true story how i became a sissy baby (PG)
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this is my true story of how i started to an absissy

It all begins back to when i was 5 my littel sister was born and my mom had to spend a lot of time taking care of her the so called dad i was only related to by my mom marring him also spent most of the time taking care of her alot of times i felt alone which is come during thoes kind of times. My small mind thought maby if i was more like a baby id get some more aition so i took one of my littel sisters dipers and well what els put it on it felt good for some reson peeking my criosity i forgot all about geting more attion and begun sneeking bits and piecs of a girlybaby set and wore it when i sleep and the dipers when ever i felt like. some time my mom woud notice the smell of pee in the air when my littel sis was gone and know it was me at first she ignored it thinking i would grow out of it but after a few weeks she cunfronted me whith it even thought i agreed to stop i just began hiding it from her she chuat me a cuple tims after that but i then got good at hiding it from her.

and that what started me as an ab sissy 

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good true story
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