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Dr. Gabe was fiddling around with some formulas for molecular alteration when he got a note saying how the university has new owners it is now named Feminina University. Gabe thought "That is sort of a relief, it was embarrassing that they were called Varvard University before, it was like we were a parody of Harvard. But why Feminina? What does that mean?" The next day he heard they are replacing people. He suddenly felt pretty nervous. He went to get a drink when he noticed his assistant Ben was staring at a door, wide eyed, like he was shocked about something.

"Umm, are you okay Ben?"

Ben said, "I've seen things."

Gabe thought he was being very weird. "What things would those be?"

"That room only has one way in doesn't it?"

"Well yes it does."

"I think they are replacing people in there and I've seen hundreds of people go in there but only different people come out. I don't think the room is that big, a..annd the people that always come out are these smoking hot women."

Gabe was about to say something when Ben said, "Wait! Here comes another one watch this."

In came a guy looking like he was in his middle ages whistling his way in the room. The door closed and suddenly a bright flash of light shined through the door seams. The door opened and out came a stunning beauty in heels, a short tube dress. She glanced seductively at Gabe and Ben then walked away. Both of their mouths dropped wide open. Then someone from in the room came out and asked "Ben Bailey can we please see you in here?"

Ben gulped and said "Um, what for?"

They said, "Mr. Bailey get in here or its your job."

"Um okay."

He said to Gabe "This is it, tell my cat I love him."

"Um, you got it buddy."

He hesitantly walked in and when the door closed and it was like a wall of energy suddenly appeared and was quickly moving towards him. As soon as it touched him he could feel his body changing. His chest suddenly started bud out into two big breasts, his body fat moving around to give him sexy curves, even his clothing changed and waves of pleasure filled his, now her entire body, her hair turned blond. Ben tried to look over and saw there were energy outlets coming out of a frame in the door. She quickly grabbed a pen she keeps behind her ear and jabbed the pen into them, making the whole thing short out as she passed out on the floor. Curiosity and worry for his friend got the best of Gabe. So he quickly ran into the room but all he saw was a couple of girls in lab coats sitting around.

He asked "What is going on in here??"

"Oh nothing." said one of the girls

"Where did Ben go?"

"He left" she points towards another door in the room. Gabe realized there was in fact another way out.

Then another girl said, "Don't worry, he is just moving to another university. While you are getting a lovely new assistant."

"Oh ookkkaay, but what is that bright flash of light I keep seeing?"

"Jen keeps turning on that 75 inch plasma screen TV and I keep telling her to turn it off, silly head hehe." Gabe looked and did see a big TV in the room.

He felt a little embarrassed and said "Whoops okay that's fine, go ahead and go back to what you were doing."

Mean while Ben slowly began to open her eyes and she heard voices saying,

"She is such a cutie! Oh if I could have a taste of those sweet lips."

"No Bambi, bad girl."

She saw she was in a bed with three ladies over looking her. Ben sat up and tried figure out what was going on. She felt very turned on like her whole body was very sensitive. For some reason she felt an overwhelming sensation to want to be sweet and feminine, but she could remember everything. One of the ladies said, "Hi I'm Ariella, this is Kiki and Bambi." Kiki interrupted Ariella, "But Mistress this one may have only been transformed half way, are you sure you want to tell her all about us?" Ariella looked at Ben with much suspicion and then said, "Honey, how would you like to be called Bethany Blow Bailey?"Ben gasped and paused for a moment and then said, "Yes I'd love that Mistress."

"Whats your fave outfit pants or dresses?"


"Socks or stockings?"


"How do you feel?"

"Like I want to make out."

"Very good, now Versele or Bella Fad?"


"Good! That was a trick question. Both are bad fashion labels. Now I have a drink here which can tell you everything."

Bethany wondered what she meant but as soon as it entered her mouth it was like a wave of information entered her mind. She saw that they are aliens from another planet called Femininas who procreates by finding other species on other planets and turning them into sex slaves with the mind of bimbos. Naturally that is kind of hard but they live for millions of years so they have a lot of time to find out how to do it. Their species has one gender and their culture highly values beauty and cuteness. So they bring that out in their lovers.

Ariella said, "So are you ready to begin your new life Bethany baby?"

Bethany stumbled, "I..I..guess so, I mean yes."

Back at Feminina University, a lady came into Gabe's lab and said, "Dr. Gabe, meet your sweet new assistant Bethany."She left and he saw a gorgeous blond haired girl come in with a short skirt, frilly blouse and a lab coat. Gabe was speechless. It was never easy for him to speak to girls he thought was very attractive.

Bethany came up to him and said, "Hi sweetie pie, tehe." Bethany stopped herself to try to compose herself and not let the bimbo feelings they gave her take over her mind. She tried to remind herself that this is her best friend, but what didn't help was she got very turned on just thinking about his package.

"Okay Beth, try to say something that doesn't sound completley bimboish." she thought to herself.

"I need to tell ya something, lovey boy." Bethany covered her mouth and composed herself again. Then she went on to tell Gabe everything that happened and proved to him she used to be Ben. It was a lot to take in for Gabe and he couldn't believe there were aliens from outer space here to mate with us. Bethany said, "You don't believe me? Does this convince you?" she pulled out a flask and asked Gabe to take a sip. "I managed to quickly grab it from the aliens transformation drinks." Gabe tried it out and suddenly to his surprise, he grew two double-D breasts! "Holy chromosomes! I have breasts!" yelled Gabe. Bethany shushed Gabe and said, "That was only a sip so it will not go any farther than that." Gabe looked at the tag on it and said "Baby girl formula?? Was that the only one you could find??" Bethany giggled and said, "I had to think quick, what can I say?" Gabe said, "Well this obviously makes you a girl first." He said feeling his new breasts.

