Angel Island (R)
Angel Island, a paradise in the sky. Floating on a bed of clouds 2 thousand feet above the ocean, this tropical paradise is hidden from
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I hope you girls like this, i worked hard on it. I plan to add more chapters, but i have a habit of forgetting for long periods of time. I'll try hard though!
Please be gentle!

Angel Island

The names are a bit hard to pronounce, so here's the pronunciation.
Kyo (key-o)
Xana (zana)


Angel Island, a paradise in the sky. Floating on a bed of clouds 2 thousand feet above the ocean, this tropical paradise is hidden from the world. It has everything a tropical island does: A school, a hospital, a government, shops, and entertainment. But this island is so much more.
It's a haven for those who embrace their inner child.

"mom!" Xana yelled. "Kyo took my notebook!"
And here we introduce our characters. Xana, the girl doing the yelling, is a beautiful 15 year old girl. Brown hair and brown eyes, and a very dark tan. The notebook she referenced is her art notebook, she loves to read and draw. She's very good at drawing, often you might find one of her works in the angel island art show. Kyo, who apparently has stolen the very same notebook, is also 15, tall, with almost white hair. 'mom' is actually Anna, a 17 year old girl Who looks much older, who takes care of these two, buying them clothes, feeding them. Anything a typical mother would do.

Now, before we go on, there is something you should know about this Paradise.
The island has a very odd secret, it's the reason why the island hides itself from the world.
First off, there is no one on the island older than 18. For some reason, when some children turn 13, they are spirited away to angel island,and stop aging somewhere between 13 and 18. The 18 year olds are the ones who run the island, acting in government, running stores, and such. 17 year olds have the right to participate in the government, and also take care of the children.
16 year olds are allowed to work in the stores, or babysit for a caretaker if he/she wants to go out and do something.

But that isn't what makes this island so odd.
The island itself scours the world constantly, searching for those 12 year olds very much in touch with their inner child. And when their birthday comes, they are brought here.
The big secret is, Most of these kids are biologically teenagers, but their hearts yearn for the days of diapers, pacifiers, and being babied. So the island created itself to offer them a home. I say most because those destined to become leaders, or excellent parents, who are also very open-minded, are brought here when they turn 13 and from there they take their place learning under the 17 and 18 year olds to take over their jobs one day.

Those under 17 get to live life as they so strongly desire, as sweet little babies, taken care of. But at the same time, they can live the lives of normal teenagers. They can indulge in hobbies, go to high school, and have girlfriends and boyfriends. They just at the same time get to be babied, wear diapers, and wear baby clothes. Everyone accepts everyone, and no one is unfriendly with each other. It's a miracle paradise.

Now that you have the background, if you are still reading, let's get back to our characters.
"I did not!" Kyo yelled. "did too!" xana yelled at him.
"kids, what's going on"? anna walked into the room. Her two precious babies were currently looking very angry.
"kyo stole my notebook!" xana said again, tears in her eyes. " i did not" said kyo, tears forming in his. he knew he was caught, he tried to take her notebook alot. he just wanted to look at the pictures!
"kyo, give the notebook back to your sister." anna said, smiling kindly. "if you admit you lied, and gave the book back, you won't be in trouble." she said.
Kyo handed xana the book, which he was hiding behind his back. "im sorry sis." he said, a look of honest regret on his face.
"it's okay." she smiled and hugged him.
"there, see, now was that so difficult?" anna sad, smiling now that her two children were once again friends. "now, go in the back yard and play, mommy's having some friends over."
"kay!" they both said, racing into the back yard, xana's dress fluttering, showing off the very large padded diaper she had on. Kyo preffered to sit around in just a shirt, so his was always exposed. xana was still getting used to life on the island, so it was still embarrasing to have her diaper completely exposed.
In their back yard they had a large swimming pool, and an even larger sandbox. they could sit for hours playing in the sand, or swimming in the pool. but today the pool was being cleaned, so they decided to play in the sandbox instead.

