eye lids, it was magenta, which looked pink in colour. He had wonderful natural long eyelashes, that Carl did not need Mascara to apply to them, instead he used a clean unused eye lash brush, to gently brush his eyelashes to help them look perfect.

Carl used a light red blusher for his cheeks, he pouted his lips perfectly as he applied hot red lipstick to his lips. Carl then put the coffee table back where it belonged and his chair.

Now he took a good look at himself in the full length mirror of his walk in wardrobe. A stunning and beautiful looking girl looked back at him in equal amazement.

Oh you look so wonderful and so very pretty my Sissy Pet” Remarked the voice of 'The Mistress.' “Now open your wardrobe door and put on your new dress, you shall also find new shoes to match your dress in there too.”

Carl obeyed and opened the wardrobe doors. He saw to his amazement, there was a pair of red 5in heal red shoes next to the line up of ugly looking men's shoes.

Carl immediately put them on his feet, further to his amazement, they were a perfect fit. He looked to see ugly men's clothes all hung up on hangers, but there was no dress, he turned to face the cell phone with a worried look on his face.

“My Mistress, I am unable to find the dress you mentioned.” Carl said tearfully and almost felt like crying.

Silly Sissy...” Remarked the voice of 'The Mistress.' with a slight giggle, but then it soon changed to a cooing affectionate tone which put Carl at ease.

“The dress had been right in front of you the whole time, I promise you. Look again my silly Sissy and you will see that the dress is there.”

Carl turned to look and to his utter disbelief...

There it was dead centre of the walk in wardrobe, hung up on a hanger, a lovely short red dress, it was a stunning off the shoulder summer dress, made of the purest satin, oh how the feel of it as Carl took it down from it's hanger made his already erect penis, if it were possible, more erect than ever before.

He put the dress over himself and wonderful sensations suddenly cascaded his entire body as the fabric of the satin dress touched his flesh, Carl was completely mind blown from the sensations he was suddenly feeling.

“Oh you like that don't you my Sissy Pet?” Remarked 'The Mistress.' with a giggle to her voice.

Carl turned and again as though he was facing and talking to a person he turned to say towards the cell phone with a smile on his face. “Oh yes my Mistress I do...”

That's my Sissy Pet, there are just a few more things I need you to do for me.”
Oh anything for you my Mistress.” Replied Carl who could not help himself, he felt such a compulsion to please her that he feared what would happen to him should he displease his Mistress.

“Good, that is what I like to hear from my Sissy Pet. Now I want you to put the handbag on your left shoulder, then look inside it, I have left you a present, I want you to put it on.”

Carl was eager to look inside, his face set into shock and confusion when he saw a pair of pink fluffy, the kinky kind of handcuffs you can get at most good Kink and Fetish supplies stores. Carl took the Handcuffs and turned to face the cell phone with another worried look on his face.

What are these for my Mistress?”
I already told you my Sissy Pet, I want you to put them on.”
Why Mistress?”
You have been a very bad girl that is why and you are not to question me... You are my Sissy Pet, know your place and obey... Now put the handcuffs around your wrists this instance, you bad, bad girl.”

Carl began to burst into tears, but complied with his Mistress's commands, he was able to open the handcuffs and place them around his wrists. “I am so, so sorry my Mistress, I do not mean to be a bad girl.”

Carl was able to lock the handcuffs into place. He held a small key in his hands not knowing what to do with it. “Put the key down inside of your panties.”
Replied 'The Mistress.' With a giggle.

Carl lifted up the dress and placed the key inside of the red satin and white lace panties. His movements were awkward because of the handcuffs, but he had managed it and he awaited for his Mistress to give him further instructions.

“Very good my Sissy Pet, I see that I still have a lot to do in your Sissy Training. Now, I want you to go outside and find a police officer tell that you have been a very bad girl and that you need a good spanking.”

Yes Mistress.” Replied Carl obediently, the handcuffs already meant he had somehow done something to displease his Mistress, he dared not want to do anything else to displease her.

He could not for the life of him he was about to leave, finding it awkward to walk in those very high heals.
Stop right there...” Suddenly commanded 'The Mistress.'

“I am not finished with you yet. You are to lisp like the Sissy that you are my Sissy Pet and I need you to practice first to make sure you get it right now repeat after me and be sure to get it right.” Warned 'The Mistress.'

Carl was in near tears by now. “Yes Mistress."
Pleath Officer, I haveths been a very bad girl and I needeth a spanking pleath.” Oh how girlie did the voice of 'The Mistress.' now sound, that it made Carl smile, until the voice changed again, in a menacing way.

“You had better say word for word in exactly the same way.” Carl was not sure if he had that type of vocal range, but he dared not disobey his Mistress in anyway.

Pleath Officer, I haveths been a very bad girl and I needeth a spanking pleath.” Carl pitched to the highest pitch he could mange and it sounded so nearly baby girl like, it was perfect.

Had not his Mistress mentioned something about him being a baby girl? Or had he just simply imagined it? Carl could not be sure, he was now too worried that he had gotten everything wrong and was about to be somehow punished by his Mistress.

Oh my Sissy Pet...” Shrilled 'The Mistress.' in shear delight. “That was perfect...” Carl looked surprised... “It, It was Mistress?”
Oh yes my Sissy Pet, very much so, now do me proud, go now, go outside and find a police officer and tell him in that exact way how much of a bad girl you are.”

Strangely, Carl was so happy with himself and for pleasing his Mistress so much he went over to the cell phone and placed a kiss on it. “Oh thank you Mistress and I shall do as you command, I am so happy I pleased you.”

He then walked over towards the front dor, opened it and went outside.
He began to make his way towards the city centre of New York, he got some mixed reactions from the public as he passed them by, some people wolf whistles, but others looked shock and reacted as though he was walking around naked or something.

Carl was unaware that in fact he was just wearing the sexy lingerie and the dress that he had seen, even felt, had been some clever kind of illusion.
It did not take too long for a cop car to suddenly pull up as a lot of people had reported Carl's disgraceful appearance.

