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here it is... Im thinking about transitioning.. but i don't really want to go all the way... is there a way to shrink the ummm, male part, without surgery? I know hormones are supposed to help.. but how much can one expect?
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That is a brave move, but something to think long and hard about, *giggle* No pun intended .

From what I understand....

If you do take female hormones, over a long period of time it will have effect on masculine sexual characteristics. This will include size of testes and penis.

Thing is it is dependant on age, if you are 10 you would become very girlie, if you are 50 you will become less so. I have read some reports which if you think you want to go down surgery route then the use of female hormons extensively before surgery can cause issues, though I do not know how accurate that is.

Good luck on whatever you decide sister, sorry to be a bore, I am not trying to put you off, but you should seek professional medical advice, and do your own research, just so you know what is going to happen. I am very impressed I wish I had your courage, but then I just starting out actively following sissy route, wish I did it much earlier.


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well your just popping up everywhere! yeah i know i should go professional... im just very shy about this in my life... and i live my parents right now(19btw) so i cant really do anything too drastic until i save up and get my own place...which really sucks for me. but if anyone has anymore advice lemme know ok?
If you want it to keep working, don't take hormones. Otherwise it just becomes a (somewhat) useless appendage. You can still have erections (ocassionaly) and orgasms, but its hit or miss. How's the facial hair situation? Electrolysis can take a long time, that's something you could start now.

Some t-girls don't take hormones because they want it to keep working, they by boob jobs. That's fine and good. But only hormones will obviate the risk of your hair falling out as you get older, something to think about.
well... i definitely am going to have facial feminiztion done as well as breast augmentation... i just wish there was something i could do while im still in stealth mode to a)decrease size and b)possibly reverse if i decide to keep him... and if there is a cheap way to get it done i would prefer that.... anyways... i wouldnt mind fewer erections(they always make me feel awkward anyway).
Be extremely careful with hormones, especially those not naturally produced by your body. You can cause all sorts of damage to yourself, including your heart and other major organs. Hormones should only be used under a doctor's care, and if you are going to transition, you should consult with a DR anyway. Doing this on your own without understanding what will happen can be deadly.
you're right i know.... but at this point in my life im trying to do everything i can to feminize myself in ways my parents wont detect... they would kill me if i told them what i was... and going to a doctor would lead to that... 
There are natural supplements and such that can help produce more naturally occurring feminine hormones. This is safer, BUT, you still should be careful. Your still messing with your bodies chemistry. Vitex is one of these, but may not do much depending on your body type. Look around online and research before you do any of it!!!

Good Luck on your journey hun. 
Hey sissy Chan Ive been on hormones about 6 years now it just dead down their. It doesnt get hard and it was never was big to start I (sissy dream). I still can have an orgasm, I do it like any real girl I can push what it left inside of me and finger myself. You should see a doctor for you hormones another plus it the breasts and the body fat changes around.  
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I am not on hormones, but have been taking herbal supplements. These have produced breast growth, and skin softening, yet he will still get erect occasionally, though not as frequently. As I am happily married, I just wanted a more androgenous look with budding breasts and a mostly functional extra member. The ones I am using are all from an on-line company that deals in all sorts of Natural Products. It is called Puritans Pride. I am using Fenugreek, Saw Palmetto, Wild Yam Root Extract, Maca, Black Cohash, and Dong Quai as well as a Prenatal Multi-Vitamin. The prenatal multi-vitamin is the best vitamins out there for a "growing" body. They also have Wild Yam Root creme that works really well with everything else. It is alot chaeper than many other of the "Plans" and Fenugreek is the single most important piece to the plan. I do take more that the recommended daily dose, but it really works well with the rest of the herbs and vitamins.
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Hi sweetie, like everyone else here, I want to support your transition and admire your courage. But our sissy sisters are right, you shouldn't do anything without a doctors supervision (BTW there is no legal way that your folks could learn what transpires between you and your doctor, especially since you're legally an adult). There is one thing that you must be sure to ask about, that is the link between artificial hormones and testicular cancer, some types do appear linked, but this isn't widely publicized.
I am hesitant to refer someone to another website, so I'll just mention that there are a lot of viddies posted on youtube on the subject of transitions, several of the gurls have been posting vlogs as they go through the transition, and a lot of them are quite blunt and honest as to the effect of hormones and about the other steps, including ffs.
Hugs & Kisses,

p.s. Dear Abby made a comment about that part down there once, If you don't use it, you lose it. (But at your age that might not apply) ^^
(I just though I was done with this post)
There are some other things you could think about though, I do have some ideas, kind of outside the box, but safe and natural. Some exercises and disciplines, both physical and mental. PM me if you want. I started this post concerned about your health and that's where I will end it,
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thanks for the input everbody!
loridsisi-i know that legally they cant find out without my permission.... but i do think theyll get curious of the budding breasts that come along with the smaller package....
i really need to move out...
Hiya hun, just gonna throw in my 2 cents. You've got a couple of options available to you if you wanna start up at home and not wait. First off for hiding your breasts you could do what many female to male trans girls do and bind them. I've seen it work for girls with C cups and while its not super pleasant (from their descriptions i've never done it) it will keep those new breasts hidden. Also depending on your body type, genetics and luck it may take up to a year to see breast growth. Alternatively if you don't want to do this you could start up on blockers instead of hormones. Normally when you start HRT you're given androgen blockers in addition to estrogens to stop a lot of the male stuff from happening. This seems largely what you're worried about at the moment. Blockers are the ones likely to cause genital shrinkage and dysfunction as well as reduce body hair and in some cases balding. I've been on HRT for over a year now and I'm on one of the more powerful blockers since the lesser one didn't work. I rarely get errections but can always orgasm through stimulation if I want to. From another perspective my gf has been on hrt for about 4 years and I have never had an issue giving her an errection though her genitals have shrunk considerably. So you have a couple of options for starting at home that can be concealed from your folks.

I will point out a couple of things though. First off if you transition to the degree you want to they'll find out eventually so keep that in mind. Second there are lots of girls like you who don't want to go all the way and have surgery. Non-op Transsexuals often get a degree of prejudice from doctors and get told that if they don't want surgery they don't really want this. Don't let that stop you hun <3 Your feelings are no less valid because they don't fit an out of date standard used by some doctors. If your doctor has issue with the degree you wish to transition find yourself another doctor :)

I will echo everyone above me in the suggestion that you do find a doctor though to help with this. There are many complications which can arise as a result of HRT and only a trained medical professional can handle some of them. I would also suggest starting looking soon. Even if you still live at home it can take months for the process to be sorted out with a doctor what with blood tests and everything. I would also recommend starting earlier as hormones are significantly more effective the younger you start between 18 and 25 they in general lose about 50% effectiveness and between 25 and 30 another 50%. So getting started sooner rather than later is usually advised.

I just want to join in with all the others in saying how great it is you've decided to be yourself. Just remember not to let anyone take you down and make you feel like what you're doing is wrong *hugs* If you have any questions or need any support I am here to help and will do so gladly :)

I'm just going to say two things, for which I'll probably get shouted down.

1) You're nineteen, you might think that you're all grown up but you're not. You've clearly got some sort of bodily dysphoria, wait a few years and the need to atrophy your penis may well go down. (this is assuming that your not wanting to go all the way isn't just a temporary measure)

2) Don't touch anything without a medic and a shrink. You don't want to poison yourself or to do things for the wrong reasons, it's easy to be shoehorned into doing something without knowing the root cause.
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