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       Now that the chaos of the holiday season is over, my Mommy recommend that I write about my Christmas, because I can not stop talking about how it was my best Christmas ever. 

      I did not sleep well Christmas eve.  Like most "littles"  my head raced with excitement.  Add to this that I am a full-flegged submissive, Sissy Baby,  I never truly know what is in store for me the next day when I go to bed.  This would be my second Christmas with my Mommy/Mistress.  The Christmas of 2014 was also good, but it was our first Christmas and filled with "first time" jitters and perhaps even some mistakes.  Anyway... I am rambling.  Christmas eve I was allowed to stay up past my bedtime, watching classic Christmas movies.  I know my Mommy did this on purpose, so she could sleep in the next day.  Not that it matters she can and does sleep as long as she wants, no matter what day it is.


      I woke up early on Christmas day.  Which is actually not that unusual.  When your bedtime is usually 7 or 8 pm, you usually wake up early, but I was allowed to stay up until 11pm the night before, so again, I did not sleep well.  I layed in my crib (which has a locking top), waiting for my Mommy to wake up.  My diaper was soaking wet, but not messy thank god.  Neither Mommy or nor I are really big on messy diapers.  I love the feeling, but not the smell.  The first thing I did, was make sure to find my pacifier and put it back into my mouth.  Mommy does not like it when my pacifier is not in my mouth.  I should mention for the last two years, I have gotten very comfortable with my pacifier and I feel uncomfortable myself when it is not in between my lips.  I grabbed my favorite stuffed teddy bear and held onto to it tightly.  I remember looking around my nursery, thinking how much really has changed since last Christmas.  Which really not much has changed, but almost everything has.  Both Mommy and I certainly have grown more comfortable and used to our relationship.  The Christmas before, the nursery was almost brand new.  You could still smell the fresh paint.  Now you could smell the air freshener.  The room looked used, as opposed to neat and tidy like before.  Toys, and even some sissy clothes were tossed about.

      I am not sure how long I laid there, before I heard the sounds of my Mommy waking up on the other side of the baby monitor (The baby monitor is reversed, so I can hear her in her room and not so she can hear me).  My mommy is very much into routine, so I knew even though today was Christmas, we most likely would go through our normal morning routine.  She would get up and get showered and dressed before coming to get me out of my crib.  But my first surprise of the day came when she did not follow this routine.   It was not long before I heard the door open to my nursery.

      My Mommy is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met.  Normally I see her after she has showered and dressed (usually for work and considering she is a very successful corporate attorney, you can guess how professional she usually looks) and while she did take the time to brush her hair and she wore a big plushy white bathrobe underneath I could see she was wearing on of her "normal" set of  flannel pajamas (not one of her sexy pair) she still looked incredible as always (I should note, that I have not seen her naked in over 8-10 months and at that, I only caught a glimpse at just one her perfect round and perky breasts).  My heart literally skips a beat whenever I see her.  Her beautiful brown eyes, full lips, her long blond hair, her incredible figure, she is a true goddess and it amazes even me, just how much I truly am in love with her.

     "Merry Christmas baby." She says softly, that again makes my heart skip a beat.  She had a slight and warm smile and even though she was still groggy, her eyes were bright.


     "Murry cwismath Mummy" I lipsed behind my pacifier. Baby/lisp talking is a strict rule in "baby mode".  But again, after two years... I can not even really remember how to talk like an adult.   

    She unlocked the top of my crib and then lowered down the side, allowing me to crawl out.  Now again, normally I would crawl behind her downstairs to have breakfast.  But today was Christmas.  Mommy helped me to my feet and giggled as she straighted out my footed pajamas (Pink Barbie style, custom made!  soo comfy and warm).  She remarked that I must have had tossed and turned all night.  She then held my hand, allowing me to walk (really waddle with my thick and soaked diaper on) beside her as we made our way downstairs, as I held onto my teddy bear with my other hand.  