Carl gladly walked over to the NYPD Officer who had gotten out of the car and was about to approach Carl. He looked surprised that Carl had approached him instead and was already hand cuffed, Carl was now compelled to confess to the officer.

Pleath Officer, I haveths been a very bad girl and I needeth a spanking pleath.” Remarked Carl in his perfectly near baby girl like voice, that any Sissy would give their right arm to sound so sweet in such a perfectly pitched girlie voice.

One which would normally take years to master. The NYPD officer could not help burst out laughing.

You have god to be kidding me...” Suddenly of his own accord Carl replied in the same type of girlie voice.

“No officer, honest I have been a very, very bad girl, I deserve to be punished, you must spank me...” Just then Carl bent over with his nicely rounded pantie-clad bottom stuck out begging to be spanked, that even the officer before Carl could not resist the temptation and spanked Carl hard.

Carl was suddenly reduced to a blubbering baby, the NYPD Officer tried so very hard to keep a straight face as he announced. “Carl Slater, you are under arrest... for being indecent in public...”

The NYPD Officer who somehow knew Carl could not finish telling Carl his rights to remain silent and so on.
Soon Carl Slater was put into the police car and taken to the NYPD Police Station.

There was even an empty cell waiting for Carl to be put into, oh how others that were even being arrested at the police station along with the police officers all laughed, the moment Carl had been brought into custody.

It was not until the very moment Carl was jailed, did he then suddenly snap out of his hypnotic state only to be shocked to find out not only was he wearing female sexy lingerie, but he was now in a police cell.

Police officers passed by, they could not resist to take a look at him, only to burst out laughing.

Hey... I demand to see someone in charge.”
Save your breath Sissy, you stand no chance.”

Remarked the officer that had burst out laughing at Carl. “I am not a SISSY...” Remarked Carl angrily. The NYPD Officer burst out laughing again. “You could have fooled me...”

Just then the NYPD Officer walked off who could not stop laughing.

Just then another NYPD Officer walked by, this time Carl tried a different approach, as he was now desperate to get out of this situation. “Officer, please, I need to make a phone call, I do have a right to make one phone call... please.”

It was not much of a demand, more like a plea, just then the officer suddenly opened the prison cell door, he then approached Carl who looked on in with a lost puppy dog like expression on his face. “Yeah I know, that is why I have brought you your phone...”

What?” Gasped Carl in shock and confusion.
With you being dressed the way that you are...” Replied the NYPD Officer. “It was decided best that you made the call from within this prison cell.”

Just then the NYPD Officer reached towards his back pocket and then produced Carl's mobile phone. “How did you get that?”

When your name came up on our system, we took the liberty of checking your house, we were granted a warrant and found a whole load of stuff which you will also be charged being in possession of...”

The NYPD Officer paused for a moment. “I sure hope you have either a darn good explanation or an extremely good Lawyer, as you are going to need one.” The NYPD Officer left Carl to make his phone call.

But he did not need to as just then, the pink mobile phone suddenly rang. “Yes, hello.” Carl remarked in his usual if somewhat pathetic way. He really did not know what to say and phone conversations was not his strong point.

“It's me silly Sissy, your Mistress... For being such a good Sissy Pet and doing exactly as I asked you to do, I shall get you out of prison, but I am not done with you yet...” Carl's face was one of horror and dread...



This is Carl Slater and this is my next entry into this dairy that I have been asked to do by my Mistress. I was told everything of what had happened to me, my Mistress saw everything, how? You may well ask, that I shall reveal to you at a later time, but for now keep on guessing.

My arrest at the NYPD Police station had happened, but there was something that was neglected to be mentioned at the time, that is my fault.

I was too ashamed to admit, but my Mistress had me make the correction as it was important to her that I leave nothing left out. I had been taken to my cell handcuffed but what happened directly after was this...

It was true, Carl had just been shoved into the prison cell and he was still hand cuffed at that point. The NYPD Officer looked at him. “OK, you wont be needing those any more, where is the key?”

Um... I don't know.” Replied Carl, not really wanting to admit where the key actually was. The NYPD Officer folded his arms in disgust.
Fine, fine, you can stay here all locked up with those on and in those clothes, most probably for the rest of your life.”

The NYPD Officer had turned on his heals to leave. “No... wait... OK They, they are hidden down inside my panties.”

Well in that case pull them down you idiot, that way they shall fall out and down to the floor where I can then pick them up and unlock those handcuffs for you.”

Replied the NYPD Officer who suddenly began to put on a pair of rubber gloves, as Carl began to as best as he could, pull down the panties he had on. His penis was still erect, much to Carl's dismay, the NYPD Officer said nothing about this as he bent down to where the key to to the handcuffs had fallen to the floor, they had been kept in place, which was amazing.

Which was lucky for Carl, otherwise someone would have had to use a hacksaw. The NYPD Officer had soon unlocked the handcuffs he gave them and the key over to Carl who had pulled the panties back up again. “You may as well keep these Sissy boy...” He taunted, then he left and locked the prison cell door.

Carl had waited in that prison cell for what felt like it had been hours and it had been hours, when he had called out to the first passing police officer, then a second one had arrived, after sort of demanding his right to a phone call, that was when the other NYPD Officer had given to him the pink mobile phone.

Carl had looked shocked, he was even more shocked when it rang and these were the words of 'The Mistress.' “It's me silly Sissy, your Mistress... For being such a good Sissy Pet and doing exactly as I asked you to do, I shall get you out of prison, but I am not done with you yet...”

Carl was so shocked that he had not noticed only moments later another and different NYPD Officer come to the prison cell and open it, even enter inside of it.

Hey you... Sissy... Look at me when I am talking to you. “ In his confusion, Carl looked up at the NYPD Officer and replied. “Yes Mistress.”

The NYPD Officer should have have been insulted, but instead he just laughed out loud. “Perhaps it is this Mistress of yours that bailed you out.”

What?” Gasped Carl, not being able to fully comprehend what was going on. “You are free to go you Sissy idiot. Go before I change my mind and keep you locked up in here... Predominantly.”

