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Ok here goes nothing, sorry if i ramble.

Ever since a early age i have found myself wanting to be a girl, started dressing at 8 years by borrowing friends clothes, (which they still dont know)
ive come close to telling loved ones about my feelings, but i dont think they will accept me due to there reaction when watching any programs involving transgender,
as you can imagine this makes things a little difficult, but no matter how hard i try to become male, i never can and want even more to be female.

ive been slowly making suttle changes for a while now, skin care products, makeup (just enough to polish out the ruff edges), shaving. so far no comments or they havent noticed.

one day i hope to go the full way in my transformation, or atleast to a stage i feel at ease with who i am, but that is a long way off yet i fear.

on a less serious note, but not any less important, i enjoy daiper/nappy play and all sorts of roleplay games,
dont remember how i first came across wearing them but who cares, i enjoy wearing them and somtimes punish myself with them.

i have a close friend, not shure if we are at couple status or just very close friend who knows my seckret, and he helps alot, even letting me stay at his place fully fem,

Hopefully this gives you a little insight into who i am, will post more when i can :)

Thankyou for Reading
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