     I had an instant flashback to my real childhood, upon entering the living room.  In the corner was the large and fully decorated Christmas tree and magically over night, a bunch of wrapped presents appeared underneath it.  Now of course, I am not really a toddler and I no longer believe in Santa...but the magic really does still exist.  Instead of making our way to the kitchen for breakfast, Mommy lead me to the tree.


     "Now, I decided this year, we each get to open one present before breakfast" She remarked as she made me sit on the floor and she sat down in a chair (any "little" will tell you it is those little, simple acts of regression that you truly love).  At first glance I felt a little bad, I noticed I had more and larger presents that she did.  Shopping for my Mommy (Normally during the day I am on the computer, "playing" the stock market and while all the money is truly hers, I have access to one credit card I can use for internet shopping.  So needless to say thank you Amazon for also wrapping my presents for her!) is no easy task.  This year I perhaps focused to much on small items like jewelry.   Anyway... I tried my best to not just lunge after the largest present and I slowly picked out one of the medium sized presents.  I would glance up at my Mommy while I fiddled with the presents, trying to gage which one I should pick.  The smile on her face and the light in her eyes, told me she was truly happy watching me.  To be honest, that was the best present I could hope for.  She just looks so beautiful when she is happy.  Once I picked out the present I was going to open, she picked out hers.  My heart sank a little, as I knew she picked out probably the most boring present I bought her.  Not a good way to start the day.


     "Ok, Sissy...open your present!" She remarked.  Again, just the sound of joy in her voice made me happy.

     I tore into that present, just I was really a 5-6 year old again, sending wrapping paper flying everywhere.  My eyes lite up and I giggled with delight as I received a new stuffed toy.  A pink "Hello Kitty".  

     "Oh fank yew Mummy" I remarked happily as I hugged my first Christmas gift.   My Mommy, told me I was welcome and then she slowly and carefully opened her gift, which as a CD (she still prefers actual CDs than digtal music) of Adele's newest album. 

     I don't know if she read my mind, as I felt bad that the first gift she opens is just a normal CD, she remarked that she loved the gift and said thank you as she leaned forward and kissed my forehead (yet another simple adult-child act that any "little" will tell makes thier heart melt).  She then jumped up and ran over to the stereo and put her new CD into the player and announced it was breakfast time.  She then ran over and grabbed my hand (again, she would normally just make me crawl after her into the kitchen).  With my new Hello Kitty stuffy, I waddled into the kitchen with her.


     Mommy then helped me up into my highchair (again, adult sized and custom made).  She then proceeded to tell me what we were going to do for the day, while she prepared and cooked breakfast.   She told me after breakfast we were going to go back upstairs, were we would do or normal routine of give me a bath and then get dressed, but that because today was Christmas we were going to dress casually and comfortably for now. She made a comment that my diaper looked extra soaked and that she was worried about a diaper rash.  She then slid the tray of my hair chair in place, which came just below my small breasts (yes I have small breasts, thanks to hormones etc).  Then came the bowl of scrambled eggs, with hot dogs cooked into them (a childhood favorite of mine) and a bottle of "formula".  She then took the pacifier out of my mouth and handed me a plastic spoon.  She then sat down at the table next to me with her own scrambled eggs, toast and coffee.


     After breakfast we went back upstairs and into my nursery for bath time.  Now this was very much back into the daily routine.  Mommy strips me down, then I get my daily enema (she really does not care for messy diapers), she will then remove my chastity device and then I take a bath under her strict supervision (she does enjoy washing my hair though).  My bath on this day however was full of bubbles and I was allowed to play with some bath toys and take my time (normally we are pressed for time, because she needs to leave for work, except on the weekends).  After my bath she drys me off and leads me back into the nursery and helps me up onto the changing table.  This is when she announced she had another Christmas present for me.

