R Mistress made you show off your butt plug harness
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Dear Christie Luv:

*blush* I have been instructed to ask you a question:  Will this pretty harness accommodate my sissy cage? *blush*  I'm not allowed to get excited and this would certainly get me in trouble with no cage.  *blush*
Ah YES your cage can be fitted in with the BUTT PLUG harness.
To give you an idea how this is done picture a jock strap or thong
that holds your cage in place with the crotch strap holding the BUTT
PLUG also in place - The cloth jock strap can be replaced with
a leather application or some real fancy heavy duty hardware
like a full stage chastity belt with all the LOCKING charms !
And you maybe thought that it could not be done and that you
would get off easily by occasionally slipping the PLUG out !
Well Mr Sissy Renee_tutu you have another thing to reckon with !

Since a Sissy maid should never have the pleasure or opportunity
to sit down on the job how about a double penis LOCKING BUTT
PLUG - Now with your short petticoated skirt not only will you
show your true side with the interior plug but also with the end
sticking out well beyond your pussy.  When your master/mistress
calls a quick grab at the extended love handle to firmly get your
attention to the duties at hand (pardon but it just came out that
way). Could ever be more amusing with a vibrating remote control
device that is coordinated with a string of bells. Service is needed
and your bells are ringing telling you so - now move that butt you
are so much a real ringer !
The bestest part about wearing external plugs is that street clothing can
no longer be considered for wear and only restrictive humiliating gear
used in its place. So no more gallivanting out and about in the public
domain. Answering the door for deliveries could pose a set back when
the minimal clothing does not cover the external devices. My my is that
a dildo tail I see poking out from your behind and what is that ringing
ding a linging noise I hear - sounds like a phone with some new type
of chime - but why is it not stopping and then what - WHAT is this you
are squirming all over the place - doing the dance of the Sugar Plum
Fairy. Boy wait till the boys back at the delivery center hear about this
wild one.
You - You are you sure you are OK before I leave - do you need any help
with those packages I just delivered.
WOW that was a close one - no place to run to and no place to hide -
all out in that open foyer with those bells echoing off of the walls.
And now you tell me that is only 1 of 5 parts to be delivered and the
heavier items are coming later and there will be two delivery men to
help out. You want the men to put the heavier packages upstairs in
the new nursery and I am to show them the way when they come
tomorrow. The dress code for tomorrow is the short PVC PINK maids
outfit with the tutu petticoat.  Oh my oh my I think we need to inflate
those plugs so that they stay put least there be an accident. You look
oh so faint - remember that with those plugs it is not possible for you 
to sit down unless you are using that special potty chair that can
accommodate the rear appendage - the toilet of no returns ! 

Well well this could very well develop into something of rousing order !
BUT WAIT rousing is not possible because of that chastity device.
HUMM very interesting development here - - -  
Baby Butch
Very embarrassing situation and humiliating having the old girlfriends come over. I bet he walked funny and made a few suspicious of what is going on.

Of course the girlfriend probably told everyone already before he bent over to show the harness. Great job with the cappies!
It seems to me that if the plug were part of my cage I'd have to remove it at least daily for some serious cleaning of my sissies, and maybe I'd get some play time then?
eeep !

That must be so humiliating I can't stop thinking about it
@ BimboBabyPaige
  It is humiliating but i would love to try it.
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