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Adam gets more than he bargained for when he starts a prank war with a coworker.
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Of course the prank war had escalated. On the fifth floor of an office building downtown the hijinks started to fly between Adam and Jerry. At their small, consulting firm, the duo found themselves with way too much free time on their hands. Their offices faced each other and had become the scene of keyboards encased in jello, desks wrapped in tin foil, and prank calls too numerous to recount.

Adam had begun the fight by stapling a sleeping Jerry's necktie to his desk and then waking him up with an airhorn. The ensuing surprise had been a huge hit around the office, and had even made it's way to the other floors in the building. Often Jerry would get on the elevator and have to deal with snickers and remarks about how his necktie looked today. But Jerry soon got back and, while Adam was away on a vacation to Colorado, did his entire office up in Hello Kitty. Everything was pink, down to the phone, and a new set of pencils and pens. Upon his return, Adam's face was almost the exact shade of pink as his office. At least it certainly looked that way in the picture Jerry took of him and sent around.

Even more humiliating for Adam was the fact that he had a bit of a crush on Jerry and had started the prank as a way of flirting with him. Sometimes while curled up in bed, Adam would imagine Jerry lying next to him and spooning, his big strong, hairy arms around him tight. But these thoughts were fleeting.

On a very slow Tuesday morning, Adam sneaked into Jerry's office while he was out going over a few things with the receptionist, Louise. Quickly he deposited a rubber snake in the shadows under desk. By the time he had got back to his own office, trying to stifle giggles, he was rewarded with a loud scream from Jerry.

"You got me," Jerry admitted when he stood in the doorframe to Adam's office. "But I'm going to get you back. And believe me, it will end this. You don't even know."

"Yeah, sure, Jerry. Just admit it. I'm the King!"

"I'll admit no such thing. You're going to get taught a lesson. Real soon."

"You can't teach the master!" Adam yelled to Jerry's back as he walked away. He was still reeling from the thrill of pranking his office mate. Fully aware of Adam's little crush on him, Jerry just stroked his beard and cooked up a plan for the smaller man.

- - -

On the following Monday morning, just long enough away from the snake incident so that Adam had let down his guard, Jerry began the preparations for his prank. Arriving to the office with a big army-bag that looked as though it was full, Jerry set it down in his office and waited. At around five minutes before 10:00, Adam grabbed his gym-bag and made his way to the restroom to get changed, like he always did on Mondays. He took a spin class every week that was held on the first floor of the next building over, so he'd get changed and head down. Jerry was well-aware of this fact when he hatched the idea for this scheme, of course. All he had to do was quietly follow Adam into the small restroom in their office suite.

In the stall, Adam quickly shed his trousers while whistling a tune and stuck them by the belt on the stall's hook. With deft fingers, Jerry reached over the front of the door and grabbed the pants as Adam's back was briefly turned, replacing them with a large, pink item. Feeling the rush of air, Adam turned around, only to encounter a dress that looked like it was for a toddler girl. Pink and adorned with the Disney princess, Aurora, it was huge. Big enough to fit him. Jerry had made use of the surprise to bend down and grab Adam's gym-bag. And he quickly made his escape, out of the washroom and back to his own office, which was nearest.

After no more than a couple of seconds, it dawned on Adam what the situation was. He was left in nothing more than his briefs and white, collared shirt. Jerry! This was not funny. He peeked out of the stall door and saw that he was alone. And his iPhone was in his pants pocket. "Ahh no, he's really got me," Adam thought. "How am I going to get out of here without any pants?" Just then his eyes moved to the Sleeping Beauty dress. He had just got the prank. Or so he thought.

Slowly lowering it over his shoulders, Adam was surprised to discover that it fit perfectly. Staring back at him in the wall-length mirror, was a slight, effeminate man, his long blond hair combed down to one side, wearing a dress like a little girl. Blush covered his delicate features, which only served to make him look more like a little girl. Adam tried not to dwell on how the pretty dress hugged his body, flaring out to give him an almost girlish figure. It was making him a little uncomfortable, although he looked down to discover that his penis was incredibly hard, bulging against the cotton briefs he was wearing. "I'll just admit to Jerry that he wins. And then he'll give me back my clothes, right?" The girl in the mirror didn't look too convinced.

Trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, Adam cracked open the restroom door. Upon seeing nobody close, he made a sprint to Jerry's office. Jerry's broad face looked up from his computer, taking in the feminine figure that stood in front of him. "He looks way better than I even thought he would," Jerry considered. Speaking up, he cooed, "Well, who is this little princess? Are you lost, little girl?"

Adam's face was now a deep scarlet. "Ok. You win, Jerry. Just give me back my clothes."

"In good time, all in good time, baby. For now," he motioned to his lap, "I think you need to come sit on Daddy's lap.

To Be Continued
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Please, Please, Please, update. I'm dying to know what happens now
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