     "It is Christmas baby and I have decided that for today you will be free from chastity!" She smiled as she tickled my stomach and rubbed my small breasts lightly.  Needless to say.. I was instantly excited!  My chastity device stays on 24/7 (except for bathtime of course) and all year.  I get a prostate milking (chastity device stays on during) once a month, again with the exception of my birthday, in which I also get a full day without chastity. 

     "Now you have to remember and follow the rules, Sissy..." she said as she suddenly started to pinch my little hard nipples "I must not see you with your hands down your diapers at any time, otherwise your little clitty gets locked back up, is that understood?" She asked firmly, but still pleasantly.  I nodded, and winced a little from the pain of her pinching my nipples "Yeth Mummy, thithy (sissy) unherstand" I whimpered behind my pacifier.

     "I also have another Christmas present!" She remarked happily and she released my nipples from in between her fingers and then reached down and then held up a new pink anal plug "I have a new plug for my little sissy pussy" She smiled happily.  I smiled, only because I knew she would want me to smile.  While I enjoy the feeling of having my ass plugged, we already had several plugs, so I was not sure why we needed a new one.  But again, if it made my Mommy happy, I was happy.  I was happy when she liberaly applied regular lube to the plug before slowly pushing it inside me.  Sometimes, when she is feeling a little mean spirited she enjoys using no lube or even using not so nice things as lube, if you get my meaning.  I let a sigh of satisfaction as I felt the plug spread and fill me... I could also feel my little sissy clit getting hard.  To which my Mommy giggled.

     "I sometimes forget how small and pathetic your little erections really are." She giggled as she placed diapers underneath me and then pulled them up in between my legs. Then with pure joy in her eyes she leaned forward and kissed my belly button "I actualy think it really has gotten smaller, we should measure it sometime."  She remarked.   She then helped me up from the changing table and then helped me into a pair of plastic pants (white ones with little pink hearts), then came the matching white baby style shirt that did not even cover my diaper/plastic pants and then a pair of white baby style booties on my feet.  She then brushed my shoulder length brown hair and put it into a single pony tail with a large white ribbon at the top.   Now normaly (during the weekends/days off anyway) she would then leave me in my nursery, while she changed/got dress.  But to day, she again held my hand and lead me to her bedroom.


     "Now you be good and play with you new Kitty doll, while Mommy takes a shower and gets dressed" She tells me as she sits on the floor of her bedroom.  Of course I can not take my eyes off her as she takes off her robe (again the pajamas she was wearing where classic flannels that covered everything).  I hoped and prayed that she would continue stripping.  Again, it has been a long time since I have seen her naked.  But my heart sank as she walked into her private bathroom and closed the door.  However,  as soon as I heard the water to the shower turn on, I knew I had my first opportunity. 

     My right hand instantly went down the front of my diaper and my fingers grasped my little sissy clit (she was right, I could just feel that it had indeed shrunk a little).  I pictured my Mommy, taking a shower, just on the other side of that door and I was not long before I erupted, cumming into my diaper (I made sure to remove my hand before I did, so I wouldn't get any of my cream on my hand).  It had been at least 6 months since my birthday and I was in pure heaven at the moment.  Anyone who lives with long term chastity will tell you...you almost want to pass out after.  But I was quickly snapped back into reality as I heard the shower shut off. 

     I secretly hoped my Mommy would emerge fully naked...my sissy clity already sturing back to life, but I also should have known better, as she emerged with a towel wrapped high above her breasts and hung below her knees, with another towel wrapped around her head.  However, I admit, I could not take my eyes of her calves... I know it sounds silly... but I worship her like no other, and Mommy has some the most beautiful legs, including her calves.  She walked into her large walk in closet, with her back towards me, that is when she removed the towel from her body.  OH MY GOD!  I could not believe it... her back, her ass, her legs!  It was if a classic artist sculpted that body.  My clitty was hard as a rock again.  I dare not touch it.  I could not take my eyes off her.  She was careful to not turn around, yet also careful to tease me just right.  Especially when she bent over to pull up a pair of sexy red panties.  I caught a very quick glimpse of her pussy, as she bent over...I nearly erupted into my diaper again from the sight.  I had not see that much of her glorious pussy in over a year.  While I suddenly was aware that I would probably never see her pussy from the front ever again, nor could I ever tell her how happy I was at that moment. 

