R Baby of the Team
Jessie is blackmailed into joining the girls field hockey team and things quickly spiral out of control.
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GRAY FOREST ACADEMY – Outside the girl’s locker room.

“But that's... that's... blackmail.”

“You're smuggling a banana under that skirt and using the same bathroom as girls… and you want to lecture me on blackmail?”

Jessica frowned. "I'd probably reveal a bit much if I used the guys bathroom… and the guys would probably be just as upset."

Brandy grinned shrewdly. "Oooo I don’t know about upset, I can think of a few other things they’d be… but that’s beside the point. Consider yourself the newest recruit of the field hockey team.”

"But I can't pl..."

“You came!” said a happy and overly proper voice from behind the two of them. Jessica and Brandy turned to see Fatima gliding down the hall. The olive skinned India girl was all smiles. “I had a good feeling you might join... this will be perfect, you will be our eleventh player and we will finally be able to field a full team!”

Fatima took Jessica’s hand and pressed it between both of hers, mumbling a prayer in a language no one else seemed to understand.

“Uhm, I didn't,” she looked to Brandy who had started to grin. “I mean she...”

Fatima didn't give Jessica a chance to finish. She was already on her way into the locker room, dragging Jessica behind her.

“Ladies! The eleventh has arrived!” Fatima announced as she pulled Jessica around the corner.

There was mixed cheers as some of the girls looked up to see who had joined them. Jessica’s feet froze in place and a fierce red blush came over her. Nearly a dozen girls were in various stages of undress. Jessica’s eyes widened and she hurriedly focused her attention on the floor.

“Awww... she's cute as a baby bunny,” said another girl with long blonde hair who came bouncing up to Jessica and Fatima. Her voice was laced with a southern accent.

“This is Jessica Pink,” Fatima said to the blonde. Behind her Brandy came into the locker room, leaning quietly against the wall and still laughing to herself. The blonde didn’t notice her and took Jessica’s free hand, shaking it enthusiastically in hers.

“Nice to have you on the team!”

“I... I've never played field hockey before,” Jessica said, fumbling for words as her body was shook almost as much as her hand.

No one in the locker room but Brandy knew that Jessica wasn’t actually a girl… and Jessica’s boy bits were starting to feel a bit of a stir in their tucked away state around so many girls in their underwear. She hoped that her skirt and thick panties covered it well enough.

“We'll learn yah,” Summer grinned.

“I was unaware of the rules of field hockey a week ago myself,” Fatima added in her too-perfect English. “It is not hard to understand the basics.”

“I don't have anything to practice in,” Jessica offered as another excuse, feeling cornered and on dangerous grounds as the Indian girl and the blonde backed her to a corner. Everywhere she looked there were pretty girls in underwear... and these girls were looking at her like they expected her to get undressed and ready to play a sport she had no intention of playing.

“I have some extra gym clothes,” Fatima offered helpfully.

Jessica stole a glance back at the entrance to the locker room, seeing Brandy there, who was all smiles. Summer and Fatima had closed in around her, and Summer was taking the initiative to help her get undressed by trying to pull her shirt off.

“Wait! Don’t…”

Panic at another discovery swept over Jessica. Earlier in the day Brandy had discovered her secret when she’d nosily followed her to the bathroom… now she was in danger of having a dozen girls do the same. Her mind went through a quick list of distractions. Run? Nope she was in a corner. Blood? Nope, she couldn’t force a nose bleed without resorting to hitting something and making it look like an accident. Wait.. Accident… Jessica blushed, but went with the only thing she could think of on short notice.

There was a startled gasp from some of the girls as urine began to run down Jessica’s legs. She put on a show and quickly sank down, hugging her knees and holding her skirt in a crouch like she could hide what she was doing, even as a puddle formed directly below her.

“Oh my gosh!” Summer said, stepping back. “I… I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Jessica let out a theatrical sniffle and tried her best to balance in a crouch. She felt silly and a bit childish for what she’d done. It looked to be working though.

Brandy seemed surprised for a moment, watching the scene play out in disbelief… but she saw an opportunity here and quickly snatched at it. She walked up and moved Fatima and Summer aside, turning to address the other girls on the team.

“Everyone. This is Jessica Pink. She has a chronic problem… you’ve just seen it, and you’re not going to care… right?”

The girls all looked at each other, the locker room was silent.

Jessica looked up in surprise. “What? Chronic?… it’s not a problem. I just had an accident,” Jessica blushed. “Please… I just… it was an accident…”

“Right. Accidents. No one is going to care, like I said. Now, everyone dress out and get moving. Nothing to see,” Brandy said a bit more forcefully. Brandy was 6’ feet tall and towered over the rest of the team which averaged around 5’7”. With her arms crossed, and stern glare at full effect, most of the other girls left in bewildered silence.

Fatima and Summer lingered behind. Jessica was starting to feel almost as miserable as she was pretending to look. She realized that doing something as dramatic as she’d just done in front of a bunch of girls pretty much insured the ENTIRE school would know about it soon.

“It’s not a chronic problem,” Jessica said looking up at Brandy. “Why did you have to say something like that?”

Brandy shrugged. “Why did you have to do something like that? I simply explained it to everyone else, since they’d probably wonder why a teen would pee herself like a toddler.”

Summer gave Jessica a pat on shoulder. “It’s all right. Things like that happen.”

Jessica frowned. They could happen, but in this case, it wasn’t ‘accidental’, but she couldn’t very well explain that. Brandy smiled at the two of them.

“I … have extra clothes,” Fatima said almost as a reminder. She seemed a little unsure of the words since this was outside of her normal American conversations. She made a neat little pile of her spare skorts, a school t-shirt, and even a pair of plain white panties, which she only added after a moment of hesitation. “You can uh… keep the underwear,” she said.

“We’ll see you on the field,” Summer grinned, like everything was normal. She offered another pat before she left with Fatima.

Brandy stood looking over Jessica for a full minute with a peculiar grin. She went to her locker and got an old towel. She chucked it at Jessica’s head, catching her off balance and causing her to tilt to the side and have to catch herself on one hand.

“Clean up your piss and throw the towel away when you’re done,” Brandy ordered.

“You are such a bitch,” Jessica hissed as she took the towel.

“Hardly, I’m covering for a liar… who happens to be just what this team needs.”


BEFORE SCHOOL, earlier that day.

Jessie followed a laundry list of instructions he’d compiled from the internet. He showered, shaved under his arms and down his legs. He'd never really grown any facial hair, although his eyebrows did need a little touching up. He tried to blunder his way through some basic foundation makeup and then the tiniest bit of perfume, taking the recommendations that subtlety made for the best overall effects.

