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PG showing off my spank me butt
being a little sissy
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showing off my spank me butt - being a little sissy, lil sissie's pics, Adult Babies,Thumb Sucking,Feminization,Diaper Lovers,Bad Boy To Good Girl
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 mommy wishes that she had all my little dresses made like this as it has a peekaboo skirt so my diaper cover shoes she said all lil sissys should wear thick cloth diapers and plastic panties . she likes the way my plastic panties crinkle when I walk . she said that way every ones i'm fully diapered
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your mommy is so right, your diapers/pastic panties should always be showing and everyone should know you are a diapered sissy
Yes all sissy babies should have show of there nappies and baby pants to show what big babies they are 
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