PG 13 I want to be read too.
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Uh. I am seriously in the mood for Tg/Sissy stories but at the same time I'm not in a reading mood.

Makes me wish more Tg/Sissy stories had autio files.
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well gollies if you have windows 10 there is narrator. To open narraror tell Cortana to "open narrator" it will start.  and if you download the english uk  language it gives you a couple other female voices that  will read  to you.

 This is how to do it......... copy and past the story in word. Open narrator. goto the document word page you created. Tap the cursor to the beginning of the story. hit capslock and m, this will start reading.. kickback and listen to any document file you have written into word. A  couple helpfull hints are be sure you make the document copied in to word with single space lined, no tabs or hyperlinks, tap capslock a till it is set for punctuation 3, then it reads smoothly. I prefer  the UK English voice Hazel she sounds like a Nanny.....
 Dollie Sissy..... M.M.PRODUCTIONS
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  Unfortunately I'm on my phone and don't have access to a computer.
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