R riley feeling sexy Want to spank me?
Me, no it's really me. :-)
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riley feeling sexy Want to spank me? - Me, no it's really me.  :-), #Gurl,#DL #Spank, Diaper Lovers,Bisexual Orientation,Bad Boy To Good Girl,Feminization,Spankings
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 Hi All. I am new here. Can't believe I have never found this before.  Thank you Butch for putting the link on Tumblr.  I live in Oklahoma, I love crossdressing and being feminine.  My favorite kinks are being spanked (sometimes giving spankings), being feminized, and being diapered (when I am not wearing panties).  I guess I fall into the Diaper Lover category.  I have dated both males and females in my life,  love them both.  I am shy, so pretty much anyone aggressive, who sets their sights on me has traditionally  been able to seduce me.  And I do love being seduced, :-)  From the first guy friend who convinced me to wear his sister's clothes and made me his gurlfriend by spanking and diapering me, to the lady who told me she was going to fuck my brains out.  I get hot when someone wants me.  My kinks just seem to make the adventure hotter.
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Baby Butch
The peace and love shirt was cute Nanny thought giving it to Riley DL. Suddenly she told Riley to pee his shorts! Nanny has nappies and plastic panties to put on Riley DL after a sound spanking.

PS - Welcome to Sissy Kiss!
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