Until today, Jessie had attended a strict secular Christian boy’s school. In short, it’d been hell. His looks, his youthful appearance, his introverted personality and his bad habit of talking back made him a preferred target of bullies and teachers alike.

He put on the school uniform he’d bought yesterday afternoon, blushing a bit at the first skirt he’d ever worn. He tucked the right side of his hair behind his ear and held it there with a pink clip. When he was done, he gasped into the bathroom mirror. He was a girl... it was a complete transformation... if it weren't for the subtle discomfort of how things were 'tucked' below, he wouldn't have believed himself a guy any more. He’d always looked a little effeminate… but when highlighting that side of him, it practically erased whatever small portion of him looked masculine… he was a girl.

"Good luck Jessica," she said to herself, before packing up the small bits of makeup and checking out of the motel. She went to the academy and checked into her new dorm.

It had been almost too easy to resubmit her application. Jessie Pinkston had been changed to Jessica Pink with just a little bit of modifications to her ID. The prestigious Gray Forest Academy had a top magnet program for science and technology… and in a boarding environment they were full to capacity on boys as she’d found out. If Jessica wanted to attend school and escape her Christian school, this was the only other place her parents would allow… and this disguise was the only way she’d managed to get in after they’d been at capacity for boys.

“Good morning, are you my new student?” her new teacher, Mrs. Amfleet asked as she came in the door to her homeroom.

Jessica nodded quietly.

“Well, you haven't missed much. I'm sure your other teachers will be able to give you a little extra homework to accommodate. My name’s Lisa Amfleet, but Mrs. Amfleet will suffice. I’ll be your homeroom teacher… I have you down as Jessica Pink. Do you go by Jess or Jessica?”

“Jessica,” she said, the name coming a little unnatural at first.
Mrs. Amfleet was quiet for a moment as she looked Jessica over. Jessica started to shake a little. She could feel that somehow Mrs. Amfleet could see straight through her to what she really was. Mrs. Amfleet looked to be almost 50, with graying hair and very pale skin. She was a good 2 or 3 inches taller than Jessica and a bit plump. She motioned with her hand for Jessica to look up at her.

Lifting her head, Jessica made eye contact, and was relieved to see the genuine smile.

“It’s not easy being the new girl, I know… but cheer up. A cute girl like you will make lots of friends in no time.”

Jessica tried to offer a smile back, blushing at the ‘cute’ comment. It was something she’d never heard before. She nodded.

“The entire back row is open if you want to find a seat.”

Jessica nodded again and hurried to the back, taking her seat and trying to hide behind her backpack. She blushed a little more as the two boys sitting on either side of her made no attempt to hide how they looked over her body.

There were a few minutes before the start of class and more students began to file in. Jessica became conscious of more direct looks of curiosity as people realized there was a new student in their class. She was also a little worried that besides a few girls clustered in the front corner, the rest of the class seemed to be guys and she was getting more looks then she’d like.

The first bell rang, Mrs. Amfleet went through some basic announcements, welcoming everyone back from the weekend and on to their second week of school. Finally she turned toward Jessica at the back of the class.

“I'd like to introduce our new student. Come on Jessica, please stand up and introduce yourself,” Mrs. Amfleet asked.

Eyes going wide, Jessica mumbled something and shook her head. Not wanting to get up and already feeling the nervousness seize up on her. There was a giggle from a group of preppy girls sitting near the front.

Mrs. Amfleet shook her head good naturedly and walked toward the back of the class, taking Jessica by the arm and helping her stand up.

“Everyone, this is Jessica Pink,” she said.

Jessica offered a nervous blush and a slight wave of her hand, being held like a shy child on unsteady feet.

“Not much to look at...” One of the preppy girls said to the other in a loud whisper. There were giggles from the others. She had curly red hair and a sprinkling of freckles.

The blond next to her was quick to chime in, “Haha yah, she looks like she’s 12,” she added to more laughter.

Jessica frowned and tiredly to discreetly offer the girls in the front a little bird with a hand her teacher couldn’t see. They stopped giggling as they caught on.

Mrs. Amfleet smiled, having not heard anything. “Be sure to be nice to Jessica on her first day.”


GRAY FOREST ACADEMY LOCKER ROOM : Smellling of fresh pine sol.

“You can empty the bucket in the toilet.”

Jessica complied. She hadn’t said a word since the other girls had left. Something inside had switched off and she was quietly focused on cleaning her ‘accident’. She emptied out the little plastic bucket and put it back in the small utility closet.

Brandy had found an empty grocery bag which she handed to Jessica. “Strip. Clothes in the bag, wash them in the dorm later.”

Unlike the other instructions, Jessica made no move to undress. She just stood there, arms awkwardly crossed over her small fake chest, still wearing the clothes she’d had an accident in.

“Well? Do you want to play with a big wet patch on your skirt and yellow socks or what?”

“I don’t want to play…” Jessica answered indignantly.

Part of Brandy hated herself for what she was doing. Sure, she was a hard ass, but that was part of being a leader. Her father was the school president and he had gone along with the stupid state board ruling that all FH teams needed to have eleven players, and as such, she was one girl short. She didn’t like to throw her size and power around, and she knew she was being a bully right now, but if she wanted to remain captain of a team, she had to.

"Well if you want to attend this school, you also have to join this team. That’s my condition."

“Blackmail…” Jessica muttered in disgust again.

“Encouragement,” Brandy countered. “You need your secret kept, I need an extra body on the field. You don’t even have to be any good; you can just stand around and water the grass in your ‘accidental’ way.”

Jessica frowned again. “That wasn’t an accident, they were going to pull my shirt off and learn my secret. It was the only thing I could think to do to get her hands off me.”

Brandy nodded. “Join the team and I’ll work to protect your secret.”

“And I should trust you?”

“You don’t have much of a choice. I don’t know how you got enrolled like that… but if you want to stay, you’re going to become my best friend.”

Somehow Jessica knew she’d probably be Brandy’s only friend… and not really even a friend since she hated the tall brunette. She growled and remained awkwardly standing with her arms across her chest.

Brandy was tall, lean and a known ‘jock’ in a school filled with the children of the wealthy. Most girls had nice cars and designer handbags, and they uniformly refused to recognize Brandy as being the same gender.

Meanwhile Brandy was no fan of Jessica either. This crossdresser was more of a girl then she’d ever been. Brandy had always thought it was easy to spot someone pretending to be something they’re not, but if she hadn’t seen the plumbing, she wouldn’t have ever guessed otherwise.

Jessica had long blonde hair, a symmetrical slender face and the demure look of a very cute teen girl. Brandy on the other hand was pretty by most standards, but her appearance was muddled by her lack of femininity. She was intimidatingly tall, didn’t back down from fights and all too aware of her failings at being ‘girly’… which was why she already didn’t like Jessica who seemed to pull it off naturally.

