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I was set to meet my lover for a long weekend. Arriving at the house I let myself in as I had been instructed. A quick jingle of keys in the lock and I let myself in. Surprised he was at the door to greet me. He gave me a once over, turned and walked away.

Clearly my intent was not conveyed in the way I was dressed, a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. With no interest he went back to the couch and sat down.


I had to spice things up and like I planned took a few minutes in the bedroom to slip into something more comfortable. I emerged a few minutes later, hair done, make up, red satin bra, bikini panties, garters and thigh high fishnets, short open black satin robe. My legs accentuated with the 5 inch heels.


As I made my appearance before him I saw his head perk up, again give me a glance, and then fall back on the couch.


“Hmmph! Stubborn,” I thought.


I was nervous. My mouth was dry. I took the opportunity to go into the kitchen for a glass of water. I suggestively walked giving a nice sway to my hips. Teased with how I reached for the glass, knowing my panties would show beneath my robe. Slowly licked the edge of the glass before slowly swallowing the water.


I made my way back. My excitement sending a tickling between my legs. My panties barely holding back my growing excitement. I sat next to my prospective lover. I ran my finger over my lip. Down my chest to my panties. I ran my hand under them and began to massage myself.


He watches what I do, and he opens his legs before me.


Tentatively I run my finger from his lips, down his chest, along his belly. I get to his spread legs. Carefully I let my hand down on his penis. He gets up, and walks away. I think, “What the Hell?”


He goes for the kitchen and I hear him get a drink of water.


He pokes his head around the corner, eyeing me from the kitchen. He walks towards the bedroom. At the door he looks over his shoulder with a look I should follow.


I sultrily make my way to the bedroom. I stand at the door. He is lying on the bed his legs spread tempting, teasing me again. I crawl up from the foot of the bed, slowly. Again I slowly bring my hand to his cock.


He doesn’t stir. He lays his head back. I slowly stroke the slowly engorging cock. The moment of commitment. No turning back from this. I lick the bright pink head of the cock. He startles from the sensation. I lower my head down, my lips going over the shaft.

He raises his head up, I stare into his eyes. I intone that I’m here to give you pleasure lover. I slowly suck on the cock.


He starts to hump my mouth. I feel sticky pre-cum in my mouth. I’m eager to get him to climax. But I want him in me, as one. I stop sucking on his dribbling cock. I hook a finger around my panties and draw them down. I get on to my hands and knees. I look back at him and wiggle my ass at him. He just lays there. His brown eyes stare at me. His engorged cock teasing me from between his legs. I can give you better pleasure this way I imply with my eyes.


I caress his cock again, almost tugging him to stand and take me from behind.


His head lays back and his cock starts to soften.


I am here to serve. My lips bring his cock to erection again and he enthusiastically fucks my mouth. I massage his balls in my hand. I sense them tightening as I feel him cum in my throat. I swallow shot after shot.


I try one more time with him before my time is up. His enthusiasm waned after cumming earlier. I get a small swallow of cum.


I collect myself, my things and leave for the evening. I’ll return tomorrow to try again.


The second day replayed like the first. The tease, the tempting but still I could only please my lover with my mouth. Full of cum again after the night I head home, myself unfulfilled. But, I’m there to pleasure him.


The third evening I’m determined to get him to fuck me. I enter the house. He doesn’t even greet me at the door. I find him like I left him the previous evening on the bed. His legs spread.


Standing at the door I pull down my panties. I show him how excited I am to see him and hold myself firm in my hand. I turn and walk away.


I go to the living room. I sit lounged on the floor. I imagine myself like a pin-up picture. I hear him come. He stands in the hallway looking at me. I prop myself up on my hands and knees. This way, take me. You know what to do.


He walks up to me. I don’t look at him. I keep my eyes closed. I wiggle my ass. Come on, this will give you pleasure. I ache for it. It will give me pleasure too I know, it’s wrong, but this way I can serve you so much better. I crawl away from him, a subtle wiggle with each pace.


It is quick, primal. I feel him grab me. I feel him get atop me. Oh! He is strong as he drags my hips back. I feel his thrusts. He holds me firmly. I’m willing! I raise my ass to meet his probing cock, looking for my hole. He thrusts and it happens. OH! It’s in. My ass greets it willingly. He buries the shaft into my sissy ass. The thrusts are forceful. His cock rams me deep. I see little bursts of white in my vision. His cock swells. My hole wets from his pre-cum and he slides viciously in and out. I hear his breathing from the exertion.

He feels huge. I don’t recall the cock I easily took in my mouth could feel so enormous in my ass. I hear the wet slopping of his wet cock and my wet ass. He hammers in one big thrust. I groan heavily. Then another. I grit my teeth and let out a long pleasurable sigh. I’ve done it. I got him to fuck me.


The swollen cock is deep in my ass. I feel each jet of cum. He lays atop me heavy as he inseminates me with his sperm. The head of my own cock swells and my piss slit spews cum as my balls empty in a mighty climax. He is on top of me for 15 minutes, maybe longer I loose track of time in the heady dizziness of orgasms. With each pulse of his cock another million sperm in me.


I feel him shift and he withdraws from me. His once huge cock soft again. A gush of cum escapes the wide gaping hole that was once my tight ass. I collapse onto my side, exhausted. The room is heavy with the scent of sweat and cum.


I see him laying back on the couch already lolling off to a well deserved sleep.


I have to go. I don’t disturb him as I dress, tell him I’ll see him tomorrow, and blow him a kiss.

I say, “Good dog, Cicero. Good dog!”
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