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The blog came out though chat at the GT site where I realized it would be easier for people to understand what I'm all about than thru say the conversations we have on IK chat and the themed posts at GT while being linked there and here for people to easily find so it could be bookmarked.

My blog is quite simply about my life as a LG person covering my 'chronological' childhood, what having a LG side means to me and critically how that slots into my life. Some of the entries are around  a theme such as recollections of past times, favourite things connected with little interests or hobbies that do also tap into the whole notion of being a little and having an inner child.

 A few people have remarked on their negative experiences of hunting for adult little girl material such as blogs with explicit images and sexually explicit material.
I couldn't agree more.
I don't deal with this 'adult' stuff which is really a euphemism for sexually provocative content, keeping what I write to sub PG13 so there's no "caution
adult content" signs.

For a number of years I'd kept a kind of private journal of my LG experience and part of this is in the blog. The remainder came from posts at certain sites and entries from other blogs I've had where the adult little girl spirit was toned down or even purposely removed because it was a bad fit the those who read the original entries. There is a subject index to making finding ones away around it easier which is as well as this has been written since January 2006 which is a mighty long time.

My hope is that firstly it is an positive influence for adult little girls everywhere with the struggles many experience in being truly themselves and also it can help educate those who are in the dark about who we are and critically nail those misconceptions about our intentions.
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