“Strip,” Brandy ordered again.

Jessica took a step back, “I can change my own shirt, no need to use your meat hands on me,” she made a twirling motion with her finger for Brandy to turn around. When the taller girl didn’t move, she groaned and turned herself around to at least not have to look at her while she changed.


AT LUNCH, earlier that day:

Jessica sat in a corner of the cafeteria eating quietly. She was at least glad the cafeteria food here was pretty good as compared to her former school. She looked around the cafeteria, studying the other students. Everyone was wearing the same white and navy blue uniforms, the girls had navy blue skirts, and the guys had navy blue slacks, but it made for little visual difference. Some of the sportier guys had on varsity jackets with the school’s mascot, a Medieval knight, on the back.

Jessica stopped mid-bite as she saw a trio of girls walking by. It was the same preppy girls from her homeroom. She didn't know their names and she was only half sure they knew hers.

“It's like she's from the planet Flat-urn... She has the chest of a cutting board,” the red head said.

“Haha yah,” the blonde chimed in. “They could totally lay her on a table to see if its level,” she added to more laughter.

“And she thought she could make the cheer-leading team? Ha!” added the last girl, another blond who stood an inch taller than the others. The other two seemed to be following her.

For a moment, Jessica caught herself looking at her own chest. Realistic and fake though it was, did it really matter that much? She wasn’t sure who they were talking about, but considering she’d never tried out for cheerleading, she was pretty sure it wasn’t her. As they walked by, they glanced her way, and she could hear one of them mutter ’12-year-old’ again and offer a snear. Jessica sighed and offered them another bird. At least they weren’t physical bullies. She resumed eating like a gazelle at the water hole after the lions had passed.

“Good morning, would you mind if I join you?” asked an olive skinned girl.

Jessica looked up with a startled meep, having been so focused on the pack of predators that she'd zoned out the rest of the lunch room.

“Uh, well…” She stuttered, but the girl was already sitting down.

The girl was about as tall as Jessica, and she was slender and pretty in a somewhat exotic way. She had almond eyes and a head of raven black hair.

“I did not introduce myself, but I am in your homeroom,” she said in a slow and precise speech. “I sit in the back. My name's Fatima Patel.” (Fah-tee-ma Pah-till, in case anyone wants to know how to pronounce it as she did)

“I’m… Jessica,” she said in a blush.

“Nice to meet you Jessica. I wanted to say hello. I transferred midway through last year and I think I have an idea what today has been like for you.”

Jessica groaned. “For your sake I hope not.”

Fatima smiled. “Well, I was and still am the only girl from India in this school. Which means I am also the only terrorist.”


“You could amend that definition this far out in the country to include anyone with dark skin. My father is the trauma surgeon at the hospital nearby, although position and work does matter to most of the school.”

Jessica nodded, feeling some of the nervousness taper off. She tried to make a joke of her own. “Sooo, no jihad then?”

Fatima rolled her eyes. “No jihad. I am Hindu, and not very strict in my beliefs. I am not even a vegetarian. I am mostly into sports, where at least I cannot be denied my worth by my ethnicity.”

Jessica nodded and the two of them began to eat, getting lost in the general noise of the lunchroom. This time it was Fatima’s turn to blush a little.

“Sorry… I tend to start talking and cannot stop,” she offered by way of excuse when she noticed Jessica had been quiet most of lunch.

Jessica shrugged. “What do you play?” she asked.

Fatima smiled, taking this as incentive to continue. “Field hockey, I recently joined. The season was already over last year when I came to the school, so I played tennis in the spring. Field hockey is about the closest thing girls have in your country to cricket and so far it is great. We could really use some more players if you are interested.”

Jessica was quick to shake her head, looking more intently down at her food. “I’m not one for sports,” she said quietly.

The lunch bell rang shortly after and the two of them split up. Jessica thanked Fatima for talking to her and was on her way to Spanish 1. She’d already had homeroom and Civics earlier.

Finding class wasn't too hard, but as she was getting close she felt the need to go to the bathroom… this would be her first time using the ‘other’ bathroom. She walked to it and froze a little when she saw how crowded it was. There were so many girls and she'd never really used the ladies room in a really public setting before. What if there was a decorum for how to wait for an open stall? She whimpered a little, looking enviously at the guys breezing in and out of their bathroom. She bit her lower lip and kept walking to class.

By the time she got there, the class was almost full. It seemed to be more mixed then her homeroom, equal number guys and girls. She looked around and found what seemed to be the only open seat in the middle of the class.

“You new?” asked someone.

Jessica turned and nodded, but then let out a slight ‘eep’ at a very tall girl sitting behind her.

“When did you start?” the girl asked.

“Today,” Jessica said a little nervously.


These questions felt like an interrogation.

“10th?” she said, a little unsure.

“Play sports?”

Jessica shook her head no, but began to blush and shrink away as the girl frowned and stood up, looming over Jessica at almost 6’ feet. “I don’t like sports,” Jessica said defensively, feeling like she’d given a wrong answer.

The mood was broken a second later. “Brandy, por favor, siéntate.” The teacher said across the room. He turned to Jessica and asked, "¿Cómo te llamas?"

Despite a very limited knowledge of the Spanish language, Jessica knew that he was asking her for her name. “Jessica… Jessica Pink,” she replied.

“Hola, Jessica. Bienvenida.”

The bell rang and it only took a few minutes for class to start. Jessica was a little worried about the girl behind her. The preppy girls and their insults were just words, this girl was tall and physically intimidating. Jessica glanced over her shoulder and found the tall girl staring at her intently.

“Estamos estudiando vocabulario de las comidas,” the teacher instructed. It was a little beyond Jessica’s comprehension.

She tried to follow the lesson, but mid-way through the class, the drinks she had at lunch and the combination of having not used the bathroom all day began to make her squirm in her seat.

“¿Señor?… ¿Baño?” Jessica said nervously.

The teacher turned around surprised, but nodded and indicated the door, seeing Jessica’s expression. She quickly left and headed for the bathroom, finding it blessedly empty while classes were on. She picked the third stall over and furthest from the door.

Jessica’s hands went to the clasp of her shirt and she let it drop to the floor, sitting down on the toilet as she yanked her panties down in one quick motion. She let out a satisfied sigh, blushing a little at how girly she realized she was being. When she was done, she got up to try and put things back on. Just as she was pulling her panties up her legs the door to her stall flung open.

“I didn’t mean to be rude, I’m not good with people, but I really need new recru...”

