Sex in Public Toilets
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Hi all you girlies out there, I was wondering how many of you have had experiences in public toilets.
I love the thrill of it and again wondered if any of you get the same kind of buzz.

When I do it there is usually no words spoken but I always make sure they see my bows and ribbons whilst I am standing there with my sissyclit semi hard.
Then comes the getting closer together until one of us stretches out to touch the others ones hard member.

I see their eyes roll as I reveal the full view of my sissy panties and if it is all clear I bend down to suck the hard cock which is in front of me.

The hands come down around my head caressing it gently and very often I am pushed down so hard until I nearly choke, but I love that feeling...

A couple of weeks ago I was doing this and the man started to cum in my mouth but then he quickly pulled it out. He still held my head down and he put his juices all over my face. he then proceded to rub his cum all round my face as he called me a little ***** and pushed me to the ground.
He managed to zip himself up just before someone else came in, but I was still trying to get up from the floor, hindered because of my trousers being round my knees. My sissy panties were in full view and his cum was all over my face and head - I was so scared...

His comment to the other guy as he was leaving was "watch your self mate there are some ******* weardo's come in here" and with that he left.
I wanted to should back at him "That it didnt stop you enjoying yourself when you were having your dick sucked" but I didnt, I was to embarassed.
The other guy said nothing, but he didnt take his eyes off me. He was to busy looking at my sissy panties as I pulled up my trousers.

I then left as quickly as I could and walked to my car with the cum drying over my face and head (I say head not hair, as I am bald)

When I got home shaking but I was also so turned on by the entire experience, I had the best wank I have had in such a long time.
I loved the humiliation and the feeling of being degraded I was as hard as a rock for ages.

But the message to any of you girlies who are interested in or indulges in toilet sex... is be very careful, if you are thinking of doing it, remember that although it is very exciting, my experience could have been a lot more seroius.
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This is very dangerous and although highly erotic for you, I recommend that you don't do it again.
Not only are you putting yourself in danger, you could potentially be arrested for it as well.
Find another way of enjoying yourself and have fun being a sissy, but do not go down what could be a dangerous and potentially life threatening route.
rgards ss x
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