PG 13 Submissive little girl looking to roleplay with a mommy figure
Pretty please check out my profile info, because it explains a lot of why I am this way. Thank you. <3
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Hi there. My name is Sojourn and I am a little girl, (usually ages 2-8, but I can be flexible, depending on the situation). I am looking for a mommy to roleplay with. I find great comfort in bdsm ageplay because I am a survivor of child abuse and it helps a lot with my issues. I am seeking a mommy who would understand that while I would need her to be rough with me, (hurt/comfort, severe spankings, scolding, etc), I am, in real life (as an adult), very against real child abuse of any kind, (which is why I was drawn to this site in the first place; I really love and appreciate the policies against real abuse. Thank you for having this safe place!) In real life, I am female, 25, and married, though my husband and I are polyamorous, and he actually helped me to find this site because he is really hoping that I can find a mommy, or mommy figures who would want to play with me. Ideally, I would like to someday find a mommy who would love me as her own, but noncommited roleplay is fine with me, as well. If anybody is interested, I would be most appreciative, and I promise to be a good little girl for you. <3
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Little Bo Peep
Welcome to Sissykiss.

Wishing you all the best in finding that which you seek.
I'm a little far away to mother you physically, but if you want to chat in private messages, I'd be happy to correspond.
Now be good or it's the naughty step for you.

Little Bo Peep
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Baby Butch
Congratulations you have joined one of the safest sites on the Internet. If you see something that is against the rules click on "Report This Post".

Welcome to Sissy Kiss, I hope you find what you are looking for. Sorry to hear about the child abuse issue, no one needs that sort of problem.
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