Jessica’s eyes shot wide open and she stared aghast. The girl who had been sitting behind her had just pushed the stall door open... and even though she'd locked it, the lock was apparently garbage.

She was standing with nothing on but the uniform polo, and a thick cotton pair of panties at her knees. Jessica let out a girlish shriek, and put her hands over her obviously not girlish privates.

The taller girl recoiled and shut the door muttering an apology... Jessica’s heart stopped beating and she had an instant to wonder what had just happened, and how much the other girl had just seen, when just as quickly, the door was forced open again and the girl held it to the wall with a loud thump.

The surprise and momentary embarrassed shock had been erased, and now the tall girl was staring at Jessica intently. Jessica knew, that she knew...

“Go away, shut the door!” Jessica insisted, standing awkwardly half naked with her hands over herself.

The other girl smiled. “Rooster in the hen house?” she asked, giggling.

Jessica blushed... and suddenly realized this was probably her first and last day of her new high school... she turned around and mooned the other girl as she tried to get a little privacy to pull up her underwear and skirt. She crossed her arms awkwardly across her chest as she turned back.

“You know, I have seriously like a million questions now...” The girl said, and she sounded like she meant it. “First things first though, after school you're going to try out for the field hockey team.”

Jessica frowned.

“I won't tell a soul...” and she tried hard to bite down a laugh. “That you're...”

“Leave me alone,” Jessica growled, seeing a slight angle she could work. “I have personal issues the school president is aware of and... I uh...” Jessica tried to think of more to support the lie... but the other girl just grinned.

“Somehow I doubt that… although I could ask him. You’re new, so you probably don’t know, but my name is Brandy Fowler. The Academy president is my father.”

Jessica’s stomach twisted. If she hadn’t just peed, she’d probably have gone again.

“You'll be at practice after school. Ladies locker room 15 minutes after last bell... Either that or I tell everyone,” she grinned.

Jessica frowned. She flipped Brandy the bird, but she just laughed and left Jessica standing in her shame.

Jessica went back to class, finding Brandy sitting in the seat behind her. She had a grin like the cat with the canary behind its teeth.



“Do you think she joined willingly?” Fatima asked as she sat down in the grass and began to stretch.

“She was for reals all scared… and she peed herself… soooo I’m guessing no,” said Tally, a Hispanic girl.

“I feel kind of bad for scaring her like that,” Summer frowned as she joined in.

“Didn’t seem like the first time that’d happened to her,” said another girl with a smirk as she sat down. “I bet she does that all the time… and Brandy’s using her ‘chronic’ porblem to force her on the team…”

“Kyra…. Will you stop trying to start rumors about Brandy?” asked Coach Amanda Wheeler as she walked up. She had a clipboard with her and started to check off names for practice attendance. “Where is Brandy anyway?”

Kyra just kept her smirk as she looked at the coach and nodded her head back toward the gym. “She’s with Jessica.”

“Who’s Jessica?”

“Jessica just might be the 11th girl of the team,” Fatima said.

Coach Wheeler smiled. “Really? Full team? That's wonderful!” she looked around. “But why aren’t they on the field yet?”

“Changin ma'am,” Summer said.

Kyra smirked. “Yah, Summer scared her and new girl seems to have a bladder problem. She’s cleaning it up.”

“Kyra, second time, stop it with the rumors,” said coach with a frown.

Summer blushed. “Uh ma’am, that… actually sorta did happen.”

Coach Wheeler raised an eyebrow. “Oh… well, when she gets up here, make sure she sees me.”

The girls began partner stretching. There were nine on the field with the coach. Most were somewhat different than the typical girl who went to Gray Forest Academy… and most were proud of that difference. They were a mix of grades from 9 to 12th, with only one was a senior. The whole team looked out of place as the boy’s football and lacross teams practiced on adjacent fields.

Fifteen minutes later, and when most of the stretching was finished, Brandy and the new girl came walking up to the field. Jessica didn’t seem too excited about where she was going.

“Are you Jessica?” Coach Wheeler asked. The blonde girl nodded shyly as she approached. “Nice to meet you, I'm Amanda Wheeler, but you can just call me Ms. Wheeler or Coach.”

Jessica nodded and looked up, surprised to find the coach looked young. She didn’t look all that older then some of the other girls on the team. She was also pretty cute, with thick red hair and a sprinkling of freckles over the bridge of her nose.

“Brandy, why don’t you partner up with Jazz and stretch out,” Coach Wheeler said, motioning for Jessica to come talk with her. Brandy seemed reluctant to leave her new recruit, but nodded a second later when the coach had a look like it wasn’t a suggestion.

“I've got to be honest, I've never played field hockey before...” Jessica admitted as Brandy left. “I… don’t really like sports…”

Coach Wheeler sighed. “She didn’t force you into this did she? I’m stoked that you came out here, but seriously, if this isn’t for you, I’ll keep her off your back. I had a bad feeling she might try something a little out of line to get her way.”

Jessica looked at Coach Wheeler, and then over at Brandy as the tall girl took a seat on the field. Brandy met her gaze and looked at her intently. She made a lewd motion like she was a guy masterbating.

“I.. I can’t promise anything, but I’ll try it…” Jessica said frowning.

Coach Wheeler smiled. “Excellent, don’t worry about being new. We had our first two new recruits last week and they had never played this sport either. So it's not that big a deal. It's a simple game, and fun.”

Jessica nodded, looking around as some of the girls had gotten sticks and were doing some running drills with them.

“Before we start though, the girls told me about what happened before practice.”

Jessica froze and looked at Coach Wheeler with a sudden blush.

“When I’m not coaching the team, I’m the school nurse. If this is something of a regular problem…”

“It’s not!” Jessica blurted. “It won’t happen again.”

Coach nodded, smirking a little. She had dealt with similar embarrassment during her college teaching aide days as an elementary school nurse. She backed off. “Okay, just checking. If you need any help there, just let me know, I’ve dealt with it before. Why don’t you go ahead and pair up with Fatima.”

A minute later, Jessica was going through some basic stretching. She blushed as Fatima pressed herself to Jessica’s back to help her stretch a little further in a splitz. Jessica had never been very flexible so it was something she was going to need to work on. It wasn't very comfortable, and although she was wearing a skirt and short combo, she couldn’t help feeling it showed off her crotch a little too much.

“Jessica!” Coach Wheeler called.

“Um... yes?” she answered.

“If you’re stretched out, pair up with Tally for the rest of practice. She's been on the team two years and can hold your hand through the basics.”

Jessica nodded dumbly, feeling a little less sure about this whole team thing now. Brandy had convinced her out of the locker room… but the whole bit about running around and getting sweaty was not looking great.

A Hispanic girl that was roughly Jessica’s height came up to her with a field hockey stick resting on her shoulder.