     Keeping her back turned towards me, she then put on a matching bra, which again...she was a master of the tease and allowed me a quick glimpse of "side boob", which again, almost sent me erupting into my diaper.  But the tease was not over.  This is when she decided to turn around.  Allowing me to see her in underwear!  I must have looked like I was in awe.. My clity strained against my diaper, my heart racing, I may have been drooling a little.  She smiled the way any woman smiles, when they know they are that beautiful and catch someone "checking them out".  God she was beautiful.  Her full, perfectly round perky breasts, her flat and toned stomach.  Her pubic mound, slightly bulging her panties, her long shapely and well defined legs.

     "Sissy!  I know it is Christmas...but you know the rules!" She snapped...not in anger, but a pleasurable tease.

"I am sthwory Mummy" I whimpered as I forced my eyes to her feet and the floor.  For I am a Sissy Baby and it is rude to stare at ones Mommy with sexual lust.  I heard her giggle as she then pulled up a pair of black Victoria Secret sweatpants and then put on a grey sweat shirt.  I just have to say, you know a woman truly loves you, when she is comfortable wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt around you.  While I firmly believe my Mommy would still look beautiful wearing rags, for the office she always looks professional and light make-up, for her dates she goes out her way to dress sexy, flirtatious and wears more make-up etc.  With me, she is completely comfortable with no make-up, wearing sweatpants and I worship her even more than her colleagues and boyfriends. 

     Once she was finished brushing her hair we proceeded back downstairs to the living room.  Once again she sat me in front of the Christmas tree on the floor.  She proceeded to sit in her chair with a fresh cup of coffee.  We then opened our presents.  It was honestly a good Christmas.  I received a few new sissy baby dresses, a couple sissy toddler style outfits, and a new maid's uniform (During the week, while she is at work, I am her Sissy Maid, home cleaning or working on our stock portfolios).  I also got some new coloring books (which I love to color) and a couple age-appropriate movies (I am huge Disney fan).  While earlier I was worried that my gifts lack size or even number, she loved the new diamond earrings and necklace.  She also loved the sexy pair of lingerie I bought, commenting that her boyfriend Mark would love them.  She even thought the new briefcase I got her was a good gift.  

After we were done opening gifts, it was then lunch time.  We ate a quick and simple lunch (She made me macaroni and cheese and she had a salad).  Then of course, after lunch it was time for my afternoon nap (this of course only happens on weekends and her days off), so I am placed into my crib. 

     "Oh my god!  I nearly forgot about your present!" She remarked as she closed and locked the top to my crib. She then held up a small remote control and suddenly my plug started to vibrate.  I gasped and whimpered slightly, while she giggled. 

     "Have a good nap Sissy!  Merry Christmas!" She said as she turned off the lights and closed the door the to nursery.   I can even beging to guess how many times I cam during that nap.  But it was so many times my diaper was just slick and gooey from the cum.  I eventually just passed right out.  I almost thought I truly died and went to heaven. When Mommy changed my diaper after the nap, she marveled how cum filled my diaper was, remarking that someone was truly enjoying their Christmas day, but warning me that if I was not careful I was apt to rip my own clitty off or rub it raw. 

