Two Problems~~Two Solutions
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Mrs. Anderson was resigned to the fact that her son Johnny was a sissy.
And she knew all about his penchant for stealing panties and playing dress up when she was out of the house. One day, after coming home early from a shopping trip, she found Johnny dressed up a like a schoolgirl, complete with pink lipstick on as he masturbated to his prissy reflection in the mirror.

Yanking him over her lap, Mrs. Anderson flipped his skirt up and tugged his panties down to do the only thing she knew when her sissy son acted up--give him a blistering spanking with her hairbrush.

While Mrs. Anderson made Johnny sit in his "time-out" chair for an hour, she came to realize that she had actually two problems that needed to be corrected. The first was Johnny's passion for masturbating, a habit she thought was filthy and disgusting. While she didn't mind his desire to wear panties so much, she couldn't sanction his continual chronic habit of perverse self indulgence.

The second issue she had was Johnny's constant bedwetting. It had grown worse after his father had left them and it was bad enough that she could hardly take a guest into his room anymore without the smell of stale pee assaulting them.

After confiding in her next door neighbor about her dual problems, her friend directed her to an ad for a small, but special school that was in the area. It was run by a woman named Ms. Julie Johnson and her slogan was "special solutions for special problems". Placing a quick call to the woman, Mrs, Anderson was assured that her son could be cured of both his masturbating and wetting habits in three short weeks.
It was with a light and hopeful heart that she drove Johnny over to Ms. Johnson's facility with a very small suitcase of his things.

Always honest, Mrs. Anderson felt it best to tell Ms. Johnson all about Johnny's sissy inclinations and his love for prissy panties.

"Don't you worry about a thing," Julie assured her, "I've dealt with plenty of sissies--little Johnny will get all the proper care he needs."

Much relieved, Mrs. Anderson left her nervous and embarrassed son in Ms. Johnson's capable hands.

When the door had closed and Mrs. Anderson's car could be heard driving away, Julie turned to Johnny to explain his new life under her roof.

"Let me tell you how things are going to go around here, Johnny," Julie began, "You will address me as Ms. Julie and you will do everything you're told without question. Do I make myself clear?"

Johnny nodded his head nervously.
"Ye-yes, Ms. Julie," he quivered.
Despite his anxiety, he couldn't help but feel his little penis starting to tent the inside his panties as he stared helplessly down the front of her open blouse.
Looking down at his budding erection, Julie frowned and crossed her slim arms over her bountiful chest.
"But the first thing we need to do is take care of that little problem."

Johnny almost shuddered with relief that his sexy new teacher was going to please him sexually. When she ordered him to strip down to his birthday suit, he couldn't get his clothes off fast enough. He felt a little self conscious when she took in his Disney Princess panties but she seemed to ignore them as she told him to hurry up.

As he stood there stark naked, butterflies buzzing in his stomach, Julie reached into her drawer to retrieve a strange looking device made of clear acrylic.
"This will take care of your masturbating problem once and for all," she told him firmly.

Johnny was devastated as she bent down and began assembling the device around his still erect member but the submissive streak in his personality prevented him from trying to stop her. Accustomed to his domineering mother, he tended to see all women as authority figures and he was helpless to stand up to them. Seeing what was happening, he whimpered and squirmed but otherwise did nothing as Julie deftly placed the cuff ring behind his scrotum and fitted the pins through the back side.

"This will make it impossible for you to get an erection or be able to play with yourself," she explained matter-of-factly as she took the short, penis shaped tube and put it over his still rigid wiener.
"Looks like we'll need a little help," she said as she reached behind her for a bag of frozen peas.
Holding the bag against Johnny's proudly throbbing penis, he howled in anguish as the freezing material slowly reduced his erection to its usual limp state.

"There we are," she said brightly, "Say hi to your new home, Sissy."
Johnny whimpered miserably as she slid the confining tube over his penis and mated it to the pins on the cuff ring. Slipping a small lock through the end, she clicked it closed with finality.

"Don't worry Sissy, we'll give you the keys when you get married," she chuckled with amusement.
Squeezing his small balls, she looked up at the defeated sissy.

"I hope your last orgasm was a good one because it'll be the last one you get for many years."
Johnny shifted nervously as he looked down at his new plastic companion. How was he going to get by without masturbation ever again?

"That leads us to your second problem," she said as she stood up to look down at the cowed sissy.
"Your mommy tells me you're a bedwetter. I have the perfect solution that has proven effective for many, many little boys such as yourself," she told him.

Taking him by the hand, she led him down the hall like a child while he anxiously pondered what she had in mind for him. A moment later, she led him into a warmly lit nursery that looked as if it were designed for a baby girl, albeit, a large one. An oversized crib dominated the room with a changing table to one side. Dolls and stuffed animals were arrayed across a pink dresser and nursery print wallpaper covered the walls.

"Wha-what are you gonna do?" he asked nervously.
"Something your mommy should have done a long time ago," she quipped, "Starting now, you'll be trading your panties for diapers and plastic pants. A boy of your age that's still wetting the bed is obviously not ready for adult underwear yet."
As Johnny stammered out an incoherent attempt to deny his need for the infantile clothing, Julie sat him down on the vinyl covered changing table and onto a thick stack of soft diapers, all the time completely ignoring his protests. With practiced ease, she powdered and pinned her new charge, slipping some soft baby panties over his feet as he squealed in sissy frustration. After pushing a pacifier in between his trembling lips, she pulled a short diaper shirt over his head, pushing his arms through despite his weak efforts to stop her.

Sitting back in her chair, Julie surveyed the results of her latest victory.
"Yep, now you're chaste, diapered, and controlled, just as all sissies should be," she said, her face a picture of smug satisfaction.

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