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Hi everyone. My name is Vanessa. I must admit, I've lurked this site for quite a while now, and I think it's high time that I said hello, and let you all know a little bit about me.

I'm 27, have been crossdressing for, well, most of my life. I'm very fortunate to have friends and family both who know that I enjoy women's clothing. I'm very honest with that part of my life, however... there are still secrets. I share some of them here with you, in the hopes that I'll grow even more comfortable with them, and also learning new ideas.

I ADORE pretty, frilly sissy dresses. Also, wearing diapers is such a fun, comforting idea. I haven't yet had any diapers on my own, and I prefer disposables. I have yet to find any in my area that with plastic covers, which is why I haven't worn them yet. Yes... I freely admit it to you all here. I am a sissy. I'm becoming very proud of this fact

I'm also very fortunate in that my girlfriend also knows of this secret, and is not only accepting, but also seems to be just as excited as I am to explore this side of my life.

I also enjoy being humiliated, and as some of you may have read the story I wrote in the Story Forum, the idea of being dressed in nothing but a sissy dress and diaper in public gets me really excited. I have alot of ideas and fantasies that I intend not only to write about, but also, hopefully will get to live some of them out. My girlfriend is still new to this whole thing, but so far has been steadily coming up with more and more ideas of her own. So keep an eye out for more stories in the future from me.

I hope to meet alot of likeminded sissies here to talk to and discuss ideas. I'm very openminded, never judge ANYONE, and even love meeting people who don't share my life views.

I'll be a girl one day, but I'll always strive to be a good sissy as well... looking forward to getting to know all of you, and hope I can bring you the happiness that I feel when I think of being a beautiful sissy girl  

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Hi hi hi welcome!!  
Very nice meet you!   (may I call you Miss V?  )
It sounds like you have a lot of exploring to do of your sissy side, no? ^__~ Well, I'm sure you'll be supported 100% here no matter what!  
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You shouldn't frown!
because you never know who's falling in love with your smile.. :]
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Mommy's little one
Welcome Vanessa. I read your story, and look forward to more. Hope you make many new friends here. Have fun!

Mommy's Little One
Wow you're lucky. I wish I had a girl friend that would love my sissy ways...

Anyway it's a calm and soft site that you can love. Welcome.
***Hugs and kisses***    

Welcome indeed, and congratulations on having found close people to share your life with. Many people join here precisely because they have no people to share with in real life (it certainly was one of my reasons), so we are honoured to have you here with us.   You sound a lovely person, and I don't think you'll meet anyone here who doesn't share your life views, though we do have a varied set of sweeties and openmindedness is always a good thing.  
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Welcome from Sissy JJ too! 
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Widdle Wendy
We're glad to have you her with us. I think you'll do well here.

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