“Hola Jessica,” she said, “I’m Tally, star midfielder.”


“No worries, we'll go over positions later, it’s like, not that important.”

Turning Jessica around, Tally draped an arm over her shoulder. “Just so you know, I'm the hottest damn Latina in school. Best player on the team too... well that depends on who you ask... but as far as I'm concerned, best right here.”

Jessica raised an eyebrow. This girl was pretty full of herself. Tally walked them over to her equipment bag just a few feet away and pulled out another stick.

“All right, let’s start with how to hold a stick,” she said as she tossed Jessica the main tool of the game. She made a show of where each hand usually went depending which hand was favored. “Yes, like this... firm grip, tight as if it was your boyfriend's shaft and you were trying to milk it dry. That stick's name is Henry, this one is Big Tom,” she said raising hers with a smile. “I like to think of my sticks as...”

Jessica blushed. “I can guess.” She said holding the stick awkwardly. Tally laughed.

“Alright, stick in hand, let’s try doing a little jogging, and then we'll get a ball... Don't worry if this seems hard, it’s your first day, the game is easy, but it can take a little while to get good, especially if you want to be as good as me,” she grinned.

Although she had never been good at sports, Jessica found that the running around actually took her mind off of the troubles she’d had that day. She was till embarrassed, and woefully outclassed by how girly and non-aggressive she was when it came to playing a physical sport… but at the same time, girls like Tally, Summer and Fatima were going out of their way to make her feel comfortable about the whole thing.

It was a nice change of pace.


“All right ladies, bring it in and take a knee,” Ms. Wheeler

Tired, and a bit sweaty, Jessica joined the dozen girls as they gathered around coach.

“Looking good out there today. I'm liking the progress on fundamentals,” she said to everyone. “First game's in two weeks and we're going to hit the group passing drills hard. Our new players are looking good already, although Sam, don't be so rough, this is only practice,” she said to the dark haired girl in the back

Samantha just smiled and offered a non-commital shrug back. “Toughness training,” she said.

“Save it for our away games… Jazz, you've come a long way since last year, but you're still running faster than you can keep the ball moving with you, remember, control before speed.”

Jasmine nodded, her afro poof bobbing behind her as she made a mental note of it.

“I'm not going to require it, but if you want to have an advantage ladies, some cardio outside of practice would go a long way. An extra two mile a week, or some laps in the pool would really help with stamina.”

Most of the girls groaned at this suggestion and Tally quietly offered an alternative method involving boys that could also help with stamina. Most of the girls giggled at that.

“All right, wrap it up for the day. Fatima, Lily, and Jessica; as the newest recruits, you're on equipment clean up. Have a good evening ladies.”

The team broke up and headed back toward the locker room. Jessica wasn't committed to the team yet, but she didn't argue the cleanup request. Lily looked a year or two younger than her and she'd feel bad if she wasn't the pulling the same weight as a freshman, even if it was on a trial basis.

“How was your first practice?” Fatima asked as she began gathering cones that had been set up earlier in practice.

“It wasn't too bad I suppose. I have a feeling I'll be sore tomorrow. Tally likes to run,” Jessica complained.

“It's tough,” said the freshman. Oddly, she had her hair dyed sky-blue . She looked like she was almost not sure of just what she was saying. “But it is fun,” she added.

“I suppose,” Jessica said thinking about it. “You're Lily right?”

She nodded.

“I'm Jessica.”

She nodded again.

With folks younger than her, and as shy as her, she felt it easier to open up… but Jessica couldn’t really get a response from the blue haired girl. “Okay...” she said feeling a little awkward.

The girls gathered their bags and started back for the locker room. It had been a long day and Jessica was more than ready to head back to her new dorm and be done with it.

As she got back to the locker room… she realized she’d made another error. There was a slight bit of steam coming out of the entrance. Inside, Jessica found most of the girls half-naked. Summer was quick to bounce over, wearing anything more than a small towel.

“Plenty of room in the shower if y’all want to join,” she said putting her hands on her hips. She was obviously very comfortable in her body.

Jessica blushed bright red, trying not to look.

“No... I... I... I uh... think I'll shower when I get to the dorm.” She looked to Fatima who was already down to her underwear. “Fatima... can I give your clothes back after washing them?”

“Only if you promise to bring your own when you come back for practice tomorrow,” she said, adding emphasis on ‘come back’.

“We'll see...” Jessica replied hesitantly. She scurried over to the locker she'd used earlier and scooped up the grocery bag of wet things.

Across the room, Brandy was seated in a pair of boyshort panties and a sports bra. She was watching Jessica very closely and smiled a little at her obvious discomfort. This would be a problem, how could she stay on the team if she couldn’t shower with the girls? Hell, she couldn’t even dress out with them.

Would the team have to know? Would they be okay with knowing the truth?
Brandy knew that some of the girls would not care… Some of the more straight laced girls like Jenny, Jazz and Gwen would not be cool with a ‘guy’ seeing them in their underwear, not to mention Kyra who probably would use it against her as Captain, possibly trying to blackmail her.

“Come on Jessica, you can’t go back all gross.”

Summer wouldn’t let Jessica leave. She seemed intent on being overly nice and making amends for having scared her earlier. Sam, who usually didn’t involve herself in this type of social charity, was instigating for some reason.

“Yah, it’ll be cool Jessica… just us girls… some hot water… and a lot of soap,” Sam winked. She looked nymph-like with her dark hair and slight purple highlights.

As much as Brandy found the humor in this, she couldn’t let it continue. She saw the way Jessica was squirming and starting to cross her legs, and she knew in another moment there’d be a need for clean up in aisle 5 all over again… and then it hit her. She knew how to hide Jessica and she was going to do it in plain sight.

“Girls… girls… give poor Jessica some room,” Brandy said as she got up and crossed the room in only a few strides of her long legs. “Summer, she’s had a hard first day. She can go back and shower in her room, give her some time to adjust.”

Summer pouted, but stepped aside for her captain.

Brandy turned to Sam. “Back off a little on the ess ee ex, no harassment on my team.”

Sam smirked, shrugging like she had no idea what Brandy was on about. She walked back to her locker, blowing a kiss toward Jessica and Brandy as she did. Jessica only blushed further. Sam’s locker was next to Kyra’s and the other girl gave Sam a high five and had a good laugh on the other side of the room.

“Get your bag and head out. It’s all right. I’ll talk to you later tonight,” Brandy said to Jessica.

“I… okay…” Jessica said taking the opportunity to all but run from the room. She wasn’t too keen on knowing Brandy would be looking for her later, but she needed out of the locker room.

