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when I was in school I was caught after hours and pulled into the boiler room at my school by 3 older boys and their girlfriends,, they held me down and stripped me and then told me to dance around or else they wouldn't give me my clothes back,, I was so afraid and ashamed I just stood still and cried, One boy grabbed me and started spinning me around and dancing with me while the other boys and girls slapped and pinched my butt and grabbed at and tickled my clitt,,the boy holding me bent me over so the girls could slap and pinch my ass, rub and tickle my hole and stick their fingers inside me,, I wasn't dancing well enough for one of the girls,, so she had her boyfriend hold me down and she spanked me, they then flipped me over and while 2 boys held my arms the others pinched and pulled my nipples and streched my clitty,,, The girls rubbed it until it got hard,,One boy rubbed his cock up and down my ass while another one rubbed his all over my face All the time they were laughing, slapping me and rubbing my clit.. One girl even pushed a pencil into my hole and made me hop and crawl around on my hands and knees and shake my ass around... Then they finally gave me back my clothes,, but they gave me a pair of black lace thong panties and bra and made me wear those,, the next day,, every time they saw me they would point at me and whisper to their friends and laugh
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