Carl was not about to ask any silly questions, the NYPD Officer looked as though he was serious. Carl began to wonder who had paid for his release.

It was unlikely that it was not one of his friends. The officer that had arrested him was waiting for Carl. “Hold it, you are not leaving this place by the way you came in, it was bad enough having to do that, I am to escort you back to your apartment, we leave by the back exit., now move.”

Carl did as he was told, but he could not help but suddenly ask.

Say wait a minute... officer... Where are my clothes?”
You are already wearing them you idiot...”
I mean my male clothes.”

Look we do not supply or provide clothes, now move along or do you want me to take you back to your cell?”
No... Sorry, I shall cooperate.”

Remarked Carl Slater nervously, he followed the NYPD Officer to a back door of the police department that lead out into the car park, there was a whole line up of NYPD Police cars.

The NYPD Officer went over to an unmarked car, he opened it's door and opened the passenger seat door, Carl got in and the NYPD Officer drove off.

Soon, the NYPD unmarked Police car pulled up outside of Carl's apartment, he opened the passenger door.

Carl got out and was grateful of the fact that no one was around to see him in the sexy lingerie. He was surprised to find the front door unlocked, it did not look as though it had been busted down by a police raid.

What on Earth was going on? Carl began to wonder, the NYPD Officer had gotten back into the unmarked car and drove off. Carl soon returned his bedroom and began to remove all of the lingerie that he had on.

He then took a good long shower, he got dressed, he picked up the handbag, put the lingerie unwashed, into it, he went to his dresser unit and opened the top drawer.

He took out the white set of lingerie and put that too along with the mobile phone into the handbag and then he left his apartment. He walked for the longest length he had ever walked ever before, he was quite nearly out of breath by the time he got to a lone dumpster.

Carl opened it, a waft of the most pungent smell made Carl almost eel sick.
GOD... What a smell... Maybe I better go to another dumpster.” Carl immediately closed the lid.

He walked away, he came out to a lone street he walked down that and he walked and he walked, Carl was becoming very tired. He saw a dumpster and he opened it, Carl dropped the handbag inside, no one was bound to find it, not this far out.

Carl closed the lid of the dumpster and he collapsed where he was. He had passed out, for how long, he did not know. “Say... are you all-right?” Came a sudden voice, Carl felt groggy at first.

Carl looked up, some kind of a gorgeous looking girl was now looking down on him. At first he thought that he was dreaming.
Carl's vision was all a blur for a moment.

Then it cleared and then he realised, that the blonde beauty was her... It was the very same girl he had stolen the had bag and there it was much to his dismay now upon her left shoulder. “What do you want from me?”

Carl cried. The drop dead gorgeous blond bomb shell came closer to Carl and held out her hand to him.

I am here to take you right back to your apartment silly. I did tell you that I was not done with you. Oh and this my dear does not in anyway belong in a dumpster, you have been a very bad Sissy again, it looks like I will have to further compound your punishment.”

PUNISHMENT!” Remarked Carl in utter confusion... “What wrong have I ever done to you?”
What wrong, WHAT WRONG!” The girls voice became one of shear anger that Carl did not think that even she was capable of.

“You have wronged me in stealing from me you bad, bad Sissy...”

Look lady you can keep your silly stupid handbag and all that is in it, even that stupid pathetic pink mobile phone of yours.”

Correction, OUR MOBILE PHONE!” Remarked the young girl again in anger, her eyes held a fury in them that was like no other. “And you have also wronged other young girls and women, stolen their handbags, their money only to squander ever bit of it, when it was not yours to squander in the first place. That is all the wrong you have done and that is all the wrong you shall make up for.”

Warned 'The Mistress.' Carl looked up at who. “Who... who are you to punish me?”

I told you, I am your Mistress and you only deserve to be punished, now take my hand my Sissy Pet.”
No...” Replied Carl in utter defiance.

'The Mistress.' bent down before Carl, looking directly into his eyes with hers.
Come with me if you want to be set free.” Remarked 'The Mistress.' Mysteriously. As she held out her hand to Carl.

“Yes Mistress.” Replied Carl sounding almost like a baby girl, as he took her hand, The Mistress.' got up and helped Carl to his feet at the same time. “I really aught to give you a good spanking for talking back to me like you did, but I have a punishment far more fitting for you my Sissy Pet.”

And with those words, 'The Mistress.' took Carl by his hand and lead him to a pink coloured Lamborghini and it's two gull-wing doors both opened up, as 'The Mistress.' approached it, as though the car could somehow sense the presence of it's owner.

'The Mistress.' placed Carl into the passenger and the moment he was placed upon the seat, the seat belt all by itself, slid across his body and buckled him in.

The very same thing the moment 'The Mistress.' had sat down in the driver's seat. 'The Mistress.' drove off and soon the Lamborghini pulled up outside of Carl's apartment. But it looked different somehow.

Carl said nothing, he was now under the control of 'The Mistress.' She opened the door to his apartment and lead Carl up to his bedroom which had changed also.

Gone... had all the blue and white walls and matching bed covers. Gone... had that ugly brown carpet, in it's place was a lovely thick and fluffy pink carpet, there was a beautiful pink crib, made to fit a person of Carl's height, it was pink and gold, there was guilding around the edges, there was a adult baby sized bed cover, it was pink with gold lace trim, stitched by hand were various fairy tail princess in pretty dresses all done with interwoven threads.

A lovely silk pink pillow of the same intricate and delicate design was at the top end of the crib, placed inside was one baby girl doll and a cuddly pink toy elephant, the entire crib was every baby girls dream of a crib, one, fit for a baby girl Princess.

There was Princess pink lavish wardrobe with a full length mirror upon it, the whole bedroom looked like the perfect baby girls bedroom.

Carl looked on in utter awe... his eyes widened.

“Look at what I have done for you my Sissy Baby Pet Girl.” Replied 'The Mistress.' in a soft cooing voice. “Oh thank you very much Mistress, it is so very wonderful, thank you”

Oh now, you will have to say all of that again, as from now on, you are to sound exactly like a Sissy Baby Girl., you are to lisp and baby talk.”

