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A long, overdue photoshoot -(Posted here cause I couldn't find Photogenic Beauties forum)
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 Good afternoon everyone, I finally had some time on my hands so I thought it would be fun to show off a few of the pics I have taken over the past year and a few in recent months.  

~*My Newest Baby Bottle*~

~*Diaper Tapes!*~

~*The Disney Babies one is my favorite, it even has the 1985 copyright printed on them :)

-*Pampers tape from 1998

-*Gotta have my Care Bears!

-*Me wearing my special Princess diapers, courtesy of one of my AB friends, this one comes from the website "Rearz" definitely worth it!

-*After three heavy wettings this diaper still hasn't sprung a leak, outstanding! *hehe*

~* A quick pic of me, over 3 months on t-blockers  :)
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~*Christie Luv*~
Yays! Jennifer Funshine! Aww girl, you're so beautiful! I'm so happy for you that you started your transition! All the AB things you have are sooo lovely! I wanna try Princess Rearz toos! They're so pretty! Oh is there are place that's selling the diaper tapes you have? I'd get so nostalgic with cute 1985 prints hehe.
Jennifer Funshine
@ ~*Christie Luv*~
  Hiya Christie, it's been a long time since I seen you, hope you're doing well. The diaper tapes I bought were on eBay, from a seller named  toddlerforever. I had to message him with the tape numbers I wanted. I got 40 tapes in all which only costed me $25 (CDN) There is a huge variety and if you don't have the time, the seller can pick an assortment for you instead.  I know I definitely plan on buying more soon as I can! *hehe*

The Princess Rearz diapers were a gift from a friend and I only have one left, lol The absorbency is on par with Bambino diapers and really made me feel like a little princess.

As for my transitioning I'm currently on 200mg Spironolactone and 2.5mg of Progresterone. I doubt I'll go for reassignment surgery as that would only complicate matters. So far I'm pretty happy with the results and I have a training bra now to help with the breast soreness I've experienced.

March 9th is my birthday and incidentally, the date of my next appointment with my gender therapist. I'll keep everyone posted once I know what next steps I'll be taking. Thanks for the comment! <3 <3<3
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