When she’d left. Brandy turned to Summer. “I know you mean well… but she’s shy and I think she’s scared of group showers.”

“I didn’t mean to scare her earlier.”

Brandy nodded, putting her plan into action. “But she has a problem,” she said loud enough for the others to hear. “You saw what happened, it’s a frequent thing with her.”

Kyra, who had been listening and watching, was quick to confront Brandy. “Why bring her then? Why bring someone who pisses themselves to our team? Is this your great leadership strategy?”

“Did you see anyone else lining up to join the team?” Brandy said. “Don’t think I didn’t ask EVERY single girl in the school to join.”

Kyra frowned, but she knew that Brandy did indeed ask every girl in school the first week to make sure they had an 11th player. There were only 300 students at the Academy, less than 100 were girls.

“What are we going to do with a girl like that? What if she has an accident in the middle of the game?” Kyra continued. “If I see yellow water in the shower I’m going to give her a black eye.”

“Why do you think she just ran out of here? She’s embarrassed enough to have something like this happen on her first day of school. It was hard for her to try and face her new school without wearing her usual ‘protection’…”

The other girls who were listening began to whisper amongst themselves. Kyra didn’t seem too convinced, but with a huff she went off to the shower.

Brandy grinned as the locker room went about the usual end of practice rituals. Her first adventure as a pied piper was working. She could pull this off and not only have an 11th player, but a much more interesting school year.

Not bothering to put on more clothes, Brandy went to the little office on the side of the locker room.


Ms. Wheeler was on her computer typing an e-mail and as Brandy came in.

“Hey there Captain, good job on recruiting. Looks like we’re headed back to competition.”

Brandy grinned. “Damn right… but… about our new player. I wanted to know if I could ask a favor on her behalf.”

“Sure, is everything all right?”

“Well… she’s a little shy, and she’s super embarrassed about it… but… Jessica is nearly incontinent.”

Ms. Wheeler was quiet for a moment as she took that in. “I suspected something along those lines,” she said with a nod. “Talking to her earlier, she reminds me a lot of a young girl in the elementary school I taught at during my undergrad. She needed to wear pull-ups almost every day, and on bad days she was sometimes in diapers. We sort of worked out a system to try and get her to work her way up… I didn’t really have enough time at that school to make a big difference.”

“Do you think we could arrange something similar for Jessica? Could you get some pull-ups and maybe help me organize the locker room so if she needs to change, she can do it without ridicule?”

Ms. Wheeler nodded enthusiastically. “I’d be happy to help. I completely understand about her embarrassment and I think the other girls will be understanding. Pull-ups and what not are actually in my supply catalogue, I can have those ordered for the clinic and delivered tomorrow morning from Tally’s family pharmacy down the road.”

Brandy nodded. “Perfect, I’ll let Jessica know… but one last thing coach… Jessica was a bit too embarrassed about this to put her little problem on her school application. She didn’t think, or at least hoped, it wouldn’t be this bad at a new school.”

“Your father doesn’t need to know about one girl’s clinical problems. I’m a girl first, a nurse second, and an employee of this school third. I’ll talk to her, and keep her confidence.”

And with that… Brandy had a way to explain anything odd about Jessica and keep her on the team.


“Coach Wheeler?” Jessica asked as she poked her head into the clinic.

“Good morning Jessica. You can just call me Ms. Wheeler or Nurse Wheeler when we’re not on the field.”

Jessica nodded and let herself into the school clinic. It was just after 7AM and school didn’t start for another hour. It was breakfast time at the cafeteria and Jessica was hungry, she’d skipped dinner the night before. Out of nervousness and embarrassment for her ‘accident’, she’d locked herself in her room and not come out once… only speaking with Brandy through the door when she wouldn’t stop knocking.

“Brandy said you wanted to see me?”

Ms. Wheeler nodded and walked over to three medicine cabinets in the back of the room. She used a key ring to unlock one of them and got out a colorful plastic package.

“I apologize for the juvenile type, but this is the best that Mr. Hernandez carries in your size. This far out in the sticks, he’s the only local pharmacy to the Academy.”

Jessica looked bewildered as she was handed the package. She turned it around and found four Disney princesses smiling at her from a pink bag of girl’s pull-up trainers. When she realized what it was, she dropped it on the floor and backed away like she’d just held something electrified.

“I know you’re embarrassed… but you’ll need to wear these to help with your problem,” Ms. Wheeler said as she knelt to pick up the dropped bag.

Looking quickly from the bag to the school nurse, Jessica frantically shook her head. “Noooo… I don’t have a problem. I don’t need those.”

“I told you yesterday, I’ve handled this problem before… I have an idea to help motivate you.”

“Motivate? I don’t need it! I’m fine. It’s not a problem, really!” Jessica said as she slowly started to back away. She was almost to the door when it opened behind her.

“Found you Jessica!” Brandy said loudly.

With a shrill whimper, Jessica turned around, completely surprised and scared by the taller girl. Brandy smiled at Jessica.

“You…” Jessica practically hissed.

“Yes, I told Ms. Wheeler about your problem.”


“I’m going to need you to wear them today,” Ms. Wheeler repeated holding the package up for Jessica again.

“But… but…” Jessica looked between Brandy and the nurse.

“I can help you get them on,” Ms. Wheeler said taking a step toward Jessica. She had the ‘intent to undress’ look in her eyes.

Jessica panicked, knowing she was trapped. It was either she did this, or the nurse would find her secret out too.

“You can change in my bathroom.” Ms. Wheeler said as she gestured toward the small bathroom in the corner of the clinic. Jessica hung her head as she was handed the package and she shuffled quietly toward the bathroom. Brandy couldn’t help but grin as she watched. She didn’t think her plan would go this perfectly. Although Jessica surely wasn’t happy, it was for her benefit after all if she wanted to hide.

With the door shut and locked, Jessica stared at the package in her hands. It was bright pink with a few Disney princesses on it and the picture of a very young girl holding her hands up like she’d just kicked a field goal.

With a deep sigh, she pulled down the panties she was wearing and got one of the pull-ups out of the package. Jessica had always been small and slim for her age, and surprisingly the pull-up fit just as well as the underwear she’d been wearing.

She stood holding her skirt up to look at her new underwear… it was… actually kind of comfortable, and it was thick enough that it didn’t bulge at all like the panties if he wasn’t ‘tucked’. He still didn’t want to wear it, but not having to be uncomfortable was a small plus.

Jessica walked out. The other two looked at her expectantly and she raised her skirt a tiny bit to show the pink underwear beneath.

“Happy?” she asked.