Remarked 'The Mistress.' in a firm, but kind tone of voice. “Yeth Mistwess. Oh fank you wery muchies Mistwess, it iseths so wery wonderful, fank you.” Replied Carl perfectly pitched sounding like a true Sissy Baby Girl indeed.

'The Mistress.' gave Carl a very big smile. “Oh perfect, just perfect my Sissy Baby Pet Girl.”
Carl was so happy and he looked at his Mistress lovingly. “Now I am to punish you baby, but it is for your own good, or you wont ever learn your lesson. First of all, you will sit remove all of your clothes.”

Remarked 'The Mistress.' Carl obeyed her every command, he was soon naked before her, 'The Mistress.' was very pleased and she took away all of his clothes.

You wait right there my Sissy Baby Pet Girl, I shall not be long.”

Remarked 'The Mistress.' in that soft cooing voice of hers. Carl waited, she was true to her word and was back within moments, there was a changing table in the room it was pink and gold too, so elaborate and ornate.

The perfect baby girl changing table you could say. “OK now my pet baby, I want you to get up onto this table for me, I shall even give you a hand” Remarked 'The Mistress.', as Carl approached the changing table and made best efforts to get up onto it, 'The Mistress.' did give him as promised, a helping hand.

'The Mistress.' got out baby wipes and proceeded to wipe Carl's genitals and so on. “OK, lift up your bottom high into the air for me me my baby pet.” Remarked 'The Mistress.'

Carl obeyed and she wiped his bottom and then she rubbed on baby oil that had the sweet smell of Jasmine, then she rubbed in some sweet scented baby talcum powder too.

Obviously, this was not the punishment for Carl, as all of this had felt so very nice, but 'The Mistress.' soon got out a Princess print disposable diaper, she placed it under Carl's bottom and taped it into place, but then immediately, she shackled his hands and feet.

“You are to remain this way until I deem you worthy to wear a pretty Sissy baby dress, you will only wear diapers and nothing else.”
This time the voice of 'The Mistress.' was cold and harsh, this made Carl suddenly cry and even his cry was like that of a baby.

“It is no use you crying my Sissy Baby Pet. You have brought many other people to tears, now you shall feel their sorrow, you shall even sleep as you are stay that way all of today, until tomorrow.”

'The Mistress.' picked Carl up and carried him over towards the crib, she put him down inside of it and then abruptly left the room. Carl was left all alone and he cried and he cried, until he eventually cried himself to sleep.

It was the next morning by the time he woke up. To his shock he saw bars, but he was not in a prison cell. Carl looked all around him, he was in a nursery of some kind, he looked down at himself, to his surprise he had something on that was blue, it was really short on him too.

He got up, his movements felt awkward, he found the catch on the slid rail of the crib and he pulled it down and got out. He looked at himself in the full length mirror, to his shock and horror, he was wearing a satin blue and white lace frilly dress, it had a sewn in multi laired petticoat, the dress had also short puffy sleeves and a bow at the back.

Carl lifted up the skirt of the dress and turned side ways and he could just about see a pair of blue and white Rumba Panties on him, they felt a little tight against him, Carl managed to pull at the waist line just enough to see that he had a diaper on underneath.

“Oh my GOD. How did I get into all of this stuff?” He looked around the room for his own clothes, but they were nowhere in sight.
He had also by now noticed that his hair had been tied up with blue silk ribbons into pig-tails.

He had white short frilly socks upon his feet, Carl looked into the walk in wardrobe, hung up on the hangers was rows upon rows of various Sissy Adult Baby Dresses, he looked for shoes but all he could find was pairs and pairs of Mary Janes in various colours.

Near to the crib was a bedside cabinet and on top it was the pink mobile phone. Just then it suddenly rang. Carl picked it up.... “You crazy B**** where are my clothes?”

How dare you talk to me that way!” Remarked 'The Mistress.' sounding very cross with Carl.

“Especially as since I went to such lengths as to dress you up nice and pretty for being such a good Sissy Baby Pet Girl, you had not wet your self all of last night. As for your clothes, you are already wearing them my silly Sissy Baby Pet Girl.”

Carl became suddenly and extremely angry. “I am no Sissy, Baby or a Pet and I am definitely not a girl you stupid B**** This ends right here, right now...” Carl switched off the mobile phone, he removed it's battery, he put on a pair of blue Mary Janes as there was no male shoes or clothes to be found anywhere in his apartment.

He wasn't sure any more if he really was in his apartment, he hated everything that he had on, even though it was a baby blue colour, the dress was still a Sissy dress all the same. He left the flat and did not care who saw him.

He got onto a bus, the driver said nothing and accepted the fair Carl had given to him from a purse, he could not find his wallet, but he had found a purse filled with money in the apartment, so he took that.

Carl got of slap bang in the middle of no nowhere, it was a lone highway road, not a proper stop but Carl insisted in getting off, the driver tried to make him see sense, but finally he let Carl get off.

Carl waited for the bus to leave, the moment it did, he threw the mobile phone to the solid concrete of the highway road, jumped up and down on it until the mobile phone was sufficiently smashed to pieces.

With fierce anger he was able to tear off the dress from his body, the plastic lined rumba panties were too tight to remove and they would not rip, Carl made sure to ditch the torn dress, the smashed up mobile phone and it's battery far in the fields that were on either side of the highway road.

Carl got back to the road hoping to hitch a ride, despite what he was left wearing, he managed to reach the nearest town, one of those community towns you get in America, there was a large sign that read. 'WELCOME TO SOMERVILLE.”

SOMERVILLE!” Remarked Carl in shock, he was so far from New York City, how did he manage to get this far out? He had paid no attention to the bus sign at the front as to it's destination. Carl quickly ran to a house got in by the back gate, which to his relief was open and there was some boys clothes hanging on a washing line, they looked about his size, Carl quickly snatched down the jeans he saw...

