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From birth to old age: diapers & dresses
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 The second born in a family of four, I was the only boy. You wouldn't have known that I was male because I grew up in cloth diapers, rubber pants and girls clothes. My mother delighted in dressing me in female clothes. I was a bedwetter and soiled myself constantly. My whole life included petticoat punishment, humiliation from family and strangers alike. I was the town sissy who was approached by every homosexual man around. I eventually lost my parents and for a short while served in the military where I wore male clothes. I met my wife through a friend. It was soon after our marriage that I admitted my past to her. She loved the idea and bought me a beautiful pink chiffon dress, lingerie, heels, make up. Over the years I was exposed to neighbors snooping and again I was the transvestite next door. Married over 40 years most of them included my wife dressing me, feeling me up and us having sex or her masturbating me while stroking my nylon clad legs. I had prostrate surgery and soon afterwards lost all control of my urine . Now, I wear cloth diapers again with rubber pants under my dress along with a complete outfit of lingerie. My closet is filled with sissy dresses, bras, rubber pants, diapers, nylons, high heel shoes, slips, nightgowns. My wife knows to keep me dressed and humiliate me whenever possible. She announced to everyone that I wore girls clothes & diapers. On other occassions, she has pulled up my pant leg to expose my black nylons. I love it. I can no longer ejaculate but the stimulation of this treatment drives me wild. I had a friend who admitted to me he too was a transvestite. He was excited asking to dress with me and probably have sex with each other, I never did. I am that sissy I dreamed of being. It is wonderful. If you get the chance, tell someone who you are and what you like. When they reach up under your dress let them know how much you love and appreciate their attention.

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