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I found these tippies so very helpful!

Tip # 1:

How to make your lips perfect.

There are several things you have to know... not necessarily in this order. You should print this out.

First, choose colors that suit the age you are trying to be. Mature women don't wear neon highschool girl colors. And schoolgirls don't wear matted browns. The color you select should match your intended age, outfit, and the overall color scheme for eye makeup, hair and wardrobe.

Second, if you want natural looking lips, select a color spectrum that is true to your own "seasonal" color. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. You can look these color schemes up online for help. But, if you're a Winter, for example, you don't look good in pastels no matter how hard you try. That goes for clothes, eyes and lips. So, for natural girly lips, select colors that go with your "season" complextion and hair.

Third, use a soft lipliner slightly darker and same shade as your lipstick. Line your lips slightly OUTSIDE your natural lipline. This will make them look fuller. DO NOT buy those cheap-ass pencil liners as these crack, hurt, clump and never work right. Spend the ten bucks and get a nice one by Revlon or Mac or some such. It costs more, but it's worth it. (That applies to most makeup. Cheap junk they sell to little girls and young teens is exactly that... junk. It looks bad, it's bad for your skin, it has no shelf life and who knows what's in it as most of it is made in China.)

Fourth, use a lip brush to apply lipstick. Yes, it takes longer. But, the lipstick is easier to control and goes on in a finer coat. Wears longer, looks more natural, and feels nicer, too.

Fifth, after you apply one layer of lipstick (with brush), take a tissue and hold it between both hands and close your lips around it once. This removes the lose lipstick. Then reapply a light layer of lipstick again. Your lips will look brighter and the color will last longer.

Sixth, when applying lipstick (with brush) DO NOT go all the way out to the edge of the lipliner. Just up almost to it. This makes your lips look more defined.

Seventh, use a little lip gloss (clear or colored) to highlight the center of the lower lip. Just the center, not the entire mouth. Spread that around just slightly using your upper lip. This makes your lips look more puckered.

Eighth, before you apply lipstick, and especially if you have dry lips, apply some beeswax. Best thing. It fills in the cracks and wrinkles, makes your lips smoother, and makes lipstick go on more smoothly. It also helps hold the color longer, and protects your lips from getting stained by reds... important if you have to clean up the next morning for work!

Ninth, use a lighted magnifying mirror. No substitute, especially if you want to finely line your lips with a brush. Yes, I forgot to mention that you can line your lips with a lip brush, too. I have two lip brushes... one for darks, one for lights. The best trick I know for getting matching liner/lipstick is this: when you buy the lipstick, buy another in a darker shade just like it. The long-wearing types are best, especially for the liner. Then, use the dark-liner brush for lining your lips, etc.

Those are some good tips, huh?!

I'll post more for time to time.


Covering the icky facial hair:

I have been reading and learning about makeup for a while now, adn will be going to school in the winter to learn more, as I have really taken a likeing to it, thus I will share what I can.

Facial hair cover up: I am sure this is one that has been posted else where, but there is nothing like the prevailence of information.

First, Wait a day; If you shave only right before you plan on doing your make-up you will get a much closer shave, and your finished appearance will be a lot nicer, usually one day of growth is enough. Also, take care to shave after or while in the shower, as the hair will be more supple, and easier to cut, again this leads to a closed shave.

Next: before application of foundation, use concealer, This comes in sticks powders and creams, personally I like to use the sticks myself, but that is just personal taste. You will use this liberally in all areas of the face, where hair growth is prevailent. Make sure to blend the edges. It is recomended that color be picked accordingly color correction concealer I have found to work really well. For dark hair blacks to browns, use a yellow toned concealer. I have heard that you should use gren toned concealer for red facial hair, but I am unsure, as I have not used it myself. This yellow concealer is also great for covering up other discoloration on the face, like below the eyes, for a less tierd appearance, it can also cover up slight blemishes.

Lastly, (make sure the concealer is blended) Use foundation that is matched to your skin tone, ( I have read to use foundation a shade lighter, but this only made for a clown-like appearance to me, but use what works for you.)As well as a powder foundation to set it. Translusent powders are very lovely.

(note: There are other methods that I have read about. There is a rather thick substance sold at a lot of trans-stores, that I have never used myself. I am not sure if it would be that great, but it is another possible route to take, and remember girls, in the words of Kevin: There are no rules when it comes to make-up)

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Thanks Christie, oh my, there are ever so many cosmetics to try. I thought I had most of the basic stuff, but I don't have a concealer. Panstick and pressed powder do a fairly good job of covering up the beard shadow for me, but maybe some concealer first would do even better. Thanks
~*Christie Luv*~
Oh yes they are coming out with all sorts of makeup lately that I would love to try but it is hard to keep up with all of them *giggle* I haven't got to try a panstick before but concealer seals it all up very well for me.

~*Christie Luv*~
Oh yes I have been meaning to try them because they sound alot better to apply   thankies!  
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