Halt, stop right where you are Sissy.” Came a sudden man's voice, Carl froze his hands held tight onto the pair of jeans. A county cop came from behind him, took the jeans from him and slapped a pair of handcuffs around Carl's wrists. “You are under arrest for attempted theft and for being indecent in public.”

Carl was carted off before he knew what was happening, he was taken to the local county jail, when his name came up on the database, he was quickly transferred back to New York, Carl was taken right to the NYPD Police HQ where he had been arrested before, he was even placed into the same prison cell.

He was visited by the NYPD Officer that had originally arrested Carl came by the prison cell and even entered it. “Well, well, well... if it isn't Sissy Boy. You are so in deep, there shall be no bail for you this time Sissy Boy...” Remarked the officer with a chuckle and he then left, but on his way back to returning to his duties as he head down the corridor.

He saw a stunningly beautiful woman wearing a black jacket, short black pencil skirt that showed off her stunning long legs. Her 5inch high heals also in black only added to how curvy and slender her legs were, she looked like a drop dead gorgeous business executive woman of some kind. She had lovely long blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes.

She approached him handed over to him her papers that she had with her, even the chief of the NYPD Police HQ was there with her. The NYPD Officer could hardly believe his eyes, but the papers were in order and official and he had to obey his superior.

He returned back to the prison cell along with his superior and the stunningly attractive business executive woman.
Carl looked on surprise to see the NYPD Officer again, but his face turned pale white the moment he saw the classy and sassy looking lady, despite how more older and mature she looked, she had the same face and same cruel smile in her lips. It was 'The Mistress.' As impossible as that was, it was her.

You have no idea how lucky you are Sissy Boy, this here is Jenny Coleman. Judge Jenny Coleman and she has release papers, in fact you are to be released into her custody,, she has a new lease of punishment for you, one that is a top class secret. So maybe you are not so lucky.”

Remarked the NYPD Officer with a chuckle.

Noooo...” Cried out Carl in alarm... “She is not what you think she is, she's the girl I stole her handbag from, she's a teenager... not a woman... oh and she is a complete and utter Psycho... she thinks her self to be a Mistress....”

The woman before Carl slightly shook her head and remarked with a chuckle.
I did warn you he was delusional, that will be corrected at the place where I am taking him too.”

The NYPD Officer turned to face her. “I am glad to here it, he's all yours Judge Jenny.” He slapped on Carl a pair of handcuffs, but they were the pink fluffy ones, much to Carl's dismay and protests as he then handed Carl over to Judge Jenny that had a wicked grin on her face.

No, no, no.... please no... take me back to the prison cell, anything but this, PLEASE, I'm telling you the truth.... she is not what she says she is.” Cried out Carl.

A couple of big heavy set women soon came and carried Carl out of the NYPD Police HQ and carried him towards a big black van that was waiting for them, Carl was put into the back of it, Judge Jenny got in and the van drove off...


Carl could not believe what was happening to him, it was a nightmare, a twisted nightmare at that. The black van oddly pulled up outside of Carl's apartment. Carl had been gagged and shoved into the back of the van, his hands were behind his back with the handcuffs on and the door to the back of the van opened...

The seductive looking Judge Jenny got into the back and the the van door closed behind her, she removed the gag, but left the handcuffs around Carl's wrists. Suddenly before his eyes she transformed into the young teen-aged girl...

“What are you?” Gasped Carl in utter shock. “I thought that was obvious by now you silly Sissy... I'm not human...”

My real name does not translate into your Earth human tongue. I am from a long line of an all female alien race that have a great need. We all need Sissy Boys just like you, oh true born girls are nice enough, but Sissy boys are just that bit more nicer, not all boys are meant to be Sissies, which is a real shame, as the world would be a better place...”

Remarked 'The Mistress.' Carl was more shocked than ever. “Sadly some boys will remain simply as that, just boys no mater how much we may try to change them, they just remain the same way. We are all Mistresses you see... not just me.

There is a whole lot of us on your world which has an abundance of Sissy Boys that are just right to become Pets...”
'The Mistress paused for a moment. “I promise you that the sooner you accept what you truly are, the happier you shall be Carl Slater. I will love you, care for you and treat you the way all Sissies want to be treated. Pampered like a Princess... I will make sure that you will have the most prettiest of clothes and you will also be happy being my Pet Baby Girl too.”

I do not want to be a baby girl you freaking Alien B**** just please let me go, I promise you I will change my ways...”
I shall not let you go, not after that insult.” Remarked 'The Mistress.' very crossly and angrily too. Carl began to cry.

“I'm sorry, truly I am, please, please let me go I swear it on my life I will change and be a better boy.”

I know you better than you know your self Carl Slater, you want a chance to prove your self, so be it...”

Remarked 'The Mistress.' in a sinister, yet mysterious tone, but before Carl could say or do anything, he vanished, there was a flash of light before him and Carl soon found himself back in his own apartment...

He awoke in his bed, it had blue sheets, everything was as it aught to be. But Carl was not aware that he was right back to where it all started....

It was a Saturday morning that was like every other morning the post landed with a heavy thud to the floor, like every other day and Carl took a shower and two cups of milky coffee, like he always did, just like every other day.

This day was no different than the last one, but Carl saw the envelope that was a rent reminder, he had ignored several other envelopes like this one, had thrown them all away in the pathetic belief that he could and would pay off his rent twice over, easy.

Carl however wondered just how much over due he was, still confident he could pay back twice as much, what ever he was behind by.
He opened the envelope and took out the rent reminder, but with it, there was an eviction notice.

“What? How much? Now way... darn... I am going to have to snatch a handbag belonging to a rich wealthy lady if I am to pay any of this off, with of course still enough money left over to spend on my self.” Remarked Carl, confident he could do it.

It was more difficult to snatch a handbag from a rich wealthy woman, as they usually had body guards or guard dogs, as so did the rich teen-aged Daddy's girl types. He would obviously need a very good distraction, if he was to pull it off and snatch a handbag from any rich girl or lady.

