PG 13 Start of a sissy fantasy
given the gift of change
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I have had a fantasy that says more about who I am then I could try to put in to names. The following is how may fantasy came to light

       I go to yards sales looking for pretty things to buy. This time it is late in the day and I stopped at this yard sale with petty little girl dresses hanging on a line inside the garage. I looked at the other items on the tables. I couldn't stop turning to get another look at the dresses.
       " They are cute aren't they."
    I stopped to reply " Yes." I continued scanning the tables.
       " Do you know a little girl that could you some of these items. Most men don't spend anytime at all looking at the little girl stuff."
       " No I don't but I have friends that do."
       " Ah yes friends. Which color do you like ? I will make you a deal cause Iam getting ready to close down."
        " I like pink and yellow. I mean they would like pink or yellow."
        " NO! You meant you like pink and yellow. I saw your pink panties that you are wearing now.
         " I am not wearing pink panties."
         " Yes you are. I can see them."
         " I need to go."
         " Don't go. I understand your needs. Let me show you."
         " What did you have in mind. Yes"
         " Yes what?
         " I am wearing pink panties and I do know a little girl who would love all of these clothes."
         " and who may that be?"
         " Me"
   She just smiled at me and got up to close the garage door. I didn't really understand why I said the things I said. I don't even know her name.
       " Stacy. Stacy is my name. What is your name danny."
     She seem to know my thoughts and how did she know my name? She motioned me to enter the house. As I entered the house she was right behind me.
        " How old is dawn?" She seems to be many ages. So how old does she want to be today. Never mind you liked what was on the table so lets go with what fits."
        She touched me on the head and I started changing. My clothes got very large. I could feel my hair start to touch my shoulders and felt curly. My shirt now touches the floor as it rests on my tiny shoulders. Before I could adjust to my new size I would get smaller till i was sitting on a pile of clothes that used to fit me. My mind seamed to be still as normal put as I try to move that my body is not responding as it did. Then with out warning pee flowed from between my legs. Suddenly I was rising up leaving the pile of clothes behind. She had picked me up and set me on the floor where she had laid out all the dresses from the garage.
        " My baby Dawn pick the dress you like best."
  I could only crawl to the dress I liked the best.
         " That is a very petty pink dress. You did say you liked pink didn't you?
      I went to speak but all I could muster were some baby sounds. She rolled me onto my back and I felt the cloth diaper slipping under me. Oh what a feeling. Then I felt the thick diaper surround my bottom. As she pins the diaper my tiny privates explode.
     " Oh I felt that. You are going to love what comes next.
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