     After my nap, the rest of the day was rather benign.  One could almost forget it was Christmas.  I spent pretty much the rest of the afternoon watching Disney movies and coloring on the living room floor.  I had masturbated so much during my nap time that I could not even do that anymore, not to mention, Mommy was sitting on the couch reading most of the time.  She made a round of phone calls to her mother, then her sister, then her best friend (who does know about me and even babysits from time to time) and then to her boyfriend Mark (who yes, does know about me, but refuses to participate in any way).  Before to long it was dinner time, which Mommy made steak (one of my favorites) and was careful to cut mine up into small bite size pieces, but I was also give the rare treat of having a beer (in a baby bottle of course) during dinner.   

After dinner, I was put into my playpen in another room, while my Mommy watch TV.  I was able to cum at least 3 more times, but by then I think body was literally out of cum!  

     In one more surprise, Christmas gift, Mommy allowed me to sit on the living room floor and watch a movie (Jurassic World) with her (she was on the couch), which means I was also allowed to stay up late.   After the movie, I was given my night time bottle, and brought up to the nursery where Mommy changed my diaper.  My anal plug was removed and my Chastity device locked back on. 

     "Did my baby enjoy her Christmas?" Mommy asked while she relocked my chastity tube and started preparing to diaper me.


     "Oh yeth Mummy, wery much!  Fank you!  I wove you!" I happily and truthfully remarked.  It was the truth, I loved every minute of my Christmas. 

     "Oh baby.. you know I love you too...so very much.  I know I can be mean and strict with you a lot of the times, but that is because you deserve it, you know that right, baby?" She asked.  Now Mommy does not get sentimental very often, but I could see the love in her eyes.  I know our relationship does not make sense to the vanilla world.  It does not even make sense to a lot of people in scene.  Two years ago when we were introduced to each other by a mutual friend, we had a very honest conversation on what we wanted.  Amazingly we wanted a lot of the same things, but even she honestly said she was not sure if she could ever truly love someone like me, for her it was more about the control.  She loved being mean, nasty and even cruel at times. She wanted me to become completely devoted and in love with her, no matter what she did to me.  She was not the soft and caring type.  However even I noticed the change in the past year and this Christmas was a great example.  She loved me, just as much as I loved her.

     "Yeth Mummy... I know" I said behind my pacifier, in my sissy lisp.  To which she smiled as she pinned my diaper in place and then pulled up my plastic pants.

     "I have one more Christmas gift for you baby." She said softly as she looked into my eyes.  "Tonight you get to sleep with Mommy" She said softly.  I froze... she had just re-locked my chastity tube, diapered me...besides she always told I would never ever get to have sex ever again...  Mommy I swear could read my mind at times...she smiled and giggled.

     "No silly baby... not that kind of sleep!  You should know better... Sissy Babies do not have sex and they certainly do not have sex with their Mommy's, do they?" She asked calmly, still smiling.  To which I breathed a sigh of relief.  At least I knew I did not upset her.

     "No Mummy... me swory" I whimpered, looking down.  of course I should have known better.  I had asked for this lifestyle as much as she did.  I had asked for my manhood, my adulthood, my sexuality to be taken away.  I told her two years ago, that I shouldn't even be allowed to look at her pussy, let alone touch it and she fully agreed. I was stupid to think that is what she meant. I cursed to myself as she dressed me into my footed pajamas.  But in the end I was about to receive the best Christmas gift I had ever gotten.


     Holding my hand she lead me into her bedroom and helped me crawl into her bed.  She then went into her bathroom, brushed her teeth and then came back out wearing a pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt.  I could tell she wore no bra.  She then crawled into bed next to me, she rolled me onto my side, with my back facing her.  She then cradled me into her arms.  Her breasts pressing into my back and neck...our feet intertwined. I could feel her breath on my neck. She kissed the back of my head.

     "Good night sweatheart.  you are my precious little sissy baby gurl...I love you soo very much." She wispered into my ear and held me tightly.  I nearly burst into tears!


"I wuve you too mummy... wivv all me heart"  I replied and the drifted off into a heavenly sleep, in the arms of my Mommy, my Goddess, my Angel.
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dear sissymichelle76,,,, it a good story 
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