Ms. Wheeler wasn’t appreciative of the snark. “We’re not trying to punish you… this isn’t something that’s meant to be funny or mean, it’s supposed to help. You have a little problem Jessica, and I’m here for you. If you have a little accident in those pull-ups, it won’t show on your clothes…. No one will know.”

Jessica sighed and nodded along. She really couldn’t argue and didn’t have much of a will too.

“Now for motivation, I want to make a little chart…” Ms. Wheeler said as she went over to her desk. She got out a small calendar that wasn’t much bigger then a notepad. “I’ll keep the supplies here, so if you need more, come see me… and we’ll chart your progress day by day. If you can go a few days without having an accident, we’ll pretend none of this ever happened.”

Jessica didn’t say anything; she just put the package on Ms. Wheeler’s desk and hurried out of the clinic. Ms. Wheeler shook her head, but started the calendar with a small ‘W’ in the bottom corner of Tuesday, September 8th.

“Thanks for your help Ms. Wheeler,” Brandy said as she walked over to look at the package of pull-ups. “It’s going to be a rough day for her. The whole school knows about her accident at practice yesterday… can probably thank Kyra for that.”

Ms. Wheeler sighed and nodded. She might as well of known, but if anything she was a little happy to have something to focus on other then students faking illness to get out of class. Not being able to help that little girl in elementary school, she was set on making it up to the poor young sophomore.

Brandy on the other hand was oddly pleased. Not only was this screwball plan working, but when Jessica had embarrassingly flashed her pull-ups, Brandy had been weirdly excited by it. She wasn’t sure why, but there was something kind of fun in sticking up for this mysterious half-girl.

All she had to do now was make sure Jessica didn’t change out of her disposable underwear… and had need to use them.


The bathroom had been a nightmare. Jessica had needed to go, and worked up the courage to stand in line with the other girls between classes… but…. They were all talking about her. They didn’t know who she was, but they knew that some girl had pissed herself yesterday in the locker room, and there were a few jokes that followed it.

One girl had even looked at her while standing in line and asked “Did you hear about Jessica Pink?” to which Jessica gulped and shook her head, and got a 3rd hand account of what had happened.

It had left Jessica potty shy and by the time a stall had freed up, she was too nervous to use it. She left quietly for her next class, trying her best to be invisible.

When lunch rolled around, she got her tray and went to the spot she’d been the day before. She propped her bag up on the table and tried to position it so she could somewhat hide from sight in case anyone wanted to come over and comment further. She knew how things like this went, give it 24 hours, something else would take its place tomorrow.

“Jessica?” asked Fatima as she leaned around the bag, trying to make sure it was indeed Jessica sitting there.

“Hi…” Jessica said sullenly.

Fatima sat down without asking and looked a bit concerned. “Is everything all right? … I have heard people talking about yesterday.”

Jessica shrugged. Nothing was all right. She was hiding her gender to attend a new academy, and the blackmailing captain of her new sports team had been sneaking up on her all day to make sure she was still in pull-ups. “People were bound to talk. It’s a small school,” she said to answer Fatima.

Fatima nodded and the two of them sat quietly for a moment as the daily sounds of the lunchroom filled the void.

Looking at her tray, Fatima took the two cookies on the side and put them on Jessica’s tray. “I cry in lightning storms,” Fatima said matter-of-factly.


“When I was little, my bedroom and most of my house filled with water during a flash flood. I have been terrified of thunderstorms since.”

Jessica looked confused. “Why are you telling me this?”

“Because it is something I am embarrassed about. I have not told the team… but since I know something embarrassing about you, I thought I would share.”

Jessica seemed to brighten a little. “But I didn’t really tell you about me… I mean… it just sort of happened…. in front of everyone.”

Fatima nodded. “Yes, it was very public. Unfortunate that.”

Jessica rolled her eyes but giggled a little. “Not the best first impression.”

“I would imagine not…” Fatima said in her same deadpan response, but she cheered up and looked thoughtfully at Jessica. “We are a team of misfits,” she said. “Everyone has their own problems. Word may spread, but they will not fault you for it.”

Jessica didn’t seem convinced, but taking a cookie and eating it, she was surprised at how much better she actually felt. At the very least, this girl sitting with her was actually being nice, and didn’t seem to expect much in return.

“Thanks Fatima,” she said shyly, having never made a friend this quick.

“My pleasure.” Fatima smiled back.

Parting ways after lunch, Jessica was headed for another new class. The school organized its class schedule into blue and gold days. The first class, homeroom, was always the same, and then the later 3 classes alternated days. In total she had 6 classes plus homeroom. On blue days she had Spanish after lunch with Brandy. On gold, she had Geography.

Before class started, she was getting a little desperate for the bathroom. She hadn’t gone earlier and she knew if she didn’t go before class, she’d end up possibly drowning some princesses. She blushed her way through a short line and although two girls pointed at her and whispered something to themselves, she managed to use the bathroom without incident.

In class she found a familiar face. The desks were grouped in fours and at the only group with open seats was Tally, the girl who’d shown her the basics of field hockey the day before. She saw Jessica and waved her over.

“You’ve got geography too? Niiiiice.”

Jessica nodded and set her bag down, getting out her book before taking a seat.

“What was that?”

“What was what?” Jessica asked, cursing herself for not remember skirt-physics when bending over.

Tally was not shy. She grabbed at the hem of Jessica’s skirt and pulled it up a little. With a gasp, Jessica swatted her probing hand away.

“Stop that,” she tried to say urgently without drawing too much attention. They were sitting in a corner, but being the new girl already drew some eyes, and a few other students who were in her other classes could pair the rumor and the name together.

“Ahhhh…. So they were for you.”

Jessica blushed and started to get up, taking her bag with her and intending to sit somewhere else. Tally was quick to grab her wrist and pull her back down.

“No no, sorry, I’m nosy like that. It’s cool. I just saw what you were wearing and got curious.”

Jessica mumbled something and didn’t look at Tally, already feeling the weight of some other students gazes. Luckily no one had seen what she was wearing or understood what Tally was talking about.

Tally flipped her hair back and smiled. “Hey hey, no need to be like that… Sorry for being all grabby, I delivered the pink stuff to coach and just had to confirm what I suspected.”

Jessica looked confused.

“My family lives in town and owns the local pharmacy… I pretty much hear or know about all the medication that comes onto campus. Dad had me come home to pick up the order, I thought it might be for you…”

“Thanks for making my day that much worse,” Jessica said with a frown.

Tally just rolled her eyes and giggled. “I know you’re being talked about by everyone, but it’s all good, same thing happened to me a few times, you just gotta know how to handle it.”

Jessica made a show of opening her book, and trying to stop this. Tally grinned and was quiet, seeming to take the hint.
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I'm really enjoying it so far, I hope there's more to come soon!

