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 Caption Me!

I would like to see some sexy sissy captions to this pic! Can you think of any? Here's mine:

I went to buy my girlfriend Lea a sexy outfit for our anniversary, but after I gave her the cute outfit the check bounced. Now the only way I can pay it back is to be the store's window model, showing off their pretty, and sexy dresses for a couple months! I make cute curtsies to people walking by, and even flash my panties! Though they keep trying to persuade me to stay longer because they think I make a pretty model! Oh dear! I think I see my Lea walking by! Is she entering the store? Uh oh!
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Lucy Pink
I wanted to try my first caption but it got out of hand and it's more of a story :))
(also sorry for my english, i'm not a native speaker)

I wasn't completely convinced that replacing all my male clothes at once is a good idea.
But it's hard to protest while having bulky diapers between your legs, pacifier in your mouth and pink satin dress on.
Buying all those dresses, skirts, blouses, stockings, panties, bras, and high heeled shoes was pretty expensive so we needed the discount, but I'm still working as a model at that Adult Baby Store.
It seems that I will be a full time model for some time. Monday, wednesday, friday here and tuesday + thursday there.
This clothing store looked like a good idea until I found out how they want me to dress up, and that most of the time I have to stand in store window !
 The worst thing is that someone I know can walk in any minute ! It was my first day on
monday and I already found out that this is the store where my high school teacher miss Black buys her stockings.
All those years I adored her strict look, stockings, and high heels and my heart rate went up as soon as she walked in. She looked at me few times but I don't thing she recognized me. The scary thing is that there is a chance that someone eventually will recognize me and I don't know what will I do.
I can't wait to be back in the Adult Baby Store tomorrow.
At least they don't have any store window that I could be displayed in. You have to ring a bell to get in and customers are usually mistresses, nannies and dominant women. Sometimes they have their sissies or adult babies with them but it feels like a safe space. Of course it's humiliating when I have to model sissy and baby clothes in front of strangers, but still I would rather have my wet diapers changed by a customer there, than meet any girl that i know or worked with here. Any of them could walk in, take a picture, and upload it on facebook !
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