PG 13 Sissy's Yardwork
A nice way to mow the lawn
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tracy kelly
IF you're really a sissy, you should wear a bikini only, and you'd like it: then everyone in the neighborhood would KNOW you're a sissy! You can wear what you have on for yardwork when you go to the mall--which as a real sissy you would definitely enjoy, seeing you can show  your very fine sissy-girl figure to LOTS of people! On the other hand, if you are a sissy, and, say, your parents know you are, they can punish you by making you wear sexy female clothes showing off your fine sissy body to everyone--in the neighborhood--including friends and acquaintances--but you want your true identity as a sissy to be secret--well, you might be punished by your parents, once they bust in on you unexpectedly, and punished, maybe first by a tough paddling,  then put to yardwork in your sissy clothes. Well, this could (now) be a fantasy of mine, though I haven't pictured this kind of humiliating punishment before reading your caption. Pretty damn exciting, boy-girl!--BRW, you SURE are pretty!
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