He sat and thought for a while, and then he jumped up and said, "I got it!" with his boobs bouncing perkily up and down. "I'll figure out how this is made and change the composition to make it effective on them as well. Not just humans, and..um..Bethany, can you do me a little favor? I need some Feminina alien DNA and I think most likely the only one part of their body that is truly Femina is when they...you know, make love." Bethany's mouth dropped open and she said "Are you kidding me?" Then a surge of pleasure filled her body just thinking about them. "Oh that wont be problem doctor. *wink*"

Gabe started up researching the formula, and trying to figure out all the ingredients that go into it. Hours later Bethany came skipping in with a happy face an 4 tubes of white Feminina juice. Gabe was surprised. "Oh my, you certainly get around!" Bethany giggled and blushed. Later that day Gabe had flasks bubbling, the electricity pumping, the data computing, and the teddy bears tubing. "Its ready! We can make them into ab girls with just one spray!" Bethany didn't look as enthusiastic. Gabe said "What's the matter?"

"Well I think I let them know I'm still smart and not totally a bimbo while I was away. So they may be suspicious of me. If only we had someone that they were not suspicious of that can sneak in..hmmm.....Oh! What if you drink just enough of the baby girl drink so that you still have your intelligence but have the hottie body of a girl?"

"Uh don't be silly, that drinks effects are nearly impossible to reverse. I can't get used to being a girl. I don't have the face for it."

Bethany came up and snuggled him and then whispered into his ear. "You will."

Then Gabe said, "What if I don't know how to dress, or what if the baby girl drink makes me wet my panties?"

"Then I'll just have to diaper you like a baby and I can be your Mommy." Bethany began kissing him.


"But nothing, the fate of world is in your hands. We will all be sex slaves for nympho Mistresses, does that sound like fun to you???..........Okay maybe yeah, but it isn't something to force on people at least. That's a no no."

"Your right" Gabe picked up the flask, and Bethany got her note pad ready to see how much liquid changes his body so they could do it carefully. "Here goes nothing..or perhaps very much a something." Gabe gulped it down. "Wait!" said Bethany, "That's way too much at once!"

Gabes breasts grew even bigger and his figure reshaped. His hair grew very long and changed to a strawberry red. Gabe felt something in between his legs changing and becoming very sensitive. A shock wave girlish pleasure flowed throughout his, now her body. Her clothes even started to change and Bethany saw a diaper form. "Gabe it gave you diapers! Aww it looks like baby is going to need her Mommy to change her didees, huh sweetie pie."

Gabe felt her diapers on her and blushed. "Aww what a cutie you are now!" Bethany said.

"OMG Bethany I feel so different!"

"Would the new girl like being called Gabrielle?"

"Um, *giggle* That's a lovely name! Yes please!"

"Is my baby girl still a little miss smarty pants?"

"I think so, I remember everything we need to do, I can remember Genomics and Molecular Biology, but I also feel like playing with dollies!"

"Aww how sweet, we can get you some on the way back to the lab. Now lets go kick some Femina bootay."

Later in the head Mistresses office, Ariella said, "Ladies, can you please bring an adult baby girl? They are always so adorable." Then Gabrielle came in with 2 Mistresses holding her arms and collar around he neck that said Gabrielle. She was dressed in a baby doll dress and with stockings adorning her legs, a bow on her head and a hint of a diaper underneath her short dress. Ariella waved seductively for her to come sit next to her on the bed. Gabrielle didn't have much choice so she did. Ariella leaned in and began to passionately kiss Gabrielle on the neck and her hand slid their way up Gabrielle's body. She slid down her baby doll dress to reveal nipple rings on her breasts. Ariella began messaging them making Gabrielle give out a high pitch sissy moan in orgasm. Then Gabrielle slid a squirt gun out of the diaper and said "You call that a baby girl formula? Try this one on for size." Suddenly Ariella was squirted in the face. She said "What is going on??" As her voice began to get very high pitched, her thumb found it's way into her mouth and she was finding hard not to think like a 2 year old. Her clothes turned into a frilly sissy dress with a fluffy petticoat underneath and a very thick diaper. All the other Mistresses were so shocked and then they were sprayed too and turned into adult baby girls. "You've all been very naughty girls." she said as she walked away.

Soon the world learned of their story, and Gabrielle made sure to put the transformation formulas into the right hands so only people who want them could have them, except for any inmates who got out of line of coarse. Bethany and Gabrielle started their own company making transformation drinks for Sissies and AB's! With Gabrielle as their own sexy logo!

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)
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I need something to drink. Please?
  Another pretty picture, ChristieLuv! I love the sissy science lab. The girls are both very hot. I would love to be the diapered science girl.

I love the little teddy bear in the corner. 

And I love your story, too. It is silly and sexy and cute. I like your snappy dialogue, like when Bethany has to answer the clothes questions.

I also like the part where Gabrielle says I remember Genomics and Molecular Biology, but I also feel like playing with dollies! 
Baby talk rocks!
Science is so amazing, wish i had that drink, really i do.
Mina Silverwind
I love the story behind the picture immensely, you paired it a lovely picture, ans the two together are perfection.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
 Wonderful. Thanks
a lovely story to go with the cute pic!
Wow really good story and the pic is great too thanks for posting them. 
Nice story
great picture
I would love to be in this experiment! I'd enjoy the results.
Nice Caption and story
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