Chapter 1. (Kyo's view)
'im so bored' i thought. I hate diaper changes, they always take forever when i could be hangin out with my friends or playin on the computer. but, as mom said, i don't want diaper rash!
"all done sweety" Mom said. "now go get your sister for me." "kay." i said, hopping off the changing table.
It isn't always easy to find xana, she usually hides out when she's drawing. Which was like, always.
'i'll check her room first' i thought. i knocked once and walked in, she was in her crib sleeping.
she looked so cute! it was still difficlt for her to get used to living on angel island, but she was getting better at it.
before she came here her parents ridiculed her constantly about her diapers, to the point where she couldn't take telling anyone. we had been friends before we came here, and we both knew about eachother's lifestyle, and i was the only person she was comfortable with when she was being her true baby self. since then i've always felt like i was the protective older brother, and i always want her to be safe.
I opened the side of the crib and crawled in with her, raising the side back up. Sh mumbled alittle in her sleep, but i couldn't tell what she was saying.
i crawled under the blanket and wrapped an arm around her, and quickly fell asleep.
"kids, wake up!" mom said.
I opened my eyes slowly, and saw xana just waking up too. "aww," smiled mom. "you too look so cute together!" she smiled widely at us, coming over to drop the side of the crib down.
"mornin' mommy." xana said, rubbing her eyes and sitting up. she blushed when she said it, only recently had she been able to call mom anything other than 'anna'.
"g'morning momma" i said, sitting up also. my diaper made a squishing sound, and i felt an uncomfortable clammyness around my waist.
"kyo, you forgot to bring xana to me after i changed you." mom said, not sounding angry, but smiling. "sorry momma, i forgot. i was sleepy." i said, hoping i wasn't going to get time out.
"that's okay baby." she said. "cmon you two, let's get you changed. we have to go to the store! we're low on food." mom said, lifting xana up and taking my hand.
A short while later, we were both changed and dressed, Xana in a sundress that didn't conceal her diapers (much to her unnecesarry embarassment, everyone under 17 on the island would be visibly in diapers too) and i didn't feel like wearing baby clothes so i was in just a pair of pants, the top of my diaper well exposed. Before coming to the island, i used to hang out on the beach in just pants, so i liked the laid back tropical feel of the island.
We left the house and walked the short distance to where the shops were.
Let me take a second to explain the layout of the island.
The west part of the island is where the shops and movie theatres and other entertainment are located.
The north side is where the government buildings like the capital and other government stuff is.
To the east are the parks, and the beach. the beach is like a giant lake, the water filtering out of the rocks on the other side. no one falls throught though because a giant wall with small holes no bigger than a can sits in front of the wide gap that leads down to the ocean, and rescue people are always on top of the wall.
and to the south are the houses, where everyone lives. our house sits right on the edge of the end of the island, our back yard safe because a big iron fence keeps us from falling off. Only one person ever fell off the island, because they were playing on top of a fence. but Angel Island looks after all the baby's and kids here, because the kid turned up at the center of the island a few minutes later, scared but unharmed.
Anyway, we were making our way to the east side because, as momma said, we were low on food.
We strolled along slowly, enjoying the afternoon sun. It's always summer here, so it's always warm.
Mom was holding xana's hand, who was clutching at mom's dress, looking nervous. even after 2 years, she was still nervous about being diapered in public. Me? im fine with it. i love it. When i was 11 and first found out i was a baby inside, i always dreamed of being able to stroll around in pants with the top of my diaper showing. and now i can!
Anyway, we arrived at the shopping district. "I'm gonna go look at food, you guys go look around. Meet me here at 4." momma said, hugging each of us and walking off.
"where should we go first?" i asked xana, trying not to laugh at how she looked around franticaly. i knew that look, a few times i wore a diaper under my clothes to the mall back home, i had the same one. except there, there weren't hundreds of other people wearing their diapers exposed.
"relax, xana, it's not like anybody here is gonna call you out." i smiled at her, and took her hand.
"still, i'm just... nervous." she said, looking up at me.
"well, let's go look at toys then! it will calm you down." we both set off for the big toystore. And when i say big, i mean big. Bigger than anything back home. Xana and I both knew exactly where it was, most babies who lived here for awhile did.
"I want this one!" xana cried, after seeing a new game for a certain console with an 'X' in the name.
"can you afford it?" i asked, eying the hefty price tag. "yep. i've been saving." she said, smiling.
"should we ask mom?" "i don't think she'll mind." she said this as she grabbed the game and walked toward the check-out.
I walked over to the Lego section, and yea, i still play with legos. oh wait, everyone here does! It seems like it will take time for me to get completely used to life here too.
I found one very large set, and checked the price tag. 'holy crap' i thought, 'that will leave me with only a few dollars.'
We have money because we get paid every month, just for living here. The treasury on the island is overflowing, since every few days more gold shows up in the vaults. just the island taking care of us once again!
i lifted the big box off the shelf and carried it carefully to the check-out. xana was already through the line, waiting on the other side. i waved to her after i set the box on the conveyor belt. she smiled back, and looked at the clock on the wall above the entrance to the store. She suddenly looked shocked. i looked too, and it was already 4 20! Right as we were leaving, Mom walking in and we almost ran her over.
"hey kids! i said 4, remember?" she didn't look mad, but she looked like she had been worried. she hugged both of us, and we tried to explain that we got caught up looking at toys.
"i know, that's what i thought. So i gave you a few extra minutes." she smiled, took our hands, and we headed home to play with our new toys.
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