Just then there was a knock on Carl's front door.

He was startled as he did not get many callers, he went to open the front door... “Jimmy...” Remarked Carl in utter as astonishment.

Jimmy Carson was one of Carl's few male friends, he had short black hair and cat green eyes which gave Jimmy a very distinctive look. He was clean shaven, unlike Carl with his silly moustache and his goatee beard.

What brings you here?” Remarked Carl. Jimmy gave him an odd stare. “I came to see if you wanted to come and hang out with me and the rest of the gang...” Carl looked surprised, it was not often he got asked to hang out with his mates, they always usually ended up having fun at some one else's misfortune.

I would love to man... but I got do what I do best, I got some very serious heavy duty bills I need to clear, so I plan to snatch a posh girl's handbag.”
Don't you think that is wrong to do that Carl?” Suddenly replied Jimmy.

Carl gave Jimmy an odd stare... “Since when what I do for a living became wrong?”

Me and the gang have changed our ways Carl... Perhaps you should change yours...” Carl looked at Jimmy as though he had just insulted him.

“No F**** way... don't tell me you and the gang have turned to Christianity or something?”

Oh no... Something far better than that. You can come with me and find out for your self. We could do with another girl...”

Carl could hardly believe his own ears. “WHAT? You what? Oh my GOD it's worse you have turned into a complete Pansy. Oh my GOD all of my best mates are all Pansies...” Remarked Carl in utter shock.

Actually... we are called Sissies...” Corrected Jimmy... “I had nearly wanted to turn up in something very pretty, but had decided that would have been too much of a shock for you...”

Carl suddenly butt in on Jimmy. “You're too darn right it would have been a shock, this is a shock. You get out of my place and the heck away from me you Pansy...”

That's Sissy...”

Jimmy suddenly cried. “I damn well shall call you what ever I want to now get out of here. And if you should ever dare grass on me Jimmy... I shall come over to your place and break every damn Pansy bone in you pathetic Pansy body....”

Threatened Carl, who would have not done so in his life if Jimmy had been the same tough guy he once knew.
Jimmy left but called out as he did so. “Don't worry me won't gwass on you, pwomise.”

Replied Jimmy in a Baby Sissy pitched voice. Carl shook his head wondering what this world was coming too. No he had no friends at all as he did not hang out with Sissies. He soon left his apartment and went into the city centre.

There was lots and lots of people going to and from banks, ATM's and to and from the main shopping Mall. There was a good number of rich girls and young ladies to steal from, but now Carl needed one heck of a good diversion and as if on cue, out stepped from the shopping Mall was the best diversion Carl could ever hope to ask for.

As a blonde bomb shell emerged wearing a near white see-through short white dress that near revealed her hot red lingerie and upon her left shoulder she carried this very big bright red shiny handbag.

All eyes were upon her as she made her way towards where a yellow taxi was parked, the distraction was perfect.
Carl quickly look to see who had the most expensive looking handbag. He saw one, it was gold and sparkly, it looked major expensive.

So there was a very good chance that it contained a purse fit to bust with money or credit cards inside as well as other valuable stuff. It was a crying shame that the owner of the handbag was a well rounded woman.

An ugly looking one at that, but she had two big black Doberman Dogs with her, they instinctively guarded the area where her handbag was. Even with all of the distraction Carl was going to have a hard time to get the handbag of the well rounded lady.

“Damn those guard dogs, I need some way to distract them too.”

Remarked Carl who's gaze fell upon that big red shiny handbag... “Sod that, I want to have what ever is in that bag.” Remarked Carl suddenly who could not for some reason resist the need to steal now that big red handbag.

It was as though it was calling out to him, begging to be snatched, Carl could no longer resist the urge and he snatched it from the blonde bomb shell.

He knocked her over in the process of doing so. Carl ran off.... “Hey... that boy just snatched my handbag...” Cried out the blonde girl in alarm, Carl managed to hear her cry out, her voice was that of a typical dumb blonde.

Carl smiled, amused that he had stolen from a dumb blonde and he soon reached the alleyway.
He stopped only but for a moment to get his breath back, he looked down inside to see what the handbag contained.

To his shear shock and dismay, the big red handbag was filed with lots of make up, sexy lingerie and there was a mobile phone, but it was bright pink at that. “Typical, just typical for a dumb blonde to have a mobile phone this colour...”

Remarked Carl, but instead of taking the white set of sexy lingerie, for some reason Carl could not resist the hot pink satin set, as he dumbed the bag, stuffed the lingerie down his jeans and held tightly onto the pink cell phone as he ran.

He soon reached his apartment and went right into his bedroom and switched on the cell pone, it required a pass word number to enable to gain access to the phone.

Carl cracked the pass word in seconds, it was no surprise that the pass word was pink.

It was not that hard to think like a dumb blonde, Carl looked in the address book, then he accessed the personal settings, but found nothing other than a dairy which had a separate pass word to gain access to it, but this time the pass word was not pink, it was baby.

That was not as obvious at first to Carl, it took all mental effort on his part to go through all the manner of things dumb blondes would think of and he slapped his head when he latched onto the notion that dumb blondes do like babies, love them and would want to put them in pink too, that the other pass word was now obvious, pink and baby to get baby pink.

Carl looked on and read in shock the dairy entry. “Diary Of A Mistress... First entry, buy one big red handbag, buy lots of make up and sexy lingerie, then wait for young boy with sandy brown hair, baby blue eyes to come and collect. WHAT?”

Carl could not believe what he had just read. “No way this was a set up.” Carl remarked.
Suddenly, just then the phone rang, Carl dropped the cell phone in shock, as the sudden ringing of the mobile phone had startled him,he was near his bed, so it dropped safely onto his bed covers.

“Yes, hello.” Replied Carl who did not really know what to say, a sassy seductive female voice suddenly spoke to him.

“Hello there my Sissy Pet, I am your Mistress and you shall obey me...”