One thing that got me though is that I'm pretty sure hockey is popular in India.
Little boy blue come blow your horn.
The sheep's in the meadow the cow's in the corn!
And where is the boy who looks after the sheep?
SHE's under a haystack diapered neat!
Little boy pink come make a wish
The stars in the sky send you their kiss
As you dream of a world so happy and free
Warm in thick diapers being rocked fast asleep!
-By Funshine Bear.
was in Australia too, i played Hockey through all of school, even as a kid played on my mum's team as a sub a few times most teams didn't care since I was only a kid and they were adults, all the skirts, hair and boobies use to distract me though :(
There will be more written and that's my bad about field hockey in other countries, I didn't do my research there. Fatima is based on a girl I used to know and she was really into Cricket where she was from and I thought it'd be an easy transition. I'll mod it to say that she was into circket, and knew of field hockey, but her first time playing is in America.

Also... Jessica will not have need of diapers but someone is likely to force her in order to maintain a good cover story heh heh.
no need it's your story. It doesn't affect the story either way.
Field Hockey as opposed to Ice Hockey is played mostly in England, Asia/Pacific and Europe. but it is played in America aswell
and cricket is pretty much only an English Colonial game so England, Australia and the Sub Continents.
Cant wait for more. Kind of hoping she ends up in more than pull-ups soon.  
little baby kristie
So can't wait for more of this wonderful story. :D

Danii&Kristie forever
Sorry if i sound rude. But just wanted to say that hockey is indeed played in sub-continents, specially India. Its not as popular as cricket but it has quite a fan following.
I know I started it but now I feel bad for doing so.

Lets have no more talk about the relative popularity of different sports and focus on this - in my opinion excellent - story.
Little boy blue come blow your horn.
The sheep's in the meadow the cow's in the corn!
And where is the boy who looks after the sheep?
SHE's under a haystack diapered neat!
Little boy pink come make a wish
The stars in the sky send you their kiss
As you dream of a world so happy and free
Warm in thick diapers being rocked fast asleep!
-By Funshine Bear.
Yes I agree. Lets concentrate on the story. Am waiting for updates.
  Very Neat, I like your style!
I wish I could be Daniel in "Summers of Rebirth"
Baby Flo
Very nice story. I hope you will continue.
Love everybody
everybody will Love you
Please continue this!
This is easily one of the best currently active stories on SK. Your story telling is incredibly well balanced with a natural flow of action and lulls. It's been a long time since a story on SK has featured such a large and fully developed cast of characters. I will anxiously follow this story for developments :)
little baby kristie
You should look at Christina's other stories their all great! :D
Me and Kristie both love them all.
Danii&Kristie forever

 You should look at Christina's other stories their all great! :D
Me and Kristie both love them all.  

Thanks for the tip, I have read "Nothing But A Country Girl" (which I LOVED) I just didn't pay attention to the author's name. And I just downloaded "French Wines" to my kindle to read. I had originally passed over this one when it was first posted to SK because the premise didn't grab me but now knowing who the author is I can't wait to devour it ;)

P.S. I noticed that on French Wines Christina reveals that C S Fox is one of her pen names, does anyone know if this is the same C S Fox from foxtalestimes.com?

 P.S. I noticed that on French Wines Christina reveals that C S Fox is one of her pen names, does anyone know if this is the same C S Fox from foxtalestimes.com?  

Fun fact: Reynard is french for Fox. ...
-Christina S. Reynard :P

Also more of this story coming soon. Have 7 pages already written, just trying to finish them in large chunks like the above.

 Fun fact: Reynard is french for Fox. ...
-Christina S. Reynard :P

Also more of this story coming soon. Have 7 pages already written, just trying to finish them in large chunks like the above.  

I take that as a yes. I must say then your body of work is as extensive as it is impressive.
Very nice intro! will definitely read more when you've posted!
Can't wait for more. 8D

 Can't wait for more. 8D  

Fanks for posting the story. Pwease continue!

The mood was broken a second later. Senorita Brandy, sentarse. The teacher said across the room. The man looked at Jessica. ¿Cu¡l era su nombre?

She knew a little spanish, enough to know that nombre meant name. Jessica¦ Jessica Pink.

Si, Jessica, bienvenida.

The bell rang and it only took a few minutes for class to start. Jessica was a little worried about the girl behind her. The preppy girls and their insults were just words, this girl was tall and lean. Jessica ventured a glance over her shoulder and found the tall girl staring at her intently.

Estamos aprendiendo sobre los nombres de los alimentos, the teacher instructed. It was a little beyond Jessicas comprehension.

She tried to follow the lesson, but mid-way through the class, the drinks shed had at lunch and the combination of having not used the bathroom all day began to make her squirm in her seat.

Excuseme¦ Ba±o? Jessica said nervously.


Okay. Can I make some corrections on the Spanish part?
Senorita Brandy, sentarse." is incorrect. You basically just said, "Brandy, to sit oneself down."
It should be, "Brandy, sintate."
"¿Cu¡l era su nombre?" means, "what was your name?"
The proper way to say it would be: "¿C³mo te llamas?"
However, if you want to keep it the same style with Jessica knowing "nombre", then you can make it "¿Cu¡l es tu nombre?" Generally, in this case "su" refers to back to Jessica using the "usted" (or 'you' formal). However, "usted" is used in a more formal sense in most Spanish-speaking countries. Therefore, the teacher would be addressing Jessica using the "tu" case, making the possessive pronoun "tu" as well. However, I highly recommend that you go with "¿C³mo te llamas?"

Here's how I would rewrite it:

The mood was broken a second later. Brandy, por favor, sintate. The teacher said across the room. He turned to Jessica and asked, "¿C³mo te llamas?"

Despite a very limited knowledge of the Spanish language, Jessica knew that he was asking her for her name. Jessica¦ Jessica Pink, she replied.

Hola, Jessica. Bienvenida.

The bell rang and it only took a few minutes for class to start. Jessica was a little worried about the girl behind her. The preppy girls and their insults were just words, this girl was tall and physically intimidating. Jessica glanced over her shoulder and found the tall girl staring at her intently.

Estamos estudiando vocabulario de las comidas, the teacher instructed. It was a little beyond Jessicas comprehension.

She tried to follow the lesson, but mid-way through the class, the drinks she had at lunch and the combination of having not used the bathroom all day began to make her squirm in her seat.

¿Se±or?¦ ¿Ba±o? Jessica said nervously.

I hope this helps.
Ooooh fanks for da uppydate!  ) *hugs an waves an bottomy pats an a baby bottle obs baby eggynog*
I too thank you for the update. It makes a nice balance between blackmail and assistance of a plan. 
i love the story keep it going
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