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since my childhood i felt different. The first time i wear a pantie i was 10 years old, it was one of my auntie. At the age of 12, i used to suck my cousin (he was 14), and i felt like His girl.
In fact i was submissive, but i ignored it. i have worn pantyhose, when i was 16, it was so thrilling, to feel that on my legs, at the same age, i shave my pubic hair for the first time.
i have always liked my legs, my feet, my tits very sensitive, but i feel this cock a little bit intrusive in my life, and something with very little pleasure, even if i was so horny, that i masturbate very often. With time, i have preferred to stay without cumming, feeling orgasms in my head and on my skin.
After that, when i was 22 i wanted to become normal, married, with children. i had some girlfriends, they all cuckolded me, and i loved that, until i married one of them (she has cuckolded me too). During 11 years, life seemed normal, even if i have some affairs very short. In 2004, i was 48 i discovered my submissive side, with a Mistress i met.
She said that i am a slave, and i feel like that. i said the truth to my wife, and She used it to cuckold me stronger, but she doesn't want to train me and enslaved me. She doesn't want that i can be a sissy. So we divorced in 2010.
Since 2011, a young Mistress (She has 23) trained me as slave and maid for Her domestic chores, She shaved me to make me more girly. But She must leave now for emplyment away from here. She ordered me to come out as a sissy slave, and find a Mistress for that.
i am a girl with a male body, looking sometimes for transgender. i want to have some boobs because i love my tits, i know how a good submissive and slave must behave, and i am very docile.
i am always horny, with some pervy thoughts in my head. Besides i am gentle, well educated, with some intelligence and culture.
i am easily a sissy slut, acting in a very girlish way, loving cocks or pegging. i have a lot of fetishes, but what i like the most is to please my Owner in any circumstances. i can wear chastity belt for long time, or be without, i like to be without right of cumming.
i have an other blog on tumblr where i post pics about my fantasies, and what i like. i hope to have some friends here, and why not, may be find someone to own me here.
la carpette is a sissy submissive, looking for education, and training for deepening his girly side.
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