How do you like your diaper?
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Hi! I was just wondering how all you like your diapers. I personaly prefer mine nice and thick, possibly double diapers (or more). I like it when they come up to a little bit above my belly button. They're the best when they are so big that they hinder movement, such as forcing me to waddle or even crawl (the thicker, the better!). I like them nice and soft, but also make a decent amount of noise. I would like to know what everyone else likes, also what brand or type they prefer. Thank you!

P.S.- does anyone know where i might be able to find and buy diapers like this?
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Lots of padding between the legs and realy absorbant
Puppy Amber
I prefer mine to be nice and thick, generally the thicker the better to make me unable to walk/waddle. Kisses XxX
Gotta be thick. Kinda defeats the purpose if it's so thin you forget you're wearing it.
It's almost my birthday!
i like my not to leak! thats the best.other than that cloth for nightime and slimline for the day. dry baby is a happy baby
life is to short to stand in a line for the potty, diaper are for big girls too
luvs and kisses toddlerAnne
night time, if i'm alone i would double diaper to avoid any possible leaks as i can't lay on my back for long.
during the day, it depends. i prefer a lighter one that doesn't get too hot.

Prefer cloth for comfort and that babyish feeling, but disposables fit better and are more convenient so it's a trade off
Baby Butch
I like mine like a lot of gurls, a nice thick disposable diaper at lest two on at a time with stuffs. i like to waddle in them and if i have them having my plastic panties on, and love wearing them when there very wet 
I love disposable diapers and I like it not to leak. my SO gets upset if she has to wash my nighties every night. giggles:)
Cissy Crissy
I prefer disposables that have supper absorb polyemer. I like them very thick. I hardly ever wear just one. I cut slits in the outer layer of the inside diaper so it will leak thru to the outer.

I like them wet wet wet. If it was not for skin breakdown and diaper rash I would want to be in a wet diaper all the time. Last night I wore a diaper that I wet down with water. I do this because your skin dose not break down as fast with water as urine and you can wear them longer. I wore 3 diapers and a large stuffer. I stuff the disposables with filling from other disposables. I would guess that I had stuffing from about 8 x-large disposables in the 3 that I wore with the stuffer. Very thick and wet.perfect! wore them all night. Because it is just water I will wear them again tonight.

I also like to wear messy. Skin breakdown is so fast with poop that you can not wear very long. If you are in a relationship or live with others the smell can be a problem too. I like to cook pinto beans mash them up and stuff the diaper with them. No salt that drys the skin out to. You can wear this a long time too as it does not stink and the skin breakdown is much less. I have worne one like this all night too.

Very fun stuff.

One of my biggest fantasies is to have supper tuff but soft skin that would not breakdown or get diaper rash no matter what, Wet alll the time I think!!

But that just my 10 cents worth.

P.S. Coverd in frilly rumba panties is best!!
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