“Yes Mistress.” Replied Carl obediently sounding nearly like a Sissy Baby Girl. Carl was made to put on the hot pink lingerie that consisted of: 1 pair of panties, 1 lacy bra, 1 pair of pink silk stockings and one pink garter. Carl put them on, only to get the biggest erection of his life.

“That's a good Sissy Pet, now go to the walk in wardrobe and put on the pink high healed shoes and the satin pink dress.”

“Yes Mistress.” Carl opened the wardrobe doors and stepped into the walk in wardrobe, there in front of him were the 5inch heal shoes and the pink dress hung on a pink glittering clothes hanger.

Events happened nearly identical as to before, the only real difference was that Carl had been arrested wearing a hot pink set of lingerie instead of the white set and his friend turning up to give him a chance to change his ways.

But as before, he did not change his ways, defying his mistress, forcing her to set out further punishment. Carl was back in the satin baby blue dress, and had been carted off by a mature looking Mistress.

There was a sudden flash and Carl could remember everything that had just happened... “What had just happened?” Gasped Carl in utter shock. “I simply took you back in time...” Remarked 'The Mistress.'

“We Allurians have the abilities to shape and effect time. You had a chance to change back in your past, though in that time line, you was presented with the opportunity to change your ways...”

'The Mistress.' paused for a moment. “But you did not. Since you did not change your ways then I know for a fact that you will not change your ways in the here and now. The only real way for you to change my dear Sissy Baby Pet, is to accept your true nature...”

Just then, 'The Mistress.' had a sudden thought.

“I Could quite literally take you right down memory lane, when your parents were still alive... Oh they loved you as any parent would love a Son. But they loved baby girls more, fussed over them at every chance they got to hold one in their arms and the times they would take you shopping and take you to all of the baby clothes stores and look at baby girl dresses and pretty Rumba panties...”

Carl looked shocked, as he actually could remember everything 'The Mistress.' was telling him. “They would then look at you and then at the baby girl clothes in jest, though need not had to done that to bring out the Sissy in you, they made you feel as though you should be a baby girl, without even realising you was one all along...”

'The Mistress.' paused again, as tears began to run down Carl's cheeks, she took up a lacy handkerchief, only to dry away the tears. “Even when they had stopped doing that, you in secret went to all of those baby clothes shops and would look longingly wanting ever so much to be wearing those frilly and lacy dresses with the Rumba Panties to match...”

Even more tears ran down Carl's cheeks he began to cry like he had never cried before... Suddenly... 'The Mistress.' wrapped her arms around him, the handcuffs somehow came off all by themselves and Carl hugged her in return.

“Oh my poor, unhappy Sissy Pet Baby Girl, you are remembering now, oh how you tried so hard to hid, bury that part of you as you grew up, which made you rebel against your parents...”

There was a sudden flash of memory in Carl's mind... John was arguing with his wife Sarah over what they should do about Carl's rebellious streak. “I think sending Carl to Boot Camp is the best thing for him, that will straighten him out once and for all.”

“I know what happens to ten-aged kids that get sent to Boot Camp, most of them come back as cold uncaring nomads. I do not want our son coming back like that.”

“There is an equal chance that he may come back as a respecting kind that does care.”
“To a degree, the Army only encourages emotional detachments, that is what makes them more efficient soldiers...”
“They have to be honey, as they won't survive in a war, otherwise. And what you suggested is too darn unreasonable...”

Carl had heard his parents yelling and arguing at each other, he had been stood there watching them the whole time they had been arguing and shouting at each other, until both Sarah and John suddenly realised Carl had been there, they immediately stopped and looked at him, Carl suddenly ran off...

The memory had been so vivid in Carl's mind's eye, as he saw it all happen.

“That argument nearly made your parents break their marriage to each other...” Remarked 'The Mistress.'

“They of course decided that their marriage was not breaking over that argument, so they decided to go out and make amends to each other, leaving you to be in charge of the house, though you was not there...” Carl remembered that too, he had ran off and turned up at one of his friends house.

His parents had hoped that Carl would have sense to return home, So they left the front door unlocked, the house had been robbed by the time Carl had returned home and to top it all off, he was informed of the collision between the truck and the car, and the fact that his parents were now dead...

Carl felt such sorrow and pain he had never felt before.
'The Mistress.' held him tightly, not letting go. “Oh my poor, poor sweet, sweet Pet Baby Girl. Come with me and suffer no more, I promise you, that you will be happy and will have all the things you could ever wish for without ever needing to steel them...”

Remarked 'The Mistress.' as she broke the embrace, but held now onto Carl's hands.
Then she let go, the back door of the van opened all by itself, the Allurians were capable of so many fantastic things, they had the ability to effect things around them.

'The Mistress.' got out of the van, she held out her arms and hands towards Carl who was sat huddled at the very back, this time she did not hypnotise Carl to do anything.

Carl suddenly of his own free will got up, he moved towards 'The Mistress.'

There was a chance for him to run, 'The Mistress.' could sense this. “I know what you are thinking, go... I promise you, you are free completely from my control, live out your life as you see fit... I shan't stop you.”

She stepped aside to indicate that she meant what she said.
Carl was truly free to go, do what ever he wanted to do. But the memories now awoken in him, Carl knew what life he now truly wanted. He felt so ashamed of himself that he had foolishly denied himself his one and only true happiness, he looked at 'The Mistress.' he wanted to be in her loving arms and be what he should have been all along.

'The Mistress.' had sensed this too and she moved back to hold out her arms to him, Carl gladly went to her, she picked him up, carried him to the front door of his apartment, which had in fact been turned back into a proper house again.

Everything had been arranged by 'The Mistress.' herself, the redecoration of the place, everything.
The front door of the house opened all by itself, 'The Mistress.' took Carl upstairs and into the nursery, placed him upon the changing table, removed the blue Rumba Panties, the Princess print disposable diaper.

Soon Carl was naked and 'The Mistress.' gave him a nice warm soothing bath. He loved the way she washed him gently and with so much tender loving care.
Carl felt loved, he was put into a fresh new Princess print diaper.

