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Single Girl seeking another Girl
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Hi I'm sissybabyrose, I have just become a new member of this site and thought I better type something so others can read it and give me ideas/suggestions.

Well I'm a single t-girl in my mid 40's, I have dressed for awhile now but cannot find new friends or even a relationship. I have tried a lot of other sites and still no-one interested in me :(

Well I love dressing especially in gowns with tonnes of petticoats, crinolines and hoops etc, but also like the feel of a very padded nappy and plastic pants, but just got into the AB scene, would love to try it with others that like the AB scene.

Well I guess by now some will have left this blog, but for those who have stayed with me, thank you very much. I am very honest and trustworthy, I own my home and have a decent job.

Well I would love to meet a female that enjoys assisting becoming a better female, if that is as a AB or a t-girl {TV/TS}. I have been growing my hair and now is mid length, but have no idea on how to style it, I would love to learn how to style me hair and maybe someone could try putting it up in bunches and adding pink bows and ribbons hehe

Well not sure what else to type, so will leave it and then add my blogs as I go along.

One last thing, how do you add pictures on this site, since cant seem to fathom that one out as of yet.

Well best wishes and loads of hugs and kisses

Sissybabyrose xxxxxxxxxxx 
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