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 Hi my name is Lilly.
i have two sides to me. one side of me is a mommy, the other side of me is a 3-7 year old little girl. i am new to all of this and have been trying to find what fits me best. also i would like to know what others think on this matter. i find that when i am lil lilly it isnt a sexual thing for me. when i am mommy lilly it isnt a sexual thing for me or the "lil girl or boy" i care for. the only sexual part is when mommy and daddy are alone. are there any others who feel this way? are there any children who need a mommy? or any moms or dads who would like to spend time with a lil girl? these are just some of the things im contimplating. feel free to make any comments you wish reguarding these matters.

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Hello im timmy & im a sissy baby I've been as long as  can remember. But i would like to have a mommy some times if you're interested pm me :) 
I can say I have a dual personality. Part male, part female. I am a total sissy who dresses as a girl and wears diaper 24/7. I've been this way my whole life. I hate the male side of me and so does my wife. Living my life is dresses lingerie and diapers is best for both us. I am a softer gentler sissy who is a better companion for my wife. Everyone is different. It isn't the right path to tell society to go jump in the lake. I did and I love it.
hi :) im a sissy little girl about 4-6yrs old, i like playing with dollies and colouring in and wearing frilly little dresses -giggles- would love a mummy to take care of me   
Pansy Ashley ~giggles~ 

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