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My first sissy baby dress
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First dress - My first sissy baby dress, Sissy baby dress, Adult Babies First dress - My first sissy baby dress, Sissy baby dress, Adult Babies
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I was digging through some of my many tote boxes of stuff, and I found the first sissy little girl toddler dress I ever bought. I think from early 90’s ??? I really loved the frilly panties, and they went great over my thick diapers and plastic panties. You couldn’t hide them, with such a short dress too. I can remember many times, standing in front of the mirror, rubbing my plastic panties through the bum frillier. 😄
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That is a very pretty dress and frilly baby pants. Just what any sissy would love to wear. I dont suppose you have a photo of you wearing it 
Baby Puss
@ sissybabysamantha2
  Thanks! I don’t think I have a photo wearing that one. It’s been stored so long. 
@ Baby Puss

A nice outfit like that should not be STORED ! Caution about how it is stored to avoid the color fading ! Looks to be of heirloom quality - something old - something new - etc.
Baby Puss
@ sissywanabe2
  Thanks! I very much agree, but sometimes it can be difficult to have things handled properly. You do your best, and hope it will be ok. 
Baby Butch
Nice outfit with all the lace and frills. Especially those plastic panties!
Hiya Baby Puss! Oh wow honey, such a lovely matching set. The dress has a wonderful vintage style to it. The rose pattern running thru it is lovely and topped off perfectly with the one at the collar. Oh my - just look at those panties! They are gorgeous sweetie - so much pretty lace.
I can easily imagine how amazing that felt. I remember my first baby girl dress and the ecstatic feeling of wearing an outfit you had previously only dreamed of owning. A moment where fantasy becomes reality and the world around you just melts away.
Baby Puss
@ kay3070
  Thank you Kay! And very well put too. At the time I bought this, there weren’t as many people out there, (on line) catering to making such items. I saw it ready made, and had to have it. When it arrived, I was so delighted, and excited with it, especially the way the fillies danced on the bum, with every little movement. 
I forgot to add the bonnet, and knee socks the dress came with in my photos 🤭 Of course the bonnet was made the same as the dress, the knee socks are white, with a rose flower at the top of each, to match the ones on the dress, and panties. 
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