What's in your Makeup Purse?
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Say whats in your makeup purse/bag/case or if you don't have one, what you would like to have in it. I carry mine where ever I go. At the moment I have:

~ Pretty Pink Blush
~ Avon Fruit Lip Juice Lipgloss (Pink)
~ Mary Kate & Ashley Juicy Shine Lipgloss (Strawberry-Banana)
~ Mary Kate & Ashley Juicy Shine Lipgloss (Pink Lemonade)
~ Starry Crystal Lipgloss (Apple - Clear)
~ Bath & Body Works Real Beauty Lipshine (Sheer Strawberry)
~ Bath & Body Works Real Beauty Lipshine (Sherry FruitPunch)
~ New York Color Liquid Lipstick (Bari .. which is pink)
~ Biore Mostiturizer
~ Revlon Lash Curler
~ Shimmer powder/cream
~ Different MaryKay products (My sister sells MaryKay products)
~ Applicator sponges
~ A cute compact Hello Kitty Mirror
~ A Pink Comb
~ Purple Orchid Purfume
~ A little cute cinnamoroll plushie attached to my keys

Theres mine but I don't use it all at once hehe

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nice list, wish i had a good collection like that
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