I want to, but i dont know how people will react...
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I am scared to buy things, and to do things just incase people notice...
I dont want to lose my friends, i dont want my parents to think less of me...
anyone got any good ways to keep it sort of secret, but still enjoy it?

Love xxxx
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A very simple ploy is to ask for a gift receipt when you check out at the cash register. the other idea is to shop far enough away from home so that you're not likely to encounter anybody that you know.
I am past the point where really care what anybody else thinks but it took me 11 years to get here.
aw thx xxx
i knew you guys could help

love xxx

It's a horrid dilema to be in, when you first want to get frilly things for yourself. I've been there so I know how you feel. In fact I would guess most sissies have been there at some stage.

The first thing is too tell yourself that no matter what, your sissiness will always be with you, you can't escape it, it will always be there and that's a good thing because being a sissy is a real joy.

But that feeling inside that stops you buying things is with most of us, me included, it's that worry about people finding out. My advise is to start small, maybe a pair of panties or too. If you are afraid of buying them in a shop, get them online. What I used to do is order some mens clothes at the same time so when things started arriving in the post I could just say it was some more mens things.

Take small steps, you don't need to go full throttle and buy loads of things and go out etc, do what feels comfortable and build from there. Also don't automatically think everyone will think less of you if they find out, being a sissy doesn't make you any less of a person. Fear can stop you doing things that can make you happy, they did with me for so long and in some ways still do, but I won't let it stop me enjoying my sissiness.

You can keep it secret for as long as you want, be careful when you dress, when you go online etc and there is no reason people will find out. I had a horrible time to start with, petrified that as soon as I typed the word sissy into the search engine everyone would know, of course they didn't, but I'm still careful. Whilst I'm happy and proud to be a sissy I'd rather people didn't know.

The main thing is to enjoy it and don't let the fear stop you doing what comes naturally.

Hope this helps x x x


Honestly, my recommendation is to come out to the person you are the closest to that will give you the highest chance of acceptance. I've only told one person about my desires, my fiancee. She isn't super enthusiastic about what I want but she's not negative either. It took serious nerves just to clear the air about what I had locked away in my room; panties, diapers, plastics pants ... etc. The hardest part was making yourself say the words that you know will be remembered forever. It's tough.


When the monkey is finally off your back and you know that you've got someone who knows the real you it's worth it. I'm glad my fiancee knows whats what because now I don't have to worry about her "finding out" about something and then being upset.

I only recommend coming out if you want to and if it is a necessity. I find that most of the desires shared by the sissies here are not widely accepted as normal and therefore they become immediately stereotyped, and labeled.

So think it over, sleep on it, and then decide.

 I am scared to buy things, and to do things just incase people notice...
I dont want to lose my friends, i dont want my parents to think less of me...
anyone got any good ways to keep it sort of secret, but still enjoy it?

Love xxxx  

It all gets a lot easier when you move away from home. By then you have your own credit card and you can order anything your heart desires online or from a catalog. I know you don't think this way by now, but eventually you will find it thrilling to go out shopping for sexy lingerie in shopping malls. You can say it is for your girlfriend or wife if you feel guilty, you know, don't blurt it out but refer to it obliquely by saying things like "she'd like..." "Our anniversary..." when it comes up in a conversation. They won't grill you and you don't have to say anything at all. You can buy anything no matter how feminine or sexy just before Valentines Day and it's expected of you.

That doesn't help you now though, it just gives you a little hope for the future. If you have a friend who shares you interests, perhaps you can order things through their address. If you have a job you can buy things via catalogs using postal money orders that you purchase at the post office.

You can also hide your purchases by combining a "safe" purchase with a "risky" purchase on a credit card. The credit card bill does not itemize and often your soft little pink panties will arrive in the same plain brown cardboard box your screwdriver set ships in if you order it from the same company. Even if they don't, if your mom asks "What did you buy from Sears for 25 dollars" you can say "A screwdriver set" and be honest about it.

~ Items ~

Much as I have shared the anxiety about buying dresses and lingerie, I have yet to encounter a store clerk or till operator who was anything but indifferently polite. In the charity shops they are even better, as their profit margins tend to be so tight that they are merely grateful that you want to buy something at all (even if is a cute little corset and a pair of stockings... ;) ).

As for coming out, I concur with Clarisselovelace: it is far better to find someone who loves you for yourself, with no false expectations or preconceptions, then they will be better equipped to deal with the more interesting facts of your life. Parents are difficult, as they generally do have expectations and will tend to assume that it is some reflection upon the way they brought you up, and thus feel that they have failed in something. My mother, for example, was horrified, and she is by no means a conservative or intolerant person, so that reaction did nothing much for my self esteem. But my fiancee was very kind and even mildly encouraging, saying that - while she prefers (and fell in love with) my "manly" side, she has a soft spot for my "girly" side and has no wish for me to suppress it out of existence.

At any rate, a true friend is far more likely to be sympathetic on the subject than parents, who will almost certainly ask themselves "what have we done wrong?" and that is an encounter best avoided, in my experience...
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
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