'The Mistress.' suddenly placed around it a pretty satin Rumba Panties that were pale pink, there was a very pretty frilly dress to match, white frilly ankle socks, pink Mary Janes upon his feet, the dress came with a multi laired petticoat.

Pink silk ribbons had been tied into Carl's long hair, where now very cute pig-tails hung at either side of him.
He was the most cutest and adorable Sissy Baby girl any Mommy or a Mistress could ever ask for.

Carl sat in a chair as his Mistress added one last final touch, she held in her hands a pink sparkling collar that had embossed in gold in the centre of it these words 'PET BABY GIRL.' The collar was made of thick leather that had been coated on the front with millions upon millions of tiny precious pink gem stones, the gold lettering was of a glitter effect that helped to make it stand out.

Carl trembled with intense fear, but at the same time joy as his Mistress came over to him and placed the collar around his neck.
She fastened it into place and said to him, but lovingly.

"You are now mine my Sissy Baby Pet Girl. But not just because I say say, you gave your self to me willingly and this is your reward. You shall forever be mine, but shall forever be loved, I won't let any harm come to you, I love you my Sissy Baby Pet Girl.”

“Me wuvs you too my Mommy/Mistwess.”
Replied Carl with tears of joy. ''The Mistress.' had given Carl a new name and it was Baby Cindy, just then, 'The Mistress.' suddenly turned as though to face some one...

“Yes that's right I am looking at you, yes you, the one that is reading this story, I have a gift for you, it is nice and pink, do me a favour answer the phone that has now suddenly appeared by your side, do as I say, for I am the Mistress and you will OBEY ME...”


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What a great story love it
Awww, fank you wery muchies fwo your comment Sissieann, much appweciated.


 What a great story love it  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

I liked it and where it is heading. Hope U will write part 2 soon. I want to read more
BabyJackie, fank you wery much fwo your comment, me iseths glads you wike the stowy so far and eager fwo part two, me will be working on that today, hope to have it weady by tomorrow.


 I liked it and where it is heading. Hope U will write part 2 soon. I want to read more  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Such a departure from your fantasy works, which shows your versatility as well as talent. The idea of the mobile phone is ingeniuously sinister, rather like something out of a horror film like "The Ring", and so mundane that imbuing it with supernatural qualities is disturbingly effective. Excellent characterisation, making sure that we know enough about your protagonist's secret desires and unpleasant deeds not to feel *too* sorry for him, scary though his ordeal is ...
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Fank you ever so muchies Andreea fwo such a wonderful comment, me wike being diversed, the more diversed the better, it helps keeps fings better fwo me creatively so I am not writting near to the same kind of themes all of the time.

Me so glads you wike the concept of my stowy. Me working right now on the second part.


 Such a departure from your fantasy works, which shows your versatility as well as talent. The idea of the mobile phone is ingeniuously sinister, rather like something out of a horror film like "The Ring", and so mundane that imbuing it with supernatural qualities is disturbingly effective. Excellent characterisation, making sure that we know enough about your protagonist's secret desires and unpleasant deeds not to feel *too* sorry for him, scary though his ordeal is ...  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

One Cute Sweetie
I love it please keep going with this story
vere good littler sister. you were right about this story that like no love. i love it how it keep me on the tip of my seat. i hope add some more to it.

from your big sister
come to the light
Mina Silverwind
great as always, thanks for posting it here on sissy kiss, and I love each new story you post here.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
Cute Sweetie, fank you too fwo your comment, west assured me shall be posting the next instalment later on today, have to finish it off first, was hoping to do that yesterday, but baby came down wivs a head cold so me had to west, now me iseths feeling better, me shalleths get back to doing the next installment.


 I love it please keep going with this story  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Arfan, fank you so, wery, wery much fwo your comment, weally much appweciated.


 great as always, thanks for posting it here on sissy kiss, and I love each new story you post here.  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Sister Shilong, fank you wery much too fwo your comment and me iseths so happy you wuv the stowy.


 vere good littler sister. you were right about this story that like no love. i love it how it keep me on the tip of my seat. i hope add some more to it.

from your big sister


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Looking like a very interesting story. I can't wait to read more. Thanks for sharing
Zinatoi, what a wonderful name you haveths and fank you so wey much fwo your comment. Me iseths so glads you wike the stowy.


 Looking like a very interesting story. I can't wait to read more. Thanks for sharing  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

One Cute Sweetie
OMG Please carry on that 2nd part is brilliant :D
Oh fank you ever so much One Cute Sweetie and me giveths you a wery, wery BIG HUGGLE & KWISSY fwo your comment and rating my stowy fwo me.

Just fwo you One Cute Sweetie, fank you.

 OMG Please carry on that 2nd part is brilliant :D  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

very nice part 2 to the story. i get love it little one.

from your big sister
shi long
come to the light
Fank you so much fwo your comment Sister Shilong.


Your Baby Sister

 very nice part 2 to the story. i get love it little one.

from your big sister
shi long  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Mina Silverwind
he is quickly becoming his Mistresess's sissy pet, great job as always, and hugs&kisses for your fabulous work.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
Arfan, fank you wery much fwo your comment and again fwo the hugggles & kwisses, they are all wery much appweciated.


 he is quickly becoming his Mistresess's sissy pet, great job as always, and hugs&kisses for your fabulous work.  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Miki Yamuri
This a wonderful story sweetie
ur a very goo author ... hopes ta see more

The best thing about my life is being Lisa's Pet Babydoll

Sissy Wanda C
Wow! Don't stop now. Best wishes.Sissy Wanda C
Awww, fank you fwo your wonderful comment Miki, me iseths so glads you wike the stowie.


 This a wonderful story sweetie
ur a very good author ... hopes ta see more  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Fank you wery much fwo your comment Sissy Wanda, me wrking on the next instalment of this stowy.


 Wow! Don't stop now. Best wishes.Sissy Wanda C  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Thank you for another exciting installment. The scene with the police was extremely tense, and genuinely made me feel for your protagonist in spite of his various bad points. I do hope he gets out, and we get to learn more of his mysterious and powerful mistress ...
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
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