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Just want to get this out my system

Ive recently had a rather confusing time. its got me in a bit of a tizz.

after recieving a request from a daddy to be his baby girl, which ofcourse i accepted with joy, 
ok i know i havent gone very far with my baby side but i fort to myself, why not.

anyway, things started off great, and it seemed we was both enjoying it,
i did make daddy angry when i could not produce his requirement`s on time, but i did get them done.

then he told me that to make up for my naughtiness i would need to do a task.
No small task, and one i will probally never do again, no matter the consequence.
I did the task and sent daddy the proof.

ever since that ive not had a single reply from him and have no idea why he stopped messaging me. I have sent many messages asking if everything is ok, but no reply :(

we had 1 week together and ive got to admit i loved every seckond of it and im eager for more, just wish i knew why it ended.
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